PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File12/18/14NeroJerrell614K
Char: Male, Codename: Zenith, Story:87
Save Game File09/19/14fuzen_desu613K
Codename: STYX Mission complete, killed magatsu kyuubi SSS+, blitz hannibal SSS+ (almost all mission SSS+) (story + dlc) money more than 99999, best weapons (rank 11+) meteor bullet (named satellite)
Save Game File08/14/14The_Stargazer614K
Most of the strongest equipments obtained and in rank 11. Money: 5277772 Fc Notes: You change your character genre WITHOUT startover your story progess by click Import Save Data >4th Menu>2nd Menu
Save Game File07/31/14Shiggito24DCD614K
Name : takahiro ; Code Name : shiggito ; Gender : Male ; Story : 28 ; Money : 3310FC
Save Game File06/24/18ShockZ614K
Name: Rizuki (Girl) Codename: Shockwave, All mission Clear, All Blood Art Max, All Clothes, Many Item/Money/Material, Time : 334 Hour

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