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Walkthrough by A7thSteve

Updated: 10/20/13


*note: This is an unfinished guide as it contains only the walkthrough/story
summary portion (and an unfinished version, at that). I became discouranged
after delving into the side quests and finding way too many branching
conversations that I couldn't easily summarize. Honestly, I feel the game needs
a proper translation that I can't complete in my spare time. I'm only releasing
this incomplete walkthrough now to get people hyped up for the impending

For those who haven't played Akiba's Trip at all, I would recommend starting
with Akiba's Trip Plus. There were changes made to the game's engine that
smoothed out the battle system, which I felt was the weakest part of the
original version.

1. Introduction
2. Menus
3. Combat System
4. Characters & Locations
4. Walkthrough/Story-Summary
5. Akiba Fun Facts!
6. Transcripted Quiz Questions

4. Walkthrough/Story-Summary


Long story short, your friend goes missing in Akihabara, and you go to find
him. Unfortunately, this leads you to a dark alley where you are assaulted
by a bloodsucking punk named Abeno Yuu. Yuu has already had his fill with your
friend, but intends to dine on you as well. One of Yuu's comrades, a pale girl
named Rui, begs Yuu to spare you, but he attacks you all the same. Afraid that
your untimely death is her fault, Rui revives you, vampire-style.

A ragtag band that refer to themselves as Akihabara's Neighborhood Watch find
Rui standing over your body. Rui flees and they decide to call for an ambulance
after identifying your wounds. A woman stops them and tells them that won't be

You are now stripped down and bound to a chair in an undisclosed location.
A man and the woman from before introduce themselves as members of NIRO, the
National Investigation & Research Organization (in this case an X Files-esque
FBI unit). They inform you of the existance of humanoid vampire-like creatures
known as 'kageyashi', and an alleged plot to transform a sizable portion of
Japan's population into 'hikikomori' (modern-day hermits), thus leaving a void
in productivity and blah blah blah... To cut to the chase, they need your help
to battle the kageyashi, because the blood transfused to you by Rui has given
you the powers of a kageyashi. Unfortunately, you have also taken on their
weakness to the sun, which you will witness in horror if you refuse to help

The man wants you to rest up and meet with the Akihabara neighborhood watch
the following day so that you can help them with various missions.

自警団アジトへ Head To The Neighborhood Watch's Hideout
Fresh out of Akihabara Station, the sun beats down onto your increasingly
sensitive skin. Head for the Neighborhood Watch's hideout, which is down an
alley in the back streets area.

Inside, you are introduced to the Neighborhood Watch members, and are quizzed
on how well you read the character's profiles before playing the game (not
really, it doesn't matter what you pick). After that's through, you'll be told
to meet up with Satoko in front of Akihabara Station.

待ち合わせ Appointment
Before you can find Satoko, you'll be assaulted by a Kageyashi disguised as a
regular Akiba kid. You can hold your own against him, but when you get
surrounded by Kageyashi, Satoko arrives to help you, removing your assailants'
clothes left and right. Afterward, she decides to take you to her martial arts
master for some special training. Head to the rooftop area to meet with
"The Master".

脱衣テクの伝授 Stripping Lessons
Hoo boy... the Master is all too happy to see Satoko again (this woman catches
hell on account of everyone else in the game being a weirdo or pervert). She
agrees to teach you her mystic arts, so long as she gets some face-time with
Satoko. Satoko reluctantly agrees after the Master threatens to cut off ties
with NIRO.

The Master's secret technique is, of course, stripping. She teaches you some
battle techniques, and then performs some sort of unspeakable actions to
Satoko. Satoko returns to you in less than ideal condition. She asks that you
don't tell anyone what happened there, and leaves to take a rest.

アジトへ戻る Return To The Hideout
You get an e-mail from Satoko saying that you're ready for the big league, now
that you've got some serious Kageyashi battling skills. She tells you to head
back to the hideout and remember not to tell anyone about the Master.

Back at the hideout, Satoko adds an all-important function to your phone, the
"mirror-snap", which will help you identify Kageyashi when you take a picture.
(hint: You can't take a Vampire's picture!). She wants you to head outside the
hideout and fight any Kageyashi you find using the phone's camera. Head outside
and start snapping. 

カゲヤシ初退治 Let The Kageyashi Extermination Begin
Approach any Kageyashi you find, and out them for the
horrible beasts (?) that they are! The first two responses will start a battle,
the third will let them go.

After defeating three Kageyashi, Satoko is confident in your abilities and
tells their current plan to fight them. The guy who wrecked you in the
beginning of the game, Abeno Yuu, is your top priority. First, you'll need to
draw Yuu into battle by attacking his subordinates. Sakoto teahces you a little
about upgrading your equipment so that you'll be ready to fight them, and
gives you a few upgrade items.

    ファッション指南      Fashion Lessons
    ミスターケブラー1     Mr. Kevlar Part 1

阿倍野優の側近退治 Exterminate Abeno Yuu's Gang
A concentration of Yuu's thugs are hanging out in front of the station, and
in the south-west area of Center Street. An e-mail from Satoko recommends that
you read the バンドしようぜ1 e-book, which will allow you to steal their 

Head to the station area and pick up that book from Tokiwamusen. Next, find the
group of Yuu's thugs and snap their photo. After defeating them, head to
southwest center street and do the same.

阿倍野優を誘い出せ Luring Abeno Yuu
Hey look, it worked! Yuu has appeared at UD+. Head to UD+ to meet up with some
NIRO agents (hint: They look like the Men in Black). You can't seem to find
Yuu yet, and the agents inform you that you need to dress up in some special
clothing in order to draw Yuu out. (double hint: You just stole a bunch of
these clothes!)

Leave UD+ and dress up in the proper gear (the vest and headphones). Now
return to UD+ and talk to the agents again. They tell you that Yuu is sure
to show up now, and sure enough he does. Yuu is disgruntled about being trailed
by NIRO, and that Rui gave her blood to a human. Let him know that you're that
very human, and he'll fight you.

After stripping Yuu down, he admits that you must be the human that got Rui's
blood, and it's no wonder his goons were no match for you. Unfortunately, his
skin is more resistant to the sun than the other Kageyashi, so he plans to
keep on fighting you! Yuuji and Satoko show up just in time, and Yuu, realizing
he's outnumbered, decides to beg for mercy (no matter what you say, he'll flee
the scene). Yuuji admits that you were merely a decoy to bring Yuu out, and
leaves you with Satoko. Satoko asks you not to have any hard feelings about
what Yuuji said, and tells you to go rest up for the next mission.

暴徒鎮圧 Riot
Trouble's a-brewin' at a shop on southeast Center Street. The Neighborhood
Watch gang is already there, and Sara wants you to go back them up.

