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by Tnal

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Translation Guide by Tnal

Version: 1.30 | Updated: 01/04/14

Macross Triangle Frontier

Basic Information and Translation Guide

Version List

Version 1.00

February 25, 2011: The basic guide was made.

Version 1.20

July 9, 2012: My lazy butt decided to stop putting off working and I actually updated the guide. shocking, I know.

F.A.Q. was added, How to acquire Ace-Only Skill was added, Some Skill Names were fixed, an incorrect Skill Description was fixed, new Skills were added.

Version 1.30

January 4, 2014: Hey, look! I came back to do an update. What are the odds, right? Anyway this time I added how to Date Ranka Lee, added more to the FAQ section, and a bit of tidying here and there.

Oops. I forgot who told me that Real-Flight Mode dies not work in the Academy. Send me an email and I'll give you proper credit.


This is a list of controls and translations for Macross Triangle Frontier. This guide is a basic FAQ. It is not meant to be pretty or overly wordy, but I will probably end up being wordy despite my intention to the contrary. That aside, the goal of this guide is to help English-speaking people understand how to play this primarily Japanese language game.

You will not find a Walkthrough here. You should not need one anyway; the game is pretty straightforward. Besides, if you have seen the various anime series that it is based on then you already know the story.

You will not find a translation of the Academy Mode in here, either. By that, I mean a translation of what everyone says during each of the hundreds of cut scenes that you will encounter in there. That would make this FAQ more along the lines of a Script Guide.

What I will list here is information on the game. What I will do is translate the controls and the menus of the game. I shall list what skills do and what stats relate to. I will give you the rundown of the aforementioned Academy Mode. I will give you enough information on it so that you will not be utterly lost when you play it. I will also try to cover the basic questions that I have seen come up now and again on the GameFAQs message board.

Legal Stuff

This is the second guide written by moi, M.K. Bishop. Likewise, it is owned by me. Copy-writes and all that good stuff. Not to mention, it is a lot like my first guide. There is not much of a difference control-wise between this game and its predecessor: "Macross Ultimate Frontier".

My goal here is to help people play the game. To that end, I grant individuals full authorization to download, save, print out, and share this guide with their friends. All I ask is that you please do not take credit for my work. It may be a tiny guide, but it still took me a long time to write.

If for whatever reason someone feels like hosting a copy of this guide on their website, email me:

Dragon_Knight_Tonal (at) hotmail (dot) com

I am pretty much guaranteed to say yes. Just put "Macross Triangle Frontier" as the email's subject. That way I do confuse your email with spam and delete it unknowingly.

The same thing goes for people who wish to contribute to this guide's contents. If you have new information or corrections, then by all means email me. I'll be glad to add it in and give you credit for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a section that I am adding because... well, because I wanna and you can stop me. So, MLEH! :p

In truth, this is a section made up of question that I actually have been asked. These come up now and again on the Message Board as well. I thought that I would add a section here in the (finally) revised Guide to help stem the flow of common problems.

-Question 1: Is it possible to get Max Stats on a custom Pilot?

-Answer: It is theoretically possible, yes. The semi-random nature of Academy makes it difficult, however. It means that I cannot provide you with a walkthrough to reach that goal. In order to get the highest possible Stats and not counting Skills, you will need this many Attribute Points:

240 Heart

339 Technical

240 Body

Choosing Technician Training for your Area Of Expertise will certainly help as that will increase your Tech gain.

-Question 2: How do I know when I select the Correct Date during the Academy Section?

-Answer: The scene will have voice-over rather than be pure text. If the characters are talking, you have the right place. Also, I have listed the right spots down in the Academy Section.

-Question 3: How do I Unlock **** Character or Mecha?

-Answer: There are generally two ways to unlock Characters or Mecha. One is to S or SS-Rank Missions. For Heroes, this is done via the regular levels in their respective Sagas or the entire Saga in some rare cases. For Enemies, this is usually done by S or SS-Ranking the Survival section of their particular Saga.

Alternatively, you can purchase any character or mecha from the Nyan Nyan Shop using in-game currency. More unlockables will arrive as you increase you Shop Level buy making purchases.

-Question 4: How do I unlock the Original Characters that I did not choose in the begining?

Answer: The Original Characters do not seem to appear in the Nyan Nyan Shop. At least, they have not in as high of a Shop Level as I have ever reached. To get them, you must complete the Extra Missions Silver Moon and Red Moon. These will be the missions that have the Original Characters are your enemies.

-Question 5: How do I select my Portrait / Routes?

-Answer: Your Portrait is determined by two things: your Favorite Color and your Route.

The color for your uniform and that of your starting mecha will match the color chosen during Character Creation.

The uniform's design is based on the Route you play. If you are Civilian, then you will not have a helmet but rather just a pressure suit like Basara had in Dynamite. New UN Spacy (N.U.N.S.) have a rounded helmet like the older series' characters and Strategic Military Service (S.M.S) have pointed helmets like the characters in Frontier.

To Select the Route, you must answer one or two questions during the Academy Mode. To select Pilot or Civilian, Gary (the blonde guy with the goatee) will offer you the choice on the second week of September 2058.

If you chose to be the Pilot, then he will ask you if you wish to join S.M.S. or N.U.N.S. at the end of February 2059.

-Question 6: How do I unlock Omake / Festival Route in the Academy?

