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by Informed_User

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Informed_User

Updated: 02/20/14

Tips for First Time Players

Press the start, select, L and R buttons all at the same time for a quick reset back to the title screen. Press the O button to speed up text and skip battle animations. Hold L and R to skip past text quickly. Press start during battle to set all party members, besides the main character, to auto attack.

The support spells attack up, protect up, cycle up and others can be cast before the start of battle. Buffing up before starting a major battle can help make the fight much easier.

Raising the spell resistance of party members becomes extremely important as enemy casters can attack from any range and damage your entire party with certain spells. Spell resistance ranges from 0, extremely weak, to 7, absorption. Most party members have a base resistance of 2, low resistance, to most elements. Raising resistance to at least 6, no damage, can be done by combing some types of armor with all resist up spell stones and the magic defense up knack.

Party members learn spells, knacks and passives by equipping spell stones to their ring weapons. To gain any points for leveling up skills a party member must land the finishing blow on an enemy. Repeatedly fighting the small groups of soldiers that block certain roads throughout the game can be an efficient method for skill grinding.

The blessing bell is an extremely powerful item that allows easy leveling up. A few bells can be found in a few treasure chests late in the game. Also late in the game the bells can be won as prizes from the arenas 2v2 battles. Those seeking to maintain the games challenge should probably avoid using them.

The main characters personality is shaped by the choices made during conversations with others. Having a nice guy personality will cause the rude and mean word choices to become unavailable. Likewise choosing to be rude or saying nothing will cause the friendly choices to become unavailable during some conversations. Being friendly is not necessary for completing the game but it is necessary in some cases to get new party members and character endings.

Getting a mission complete rating at the end of story battles gives multiple bonuses, more experience, more money, more doll house energy to train a familiar and a slight increase in friendship with party members. Some battles may not be worth trying to get a mission complete on a first playthrough The most common mission complete condition is beating all enemies before the bonus counter reaches zero, henceforth referred to as the basic condition. MCC will be used as an abbreviation for Mission Complete Condition. Winning before the bonus gauge reaches zero is always a requirment for mission complete.

Game Start

Pick a name or use the default.

Loot: green stone, vulnerary, red stone.

After talking with Regina pick up the green stone shining on the ground and then follow Regina. You help bring the young man back to camp. Talk to people around the camp. Pamela will give you a vulnerary. Talk to the bandana mercenary to get a red stone. Talk to Dixon to move on.

Lamplast Isand

Loot: blue stone, red stones.

Pick up the blue stone and then talk to Remus. Talk to the mercenary and then talk to Dixon to proceed to the first story battle.

Battle 1

MCC: Kill more enemies then Regina. A basic first battle against several soldiers and a high level commander. Let Regina kill the commander and have the MC and Remus defeat the soldiers who will drop red stones. After the battle ends talk to Remus and then Dixon.

At the camp you can stock up on vulneraries then save. Talk to Santos to move on.

Battle 2

MCC: Basic. Focus on the commander first and use vulneraries if you get low on health.

Back at camp simply try to leave the area to proceed.


Loot: life apple.

Talk to Dixon to proceed. Check the barrel near the city entrance for a life apple. Go to the inn and talk to Dixon. After resting at the inn go to the docks to proceed.


Loot: green stone, analepticum.

Talk to Dixon. Get a green stone by walking on the upper ramp to the second area. An analepticum is hidden in some barrels at the bottom of the second area. Tell Silverneil your name. Leave Trockmere and head north.

Battle 3

MCC: Kill the monster yourself instead of Regina. Getting mission complete for this battle is hard and will probably require leveling up to at least level 6. Just surviving until Regina kills it will get a mission clear. After the battle Regina will teach limit ablities.

Keep heading north and talk to Mortis. Follow Dixon to the ruins of hope.

Ruins of Hope.

Loot: some key items but nothing useable.

Walk down the paths with yellow tiles, right, up, left. Check the center pedestal and then get the egg.

Fort Leinfaltz

Loot: familiar costume H.

Getting the fire imbuing spell stone is probably the most useful at this point in the game. You meet Tricia for the first time here. Check the character quest page for more info on Tricia. Rest in your room. Pick up the egg and book off your desk then talk to Remus.

Battle 4

MCC: Get the most points. This is not a hard battle since you cant lose but getting mission complete can be tricky. The key to mission complete seems to be using spells to finish off weakened enemies, especially the seniors. Abram will give you a secret book if you get the most points.

After the battle return to your room. A new party member, Vallery, will join you. Vallery will tell you about familiars and tell you to go get a doll house. Go back out to the courtyard and knock on the west door to get the doll house. Use the doll house near the desk in your room to put it down.