Sara, Yatabe, and Gon-chan are watching chaos unfold in front of a nearby
store. A riot has broken out, and the gang needs to clear things up before
the police and rush-hour traffic come. Supposedly someone started a rumor
about some limited edition anime goods* being unavailable, and now all of the
fans are raging. This stuff is right up Nobu's alley, but nobody has been able
to contact him for info. Sara starts to suspect that somebody is inciting
these people to riot, and Yatabe confirms it by spotting a Kageyashi amongst
the crowd. It'll be your job to take out the perpetrator.

*One of the things Akihabara is popular for is promotional items for certain
games and cartoons. This stuff is usually of limited supply and available only
in Akihabara (or from online auctions). In this case, the items are an IT
Witch Maria (a popular cartoon in the Akiba's Trip universe) pillow and
mousepad with breasts. Yeah, you heard me.

OK, so if you haven't experienced the massive slowdown (delayed frames of
animation as a result of too many objects being on the screen at once) in
this game yet, you will now. In order to avoid this as much as possible, snap
the Kageyashi's picture, talk to him to start a fight, and then run as far
from the crowd as you can before the fight begins. That way you'll avoid
fighting in the crowd, and the framerate will be better. Remember this tip
anytime you face the same problem.

After defeating the Kageyashi, everyone will calm down. Just then, Nobu
saunters in, wondering if you were there for the special items as well. Yes,
it seems Nobu was in among the crowd as well... naturally. And so begins his
rant on pre-ordering goods, until Yatabe and Gon tell him they understand.
Sara, deadpan as ever, asks Nobu the difference between 'admiring' these goods
and 'using' them. He gets all flustered and drops the subject (just use your

Anyway, Nobu reveals that he spotted the black-haired girl who was with you
in the back alley at the beginning of the game. He points you in the direction
she was headed, and you listen in on a conversation between Rui and her friend
Rei, until they spot you and run off (Their conversation is about some time-
sensitive plot another pair of girls) Head to northwest Center Street to
follow them. 

It seems there are protesters here as well, take care of the instigator as
before, and follow the girls towards the park (a new location on your map).

追走せよ、黒髪の少女 Chase the Black Haired Girl
Rei is still worried about their plan, and decides to take you on while Rui
escapes. Rui is reluctant, but sees that Rei is determined. After defeating
her, she'll be visibly upset over her weakness and you'll get the choice to
finish her off or not. In either case, Rui jumps in and says that she wouldn't
abandon Rei. She turns to battle you, while Rei gets dressed and runs. You
can't damage Rei in this battle, so just attack Rui until the next scene.

Rui reminds you that she saved your life, and asks why you became an agent
and started trailing her (I chose to say, "I couldn't forget about you"). She
tells you she doesn't hold it against you, but admits that she didn't think
the effect of her blood would last this long; you must be special because it
usually wears off by now. She apologizes, and you can respond (***). Rei will
spot an agent and warn Rui to take off. Before Rui leaves, she tells you her
and Rei's names, and asks for yours (the second option is your name + '-sama',
a term of respect that would be inappropriate here).

The agent Rei spotted was Satoko, who arrives with the rest of the Neighborhood
Watch. Satoko is glad you're safe, but shows extreme concern over you having
come into contact with the two girls. She warns you not to follow them again,
and to alert her the next time you see them. Satoko chases after them, while
the rest of the gang asks you about your encounter with the girls. Gon
expresses a bit of jealousy, stating that they seemed a bit like idols (He also
briefly mentions DaBuPri, Akiba's hottest idol duo). The conversation devolves
until Yatabe suggests everyone head back to base. Satoko sends you an e-mail
that suggests you head to the Master's place to prepare for your next target.

師匠に相談しよう Speak With The Master
Your next objective is to fight the female Kageyashi known as JKV. These are
Kageyashi that take the form of high school girls and trick all sorts of
unknowning guys. Go to the rooftop to speak with the Master on this matter.

The Master, having already been contacted by Satoko, gets straight to the
point - you need the power to steal highschool uniforms... yeah, so that's
happening. She gives a rather funny speech parodying the fetishization of
high school girls and their uniforms, but ends by saying that you too must
fetishize high school girls, for that is the only way you'll be able to,
uh... steal their clothes. In order to do that, you must covet the sacred
uniform known as 'Cindy', whose whereabouts are unknown. I'm not making
this stuff up, I swear.

「シンディ」を求めて In Search Of Cindy

Head back to the hideout and have a chat with Yatabe. He doesn't really know
of Cindy, but he is familiar with an expert in the topic. He recently saw this
person in the park, so head to the park.

If you look around, you'll see a guy sleeping on the ground (風呂岡). Talk
to him to get three options, the second is asking about Cindy. He says he
doesn't know anything about Cindy. You could go back and talk to Yatabe again,
but he'll just tell you to keep asking... so, keep asking! The guy gets more
and more annoyed with you, threatens to call the police, and then finally
breaks down. He gives his sales pitch before letting you know Cindy will cost
you 30,000 yen. You can pay as little as 10,000, but it's up to you. Once you
buy the Cindy uniform set from him, he suggests you head home, as there are
tons of people who will be after it...

Shortly after, you get an e-mail from your sister. Basically she's trying to
hit you up for some cash by threatening to tell your parents about how you've
been screwing around in Akihabara all this time (doesn't she know you're on a
mission!?). You can now go to your sister's room and pay her some hush money.
Pay her whatever you want, and she'll change into the Cindy clothes for you.
And now... you... she'll... she'll go into, "Appreciation Mode", where you can
view the outfit on her and oh my god this is creepy.

Mission accomplished, you're now a pervert. Head back to the Master's place...

Thrilled that you now understand the allure of the highschool uniform, the
Master launches into another disturbing speech about schoolgirls. When all that
is through, she says that it's time for you to practice this powerful new
uniform stealing skill for real... though her choice of sparring partner is uh,
not exactly what you expected.

After your training, you can now steal your target's uniform, go get em'!

    デバッガー急募!     Debugger Needed!
    地を這うレンズ       The Creeping Lens
    MPがたりない!       Insufficient MP!
    観光案内            Tourist Information
    撮影代行             Photography Agent
    ドアを開けるその前に  Before the Door Opens
    妹の味1              A Sister's Smell Part 1

新技で討伐 Use Your Newfound Power
You get an e-mail from Gon-chan that says they've spotted JKV in front of
the station. Nobu is on his way there too, so get to it.

At the station's entrance, Nobu and Gon inform you that this special Kageyashi
will only go after people who look like they have money... AKA well-dressed
businessmen (this is a reference to 'compensated dating', go read about that
if you're interested). So, it's off to southeast Center Street to buy a suit.
Alternatively you can steal a suit by buying the book that teaches you to
steal suits. It's sold in a store in the same area (ラムタラ). Once you've
got your suit (top and bottom), return to the station and talk to Nobu. He and
Gon will comment on how awesome you look, and leave you to find JKV, who
appears almost instantly.