-Answer: You must complete the Academy 4 times. That would be the short Tutorial that you get the first time that you go there, then once for each SMS, NUNS, and Civilian Routes. It sounds like like a lot, but you can do it in about four hours.

After completing that, begin another Academy run. On January 2058 Week 2, you will get an option. Pick the top answer to activate Omake / Festival Route. Select the bottom answer to play through normally.

At the end of the Omake / Festival Route, you can still choose your Affiliation Type. So you can play it and still have an SMS or NUNS Portrait.

-Question 7: How can I use my character's Command Skill?

-Answer: You cannot as far as I can tell. You can only use the Command Skill of your Support Character. However, Wingmen can use their own Command Skill.

You may be able to use your own Command Skill in Multiplayer Mode. I have never played it, so I cannot say.

-Question 8: How do I unlock Ageless?

-Answer: In order to unlock the ability to use any character and any mecha in any Era (aka: Ageless) you need to complete all Eras. Your Ranks do not matter, you merely have to finish each Mission. And yes, that is all Eras even if you only want to use Hikaru throughout the game, you still must complete Macross 7, Frontier and the rest. You do not, however, need to do Enemy Side nor Extra Missions. Only the various anime Sagas. Once you have met the requirement, you can purchase it from the Open Section of the Nyan Nyan Shop.

-Question 9: What do Hearts do?

-Answer: When you raise your Affection via either the Academy or in-game Missions, you recieve Hearts. After you get enough Small Hearts, they become Large Hearts. The Small Hearts do not do anything other than to serve as a fill-counter. The Large Hearts do have functions. Those are:

When you preform Team Special Attacks with your Wingman, the amount of damage done is dictated by the number of Large Hearts you have. They serve as a multiplier ranging from 80% normal damage with Zero Large Hearts to up 150% with All Large Hearts.

In the Academy Mode, the number of Large Hearts dictates the amount of Attribute Bonus that you are given when you study with the corresponding character. That, in turn, means higher Stats and a better Created Pilot. Note that you cannot use a Created Character in-game until you have completed the Academy Mode. So you cannot get a full set of Large Hearts and then start the Academy. You must gain those Hearts through Dating with the Kira Booster.

When using the Nyan Nyan Shop, you will get a discount on the purchase prices if you have Large Hearts with the current clerk (Sheryl or Ranka). More Hearts means cheaper prices.

The characters with your highest two Affection Ranks will create the classic Macross Love Triangle, provided at least one of the characters is a different gender than the other two. This does not do much other than make cosmetic changes. Characters in love will blush when they speak. They will also have different voice samples when speaking to or about their love interest and the rivial for their affections.

-Question 10: How do I get Hearts between Created Characters?

-Answer: You cannot as far as I am aware. Your Affection Rating between your own characters will always be neutral (Zero Hearts). This means that Team Special Attacks will always be at 80% power. However, this does not mean that you cannot have a Custom Wingman. Using Customs have their own benefits. Remember, they still have all of those special Skills you gave them. That can be worth much more in some battles than Team Special Attacks. A wingman with Sniper, Special Forces Agent, Ace Killer, and Cover Fire can clear an entire map if they use their Command Skill at the correct angle. Swap that Cover Fire with, say, Max World and they will be taking out Hero Units like nobody's business.

-Question 11: What do the Titles that you can purchase from the Shop do?

-Answer: Nothing. They are flavor (fluffy) text that appears on your profile during multiplayer games. They are generally just a small joke for those that can read them. They serve no other function.

-Question 12: How do I unlock Sivil?

-Answer: I am including this question in addition to the general character unlocking question above as I think it has some significance. And so that I don't have to keep answering it via email. But mostly due to the significance.

Sivil is an unique case. She does not appear to be playable. This is odd in that she has Stats, Skills, and an in-game character model. Two, actually. One is used for the Command Skill Spiritia Barrier and another is used in Missions. You may not have ever noticed the latter. She is object of a Protection Mission, but you may not have known that if you can't read the Mission Objectives. In the Macross 7 Mission where you are supposed to stop Gigil as he runs through the interior corridors of the ship, if you fly passed him to the end of the map, Sivil will be there. She can also appear randomly in other Macross 7 Missions. She is easy to miss as she does not show up on the HUD. Those appearences may be caused by a glitch as she does not seem to do anything; she just hangs around on the map. Also of interesting note is that while she has Skills, Sivil has a Zero SP Bars. Perhaps she can only gain SP by using Spiritia Drain?

Now, let us get on with actual Guide.

Selection Menu

This is the menu that you get when you first enter the game. It is a selection of different Game-Types.

-Row One

-Freeplay: This is an exhibition mode, basically. You set your match rules and play custom rounds.

-Campaign Mode: This section follows the various anime series. It is best to complete the Academy Mode before going here so that you may use your custom character. However, if you choose, you can play through this using the Original Characters from the previous game. They are now a much higher Level than before, and have locked stats. Actually, you will have to select an original character even if you DID go through the Academy, but you can swap them out for your custom pilot right away.

-Gallery: This is a collection of unlockables that you have thus far acquired.

-Row Two

-Multiplayer: Here you can challenge your friends or play custom rounds together.

-Academy Mode: Ah, yes, the dreaded Academy Mode. This is where you make your own Custom Pilot. I will go in to detail on this later on.

