PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File11/11/11filanimetor422K
All Modules unlocked and Purchased (PjD 1, PjD 2nd and Extend), All rooms Obtained (PjD 2nd and Extend), All Songs and Difficulties Unlocked and a total of 9M points
Save Game File11/10/11JC200X422K
All songs cleared on Normal and Hard difficulties; Time Limit cleared on Extreme difficulty; All modules unlocked.
Save Game File12/16/11PSaddict422K
Every songs and modules are unlocked, Perfect'd all songs in Extreme (but Geki Shou), max 9,999,999 Diva Points
Save Game File11/11/11filanimetor422K
New Game Savefile. All PjD and PjD 2nd Modules and Rooms Imported, 8M points

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