She sets up a date with you immediately, but gets offended when she feels
your material (a Seinfeld reference in a Japanese game?!). It's not long
before the jig is up, and you decide to battle. She's a bit upset that you'd
aim to have this vicious battle in front of the station (what with the public
obsenity laws and all), but calls on her team of vampire schoolgirls all the
same. Defeat them all, and Nobu and Gon will congratulate you on your awesome
skill, saying you'll probably get a promotion in NIRO for it. You get an
e-mail from Satoko immediately after.

サブミッションを受けよう Take On A Sub-Mission
Satoko says you'll have some downtime for a while, so you can go around and
do whatever you want, including taking some sub-missions from the info broker
(who is in the alley across from the hideout). You'll need to take the Date
Request mission to continue.

    デート所望 Date Request
    Hmmm... a date request from a Kageyashi. The job broker informs you that
    it's Rui! Head to Junk Street, but use caution...
    Rui is sitting near the cafe on the left. It doesn't take long for you
    to realise something is up... Rui tells her companion, a cafe owner, to
    come out. The cafe owner says he's surprised to find that you're targeting
    Rui. Rui tears of her disguise, revealing herself to actually be Yuu!
    The cafe owner asks why you would aim to destroy the girl that saved your
    life, and joins up with Yuu to battle you (why does everybody think you
    want to kill this girl?)
    After defeating the cafe owner and Yuu, Yuu runs off, surprised at how
    much your power has grown. The cafe owner resigns himself to dying, as
    his sole purpose was to protect Rui. He asks why you're hunting Rui, and
    begs that you let her go free. When you agree, he says he can die happily,
    though before he does, Yatabe, who apparently knows the cafe owner, shows
    up. Yatabe didn't know the cafe owner was a Kageyashi, but because he
    visited his cafe so many times, and played Shogi (Japanese chess) with him,
    he figures he can't be that terrible of a person. The cafe owner admits
    that Kageyashi are naturally aggressive, but his particular bloodline can
    keep themselves under control. He reveals that he's related to Rui, though
    she's not exactly his daughter (greatly confusing Yatabe), and Yatabe asks
    that you spare the cafe owner. The cafe owner gives you his contact
    information, and Yatabe takes him to safety. You receive and E-Mail from
    the cafe owner shortly after, which includes a new mission.

Mr.Xに会う Meet Mr.X

The cafe owner thanks you for the other day, though he's still shocked that
Yatabe was part of the Neighborhood Watch commitee. He wants you to make
contact with an important operative, who he gives the codename, 'Mr. X'. He
says that you'll need to make direct contact with this person, as e-mails
and other communication could get intercepted. You'll be able to meet Mr. X
by talking with the maid in the backstreets area (near the hideout), though
there are a few conditions you must meet. First, you'll have to wear an IT
Witch Maria costume, and then answer some IT Witch Maria trivia.

Your first order of business will be to learn how to steal the IT Witch Maria
costume, so head to the Master's place. Talk to the Master's servant and tell
him you want to learn about "cosplay" (a term for dressing up in costumes).
As before, you'll have to prove yourself to the Master before she shows you
how to steal the cosplayer's clothes. She'll have you fight three cosplayers,
and when you're done tearing them apart, she'll be satisfied enough to give
you the 'Cosplayer's Bible'. Now that you can steal those costumes, Center
Street (northwest), and find an IT Witch Maria cosplayer (she'll probably be
surrounded by guys snapping her picture). Approach her and tell her you want
her outfit:
It's a super-rare official costume, so she won't give it up without a fight.
After defeating her, it should be obvious that it was actually a guy cosplaying
as IT Witch Maria. His girlfriend runs up to him and suggests he get a better
hobby, because this one only invites trouble. She suggests they head to a
Love Hotel (hotel for anyone who wants to hook up, as crowded Japanese
appartments don't offer a lot of privacy), and since the cosplayer won't be
needing his costume, you get to keep it (be sure to take his weapon as well).

Now, you may have noticed that you can't wear female clothes when using a
male character, and vice-versa. In order to correct this, you'll have to
take two seperate sub-missions, one that will allow you to steal a special
costume, and the other that teaches you how to crossdress.
    地を這うレンズ2 - The Creeping Lens Part 2
    Meet the client, a gothic-lolita* Kageyashi, who is waiting by a curry
    shop at the station area. She was planning on having a little gathering
    at the park with her goth buddies, but they keep getting interrupted by
    obnoxious guys known as "Low-Anglers", that is, guys who snap camera
    shots at super-low angles. The Kageyashi wants you to deal some swift
    demonic vengeance to them, so head to the park.
    *People who dress up like Victorian-era dolls, rather fitting for a
    At the park, you'll see some guys snapping pictures of a cosplayer, but
    the people you're after are wandering about (ローアングラー), looking for
    someone to take pictures of. Talk to them and tell them that they can't
    take low-angle shots:
    You'll have to battle them one at a time to make them stop, and there are
    three in all. When you finish, return to the Kageyashi at the station.
    She's delighted that you've gotten rid of the perverts and can get back to
    holding her satanic cult meetings. She gives you the secret to stealing
    gothic lolita outfits as a reward.
    マスターアングラーの誘い     The Master Angler's Proposition
    アナザーワールド - Another World
    Meet your client at the cafe on Junk Street (新山). Your client was hoping
    to attend a special event, a crossdresser's battle*, but he doesn't have
    a good costume, plus some creeps have scared off all his cosplaying
    buddies. So, he figures you could go and beat those guys up and steal
    their outfits... Head to northwest Center Street to find them.
    *Something where females dress as male characters and males dress as female
    Now, if you're using a female character, you'll need to buy the book on
    stealing male businessman clothes. It's sold in the shop just past the
    business suit store. If you're using a male character, you'll need the the
    book on stealing Gothic Lolita costumes, which you can get from the
    previous sub-mission. In either case, your targets will be standing in a
    group of three just as you enter Center Street. Snap their picture, and
    then choose the second option to fight them. After defeating all three,
    return to Junk Street.
    Your client's friends are still afraid to leave their homes, so he decides
    to have you dress up instead. He teaches you how to crossdress, and sends
    you back outside to change. Change into the outfit that you stole earlier
    and return to Junk Street once again. The client will then teach you how
    to act more feminine/manly until he's satisfied with your performance. You
    don't actually have to attend the crossdressing competition, so he'll pay
    you on the spot and end the mission.

OK, so now you should be able to crossdress, and have an IT Witch Maria
costume. Now for the hard part... the IT Witch Maria quiz! You know nothing
about IT Witch Maria! Now, the 'proper' way to do this is to go talk to Nobu,
who is more than happy to introduce you to the series... of course, that takes
forever and might not do you any good if you can't read it.

So, here's what you're gonna do- go to the maid outside of the maid cafe and
tell her you want to meet Mr.X (Mr.Xに会いたい). Take the quiz, and hope that
these questions come up:

You need to get three in a row. Don't worry, it's not that difficult to get
it through luck. I'd transcribe all of them, but I think there are about 30
in total.

