PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File08/12/11joekage378K
10th playthough completed. I have around 200700000 gold. Crow has 7239 PP. A lot of characters with higher than 5000 PPs.
Save Game File06/06/11pragmaticleas813K
Completed Scenario Chart, 3rd Lap Clear Data, Accessible to 15 Bars Upgrade, 26+ Million at Start of 4th Lap, 6000+ PP for Main, Most Characters are ACE's.
Save Game File04/14/11Kenta_PKMN813K
Fresh Game , start with 99x of each part, and MAX MONEY 9999999999 , Have fun!
Save Game File04/27/11BassGSnewtype378K
New game + save unhacked

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