Familiar creation:

Fluid Thickness:

Thick=STR+. Balanced=INT+. Thin=MAG+ .


50 degrees=Str+. 40 degrees=INT+MAG+CHA-. Room Temperature=CHA+STR-.

Master Item:

Hair=DEX+CHA- Nail=CHA+DEX- Blood=MAG+CHA-.


Red=OUT+ Green=FRD+ Blue=more energy.

Tell Vallery You know it when he asks about wanting a cute girl. Vallery then asks a question that determines the familiar type.

Cheerful=D-PT, short-haired girl. Cool=D-YN, long-haired girl. Petite=D-RM, witch hat, GL3 Raimy look-alike. Serious=D-MD, android, PSP bonus familiar.

After you have the familiar you want show it to the researcher who gave you the doll house to get familiar costume H. Head north east to Ribocca.



Talk to the man stand to the west to get a monster hunting job. You must complete this battle before Dixons wife will give you the letters.

Battle 5

MCC: Basic. You must keep all three villagers alive. Start by running under the trees near the entrance to check for monsters. After the battle talk to the man in the village to get a parry stone. Knock on the door of the gated house to talk to Dixons wife. With the letters, return to Fort Leinfaltz.

Back at the fort you must give a report to Ludwig on the second floor. After a few scenes you get a mission to go south west to Saudrick.


Loot: gale apple.

Check the box to the north for a gale apple. Talk to the merchant to the north for an escort side quest. Go to the inn and talk to the innkeeper.

Battle 6

MCC: Basic. Try to get close to the entrance before fighting so you can cut off the thug carrying the bag. After the battle go directly north of Saudrick to reach the ruins.

Saudrick Ruins

Loot: 244 ril, chemists art, soul crusher, life apple, nectar, critical strike.

Battle 7

MCC: Get all three treasure boxes before defeating the guardians. If your party is strong enough you can simply split up and have each character enter one of the three chambers. Turning the switch to stop the guardians will also close off the treasure boxes. The treasures are: 244 ril lower right, chemists art lower left, soul crusher north.

After the battle check the two crystals and then go up the stairs. Floors 2,3 and 4 have a keeper monster that will drop a key to the chests if they are defeated before they can escape. The treasure boxes contain: life apple 2F, nectar 3F, critical strike 4F. Use the save point on the fourth floor then proceed to the battle on the fifth.

Battle 8

MCC: Basic. Use any attack spells, other then sand shot, to take out the wisps first. After the battle check out the locked chamber and then return to fort Leinfaltz.

Back at the fort report to the major and then rest. After listing to Lumis rest in your room again. After being woken up go talk to Lumis at the party and then talk to Vester. After the party ends return to room and rest.

Battle 9

MCC: Defeat the two soldiers Muntzer has with him. Abram dies no matter what. Flip the switches on the left side to slow Muntzers advance.

After the battle head east to the bridge and try to cross it. Back at the fort your familiar will ask about getting stronger, tell her Ill look into it and then talk to the researcher who gave you the dollhouse. The resenators are found on the ground later in the game. Rest in your room. After being briefed by Lumis go south east to Trockmere.

In Trockmere talk to Ludwig and then Alfonso. After talking to both men return to the inn and rest. Go watch the event with Alfonso after waking up. Return to fort Leinfaltz.

Back at the fort rest in your room. Listen to Lumis briefing and rest in your room again. Go south east to Trockmere and visit Cargill at the inn.


Loot: familiar costume F.

Not much to do here just keep resting. Talk to Elena through the wall and pretend to be Raoul if you want to change her fate. Ask her about the promise and then say The move. Talk to her again immediately and tell her to hang in there the second time you talk to her.

Battle 10

MCC: Defeat all the guards and keep all prisoners alive. First defeat the guards leading Frayne and the other prisoners away. After being freed Frayne and the two prisoners can cast spells. After the battle check the shelf to get familiar costume F. Go northeast to Trockmere and escape on a boat.


After waking up you meet Eliza. Head downstairs to rejoin the rest of the party. Leave the villa and head to Marquelia. An event here involves talking to Meline and then offing her the fruit, use it near her. Go to the item shop for info on Porak. Head to the port for a battle.

Battle 11

MCC: Dont let any enemies escape the port and keep all allies alive. Soon after the battle starts Baker and some ally soldiers will arrive to aid you. Let Baker and his soldiers deal with the south half and your team can focus on the north side. Destroying the planks will make the enemy retreat sooner. After the battle go to the castle and talk to the princess. Return to the villa.