Once you pass the quiz, Mr.X will come out to greet you. Surprise! Mr.X just
happens to be Sara. Long (really long!) story short, not all Kageyashi are
bad people. Sara (who is not a Kageyashi, in case you were wondering), became
sympathetic with them after meeting a girl who had strayed from the mainstream
Kageyashi. Most Kageyashi follow orders from their leader (Sara uses bees as
an analogy), but this girl could actually think outside the hive-mind, and
sought to coexist with humans (Akihabara was a natural choice for her to go,
as it is supposedly accepting of all types of people...). And so, the cafe
owner wants you and Sara to support the efforts of this Kageyashi-integration
group. Your first duty will be to meet with some of their organizers.
Naturally you need to keep hush-hush about all this, especially in front
of the NIRO agents. Sara also suggests keeping the fighting to a minimum.

After the talk, Sara sends you an E-Mail telling you that you'll meet with
the group on the rooftop, and you'll have to confirm your presence with a
certain password (it's the name of a maid cafe) Head over there when you're

サラからの紹介 Introduction From Sara

Out on the rooftop, Rei is being harassed by some thugs (the, 'hey baby, why
don't you come play with us?', variety). She knows she's got an important
meeting, so she resists them until you arrive to beat them down. It doesn't
take her long to realize that you're the person she's supposed to contact,
and asks you for the secret password (just pick the first option).

Rei tells you about the structure of the Kageyashi order - the 'Queen Bee' is
on top, followed by those who share her bloodline, then all of the drones.
The breakaway sect is led by Rui (who is undoubtedly the girl that Sara was
talking about), who appointed Rei as an advisor (she used to be a drone),
while the cafe owner is their other top official. They have several drone
helpers, and now a few human allies as (you, Sara, and Yatabe). She confirms
that their goal is to coexist with other humans, but regrets to inform you
that there are several of those who do not share the same goal, the most
important of which is the current Queen Bee.

Rei eventually lets out a secret - Rui is to be the Queen's successor, and
they have only to wait for her ascension to the throne in order to reach their
goal (remember the Kageyashi all take orders from the queen). She quickly
tries to take it back, but Rui herself shows up to confirm it. Rui tells Rei
it's OK, but not without pretending to be super-pissed... TWICE (oh, gullable
Rei). Rui wants to continue the conversation, but suggests you all move to
the park.

    奇襲作戦            Shock Tactics
    逃げたスタッフを追え  Chase the Runaway Employee
    ストーカー退治       Defeat the Stalker
    チェリー収穫         Cherry Harvest
    妹の味2             A Sister's Smell Part 2

瑠衣と待ち合わせ Meet With Rui
The same guys that were harassing Rei are now bothering Rui, but they're out
of luck once again. After finishing them off a second time, you can get down
to business. Rui is indeed the next in line for the throne, though nobody
in NIRO (aside from you) knows that, they all believe it'll be one of Rui's

There are five top-level Kageyashi in Akihabara right now, Rui, her brother
(Abeno Yuu), her two sisters, and her uncle (the cafe owner). Rui and her
followers make up what she decides to call the 'moderate faction', while her
mother and her followers are the 'militant faction'. Her mother is not in
Akihabara at present, but has designated Rui's sisters to act in her place.

The militant faction's goal is to make progress on the "hermit-maker plan"
(remember that thing?), concentrating on Akihabara because of its
concentration of human talent (ha!). Most humans outside of NIRO aren't aware
of any of this, but they will be as the plan progresses. Rui hopes that she
can change things before the situation with the humans gets worse.

Rui also talks a little about how the Kageyashi's beliefs about humans are
misleading. Rui was surprised to see that the people living in Akihabara could
be free individuals, and this helped her overcome her mother's philosopy. You
eventually agree with her that you'll be able to achieve some kind of special
harmony (you don't have to, but it's the 'nicer' option), and the two of you
have a tender moment where you become friends...

In any case, she takes off, and you get an E-Mail from Satoko. She's caught
up with Abeno Yuu, and wants you to head to northeast Center Street ASAP.

中央通り北東へ Head To North-East Center Street
Yuu has just feasted on a girl when Satoko corners him. He says he doens't
plan on running this time, because he wants some of Satoko's sweet sweet blood.
Both Satoko and Yuu want peace for their given populations, but neither believe
that humans and kageyashi can coexist. Yuu also calls out Satoko for assuming
that the Earth belongs to humans based on their superior numbers and mobility
(but for the sun, kageyashi are physically superior); Satoko can't defend her
position, nor does she need to, because you show up just in time. Yuu sees that
he's outnumbered and takes off. Satoko thanks you for showing up in time, and
then leaves to tend to Yuu's victim.

You'll get a message from Satoko shortly after, apparently the Master has been
asking her for something, but Satoko wants you to go in her place. Head to the

師匠のお相手 The Master's Partner
The Master isn't exactly happy about having you instead of Satoko, but she
figures that as long as you're there, you can go and buy some supplies for her.
She wants:
1. Skin Lotion
2. Domestic Artisan Rope*
3. A Vibrator

*Without going into too much detail, there is a type of Japanese bondage that
uses special rope woven to look like hemp (hence 'artisan' rope). This is
supposedly a traditional practice and is extremelly boring to read about, but
go knock yourself out if you are so inclined.

She actually goes into detail about each of these things, but a combination
of your imagination and the fact that I'm about to tell you exactly what you
need to buy and where should suffice (her explanations are actually hints so
that you don't buy the wrong things).

There's a discount shop (ディスカウント店) on northeast Center Street, so head
there. Towards the bottom of the item list you'll see 9 items, three of each
type of lotion, rope, and vibrator. Buy one of each of these:


Return to the rooftop with the items. The Master says you can go back now,
and then asks why you're pouting. You say you expected a reward, and so she
teaches you a new skill, something where you can steal idol's clothes. The
clothes in question are those of DuBPri, a popular idol duet. Once again,
she has you practice on that odd underling of hers...

Once you're finished, the Master's majordomo will tell the Master that
Satoko has arrived. The Master loses interest in you and decides to use her
new items out on Satoko, so your work here is done. You'll get an E-Mail
from the Rui's uncle (the cafe owner) right after. 

    ステルスエージェント  Stealth Agent
    ノブくん改造計画     Otaku Boy Modeling School
    異次元転送           Transmit to another Dimension*
    ミスターケブラー2     Mr. Kevlar Part 2
    料理教室1            Cooking Class Part 1
    料理教室2            Cooking Class Part 2
    料理教室3            Cooking Class Part 3

ダブプリの企みを阻止せよ Stop DuBPri's Plot
The cafe owner needs a serious lesson in brevity, because his letter is
absurdly long. He tells you about his neices (Rui's sisters), Sena and
Maina, who were appointed to Akihabara as a decoy for NIRO to chase after.
The two have a bad relationship with Rui going back to their childhood, where
Rui was showered with affection while they were treated with contempt. This
has carried on into present day, where the two sisters are quick to enact the
'hermit-maker plan', while Rui is resisting it.