-Options: The first area is for Settings, Passwords, Player Cards and the like. The second area is for adjusting your control scheme.

In-Game Menus

The menus are all opened by pressing the Start Button. Depending on what portion of the game you are currently on is what Menu you will get.

Hanger Menu

-Start Button: While in the Hangar, it will bring up the following Menu Options.

- Era Select Screen: This takes you back to the Era Selection Menu. After you select this, you will get two pop-ups. The first one is a conformation. The second is letting you know game has been Saved.

- Control Options: Shows you the game's control scheme.

-Settings: Opens the Settings Menu for the Audio, Player Cards, and Passwords.

- Load: Loads your Game Data.

- Save: Saves your Game Data

- Network mode: Activates Multiplayer. Make sure to have your Wi-fi turned on.

- Top Menu: Returns you to the Menu that you saw when you first turned on the game.

Mission Selection Menu

-L and R Shoulder Buttons: Switches between Hanger Tabs.

- Up or Down: Scroll through the Missions within the currently highlighted Era. Eras are what they call each of the different anime shows.

- Left or Right: These D-Pad Buttons will scroll through the Eras. As you unlock the different Eras, pressing Left or Right will allow you to choose which ones to play. They are listed in the anime's chronological order. From left to right, the Eras are:

1) Macross Zero

2) SDF Macross

3) Macross: Do You Remember Love

4) Macross Plus

5) Macross 7

6) Macross Dynamite 7

7) Macross Frontier

8) Macross Frontier: The False Songstress

9) Macross II

10) Extra Missions: These Missions are from Macross 7's movie: The Galaxy Is Calling Me", the canon video games "Macross M3" and "Macross VFX-2". There are also a few For Fun original Missions to be found here. Some require passwords to unlock. Those will be listed farther down in this guide.

11) Survival: Here you can play through entire Eras without the option to save. You get a small amount of HP back in-between Missions.

12) Tutorial: Teaches you how to play the game. Completing all of these will give you free Tune Points for every mecha that you unlock. It will only take you a few minutes to do, so it is definitely worth the time.

-Circle: Selects the Era or the Mission.

-X: Cancels a selection.

-Square: Opens the Music Selection Screen. Here, you can:

1) Triangle: listen to the Songs that you have Unlocked or set as your Custom Music.

2) Circle: Set the currently selected Music as the Background Music for the currently highlighted Mission.

In-Mission Menu

-Return to game: Unpause.

-Restart Mission: Returns you to the beginning of the current mission. You will lose all earned rewards that you had gained from that Mission.

-1st Person View: Changes between 1st and 3rd Person Views.

-Activate/Deactivate HUD: Toggles the Display on or off.

-Leave Mission: Quits the current Mission. You will lose all earned rewards that you had gained from that Mission.

After-Mission Menu

-Exit: Take your rewards and return to the Hanger.

-Upgrade: Opens the Mecha Customization Screens. This is useful if you lost on a Multi-Part Mission. You can Upgrade your mecha and still continue the Mission from the Section that you died on.

-Save Replay Data: Records your gameplay footage for later viewing.

-Retry: Play the same Mission again.

-Next Mission Proceed straight to the next Mission without returning to the Hanger.

-Affection Meter: This is not part of the menu, but is visible on the right side of the screen. It shows how much Affection that you have gained or lost depending on your performance in the Mission. This affects your current Love Triangle.

Freeplay Menus

-Rule Select

-Versus Battle or Team Battle: This is a choice between a Free-For-All or a fight with Teams. Team Battle will remove the next few options.

-Free Battle or Health Battle: This is a choice between a set number of lives or one with a set amount HP.

Important Note: The next options change depending on whether you select Free Battle of Health Battle Free Battle, the next option will change.

-Respawn: This shows up if you selected Free Battle. The option here are: Infinite Lives, One Life Only, and then a number of Extra Lives ranging from one respawn to eight.

-Health: This will replace the Respawn option if you chose a Health Battle. It always you to choose the amount of HP that each unit will have.

-Battle Time: This is the time limit for the battle. It can be set from one minute to twenty.

-Background Music: The option to set the BGM or not.

-Capital Ships: This option is to allow or disallow Large Units such as the SDF-1 or Gepelnitch.

-Tuning: This is choice of whether to allow mecha to use their custom Tuning, a little customization, or to have the set to the unmodified base stats.

-SP: This option is to allow use of Special Powers that require SP or not.

-Skills: This one set whether or not character have their Automatic Skills equipped or not.

-Formation: This option sets the Transformations of mecha. The choices are to allow transformations or have the locked to Fight, GERWALK, or Battloid.

-Mission Select: This is the next page. The top option is Random. The rest are the lists of stages. I am not going to translate them here as right side of the screen shows you what stage you currently have highlighted is. You can also set the Background Music here, if that option was allowed by pressing the Square Button.

-Character Select: This is the next screen that you come to. This lets you pick your Team, Mecha, Pilot, and Handicap. Press Left or Right to scroll through the choices. If Tuning is turned on, the Square Button will take you to the Hanger Screen.

-Computer Characters: You can customize them by pressing the X Button and then scrolling down. You can also remove Computer Characters this way.

Gameplay Controls

Analog Stick

This is used to switch between the different modes of Transformable Mecha. Most of the mecha have three forms. Not all of the vehicles in the game can transform, though. Some of them have only one mode. Others have two, usually a ground and an air form. This is also true for some non-transformable mecha.