Several events later you get a mission to escort Eliza to Iglesias. Talk to Carnos on the second floor for a side quest to deliver his letter. Talk to Eliza and take her to talk to Porak in Marquelia. Use Carnos letter next to Porak to complete the side quest. With Eliza and your other party members go north to the tunnel to Ordinale.

Tunnel to Ordinale

Loot: 823 ril, spell doubling +1, buff coat, secret vulnerary.

A very simple dungeon. The exit to Ordinale is in the northeast.



Talk to the man near the item shop about Dixons letters. Walk through the alley near the item shop to find a hidden stairway. A person hidden behind the armor shop sells the chips sets that are used for card collecting. Visit the Ordinale manor and then Eliza will join for real. Several battles await on the road north to Riesel.

An easy battle against some bounty hunters breaks out on the road. You can let Chris beat the enemies on one side and have the rest of the party fight the enemies on the other side.


Loot: ring slot up,

The only reason to stop at Klasdahl right now is to talk to Latika, the girl at the inn. You have to visit her twice and see both scenes with Muntzer. Then on your third visit go shopping with her to change Muntzers fate later in the game. Check the barrel in the southeast for a ring slot up. Keep heading north to Riesel.

Battle 12

MCC: Kill more enemies then Muntzer. Have all party members move behind the boulder and then defend until the hostage is rescued. Keep heading north after the battle.

The first resenator is on the ground of the ruined roadway.



Your party splits up upon entering the town. Enter and then exit the inn and Chris will have the boat ready. Sail to Iglesias and then move northwest to reach Fandelcia


Loot: vitos Nostrum, key item crystal.

Check the snowman near the entrance to get a vitos nostrum. A boy at the inn mentions dropping an item. The item is a crystal hidden behind the dumpster on north side of town. Go to mansion on the upper side of town. After the events at the manor return to the inn. Leave Fandelcia and head east to the undersea ruins.

Undersea Ruins

Loot: mov up +2 B3, thievery scroll B5.

You start on floor B1. Open the treasure box on B2 to get 5 crystals. Insert the crystals into the slots hidden on all five floors, B3 has two slots. If you did not get the sixth crystal from Fandelcia it is still possible to reach the end of the dungeon. Ignore the B2 slot and walk diagonally over the gap in the glass bridge. The slots are located:

B1, southwest corner slab.

B2, fall down the pit from B1.

B3, 1, fall down the southern edge of B2s pit, 2, east side of center pit.

B4, northeast wall.

B5, southwest slab.

Once all crystals are inserted walk across the glass bridge on B4.

Battle 13

MCC: Basic. Deena has two defender units whose elemental weakness changes as Deena moves. Green is weak to sand shot, yellow is weak to wind edge, blue is weak to fire arrow and red is weak to ice barrage. Destroy the two guardians with magic and then Deena.

After the battle pick up the second resenator and then begin the long trek back south to Klasdahl. A farmer standing outside Klasdahl asks you to deliver a message to the street vendor inside the town.

Battle 14

MCC: Keep Mortis alive. The old man must be kept alive, Keeping Mortis alive is an optional fate event. You can cast protect up on both Mortis and the old man in addition to healing them.

After the battle go to the inn for some scenes. Talk to the farmer behind the fence to get a life apple. With Hein in tow head south back to Ordinale.

Back at Ordinale talk to the man near the item shop and accept his offer to guide you. Go north of Ordinale and then east of the boulder to reach the ruined village.

Ruined Village

Loot: fairy tear.

Check the bucket outside Maggies house for a fairy tear. Enter the intact building and talk to Maggie. Rest for the night inside the ruined village. The home gate must be set up outside the villa first before you can start creating warp points outside every town. Head back through the Ordinale tunnels to the villa.

Back at the villa the first of the games furloughs begins. The first furlough can only be taken in your town. Check the character quest page for info on what to do during furloughs. Use one of the resenators near Carnos.

After your furlough go to the inn in Marquelia. The princess will ask for your help in retaking the castle. Go east of Marquelia to stop the caravan transporting the treasure.

Battle 15

MCC: Stop all transports and defeat all enemies. Use magic to defeat the transports before they escape to the north. Go to the harbor in Marquelia to begin the next battle.

Battle 16

MCC: Keep all hostages alive and defeat all enemies. Frayne may be the best partner for this battle.

After the battle, if all the correct steps were taken, you will get the option to dodge the attack. The second furlough begins. Familiar costume C is unlocked. Talk to the princess to get permission to explore the ruins northeast of Marquelia.

Marquelay Ruins

Loot: stun guard, all up +1, sacred elixir.

There are switches on the wall you can use to turn off the damaging floors in this dungeon. Grab the all up spell stone and the sacred elixir, save the elixir for a later battle. Finding two already empty chests is normal in this dungeon. A battle awaits down the stairs under the bridge.