In order to blend in in Akihabara, the sisters formed an idol duo known as
'Dirty Bloody Princesses', or DuBPri for short. They have gained all sorts of
popularity (you may remember Gan talking about them earlier), with the
majority of people having no idea that they are kageyashi. Most recently,
they have created a plan in which they'll hold a secret concert* and suck
everyone's blood afterwards.

*secret concerts are not anything specific to Japan, but if you didn't know,
it's where a popular group will hold a concert in a small venue without
announcing it. There's usually something in place so that only hardcore fans
can find out about it (the concert is held under a secret name, or you need
to be part of a fanclub, etc.). Prince and The Rolling Stones are notable
examples of people who have often held secret shows.

Rui, determined to stop her sister's plan, has disappeared, mostly likely
headed to UD+ to attend the show. Your job is to get to the show now, too.
Head all the way to the end of the UD+ area, where there are some secrety
guards in front of a blocked-off door. They won't let you in because you
don't have a ticket... Hmmm, now who would know about how to get into an
idol concert... Oh yeah, Pervy McSnapshot! Head to the Neighborhood Watch's
hideout and talk to Gon.

Had you not noticed before, Gon is always staring at a giant poster of Sena
and Maina, flanked by t-shirts with them on it. He's all sorts of excited
to hear about their secret concert, and explains how only platinum members
of DuBPri's fanclub can get in. Unfortunately he thinks it's total blasphemy
that you, who barely even knows about DuBPri, could get into such an exclusive
show. You try to explain that the idols are really kageyashi, and they're
going to do all their fans in, but Gon assumes that you're just making the
story up to show your conviction (really, why WOULD he believe you?). You give
him an evil look, and eventually says that even though he won't give you his
ticket, there's a possibility that you could get a ticket from a scalper who
hangs out on northeast Center Street. Rumor has it that he might give discounts
to girls...

On northeast Center Street, you'll see the scalper (ダフ屋) creeping around.
The regular cost of a ticket is 50,000 yen, but if you're dressed as a girl
OR using a female character, he'll offer it to you for 20,000. After being
offered the special price, choose the first option to buy the ticket for
50,000, the second option to turn down the offer, and the third option to
pay 20,000. If you take the special price, he'll give you the ticket and
then get fresh with you. You smack him away, which starts a fight. After you
beat him, he'll drop 4 5,000 yen bills and run away.

Once you have your ticket, go back to the entrance of the venue at UD+. The
guard will let you in this time. Inside, DaBPuri is getting the crowd hyped
up, but they tell those in the front row not to take pictures until the fan
meeting* after the show. Gon is understandably upset. Eventually you find Rui
and explain how you got her uncle's letter. Choose the second option 
(自分も手伝う) to tell her you'll help her out. Then after she explains her
plan to stop her sisters, select the third option to go along with her plan.
DuBPri announces that the fan meeting will be in a quiet place and they'll
be offering a special service as incentive for people to come. Meanwhile, Rui
takes this as your cue to move, she tells you to take care of the front
entrance, while she gets the back. Out front, the guards try to force you back
in, but when you refuse, they start up a fight. After you finish the guards
off, you decide to head to the meeting place (the park), while Rui leads people
out the front entrance.

*select fans get to meet with the stars after the show to take pictures and
get autographs

At the park, Sena and Maina are surprised that nobody is showing up for the fan
meet-and-greet. Maina says that their idiot fans must have gotten confused and
that their staff and security have screwed things up. Sena tells her that it's
far more likely that somebody is working against them, either NIRO or a rebel
kageyashi. She also tells Maina not to call their fans idiots, because without
them, they wouldn't have the status they have now- plus, Sena actually enjoys
performing and getting praise from people, even if they are humans. Maina
apologizes by saying that 'idiot' was meant to be a term of endearment*, though
she still could care less about how they affect humans.

*this is a running gag throughout this scene

When you finally show up, they decide to ask you why nobody else has come. You
tell them you don't know, and Sena asks Maina if she even saw you at the
concert in the first place. Maina says she distinctly remembers you, because
you left partway through their last song. This pisses Sena off, who can't
imagine what could be more important than listening to them sing, and so she
smacks the heck out of you. When your wounds start to heal, she realizes that
you have kageyashi blood (she figures you must be human, as she knows every
kageyashi in Akihabara). She tells Maina that they'll have to stop being idols
from now on - if you have kageyashi blood, then you must know that they are
kageyashi, and if you know that they are kageyashi, there's a risk that other
humans could find out as well. Maina doesn't like the idea of quiting their
idol lifestyle, so she and Sena resolve to kill you off.

After defeating them, they realize that you have no ordinary kageyashi blood,
and you must be the person Yuu was talking about - the human that Rui gave her
blood to. Seeing as you're such a big threat to their mother's plan, they
decide to sacrifice themselves by continuing to fight, so long as it means
taking you with them... but...

Gan steps in just in time. He had followed the girls' voices all the way to
the park, and seeing them half-nude, he instantly starts snapping pictures
like a demon (he actually thinks that this is the special service they were
talking about). You try to warn Gan, but it's too late, he's soon captured
by the girls. They plan on using him as a hostage to get to you, but
Gan is so captivated by them (even though he finally realizes they're
kageyashi) that he is fine with be sacrificed. They figure it's no use to
use him as a hostage and let him go. 

They ready themselves for battle once again, but Gan steps in front of you
to stop their attack. Seeing Gan's stubborn conviction, they decide instead
to steal his camera and destroy his photos (Maina calls him an idiot again,
but refuses to pretend that it's a term of endearment). Gan apologizes for
not believing you, but you tell him it's OK.

You receive an E-Mail from Rui, saying that everything went well on her end,
and that she's happy you were able to fight off her sisters (it seems they've
broken off contact with their mother, as well). Unfortunately, she's being
tailed by her sister's minions and other NIRO agents, so she won't be able to
make any big moves for now. She's staying at her uncle's cafe in the meantime.

Satoko sends you an E-Mail as well, and she seems to be in a panic. Sejima
(remember him?) has gotten intel saying that powerful kageyashi guards are
consolidating their forces in Kantou (the eastern region portion of Japan),
with their goal being Tokyo (and by association, Akihabara). NIRO figures that
the kageyashi 'queen' must be on her way. Destroying the queen may pacify the
rest of the kageyashi, so you can't miss this opportunity to do so. Satoko
wants you to get back to the hideout at once to discuss the plans.