-Up: Fighter or Flight Mode

-Left or Right: GERWALK (a Half-Robot / Half-Fighter)

-Down: Ground or Battloid mode (Robot for those not familiar with Macross premise.)

-Important Note: You will not crash in to wall nor grind your wing tips if you are flying in Gerwalk mode. You will simply glide along with wall as if it were the floor. Useful in tight spaces.


-Up: Pitch the nose down in Fighter mode, Turn and Move forward Gerwalk and Battloid modes.

-Down: Pitch the nose up in Fighter mode, Turn around Move backwards for Gerwalk and Battloid modes.

-Left/Right: Turns Left or Right

Alternatively, there is a Real Flight setting for the Fighter. You can find it in the Options Menu. This will put the game in to flight simulator (affectionately referred to by some as Ace Combat Mode). In this case, Left and Right will roll your fighter. You would have to roll it and then press Up or Down to turn. Your weapon locks will be restricted to the enemies directly ahead of you.

It should be noted that Real Flight Mode does not work during in Academy Mode.

Shoulder Buttons

-L Shoulder: Guards in Battloid Mode. When not Locked-On to an Enemy, pressing it return the camera to the default over-the-shoulder view.

-R Shoulder: Lock-On to an enemy.

Face Buttons

-TRIANGLE: Melee Attack in Gerwalk or Battloid mode. Cuts your Engines in Fighter mode. If you are in the atmosphere, you will stall if you leave your engines off for too long. It is good for making sharp turns, though.

Triangle is also your Melee Attacks in Battloid and Gerwalk modes.

-CIRCLE: Sub-Weapon. These include missiles, lasers, and other such.

-SQUARE: Main Weapon. This is usually a Gunpod. Some mecha use a laser rifle or a unique weapon instead.

-X: Thrusters. Makes you go faster in Fighter mode. In Gerwalk and Battloid, it is used to gain altitude. As one may well imagine, it drains your Thruster Gauge.

-Select: Partner Menu. This directs your Partner to focus on Defense, Grapple (Melee), Shoot (Ranged Attacks), or to use their Special Attack.


To dodge, Double tap any direction on the DPad.

Be warned, this will use up a portion of your Thrust/Booster Gauge. This is not much of a problem as the gauge refill rather quickly.

-Up: A short boost forward.

-Left or Right: Barrel Roll in that direction in Fighter mode, basic side dodge in Gerwalk and Battloid modes

-Down: Dodge backward in Battloid. Deploys mecha's the legs in Fighter mode for a quick break. In Gerwalk mode, you will slow down. Holding the second Down press in Gerwalk can cause you to glide in reverse for a brief time.

-Hold L Shoulder Button and Double Tap Up: You will dodge straight up.

-Hold L Shoulder Button and Double Tap Down: You will dodge straight down.

-Important Note: There will be a moment right after the dodge where you are vulnerable. It is brief, but it is there.

Button Combo Controls

Many of the attacks and abilities in this game require you to use more than one button. These combos are preformed by pressing multiple buttons at the same time.

Face Button Combos

-Charged Triangle: This is not really a combo. It just falls in-between combos and basic controls. If you hold Triangle until you flash. You will prefer a Special Melee Attack. This will launch you forward. When you hit an enemy, they will be propelled upward and knocked off balance. While they are off-balance, they will be unable to avoid your attacks nor will they be able to make any attacks of their own. Special Melee Attacks will also cancel sustained actions, such as Music-Based Attacks used by Fire Bomber. The SDF-1 will use the Macross/Daedalus Maneuver as its Special Melee Attack.

-Charged Circle: When using multi-Lock-on Missiles, if you continue to hold the Circle button, then you will get an extra lock-on that lookes loke a triangle with an X overlaid on it. Missiles that acquire these lock-ons will do triple damage.

-Down + Triangle: If you hold Down while performing Melee Attacks, the Final Attack will change in to a special blow such as a Dragon Uppercut.

-TRIANGLE + CIRCLE: Special Attack. This attack is determined by the current machine that you are piloting. It always uses three of your SP Bars. The Damage done by Offensive Special Attacks are based on the Tune Level of the weapons that are fired. Likewise, Speed-Up Specials are determined by your current Speed stat.

-CIRCLE + X: Support Command Skill. It uses SP Bars, varies by the Skill of your Support Character.

-SQUARE + X: Anti-Missile Action. Drains your Anti-Missile number, but it will replenish when not in use. In Fighter mode, it drops Flares. In Battloid and Gerwalk, the gunpod is used to shoot down oncoming missiles. For Macross class ships, it will activate a Full Barrier Shield.

-HOLD ALL FACE BUTTONS: This purges Equipped Packs such as Armor or Super. Usually not that useful unless you have a pack that prevents transformations and you really need to change forms.

-Important Notes:

-Square then Circle: Not a Combo per se. Sound Force, a.k.a. Fire Bomber from Macross 7, has a different combat scheme than other characters. They use Music-Based Attacks. In order to attack, you must first tag enemies with a Speaker Pod using the Square Button. These do no damage in and of themselves. After you have hit the enemies, you will see little Music Notes next to them. You can then activate a Music Sub-Weapon using the Circle Button. You will continually drain all nearby tagged enemies' Will To Fight (HP).