Battle 17

MCC: Basic. Bryntir and some soldiers must be defeated. This battle is much easier if your party has high magic resistance. Go back to Marquelia and buy a sage robe for each party member. Also get some magic shield spell stones so you can begin mastering magic defense up. During the battle itself you can use your spells to defeat some of the soldiers and then move in for physical attacks on Bryntir. After the battle you should probably go back to town and rest since another battle awaits right away down the stairs.

Battle 18

MCC: defeat all guardians and then open the door. Mission complete is probably not worth trying to get here. Leave Frayne near the switch and have the other three characters move towards the door. You can switch the gravity to vertical mode to protect Frayne from enemies. Equiping lighting imbuning spell stones will allow your weapon attacks to hit the guardians weakness. Have Frayne flip the switch once a character has reached the door.

After the battle pick up the cryptic document and read the report. The code for the safe is 643, the life stone is needed for an optional character quest later in the game. Go back to the villa and rest in your room. After resting a soldier will tell you to go talk to the princess. After talking to the princess you can start the third furlough back at the villa. Next go northwest to Sunsail for another battle.

Battle 19

MCC: Keep all ally soldiers alive. Tell the soldiers to retreat to the entrance.


Loot: lucky symbol.

Rest at the inn after the battle and a woman will be standing near the town well. Talk to her three times to begin a side quest to unlock an optional dungeon later in the game. Check the lumber near the inn for a lucky symbol. Continue north to the Aida Bridge. You can repetadly fight the soldiers blocking the road to Klasdal for some skill training. Take the west road for a battle on the bridge.

Battle 20

MCC: Basic. Once again, having high magic resistance really helps. Go back to Sunsail after the battle to rest and save. The path to the ruins is through the woods northwest of Aida Bridge.

Aida Lake Ruins

Loot: ambrosia 1F, balance breaker 1F, brandish 1F, alsiov bell 1F, secret book 2F, elixir vitae 2F, dandy book 2F, lethe drop 3F, spell doubling +2 3F.

Most of the treasure in this dungeon can only be obtained by collecting crystals during the boss battle here.

Battle 21

MCC: defeat 8 thunder balls and then Feyralis. The more treasure you want the longer this battle takes. Hit Freyralis to get it to stop putting a shield on the thunder balls. To get all treasures and mission complete destroy 5 thunder balls and wait for 3 more to become active, Destroying Freyralis will cause the remaing thunder balls to be destroyed automatically.

After the battle get the cryptic document and the cannon. Rest in the bed then go back to Aida Bridge for another battle.

Battle 22

MCC: All party members escape. Keep moving across the bridge as reinforcements will quickly start appearing behind you. Simmons has the advantage at first so you may want to use Remus to attack Simmons guards. When Tricia appears tell her you dont want to fight and that the army betrayed you. Do not attack her. Return to the villa after escaping.

You can begin the fourth furlough at the villa. To proceed with the story go to the ruined village behind the boulder north of Ordinale. However, before you can reach the ruined village you must help a group of healers pass the road north of Ordinale.

Battle 23

MCC: Defeat all enemies, keep all healers and the captain alive. The captain can be used as a meat shield to delay enemies. Move the main character to the north side and have Eliza stay near the southwest corner. Keep Remus near the center. Frayne can stay at the start using spells. The battle ends once enough enemies are defeated.

After the battle go to the ruined village and use the cannon near Maggie. Rest in the bed and then talk to the sprit in the village. In the morning check the spot where the spirit was to find a spell tome. Talk to Maggie and she will move to the Villa. Return to Marquelia and talk to the Princess.

Take the road to Rebrant northeast of Ordinale. On the way to the waterfall battles loom.

Battle 24

MCC: Basic. Have one character block the titan while the other characters dispatch the weaker enemies. Concentrate all attacks on the titan after defeating all other enemies. Check the cat girl after the battle. Another battle begins soon after this one.

Battle 25

MCC: Protect all three flags. The flags cant be healed so it is vital to minimize the damage they take. Focus on eliminating the archers using Remus and Frayne. Use the MC and Eliza to stop the enemies advance. After the battle continue east to the waterfall.

Waterfall Ruins

Loot: soul scroll, elixir vitae, balance breaker EX, interceptor, theriaca, seal circle strike.

Battle 26

MCC: Collect all treasure boxes. It is probably best to wait until a new game + playthrough to try to get all treasure boxes. Flip the switch in the north chamber and defeat all enemies to end the battle. The treasure boxes contain: soul scroll lower left, elixir vitae lower right, balance breaker EX middle left, interceptor middle right, theriaca upper left, seal circle strike upper right.