至急、自警団アジトへ戻ろう Return to the Neighborhood Watch Hideout ASAP

At the hideout, everyone is discussing plans for a new hideout, and the guys
envision an underground tokusatsu-style* secret base. When you step in, Satoko
gathers everyone around to explain things that you would already know or have
figured out, had you been paying attention. A few points are that Sejima is the
effective leader of NIRO; Satoko was scouted by him and holds him in high
regard. Satoko doesn't know how NIRO got into contact with the Master, but
she's been training them to take the kageyashi's clothes ever since they found
out that other weapons were useless. She confirms that NIRO still thinks the
next leader of the kageyashi is one of the queen's proxies in Akihabara (Maina
or Sena), but for all they know they've never seen her. In any case, once you
stop asking questions (the third option), Sejima arrives and the real fun

*tokusatsu means "Special Effects", but refers to a subset of TV shows and
movies that use several, often campy, special effects. The best example is
Saban's Power Rangers, which was an amalgamation of several tokusatsu shows.
Of course, their base was only partially underground, but you get the idea.

Sejima starts by feeling Sara up- she had been acting overly critical, and he
wanted to make sure she wasn't a kageyashi (Why can he tell by feeling her
skin? Creepy!). Sara is still skeptical of where they got all their information
on the kageyashi, and Sejima responds that they have a variety of sources,
including old occult texts that now seem reasonable. He does let on that they
had been using live specimens as well, though most died off or disappeared.
And so, his latest plan is to have you capture Rei, who is the only family-class
kageyashi they've spotted lately. He wants to extract information from her, as
well as her blood (!), and figures that only someone who shares similar blood
will be capable.

Yes, he confirms that NIRO has been stocking supplies of kageyashi blood to
feed to their agents, because without it they wouldn't be on equal footing with
the kageyashi. Their supplies are running low, so they might as well tap Rei
when you capture her... (the DuBPri sisters alluded to this earlier, when
they assumed you must be a NIRO agent because you have kageyashi blood). Satoko
points out that none of the agents in Akihabara have used the blood, though it
is a necessity to their operation. Sejima goes on to explain the actual effects
of the blood - enhanced body strength, halted aging process, etc. - but also
says that the effects of withdrawal are like those of a narcotic. Therefore,
they need a steady stream of the stuff to keep all their agents active.

Sara is obviously opposed to the idea of harvesting Rei for her blood, but
Sejima says it's no different than eating any animals or animal products; just
because they look human doesn't mean they need to be treated like humans. In
any case, he thinks it's OK if Sara doesn't want to participate, but she says
she will anyway. Sejima asks if anyone else has reservations, but nobody
responds, except for Nobu, who wants to know how much he'll be paid. Sejima
says that NIRO has plenty of money, so they should be rewarded well. You then
get to choose whether or not you'll participate (it doesn't matter right now,
you'll be forced into it anyway).

Outside, you get an E-Mail from Satoko asking you to meet her on the rooftop.

屋上へ Head to the Rooftop

Satoko gives you the details of your assignment for this mission in an official
manner, but stops herself. She can tell that you have some reservations about
fighting the kageyashi, and she admits that she, too, had a hard time working
for NIRO at first. She explains how sick she got the first time she saw one of
them turn to ashes, and how she needed Sejima to council her. At first she was
able to think strictly in terms of her duty by following Sejima's ideals
(everything is for the good of the nation), but what truly got her onboard
was seeing the result of the "hermit-maker plan" first-hand. At that point she
really felt like fighting the kageyashi was essential for the future of Japan's
youth. In any case, she thanks you for listening to her story and tells you
that you've been deployed to the park area to look out for Rei.

    ピースメーカー    Peacemaker

街の見回り Neighborhood Patrol

At the park, you get another E-Mail from Satoko saying they believe Rei is
headed towards you. Sure enough, Rei comes running through the park. Rei is
happy to see you, but starts to worry if perhaps you've lost faith in Rui and
are planning on stopping her. This is literally the moment of truth:

You always get two options, the first can be one of two things:
逃がさない。 (Don't Let Her Through) - NIRO Path
早く行け。 (Quick, get out of here) - Kageyashi Path/Moderate Path
(alternate ending available for Kageyashi Path)

Whether or not you're offered the option to capture Rei is determined by
your choices in conversations with Rui. I haven't figured out the exact
formula yet, but I think the most important choices are during the time
you meet her at the park (after meeting Rei) and at the DuBPri concert. I
will try to transcribe those when I can.

The second will always be this:
見逃す。     (Let Her Through) - Kageyashi Path/Moderate Path
(no alternate ending available)

In other words, you'll be able to access the Kageyashi and Moderate paths
no matter what, but if you select certain choices when talking to Rui, you
may have the option to betray her and capture Rei.

***note on endings***
For those familiar with the Way of the Samurai games, you'll know that one
path is more difficult, more exciting, and overall more satisfying than the
others (though they are all interesting). In Akiba's Trip, this is the Moderate
path. This game has four endings in total, each with a different epilogue.
There is also an extra epilogue that will supersede the others, should you
pursue it. The Moderate path and NIRO path each have one ending, while the
Kageyashi path has two possible endings.

||Capture Rei||
If you don't let Rei get away, she'll fight you. When the fight is over, Rei
will curse you, screaming and crying about how you're a traitor and all humans
are the same. Satoko and Sejima arrive, and Sejima kicks Rei as hard as he can
to shut her up. He commends you on completing the mission, and you receive
your pay. Your next mission will be "The Queen's Invasion".

||Rei Gets Away||
Sejima and Satoko will rush in, assuming that Rei gave everyone the slip.
Sejima runs off, while Satoko consoles you, saying it was their fault that
she got away again. A screen will say that you failed your mission, but you
get paid anyway. Your next mission, "A Date With Rui", will be the same.

妖主襲来 The Queen's Invasion

文月瑠衣、阿倍野優、追跡 Chase Fumitsuki Rui and Abeno Yuu

瀬嶋と合流 Join With Sejima
    バトルフリークス     Battle Freaks
    勝利の栄光を、君に   The Glory of Victory
    吸血奉仕            Bloodsucking Service*

瑠衣を捜して In Search Of Rui

Moderate Path
瑠衣とデート A Date With Rui
Rui sends you a rather long E-Mail, but the jist of it is that her mother is
coming to town, and she wants to be able to spend some time with you until
she arrives. Great! A date with Rui, that's what you wanted right? A date with
a vampire, yes? Head to the rooftop to meet with her.

Out on the rooftop, you can ask Rui some questions regarding her mother, Rei,
or DuBPri (again, no real revelations here). Rui then explains that she wants
to go out 'to play', something she didn't often get to experience as a kid
because her mother thought contact with humans was too dangerous.

First, she wants to go to an arcade. Inside, she introduces you to one of her
favorite games, and, in one of the most 'meta' experiences ever, you will have
to play Samurai*Kitchen with her (see the 'Debugger Needed!' quest to read
about the significance of this game). Rui gets tougher and tougher the longer
you play. If you lose, select 'Give Up' (ギブアップ) to continue the story.

Next she'll want to play a crane game. Just select directions until she gets
something. You can pay to have her keep playing, or end it by saying "play
another time" (また今度にしよう).

