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Challenge your friends and family to this authentic Pool experience, with intuitive controls and a huge range of features, rewards & secrets!

- Extensive World Tour Mode - Become the World Ranked No.1 player; winning rewards, equipment and secrets

- Multiplayer Support - Versus play mode and custom Tournaments and special 4 player PSP (PlayStationPortable) system AdHoc link-up

- 6 Vibrant Locations - Lavish high poly venues, fully animated with action around the environments as well as on the table. From contemporary hi-concept venue designs to a traditional championship arena

- Analogue Cueing - For a real Pool feel, use the analogue stick to set the cue power

- 13 Game Rule Types - 4 different snooker games, billiards and 8 different pool games

- Unlockable Rewards and Secrets - Unlock new game venues, equipment, sponsorship deals, outfits, trophies and game modes

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