PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From j_saucedo (07/21/2011; 1378KB) All Tales - 100% Challenge Dungeons items retrieved. Every character level maxed out but Edward. Ready to import and start The Crystals Tale.
  2. From Martze (06/22/2011; 1378KB) Completed all character tales in The After Years. Each Challenge Dungeon completed at least once. Adamantite retrieved from each challenge dungeon.
  3. From SuperSynMusashi (12/13/2012; 1378KB) FF4 After Years save files with all characters at highest levels for their Tales, all Challenge Dungeon items, and atleast one rare monster tail from every Tale.
  4. From bthor1992 (04/30/2011; 459KB) FFIV main game finished on file 6
  5. From Pazzled (05/07/2011; 459KB) FFIV: 100% Bestiary; All Ordeals/Lunar Trials Complete; All Ultimate Equipment Found; Adamant Armor; All Characters Level 99; Saved before Final Boss.
  6. From JDWitchDoctor (05/23/2011; 459KB) FFIV: Saved at the start of the game outside Baron castle, with 1 Pink Tail and each of the rare summon items (Goblin, Bomb, Cockatrice, and Mindflayer) hacked into inventory.
  7. From SuperGeniusJoe (06/30/2011; 1378KB) Here is TAY Pink Tale!!! everybody wanted including Adamant Shield, Helm, Armor, 3 sets of Gloves.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From ZexionLuv (05/26/2011; 2143KB) 100% Complete. All gallery, bestiary unlocked require all 3 saves and system files.
  2. From ZexionLuv (05/06/2011; 460KB) Final Fantasy 4 Original only completed at last boss max hp and mp for chosen team
  3. From ZarcanRadian (04/03/2012; 164KB) TheAfterYears ; Various Saves of each tales & CD completed at max LV, Before the moon wit whole planet completed, All LV99 Begening of Depth, Completed bestiary+game (exept Ifrit~Bug)

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From MarkoPixel (06/08/2019; 459KB) FFIV: The Complete Collection Europe Save: Cecil, Yang, Cid and Tellah in Party. Enterprise unlocked and on an good leveling Island
  2. From Izixeon (05/29/2011; 460KB) Final Fantasy IV Save File - New Game w/Goblin summon.
  3. From Crystal_Command (04/26/2011; 1378KB) TAY save - All tales complete! Most bosses in Depths defeated, File 10 saved before Final Boss.

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