-Non-Music-Based Attacks: Using Deadly Force such as missiles while controlling a member of Sound Force will drain YOUR Stats in addition to hurting the enemy. Your Stats will temporarily decrease for every one of these attacks that you do. You should avoid doing so whenever possible. You stats will recover over time as indicated by a small Willpower Bar next your HP.

Shoulder Button Combos

-L Shoulder + R Shoulder: Cancels your current Lock-On.

-R Shoulder + DPAD-UP: Lock on to most important target. This is usually an Ace or a Boss.

-R Shoulder + DPAD: Tapping directions other than Up while holding the R Shoulder Button will cycle through Lockable Targets.

-Important Note: Guest Teammates are targetable. Don't shoot down your own people by accident. Not only is it rude, but it will cost you some of your Score. That means less Tune and Nyan Nyan Points.

-L Shoulder + SQUARE: Change Sub Weapon. You will use this one most of all.

-L Shoulder + X: Special Boost. Boosts for a moment without using up the Thruster Gauge. It requires one Special Bar to activate.

-L Shoulder + TRIANGLE + CIRCLE: Team Special Attack. Both you and your Partner will use your Special Attacks together. It will drain three SP Bars from each of you. Also, the number of filled Large Hearts you have on your Affection Meter (seen in the After Mission Report or in the Records section) will determine the damage that this combo attack does. It ranges from 80% with Zero Large Hearts to 150% with All Large Hearts.

-L Shoulder + R Shoulder + Triangle: Combo Break. It will stop you from being juggled by Melee Attacks, Special Attacks, Macross Cannons, and other such Things. It will make you invincible for a couple of seconds. However, the draw back to it is that it will use up your entire SP and you will not be able to regain Special Bars for the remainder of the stage.

Hanger Screens

The Hanger Screens allow you to customize your Mission Set-up. They let you pick your character, NPC Supporter, Wingman, and to paint your machine.

Player, Partner, and Supporter must all be different characters. There is something of an exception to this rule. If the same character appears in different Eras, then you can set both of them at the same time, provided that you have Ageless Mode Unlocked. For example, you can play as SDF Era Max Jenius and have Macross 7 Era Max as your Support Character.


These are the screens where you select your character set-up for the upcoming Missions. It has to be reset for each Era.

-Mechanic: This allows you to choose your Mecha. Mecha Stats will be expanded upon below.

-Option: This is where you equip your Pack. It will be discuss with greater detail below.

-Pilot: This is the Pilot for the mecha. Some machines have set Pilots and cannot be changed. Pilots will be discussed with greater detail below.

-Support: This is a character that will help you by giving you a choice of two Skills to use during a Mission. The character can be a fellow Pilot or an NPC. Skills will be discussed in greater detail below.

-Operator: Your Flight Control Officer.

-Color Edit: Allows you customize the paint scheme of your machine. The paint job does not need to be reset if you are using the same machine in a different Era. Of course, you can only do that with the Ageless Mode unlocked.


These options are the same as those for the Player. They do not have access to Support and Operator selections, however.


This section shows your Records for the game.

1) Completion: How much of each Era you have completed

2) Top Rank: Shows your best score for each Mission.

3) Modes: This is a collection of Modes that you have beaten Missions using. For example, it will list in percentages victories using Triangle Difficulty, EX, and etc.

4) Mecha: This lists which mecha you have used and how often.

5) Free Missions: This is a record of your Free Mission scores. They are available in the Top Menu, FYI.

6) Affection Meter: This shows the Confidence or Love that other characters feel for your character. What would Macross be without a Love Triangle? Incidentally, you can gain Love with a married character. You home-wrecker. Also, the more Large Hearts you have with a character, the more power their Combination Special Attack will be.


This is the Nyan Nyan Shop. It will be covered below.

Mecha Stats

This section will cover the statistics of your various mecha.

1) Mecha Customization Screens

This section is on Mecha Tuning. You gain Tune Points from completing Missions. The higher your Rank on the Mission, the more Tune Points you are given to spend.

The numbers here represents which page the information relates to.

1. Main

-Hit Points: How much HP your machine has. Also called Life.

-Shot Defense: The higher the number, the less damage you take from Ranged Weaponry such as gunpods and missiles.

-Melee Defense: Defense versus Melee Attacks such as Punches or Energy Blades.

-Mobility: Ease of Movement. This affects the delay that occurs between Dodges or Boosts and the time that you regain control of your machine.

-Thruster: The higher this number is, the longer it takes to drain your Thruster Gauge.

-Stability: The represents how quickly you recover from powerful hits like Special Melee, Missiles, and Macross Cannons. FYI: You probably will not recover from that last one unless you were Guarding. Maybe not even then. (>_>)

-Turning: How quickly you can turn.

-Radar: Somewhat misleading. This is actually added to the range that your weapons can lock-on to.

2) Weapons: Gunpod/Sub-Weapon One/Sub-weapon Two/Sub-Weapon Three

-Power: The Attack Power or Damage that your weapon deals per hit.

-Accuracy: The likelihood that the attack will hit the target.

-SPL: Shots Per Launch. This is how many rounds will be fired per burst.

-Range: How far a round can travel after it is fired.

-Bullet speed: How fast a round travels at.

-Reload: The speed with which a weapon reloads after his clip is emptied.

-Ammo: How many bursts a weapon can fire before its clip is empty.