After the battle go down the stairs. Pick up the energy pack, read the orders and check the switch. The answers are to make weapons to fight angels to hide it from the angels the angels will find it. Return to the villa and use the energy pack near Maggie. After resting Maggie will ask you to take her to the waterfall. Talk to Mel the merchant for a side quest. Take Maggie to the waterfall overlook to proceed. With Maggie in position, activate the switch in the ruins and a battle begins.

Battle 27

MCC: Basic. A chaotic battle between your party, monsters and the angel. A lot of powerful spells are used by the monsters and angel so keep your spell resistance up. The angel has very high defense both to weapon attacks and spells. Equip weapon damage ups or ascetics vows on your weapon users to increase their damage output.

After the battle return to the villa and rest. Go northwest back to Sunsail for another battle.

Battle 28

MCC: Keep all allies alive. You get three, very weak, ally soldiers to help in this battle after a short period of time. Enter the ruins after the battle.

Sunsail Ruins

Loot: 2340 ril B1, wisdom apple B1, secret book B1, dandy book B2, magic scroll B2, ambrosia B2, vitos nostrum B3, gale apple B3, reflex scroll.

Each of the first three floors of this dungeon has a mini game involving pushing the direction and symbol buttons together. Getting a perfect run on the mini game will net 3 ruin keys, enough to get all the treasure on that floor. The fourth floor is a battle.

Battle 29

MCC: Destroy the center core. This boss hits you with powerful magic. Just focus on the center core to end the battle fast. After the battle get the cryptic document and spell cannon plans.

Proceed north of Sunsail for an extended three part battle.

Battle 30

MCC: All party members escape to the north. Defeat the soldiers blocking your path and escape to the north. In the next area you can heal and buff up before starting the second battle.

Battle 31

MCC: All party members escape to the north. Pretty much the same as the last battle save for the appearance of a powerful new foe. The final battle takes place after a quick pause at the bridge.

Battle 32

MCC: Keep Alfonses two guards alive. If you kept the sacred elixir from earlier in the game you can use it on Alfonse when he gets low on health. You can cast protect up and attack up to help Alfonse even more. After the battle talk to Alfonse.

You can go back to the villa for the fifth furlough or just continue north to Aida Bridge.

Battle 33

MCC: Defeat all other enemies and then finish off Marler. As usual magic resistance boosting helps here. The dash knack will help your melee fighters reach the enemy quickly. More battles await on the road to Trockmere.

Battle 34

MCC: Defeat more enemies then Alfonse. Marler automatically runs away if you beat him. The battle at the gate ends after 35 enemies are defeated. Alfonse will eventually join the battle. One more battle remains before reaching Trockmere.

Battle 35

MCC: Defeat all summoned beasts and then one of Vesters followers. Pamela is much weaker then Magnus so you should cast protect up and magic shell on her first.

After the battle talk to Pamela and Magnus. Rest at the inn and you will see a vision of Vallery being chased by soldiers. Teleport to Ordinale and head north for an optional battle to save Vallery. To proceed with the story go back to the gate north of Trockmere. Move west of the gate and then north into the woods to find the ruins.

Inside the ruins go through the same path of right, up, left. Check the walls of the chamber and then get the rod. A battle awaits outside the ruins buff your party up before exiting.

Battle 36

MCC: Basic. Use the dash knack to position at least one character in front of Akyel. Casting cycle up on Bryntir can help him catch up to Akyel sooner. High damage and speed are essential in this battle so set your spell stones accordingly.

After the battle return to Trockmere. After talking to Pamela use the three cryptic documents next to her. Go north to the gate for an optional battle and event with Magnus. Return to the Villa and show the memory gem to Maggie. The arena will now be open. Teleport back to Trockmere and go northwest to reach Fort Leinfaltz. Inside the lab grab the projector, familiar costume E and the blast research notes. On your way out

Battle 37

MCC: Basic. Just beat all enemies here and move on. It may be wise to go rest at Saudrick in the southwest before teleporting back.

Saving Meline and letting her join changes the main story to the modified route. The modified path has a different game ending from the original route.

Battle 38

MCC: Keep Meline alive. Use a few shots of fire arrow to kill the liches Use protect up and lots of healing to keep Meline alive.

  • The rest of the main story guide is based on the original route.*

Back at the villa you must begin furlough six. After your furlough use the projector near Maggie. Rest in your room and a battle breaks out in the night.

Battle 39

MCC: Kill all other enemies and then defeat Regina. Focus on Regina if you want to end the battle fast. After the battle Regina teleports away.