Now she'll ask you to talk about yourself. You can talk about the neighborhood
watch gang, your sister, or your "hermit" friend (for those short on memory,
your 'hermit' friend was the guy you were looking for when you got attacked by
Yuu. He was laying in a trash heap last time you saw him). She feels terrible
about your friend, but happy to know that both kageyashi and humans have
trouble with their sisters (her sisters are a little more evil though, aren't
they?). Finally, Rui wants to be introduced to your whole gang (she's only met
Sara and Yatabe a few times).

You bring Rui to the Neighborhood Watch hideout, to the confusion and distaste
of many of the members. When you finally calm everyone down, they all realize
that certain kageyashi aren't so bad, all except for Nobu. However, Nobu seems
more concerned with the fact that he hasn't had any exciting contact with the
kageyashi the way that each of the other members has (he uses several game and
anime culture terms to describe his situation, to the confusion of Rui). When
Nobu has chilled out, there is an extremelly long discussion about whether or
not they should collaborate with the kageyashi moderates. Yatabe points out
that the neighborhood watch isn't beholden to NIRO, and that its members are
autonomous, so they should all be able to do what they want so long as there
is a concensus. Again, this conversation goes on forever, the majority of which
is filled with Sara's overly polite speech and Rui apologizing profusely for
causing them so much trouble (which she does no less than 20 times). In the
end they decide that it's best for them to dissolve the Neighborhood Watch and
form a new group with the kageyashi moderates and all those who will support
them. Yatabe knows of an abandoned building that will work well as their new

This conversation goes on SO long, that by the time it's finished, Rui's
mother has already arrived in Akihabara. You and Rui head outside to finish
up your date. She tells you what a good time she had, you have a touching
moment (if you choose the first options, the rest are indifferent or negative),
and she bids farewell. When she does, you'll get to read an E-Mail from Satoko
saying that the kageyashi queen has finally arrived, and that they'll be
waiting for her at the station area. Head over there when you're prepared.

妖主襲来 The Queen's Invasion
Satoko starts by explaining to you that which has already been explained
several times. Then Rui comes in with her entourage, and Satoko, unaware
that you've been in cahoots with them the whole time, says that you'll have
to battle all of them together. Then Sejima strolls in and tells Satoko not
to worry about them. Rui's uncle comments that Sejima is using kageyashi blood,
but Sejima simply walks on by with Satoko in tow.

Rui's uncle explains that there are NIRO agents all over the place, and asks
Rei to help him make sure their escape route is clear. When they leave, the
queen, wearing a really dumb hat, enters flanked by her daughters (DuBPri).
Sejima approaches her and starts asking questions about her plan and why she
would make a public appearance so suddenly (she says she merely wanted to
visit her daughters, as a human mother would..). It seems as though Sejima
and the queen have known each other for a long long time, and the DuBPri
sisters are bothered that their mother is giving Sejima any face time at all.
Finally, Sejima asks if it's true that one of the sisters is to be the next
queen, and the queen confirms it (much to the confusion of the sisters).

At that moment, Yuu drops down from the sky and knocks Satoko away. Despite
the queen's objections, Yuu spills the beans on who the real candidate for
the next queen is. Sejima assumes that Rui's appointment must have been a
diversion to trick him, but the DuBPri sisters confirm that they had never
been in the running to become the next queen. Yuu tries to direct attention
back onto himself, but Sejima easily smacks him away. Sejima then tells you
to capture Rui while he takes care of the rest of them.

However, Rui's mother knows that you've been helping Rui, as Yuu had been
spying on you the whole time. Rui is shocked at her brothers betrayal, but
he says he couldn't turn down a request from their mother. Knowing your
fondness for Rui, the queen extends an invitation for you to join the
kageyashi. Her children are upset at this decision, but they know her word
is final. Rui shows discontent with her mother's offer, but her mother reminds
her that her moderate group is too weak, and she's far too vulnerable now
that NIRO knows she's to be the next queen (she reminds Rui of the crazy look
that Sejima gave her when he found out). You're now given another important

I'll join your mother, for your sake.   - Kageyashi Path

。。。俺が、君を守る。だから。。。。。!!   - Moderate Path
I'll protect you, but...!

***note on endings 2***
If you chose the first option during the Neighborhood Patrol mission, you will
get yet another choice if you choose the Kageyashi Path. If you choose the
Moderate path, or if you chose the second option during the Neighborhood Patrol
mission, your ending is now set. Just keep that in mind if you are looking to
complete every ending.

If you choose the Kageyashi path, continue reading under the 'Kageyashi Path'
section of this guide.

If you chooes the Moderate path, you'll get another choice (select the first
option). Rui will hug you, while Sejima and the queen, seeing this as a
betrayal, will send all their people to kill you.

瑠衣と共に逃走 Escape With Rui

You'll first have to defeat a wave of enhanced agents (the guys with the
sunglasses and suits), and then a wave of the queen's royal guard (the guys
with the red shirts and motorcycle helmets). When you've finished them off,
Rei, her father, and Yatabe will clear a path for you. Yatabe informs you
of the new hideout, which Rui and you enter following your escape.

At the base, Nobu will ask you the password before you can enter.

秋葉原防衛戦 Defend Akihabara
    バトルフリークス     Battle Freaks
    勝利の栄光を、君に   The Glory of Victory
    人捜し              Manhunt

最後の戦いへ To The Final Battle

Kageyashi Path
瑠衣とデート A Date With Rui
Read the summary above under "Moderate Path". The scenarios are the same.

妖主襲来 The Queen's Invasion
Read the summary above under "Moderate Path". The scenarios are the same
until you reach another branch.

Once you choose the Kageyashi path, the queen will order you to protect Rui
while she and her family get away. Sejima calls on some agents enhanced with
Kageyashi blood, and you must defeat them. Afterwards, DuBPri will ask you
to come to the Kageyashi's hideout.

Inside the hideout, which Rui was ignorant of (the moderates weren't informed
of its existence), the queen commends Rui on planting you in NIRO's ranks.
Rui claims she had no such intentions, and claims never to have had any control
over your actions. The queen reminds her that giving their special blood to
someone can force that person to follow them, something which Rui apparently
forgot. The queen asks your opinion, and you are given either one or two

NIROは酷い!カゲヤシとして生きる NIRO is horrible! I will live as a kageyashi
人間との共存の道を探すため       I want to find a way to coexist with humans

***note on endings 3***
This second option is only available if you selected "Quick, get out of here",
during the Neihborhood Patrol mission. This option will change the game's
ending, but not the path you're on. This is the final branching option.

(live as a kageyashi) If you choose the first option, the queen will be
pleased that her assessment of you is correct, and remind Rui again of the
power of their blood.

(coexist) If you choose the second option, the queen will test your conviction
by challenging you to a fight. When you don't run away, she realizes the two
of you are serious and accepts that you won't be swayed. She agrees to let you
do as you wish, so long as you follow her orders for fighting NIRO in the

Abeno Yuu enters once you've finished talking and reports that NIRO's enhanced
agents are on the move. The queen devises a plot to split up their forces by
using herself as bait. You and Yuu will fight on the ground, while the queen
and Rui draw out NIRO's upper echelon (namely Sejima). You are to return to
base when Rui and her mother are attacked. 