3) Melee

This is the last tab. It only has two sections.

-Power: The Attack Power or Damage that your weapon deals per hit.

-Accuracy: The likelihood that the attack will hit the target.

4) Special Machine Sub-Weapons

This is not so much the fourth tab as it is an explanation of Special Abilities. Some mecha have Unique powers as a sub-weapon. Their menu is pretty much the same.

Pin-Point Barrier:

-Defense: This takes the place of the Power slot. It represents how much damage the Barrier can withstand before it falls.

-- Important notes: When the Pin-Point Barrier is activated, there is only a momentary flash where it is seen. The Barrier is still on, it is just invisible. Until its Defense amount has been reached, it will continue to nullify Ranged Attacks. You can see colored circles every time a Ranged Attack hits you while the Barrier is active.

The Pin-Point Barrier does not protect against Melee Damage, but it does not lose any Defense value from them either.

A Macross Cannon will drop the Pin-Point Barrier almost immediately. Do not count on it saving your tushy from those massive beams of fiery death.

Call Friends:

Some units such as the Destroids (non-transformable human mecha) have a reinforcement ability. This adds a few NPC units of the same type as your machine to the battle. It is good for distracting the enemy. They are not that powerful, however. So do not expect them to win the battle for you.

V Formation:

The F-14 has this Sub-Weapon. It adds two wingmen that copy your actions. Basically, it multiples your attacks times 3 as long as it is active.


Some characters have this Sub-Weapon. It teleports near you the targeted enemy and facing them. Good for quick strikes.


Some machines have the option to use Ghost Drone Fighters to attack the enemy. That is what this does.


Most transformable mecha have access to a series Optional Packs once you unlock then. They add and subtract stats to your machine. They also change your weapon load-out. This time around, you can Tune your Packs. You can only Tune the Weapons' section. It is exactly the same layout as the Mecha's Tune page.

All Packs will Increase your HP, albeit just a little bit. Damage dealt to you will be removed from the Pack's HP first. Guarding does not lessen the damage to a Pack. When its HP reaches Zero, then the Pack will be Purged (or blown off) of your mecha. You will then be in control of your Base Machine with its full HP and original load-out.

All Packs will hinder your transformational capabilities. Some, like the VF-1's Armor, will prevent you from transforming altogether. Others, such as the VF-25's FAST pack, will prevent you from using Fighter mode while in the atmosphere. In order to regain your transformation ability, you can either manually Purge the Pack by holding all four Face Buttons or wait until its HP has run out and it Auto-Purges.

-When equipping a Pack, you have the option for a Type A or a Type B.

-Type A uses the machine's normal Special Attack.

-Type B uses the Pack's Ranged Special Attack rather than the mecha's Special Attack. It is almost always more powerful than Type A.

The following are the kinds of packs that you can equip.

-Standard: This is your machine without a Pack. Use it to remove unwanted Packs.

-FAST Pack: This Pack will greatly increase your Speed related Stats but will decrease your Turning ability.

-Armor Pack: This one will greatly increase your Defense Stats, but it lowers your Speed.

-Armor Pack 2: This is a Special Pack that it is restricted to the VF-25F. It is largely an upgraded version of the VF-25 Armor Pack. Don't let that fool you. It is, hands-down, the best Pack in the game. It is unlocked during and after the final Macross Frontier Mission. If you have seen the anime, then you already know what to expect. (^_~)

-Sound Booster: This Pack is limited to Sound Force. It will increase their Music-Based Damage as well as add a Spiritia Cannon Blast when a song begins.

-Fold Speaker: Its is like the Sound Booster but for the VF-25. Enemies do not require being tagged with Speaker Pods in order to be damaged.

Academy Mode

This is the place where you create your Custom Character. Is done in Visual Novel style and accessed from the pink button on the Top Menu. People tend to have many questions about this section. That is probably due to the large amounts of Japanese text involved. However, this is rather deceptive. Despite how much text you will find here, there is not all of that much that you need to know to play through it. Of course, without an understanding of Japanese, you will miss out on the story. I do not feel like spending a year to translate the entire novel, so you are just going to have to settle for How-To rather than the What-Did-They-Say.

Also: R Shoulder Button is Fastforward for the scenes here. It will save you hours if you are not interested in seen the character models or listening to the voice-overs.

-Important Note: If you complete the Academy three times, not counting the Tutorial, you will have an option to play in Omake route. During Omake Route, there will not be any Vajra Attacks. This means more days that you can work on raising your stats. Also, Sheryl Nome will appear at the school about a year or so early.

To enable Omake Route you must play for a few weeks on your fourth or later playthrough of the Academy. Then you will receive a pop-up option while Sheryl's music plays in the background. The Top Choice enables the Omake Route. The Bottom Choice keeps you on the default Route.

Character Creation

The first screen that you open up when beginning a round of the Academy is the Character Creation Screen. This not only provides not only your backstory but also determines your starting stats. Every selection here will add points to your Base Stats. Yes, this even includes your Voice. The changes here are minor. I would go for kind of backstory you want over the Stat Effects. It will not have hardly any noticeable change to your character's ending Stats.

I am not going to tell you what the effects are, as when you select something, it wills how your Stats are changing on the screen. If you do not like the change, you can simply make a different selection. I will however tell you what Stat is what. That is assuming, of course, that you have Eastern Character Sets installed on your computer. As for what each Stat does, I will list them in further down when they become more relevant to what you are doing.