Watch the scenes from the projector and then read all the files. Go rest in your room and events will unfold automatically. Go talk to the Princess to get the details about your next task. Teleport to the waterfall and then take the northwest path to Rebrant.


Loot: elixir vitae.

Stop at Rebrant to rest before proceeding west to the fort. Check the boxes near the entrance for a elixir vitae.

Battle 40

MCC: Basic. An easy battle against a few soldiers to get into the fort.

Battle 41

MCC: Basic. If you want to save Alfonse you must open up your key items inventory and use the right medallion piece as soon as the battle starts. Alfonse will still get knocked out but will be alive at the end of the battle.

After the battle go through the forts south exit to begin a timed run up the mountain.

Mount Baltrick

Loot: neural scroll 1A, blessing bell 2A, 8630 ril 2A, life scroll 3A, time incense 3A.

The mountain consists of four areas. The first three have treasure boxes and enemy soldiers. The fourth area is a battle to destroy the spell cannon. Any treasure you want must be obtained before starting the battle against the spell cannon.

Battle 42

MCC: Basic. Defeating the casters will cause the summoned beasts to disappear.

After the battle return to the villa. You can start furlough seven or rest in your room to proceed with the story. After Hein leaves for Sunsail, teleport to Trockmere. Go north past the gate and a battle against the enemies healers begins.

Battle 43

MCC: Basic. Sneaking up close to the healers gives you a chance to eliminate the captain. The reinforcement group will be smaller if the captain is defeated.

Return to the villa after the battle. Teleport to Rebrant and enter the city for a battle.

Battle 44

MCC: Defeat Silverneil. The battle ends as soon as Silverneil is defeated.

After the battle go back to the villa and rest in your room. You will be summoned to the castle. After meeting with the princess go back to the villa and begin furlough eight. After the furlough go back and talk to the princess. You can rejoin Dulkheim only if you are on a new game + playthrough and only on the modified main story route. If both conditions are met you will get a letter from Ludwig asking you to rejoin Dulkheim.

To continue with the main story go back to the castle and tell the princess you are sticking with Marquelay. Go back to the villa and rest in your room. Go to Sunsail for a battle.

Battle 45

MCC: Basic. On the original story path Tricia is killed at the start of this battle and you must then defeat all enemies.

After the battle you must go to fort Eizenvant. Teleport to Rebrant and go west to fort Baltrick. Take the west exit of fort Baltrick to get to fort Eizenvant. A series of battles starts at the fort.

Battle 46

MCC: Basic. Dont try to leave after wining this battle or you will have to fight again. Another battle starts as soon as you enter the fort.

Battle 47

MCC: Basic. You can rest after this battle so dont worry about conserving MP here. Go up the stairs after the battle for the last battle here.

Battle 48

MCC: Defeat the summoned beast. The boss has powerful magic attacks so boost your spell resistance. You can kill the drain clouds or move away from them. The battle ends as soon as the summoned beast falls.

Exit the fort after the battle and you will be returned to the villa. Go talk to the princess and then return to the villa. You must give Maggie the spell cannon plans and the spell drive before you can start the last furlough. The night before the last furlough is when you chose which character you want to end the game with. After the furlough go to Maggies lab. Teleport to Eizenvant Bridge and go west to mount Eizenvant.

Mount Eizenvant

Loot: true power up, ultimate ribbon 2F, magic barrier EX 3F, valkyrie suit 4F, stun EX 4F elixir vitae 4F.

The final dungeon of the main story. Frayne and Leonas best armor is found here. Remus third limit can also be obtained here if you have all the gem stones. Walk past the trees west of the entrance to find a true power up spell stone. At the summit the final battle begins.

Battle 49

MCC: Defeat Vester. Regina appears as an enemy if did not save her earlier in the game. Use one of the medallion pieces to make the sealing medallion. Use the sealing medallion when Vester turns to dark mist. Ranged weapon attackers like Remus are helpful in this Battle. After the battle use the spell nullifier where Vester was standing to win the game.

Familiar Costumes

Familiar type D-RM has fewer costume options then the other 3 doll types, lacking Costume I and J.

A. Starting costume.

B. Alternate starting costume.

C. Available after retaking Marquelia castle from Simmons. This is intended to be the "starting" costume for the new familiar should the first one not be saved, but is received without notification regardless.

D. Complete merchant Mels flier side quest.

E. Check lab coats inside the Fort Linehultz lab while looking for the projector.

F. Check the shelf inside the prison southwest of Trockmere.

G. Win the 4v4 AA battle at the arena.

H. Talk to the researcher who gave you the dollhouse after your familiar is born. Missable.

I. Complete the side quest to escort the spell stone merchant to your town and then talk to him at his shop. The costume is hidden on a boulder near the ruins north east of your town.