Yuu says he'll work alone, securing the station area. He assigns you to Center
Street. Maina is still skeptical of you, but Sena tells her that she'll have to
treat you as an ally for now.

強化エージェント討伐 Battle The Enhanced Agents
As per Yuu's orders, you'll have to fight all of the enhanced agents in the
four areas of Center Street. The enhanced agents are the guys in suits with
sunglasses, the guys in red with the motorcycle helmets are the queen's Royal
Guard. You can see how many agents you need to fight in each area each time
you defeat one.

Once you clear each section of Center Street, you'll receive an E-Mail from
Maina informing you that the battle at their hideout has begin. Head to UD+.

    バトルフリークス    Battle Freaks
    勝利の栄光を、君に   The Glory of Victory
    チェリーの逆襲      Cherry's Counterattack
    狩りに行こう        Let's Go on a Hunt

UD+へ Head to UD+
Mission complete! Wow, some of these missions are a little too simple...

聡子を倒す Defeat Satoko
Satoko is guarding the entrance to the kageyashi hideout, and doesn't intend
to let anyone through. She's upset that you've turned on the humans, but will
fight you if she has to.

After defeating Satoko, she'll try to blame your betrayal on the kageyashi
blood, she doesn't think you could make the decision to help them on your
own. You decide to kick her while she's down, presumably killing her.

ラストバトル The Last Battle
Head inside the kageyashi hideout for the final showdown.

You seem to be a little late, Sejima has already taken down the queen, his
power far greater from years and years of using the family's blood. It seems
that he's had a long history with the queen... Rui has disappeared, so Sejima
orders some people to hunt her down while he turns his attention towards you
and the DuBPri sisters. He easily knocks Maina and Sena out of the way, and
gives you one last chance to return to his side. Regardless of your choice,
you'll be drawn into battle with him.

After defeating Sejima, he will disintegrate, though not before mentioned
the name 'Kitada' (this is Sena and Maina's last names, the kageyashi family
members do not necessarily share the same names). Understandably, this freaks
out Maina a little.

When all is said and done, Maina asks is they should clean up the rest of the
NIRO agents. The queen says that it won't be necessary, now that Sejima has
been defeated. The queen then asks what the secret of the bond between you
and Rui's blood, as nobody has ever achieved that kind of strength with
kageyashi blood. (no matter your answer, they all say that there's something
that makes your power exceptional). Yuu arrives a bit late (he was
overconfident, after all), and reports that Rui and Rei seem to have run off
for a while.

Moderate Epilogue

NIRO Epilogue

Kageyashi Epilogue (Join the kageyashi)

Kageyashi Epilogue (Hope for integration)

Sister Epilogue


陰妖子 カゲヤシ Kageyashi - The game's slang for vampires. Succinctly refers
to something that enchants people and lurks in the shadows.

瀬嶋隆二 - Sejima Yuuji A top NIRO agent hell-bent on the destruction of the
Kageyashi. It is he who first coerces you into helping them.

御堂聡子 Midou Satoko - A no-nonsense NIRO agent and subordinate to Yuuji. She
is your main contact to NIRO, and introduces you to a rather unique martial
arts teacher...

文月瑠衣 Rui - A seemingly troubled girl, she saves your life after you're
attacked by Abeno Yuu, whom she calls brother.

阿倍野優 Abeno Yuu - A lean, mean, devil-may-care Kageyashi who acts as an
older brother to Rui. He is constantly hunted by NIRO.

森泉鈴 - A weak girl who hangs out with Rui. You come into conflict with her
early in the game, though she remains a mystery...

月山星乃 - A Tokyo Toy Box character

北田舞那 Kitada Maina
北田瀬那 Kitada Sena
Two sisters who make up the wildly popular idol group, Dirty Bloody Princesses
(this is not as strange as it sounds, given the context), or DuBPri for short.
Their concerts are in high demand, though those who attend tend to mysteriously

姉小路怜 Anegakouji - A woman young in appearance who has several Kageyashi
followers, her motives are a complete mystery.

姉小路瞬 Anegakouji - The suave owner of a cafe in Akihabara's back streets,
seemingly all-around nice guy.*

*The game refers to this character as "Master", a Japanese term used for bar
owners. This is not to be confused with THE Master, or shishou (師匠), which
is more like a martial-arts master.

秋葉原自警団 - Akihabara's Neighborhood Watch
Those who have volunteered to keep Akihabara safe. Currently copmrised of four
members, who gain support from NIRO and subsequently, you.

ヤタベ Yatabe - A junk-shop owner from the era when Akihabara was a black
market. Historically speaking, Akihabara got the nickname 'Electric City'
because of its scrap electrical component shops. Read up on your history!

ノブ Nobu - An anime and manga lover, whose heart is only fond for 2D
characters! As such, he has a vested interest in protecting Akihabara,
home of so many 2D characters.

ゴジちゃん Gon-chan - A stereotype if I ever saw one- normally a timid, fidgety
guy, he gains all the confidence in the world when he's behind his camera
taking pictures of idols (young-ish girls and women exploited for their looks
moreso than their talents).

サラ Sara - A popular maid-cafe maid in Akihabara. Maid-cafes are... well,
you'll find out soon enough.

妖主 ようしゅ

6. Akiba's Trip Fun Facts!

I don't have a great amount of knowledge about Akihabara, but this game
certainly made me curious.

Tokyo Toy Box:
The comic "Tokyo Toy Box" (actually a prequel to another comic, Giga Tokyo
Toy Box), serialized in the Japanese magazine "Birz", is about a hot-blooded
game developer loosely based on Acquire's own President, Takuma Endou (Tenchu,
Way of the Samurai)! Akiba's Trip features G-3, the studio where Tokyo Toy
Box characters work, and allows you to test "Samurai Kitchen", one of the
games that the main character of the comic developed (undoubtedly a parody
of Way of the Samurai).  I believe this wild self-referential cameo is what
the kids would call, "meta"?

Kotengu Canned Goods:
Simply a canned goods company, their canned oden (stewed veggies, tofu, and
fish cake) is advertised in Akiba's Trip.

Akiba:f Blood Donation Center:
This blood-collection center is something else! Designed with modern-day
Akiba patrons in mind, the futuristic facility allows otaku and any other
generous donators to have their blood drained in the comfort of toys, comics,
and screens displaying anime characters. Irony gushes as Akiba:f workers and
advertisements for the blood donation center appear throughout this vampiric

7. Transcripted Quiz Questions



「ITウイッチ まりあ」の原作者であり、「矢田原版」を描いた作者の名前は




「ITウイッチ まりあ」の「山根版」の作者の名前は次の内どれか?





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