First Column:

-Strength -Fire -Fight -Defense

Second Column:

-Movement Rate -Concentration -Arousal -Special Bars. SP --Okay, this one does not show up on the Creation Screen. But it will be in this spot when you are playing the actual Academy Mode.

Now I shall explain to you what the Character Creation Options are.

-Gender: Male or Female. It determines your Base Stats as well as your Portrait. They are fairly balanced with Men being better attacks and women being faster and having a quicker SP Gain.

-Voice: This determines how your character will sound when they speak.

-Favorite Color: This will affect your Portrait's background, the color of you mecha in the Academy, and the uniform your character is given at the end. It will also add to your Stats.

-Homeworld: this is where your character was born and/or grew up at. It also affects your Stats. The options are:

1) Earth

2) Planet Eden (from Macross Plus)

3) Planet Zola (from Dynamite 7)

4) Macross 7 Fleet

5) Macross 25 Fleet (the Frontier Fleet)

6) Unknown

-Specialization Course: This choice has a LARGE influence on your ending stats. You see, each course not only gives you a minor addition here, but will also give you one extra Attribute Point for every Week (or Turn) in the Academy. The options are:

1) Admission Course. This is a short tutorial, lasting only a couple of months. It is the only option available the first time that use the Academy Mode. It is useless, just skip through it and play a real round.

2) Flight Controller: Bridge Bunny Power! This also give you extra Mind Attributes.

3) Technician Training: Teaches you how to be a Mechanic. Also, gives you extra Technology Attributes.

4) Pilot Training: More Cockpit Simulator time, I guess. Also gives you extra Body Attributes.

-Birthday: Only the Month matters. This gives you starting Automatic Skill. I hear that it can also influence which characters show up in which Classes at what time. The options are:

1) January: Rescue Party

2) February: Missile Squad

3) March: Special Forces Agent

4) April: Combo Master

5) May: Destroyer

6) June: Earplugs

7) July: Start Dash

8) August: Ace Killer

9) September: Tuning Positive

10) October: Death Escape

11) November: Lethal Strike

12) December: Height Of Defense

Academy Menu

Now that you have your character up and running, it is time to move on to the Academy's Day-to-Day activities. This is the screen where you will make the majority of your decisions for the rest of your school days. Let us take a look at the menu, shall we?

-Mental Course: This will give you Mind Attributes.

-Technological Course: This will give Technology Attributes.

-Physical Course: This will give you Body Attributes.

-Free time: This will restore 50% of your maximum Health and Mental Bars.

-Kira Booster: Or Dating, if you will. This is used to become closer to the other Academy residents. It will restore a small amount of Health and Mental Points as well as giving you some Attribute Experience.

-Report Card: this is where you spend your Attributes to purchase Stat Points and Skills as well to view your numerical Health and Mental Bars, as well as your current Affection Levels with other characters. You can also get here by pressing the Square Button.

-options: This will bring you to a list of settings. They are:

1) Save: Saves your game and takes you to the Top Menu. I suggest using it often.

2) Sound Option: Adjust the Sound Setting of your game.

3) Quit and Do Not Save: this takes you to the Top Menu without saving your game. Use this if you make a mistake that you would like to fix.

-Health and Mental Health Bars: These are on the Bottom-Center of the screen. Courses will drain some of each Bar. How much is determined by the Course type as well as the Tutors.

-Schedule: This is located on the Top-Right side of the screen. You can tab through a couple of months by pressing the L or R shoulder Buttons. It is used to tell you when exams will be coming up.

-Tutors: This is on the Bottom-Right side of the screen. You will see three blank areas at first. When you select a Course, the character that is at that course will be moved down here. This influences your bonus. This is VERY important. I will explain more it below.

Kira Booster

Now that we have the Main Menu covered, it is time to get in to the Dating Scene. Socializing is an important part of the Academy. You see, for every successful encounter, you will gain One Large Heart on the Affection Meter for that character. The number of large hearts that you have on a character will directly influence the amount of Attribute Bonus that you receive when that character is tutoring you on their Area Of Expertise.

To spend time with a character, need to go to the Kira Booster option on the Academy's top Menu. It is the one with the image of the iSlug and the iFish when you highlight it. This will take to a list of characters. You select a Character and then you will be taken to a separate screen with three options of places to hang-out with or date at. Only one of the three is the correct answer. It will have a voice-over for that character's lines. If you choose the wrong location, all of their lines will be in plain text.

For each correct answer, you will receive One Large Heart of the Affection Meter. For an incorrect answer, you will receive Two Small Hearts. That means that means that it takes four incorrect answers to equal one correct answer. That would be a terribly waste of turns. If you go that route, your Custom Character's stats will suffer greatly. If you get one wrong, it usually best to reload.

Each character can have one successful date every three months. If you are confused about when you should try, listen to the music on the Academy's top menu. When new dating locations are available, the music will change.

Since it can be time consuming to check and reload for each date, I am going to list the correct answers here. Thankfully, the locations are not random. First, I shall list the locations and their descriptions. Then I will list the characters and the correct location choices.


1) School: It is the Academy. It is designed like the SDF-1's Twin Booms/Macross Cannon and has Hikaru's VF-1J on top. Okay, you probably can not see the fighter, but it does make for nice trivia.