J. Complete your familiars character quest and spend your last rest day with her.

Ultimate Armor and Third Limits

Each party member has a unique piece of ultimate armor that only they can equip. Getting a PMs third limit often requires them to have learned their second limit first. Look at a PMs status screen and press x to switch to their limit info. Keep triggering their first limit until they learn their second limit.

Main Character

Main Character, the MCs best armor is obtained by getting first place in both the physical and spell damage arena competitions. His third limit is gained by getting first place in one of the physical or spell damage competitions.


Remus, his best armor is obtained by completing his character quest. Remus third limit is hidden in a treasure box inside the final story dungeon. To open the door to the box you must place all of the gem stone key items inside the respective holders hidden around the dungeon. To open the treasure box Remus must be in your party and know his second limit.


Frayne, her best armor is hidden insides the final story dungeon. In the room with four statues check the plate on the ground, make an infinity sign by walking from the right statute to the left one and then check the plate again. Limit: learns her third limit after visiting the prison in Dulkheim, and recovering her diary in the 1st ruins. On the next vacation select 1st choice, 2nd choice, 1st choice while speaking with her, provided that she has learned her second limit, her third Override will then become available. Otherwise you can learn it on the next vacation.


Eliza, her best armor is obtained by completing her character quest. Limit:learns her third limit Silence after doing her seond job request. note: she must have her second limit in order to immediately learn it, otherwise she will learn it on your next vacation after having learned the second limit


Hien, his best armor is obtained by completing his character quest. Limit: learns his third limit "Third Eye" after the furlough event where he talks about cutting water, if he has learned his second limit.


Leona, her best armor is hidden in a treasure box inside the final story dungeon. The treasure box is blocked by a wall that can only be removed by luring the white floating monster near it and letting the monster explode. Limit: Leonas third limit is gained by completing her character quest and giving her 7 acorns. After getting the acorns keep Leona in your party during story battles and she will ask for an acorn at the end of battle. Go back and talk to Merrick with Leona after she has 7 acorns.


Vallery, his best armor is gained by completing his character quest. Limit: Vallery's third limit is obtained on the bottom level of the Well Lady dungeon. Vallery must be in your party and know his second limit to open the box with his third limit.


Meline, her best armor can only be obtained during the boss battle with the super cannon. Get to the treasure box behind the cannon before destroying the cannon or its power unit. Limit: after she learns her second limit, take her to the ruined village in the same house you saw her in during her inner mind sidequest to save her. She will then have remembered something and learns her third limit


Regina, both her best armor and third limit are found at the bottom of the Well Lady dungeon. She must know her second limit to be able to open the box with her third limit.


Magnus, get his best armor by winning the optional battle against the summoning crystal near Fandelcia and then talk to Christopher. Take a boat from Riesel to reach Fandelcia. Limit: gets his third limit "Multi-Attack" after defeating Cargill, if he knows his second limit.


Tricia, get her best armor by winning the optional battle against the summoning crystal near Marquelia and then talking to Baker. Limit: add Tricia to your party anytime she is available and has learned her second limit, then go upstairs and speak to Kate, leave your city, reenter it and go back and speak to Kate once again. she now has her third limit.

Fate Events

There are several characters, both NPC and PM who will live or die based on the players actions. Some party members are missable if you dont take the correct actions to change their fates.

Elena: Pretend to be Raoul inside the prison after Raoul dies. Talk to Elena through the wall and ask her about the promise. Answer her question with The move. Talk to her again immediately and tell her to hang in there the second time you talk to her. Rest and then talk to Elena a third time.

Mortis: do not allow him to die in the battle with Cargill.

Muntzer/Latika: Keep visting Muntzers adopted daughter Latika inside the inn at Klasdahl. The first visit is on your way to Riesel with Eliza and Christopher. Go back to Klasdahl after reaching Riesel for a second event. After saving Hein at Klasdahl and having him as a guest talk to Latika and she ask you to help buy a present. Munzter will survive the battle with Alfonse if you helped Latika buy him a sturdy accessory. If Muntzer dies you can change Latika's fate instead. You must have talked to her the first two times but not gone with her to shop. After Muntzer dies talk to her at Klasdahl and tell her "I was there when it happend" to change her fate.

Alfonse/Christopher: Use the key item right medallion half during the battle between Alfonse and Vester. Alfonse will still get knocked out but he will be alive at the end of the battle. If Alfonse dies you can change Christophers fate instead. After the battle to destroy the spell cannon go back to Ordinale and talk to the butler standing outside the manor. Take the item obtained from the butler and show it to the doctor in your town. Talk to Christopher in Rebrant after defeating Silverneil and he will go to the doctor. Go back and talk to the doctor. Only possible in the Modified Original (PSP) Route.

