How to unlock Goblin and Ogre Races?

  1. I now know to Unlock the Dekku, (Magic Doll) Is there a Chance How to Unlock The Goblins and Ogre?

    User Info: riderman09

    riderman09 - 5 years ago


  1. There are a series of quests in the Last Court that eventually lead to you unlocking Ogre and Goblin (simultaneously). You have to challenge the king (thus getting you Ogre Grapes) and then you have to buy a tool from a cyclops in Nicoreth Volcano (it's an NPC, in the 2nd of the 4 areas I think...) and take it back to the NPC in the vineyard. Then there's an argument with the ogre knight and goblin mage (Yawgma and some other name...) and you settle it for them by beating them in battle. Doing all those things nets you access to goblin and ogre.

    And you need them to fulfill yet another quest in Hadaar Valley, pouring all races' blood into a cup.

    User Info: RamzaHelp

    RamzaHelp - 4 years ago 0 0

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