What is the best strategy for leveling?

  1. I just want to know whats the best way to level up any character and their weapons

    User Info: GreenFatalis

    GreenFatalis - 9 years ago

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  1. If you want good stats for your character, have them use attacks with the same specialty as their "character specialty" while training them

    you can see a character's specialty on your unit's status screen, at the bottom-most part.
    to see a weapon's available attack specialties, you can view them on the weapon stats itself: www.use.com/daae4b87a1873031bb73

    if you do this, you will be gaining "specialty boosts" which will give you additional power, ailment rate, reduced Casting time or delay for that weapon specialty. Specialty boosts applies for all weapons with that same Specialty.. so if your character has a IV specialty, his Specialty boosts will apply for each and every weapon with IV attacks

    User Info: Molivious

    Molivious - 9 years ago 1   0


  1. I've only been playing for a couple of days now, but I'm pretty sure the factors that affect experience gain are:

    1) Total damage done
    2) Level of target relative to attacker's level

    Damage done to objects (Chests, crates, torches etc) don't appear to count towards experience gain. However, they do increase weapon experience gains.

    The best way to level a character is to have them hit higher level targets, or multiple targets, and boost your damage by having your allies beat the targets too. This will all increase experience rapidly.

    The best way to safely level weapon proficiency (If you're finding keeping tabs on them in the middle of the fray too chaotic) is to move them to the side to attack the inanimate objects. Every time you attack with a weapon, regardless of the target, will increase the proficiency.

    User Info: Kustard_Temp

    Kustard_Temp - 9 years ago 0   0

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