Merrick: Complete Leonas character quest.

Lord Mayfield: Complete Eliza's character quest.

Familiar: After the familiar is wounded chasing Muntzer she will ask about getting stronger. Tell her you will look into it and then go talk to the researcher who gave you the dollhouse. Pick up the first resenator on the way to Riesel. Get the second after beating the boss in the Undersea Ruins. Use one of the resenators next to Carnos while he is standing outside the villia. Dodge the attack after winning the battle inside the castle. Prevent her death by obtaining both the Red and Blue Resonators and showing them to Carnos. Choose to kill the attacker.

Remus: Complete Remus character quest to change his fate.

Vallery: Go save Vallery after seeing the vision of him being chased by soldiers.

Regina: After beating Regina and destroying the spell cannon you must use the familiars access psyche skill and free Reginas mind from Vester.

Magnus: Complete Magnus character quest to change his fate.

Escort Missions

A merchant in Saudrick will ask you to escort him to Trockmere the first time you visit Saudrick. He will give you a wisdom apple if keep all of his caravan alive. Return to Saudrick later in the game for two additional escorts.

Carnos' Letter

After stopping the Dulkheim invasion of Marquelias port talk to Carnos on the second floor of the villa. Use the letter near Porak in Marquelia.

Card Collecting

In a back alley, hidden near the Odinale item shop, is the hidden niche shop. Buying and using the chips sets sold there will unlock cards in the appendix menu on the title screen. More chips sets become available as the story progresses.

Shops for your town

The spell stone merchant is met at the small fort north of Sunsail. You must have a transgate set near Sunsail. Escort him to the transgate near Sunsail.

The armor merchant will be standing on the west side of your town. You have to find his three kids before he will set up shop.

  1. Kid one is hiding under an umbrella on the north side of Marquelia.

Answer her quiz questions to get her to return.

  1. The second kid is hiding next to Sunsails inn. Mash the X button

to beat him.

  1. The last kid is hiding behind the gate of the small fort north of Sunsail.

You can use your party members to create a wall to limit the kids movement.

The Item shop merchant is found near the end of the game in Klasdahl. Using the stealth knack should enable you to pick up the items without having to fight much.


The Marquelia cook will appear in your towns square. The Dulkheim cook is at Saudrick. The Valkanian cook is at Klasdahl.

Well Lady

Around the middle of the game you may start encountering the Well Lady. Find and talk to her at certain locations to unlock an optional dungeon in your town, near the end of the game. The Well Lady appears in the exact order of: Sunsail. Riesel, Rebrant, fort Eizenvant, ruined village. The Well Lady will then be at your town. Talk to her and then leave town to unlock the optional dungeon.

Mel's Flier Quest

After getting the energy pack from the waterfall ruins talk to Mel in your town for a quest to hand out fliers. To complete the quest you must show the fliers to both women and men! Use the fliers at Marguelia, Ordinale, Sunsail, Trockmere, and Klasdahl. Complete the quest and Mel gives you familiar costume D.

Kate's Spell Items

Bring certain key items to Kate on the third floor of the villa to unlock new joint spells. Bring a character who knows Wind edge at level 5. The spell tome is hidden in the northeast of the ruined village where the spirit was. The test spell stone is hidden in a flowerbed in the north section of Marquelia. Enter the north section by walking left on the bricks so you appear in front of the southernmost flowerbed. Elenas report is either in the bed at the prison if she died. Or go to the flooded section of Trockmere if Elena survived. The blast report is in the lab of fort Leinfaltz.

Angel Letter

Talk to the man chatting with Sunsails' innkeeper after stopping the summoning at Marquelia castle to get Uriels gem and the angel letter. Show the letter to Maggie at the villa.

Gem Stones

Collecting all the gem stones allows you to get Remus' third limit inside the final dungeon if Remus knows his second limit.

  • Topaz, given by Dixon early in the game.
  • Ruby, escort the merchant from Saudrick to Trockmere twice.
  • Jade, bring the armor merchants three kids back to your town.
  • Amethyst, bring Kate all the spell items she asks for.
  • Sapphire, after defeating Silverneil at Rebrant knock on the door of one of the houses in Rebrant and a woman will ask you to find her husband. Go to mount Baltrick by going west of Rebrant to fort Baltrick. On the mountain defeat the titans chasing the soldier and then talk to him next to the spell cannon. Return to the woman in Rebrant to get the gem stone.
  • Diamond, bottom level of the well lady dungeon.