What is the best strategy for VF-25G Messiah Michael Version?

  1. I love this unit since his sniper rifle way so cool and give lots of damage but i have difficulties because most of his attack always missed (especially in multi player against other player ).

    NOTE: , i already max upgrade his sniper rifle, yet 80% will missed against other player.

    can anyone give me suggestion how to use this unit properly or what support must i used?

    Any suggestion will do.

    User Info: Asclepiosu

    Asclepiosu - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. i guess theres always a downside for high atk against high movement rate like my char
    but you can increase you accuracy by distancing not too far (making your shot miss by not reaching the target in time) and not too near (making easy to turn the other direction when your making a shot). Its best to predict the movement of the enemy just like a real sniper (like Michael) would do especially if your enemies are in fighter mode. A downside at using sniper/beam type weapon is u become a sitting duck when sniping making your battroid form easy to be targeted by other beams, missiles, or probably melee.

    User Info: misterbean07

    misterbean07 - 10 years ago 1   0

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