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G1M2 is known for classic gaming, but Ancient Game Treasures: Mill takes retro gaming to a new level of "Old School" - all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Ancient Game Treasures: Mill includes three varieties of games from the Mill family including Three Men's Morris, Six Men's Morris, and Nine Men's Morris. Align three of your game pieces in a straight line to form a "Mill" with the reward of removing one of your opponent's pieces from the board. The game starts with players taking turns strategically placing game pieces on the board. After all of the pieces have been placed, players take turns sliding game pieces to open spots on the board next to their existing pieces. When a player has only three game pieces left, their pieces can "jump" around the board to any open space. The first player to remove all but two of their opponent's pieces or trap all of their opponent's pieces so they cannot move wins the game.

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