2) San Francisco: It has a trolley car.

3) Griffith Park: It is a tower on a hill.

4) Shibuya: It is a Tokyo shopping district; a building with the number 99 on it.

5) Beijing: A gray and red building with dragon statues on top.

6) Island 3: A cylindrical ship outside of the Frontier proper. It has lots of water and mountains.

There are other locations, but I have never come across a time in which they are the correct choice for Date.

Correct Date Locations

Now, I will give you a list of the characters (and their hair color for those of you that do not know them by name), and what location to choose. Since you be going through eight seasons, there are eight locations that you can select. The correct choice will be in this order. If you skip a season, the dating order will not change. So, if you go with Alto on Season One and Season Three, the correct answer will still be School and School, not School and San Francisco.

If you wish to know what each area looks like, then see above. I just listed that. And shame on you for skipping through my inane ramblings.

-Important Notes: Sheryl is impossible to complete fully unless you playing Omake Route.

Ranka is Dates are available around Vajra Attacks. This means that it is not possible to complete her during the Festival Route as there are no Vajra Attacks.

Alto: Blue Hair

1) School

2) School

3) San Francisco

4) Griffith

5) San Francisco

6) San Francisco

7) Island 3

8) School

Michel: Blonde Hair

1) Shibuya

2) School

3) Shibuya

4) San Francisco

5) Beijing

6) Shibuya

7) Island 3

8) San Francisco

Luca: Reddish-Brown Hair

1) Shibuya

2) School

3) School

4) School

5) School

6) Shibuya

7) Island 3

8) Griffith

Nanase: Purple Hair

1) School

2) School

3) School

4) San Francisco

5) Shibuya

6) San Francisco

7) Island 3

8) School

Ranka: Green Hair

1) San Francisco

2) Shibuya

3) Island 3

4) Island 3

5) San Francisco

6) School

7) Shibuya

8) Griffith

Sheryl: Blonde and Pink Hair

1) School

2) School

3) School

4) San Francisco

5) School

6) San Francisco

7) Island 3

8) School

Klan: Blue Hair

1) Shibuya

2) San Francisco

3) Island 3

4) School

5) San Francisco

6) School

7) Island 3

8) Island 3

Kagura: Brown Hair

1) School

2) San Francisco

3) Shibuya

4) School

5) Shibuya

6) Griffith

7) Griffith

8) San Francisco

Gary: Blonde Hair and a Goatee

1) School

2) School

3) School

4) Beijing

5) Beijing

6) Island 3

7) Beijing

8) Beijing

Luis: Red Hair

1) Griffith

2) Shibuya

3) Island 3

4) School

5) San Francisco

6) Beijing

7) School

8) Griffith

Miyuki: Purple Hair

1) Shibuya

2) School

3) School

4) Beijing

5) Island 3

6) School

7) San Francisco

8) Beijing

Hilda: Blonde Hair

1) School

2) Beijing

3) School

4) School

5) San Francisco

6) San Francisco

7) Island 3

8) Griffith

Yui: Green Hair

1) School

2) Island 3

3) School

4) Beijing

5) Island 3

6) Island 3

7) Shibuya

8) Griffith

Itsuki: Black Hair

1) School

2) School

3) School

4) San Francisco

5) School

6) San Francisco

7) San Francisco

8) School

Yu: Brown Hair

1) School

2) Beijing

3) San Francisco

4) School

5) San Francisco

6) Island 3

7) School

8) Beijing

Clare: Blonde Hair

1) Shibuya

2) School

3) Island 3

4) School

5) San Francisco

6) Shibuya

7) San Francisco

8) San Francisco

Pinion: Pink Hair

1) Island 3

2) Beijing

3) School

4) Shibuya

5) Beijing

6) San Francisco

7) Island 3

8) Beijing

Area Of Expertise

Each character has an Area Of Expertise. When you select a Course, if you have a Tutor that has that field as their Area Of Expertise, then you receive a multiplier Bonus to the Attribute Points that you earn. Additionally, for second Large Heart you have with a tutor, their own bonus is multiplied. The more tutors that you have in your Tutor Bar with the same Area Of Expertise, the larger the bonus.

The Characters and their Area Of Expertise, and their Effects on Attribute Experience Gain are:


-Luca: Experience Gain is increased.

-Pinion: Costs more Health Points, but Experience Gain is largely increased.

-Itsuki: Costs Less Health Points.

-Yu: Greatly Increase the Effect of Success's (the Circle Award) Experience Bonus.

-Claire: Increases the Chance of getting a Success


-Hilda: Experience Gain is increased.

-Gary: Costs more Health Points, but Experience Gain is largely increased.

-Michel: Costs Less Health Points.

-Sheryl: Greatly Increase the Effect of Success's (the Circle Award) Experience Bonus

-Miyuki: Increases the Chance of getting a Success


-Alto: Experience Gain is increased.

-Yui: Costs more Health Points, but Experience Gain is largely increased.

-Lewis: Costs Less Health Points.

-Ranka: Greatly Increase the Effect of Success's (the Circle Award) Experience Bonus

-Kagura: Increases the Chance of getting a Success


-Nanase: You regain some Health and Mental Points.

-Klan: A little Experience Gain for Mind, Technology, and Body.

-Brera: A little Experience Gain for Mind, Technology, and Body and Mental Bar does not decrease.