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Challenges Guide by gabrielshield

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/30/2014

=-                      Black Rock Shooter The Game (USA)(PSP)             -=
=-                          Challenges guide  & Mission tips	           -=
Written By: gabrielshield
Date of last update: December 29th, 2014
Version: 1.0
Guide additions/suggestions: yunablade@gmail.com

<<<                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                           >>>

[00] Special notes
[01] Stage 1 Challenges : San Fransico
[02] Stage 2 Challenges : New York City
[03] Stage 3 Challenges : Moscow
[04] Stage 4 Challenges : Fuji Jukai
[05] Stage 5 Challenges : Tokyo
[06] Stage 6 Challenges : The moon
[07] FAQs/mission tips
[08] THE END

<<<                               [00] NOTES                               >>>

This guide is inteded for general guidance in how to obtain most
challenges in the game.


Regular challenges: Those that are doable and available during the normal
story missions, certain challenges might only be doable during a specific

Free Hunting challenges: Challenges that are doable during the "Free hunting
A mission that is unlocking in every stage by beating the stage boss mission

Extra Challenges: Challenges available in the stage after certain specific
have been unlocked after completing the game's regular story mode.


I will not get into much detail on missions that are too simple or self
like destroying regular enemies a number of times, specific locations of each
"Golden Dawn"
I will try to be more detailed on the more specific/difficult challenges (like
killing certain
enemy with a specific weapon, or rare enemies)

GOlden disk missions require you to destroy a specific number of special enemies
called "Golden Dawns", in Every stage there is an even bigger number of "Golden
than the ones needed to unlock the Golden Disk challenges. HOWEVER. If you are
to get all the games achivements, you will need to find and destroy ALL "Golden

For the time being I will not include a guide on the location of each and every
Golden Dawn
since it will require a lot of maps and images for the exact locations to be
set, and I
still havent found them all myself.

<<<            [01]  First Stage: San Francisco                            <<<

Regular Challenges:

1:First Challenge: Engage in battle 4 times
Just win 4 enemy fights. Can not be missed.
Reward: Dash skill. (Circle button).

2: Bridge power supply: Supply power to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Part of a mission. Cannot be missed.
Reward: HP Bonus (1).

3:Lady Purple: Chase after the mysterious woman.
Find Mii and battle with her. Cannot be missed.
Reward: Unlocks Free Hunting Mission for San Francisco.

4: Eater Havoc: Destroy 7 Eaters.
Reward: Charge Shot skill.

5: Hornet Havoc: Destroy 20 Hornets.
Reward: ATK Bonus.

6:Jumbo Head Havoc: Destroy 8 Jumbo Heads.
Reward: Defenser Skill.

7: Wheel Havoc: Destroy 10 Wheels.
Reward: Regenerate Skill.

8:Chicken Havoc: Destroy 2 Chickens.
Reward: DEF bonus.

Free Hunting Only Challenges:

9:Gold Disk A: Destroy 4 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Gallery Art piece

10:Gold Disk B: Destroy 8 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Sound piece

11: Gold Disk C: Destroy 12 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Art piece

12: Deep Purple Revenge: Defeat Mii again during the Free Hunting Mission.
Reward: Movie Gallery Piece.

EXTRA only Challenges:

13: Postman Blues: Deliver Xiaoming's Letter to Phobos with no damage.

Tips: The letter will be ripped apart after receiving enemy attacks, I
recommend you to adquire first the skill
"Absolute Zero" to avoid damage, or better yet, get the letter, try to receive
damage until the letter is ripped
then eliminate all remaining enemies so the route to Phobos is clear, THEN go
back to Xiaomin to receive a new
letter to deliver it in full health
Reward: Defender+ (Upgrades Defenser skill)

14: Shy rabbits: Thoroughly flater Nafe.
Mission: Nafe's Space trivia
Defeat the Eaters in the proper order of Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Pink,
After Pink, many more pink eaters will show up on the map. Defeat them all of
them before destroying White.
Reward: Gallery Sound Piece. "Nafe's humming".

15: Bee stings: Destroy 5 Death Jackets with Tracer Gun.
Tips: You can find this enemy in the extra mission "trailer repair materials",
the red wasp enemies.
Reward: Tracer Gun Upgrade, Chaser Gun.

16: Rematch! Shizu&Karli: Defeat class-A aliens Shizu and Karly.
Reward: One alien's Day: #3 (movie clip)

<<<            [02]  Second Stage: New York City                           <<<

Regular Challenges:

1:Heavy Smoker: Finish operation piggy ninja
Story related. Cannot be missed.
Reward: HP Bonus

2: Safe Driving: Finish the 3 Bike missions without taking damage.

Tips: Okay this is one of the thoughest challenges in the game. What to do?
trial and error.
First of all, if you dodge an enemy when he is very close to you in the bike (a
danger sign
shows a bit before you hit it) you will "slash" him instead of just avoiding
it, once you slash
5 enemies (within a time period, wait too long and you will lose your combo),
you will be able
to use the motorcycle machine guns (square button), which infact will make you
virtually invulnerable for
a short time. The trick is to memorize in which segments to use the guns. Once
you "unlock" the guns
you can wait as long as you want to use them, so memorize segments where
evading is almost impossible.
Also you just need to do each segment perfectly once, not in a row so focus on
one then the next.

The hardest stage to avoid damage is the 3rd stage (Brunhild rendezvous)
specially on the disk sections
so I will share a couple vital tips:

-The first part has 3 waves of pink bitters, save your guns to blast the third
wave (mid-tunnel).
-After that comes a section with red disks and green wasp, try using the left
lane mostly
and accumulate fire weapons for the next section. Also focus on the pink
bitters and not the
wasps in this section, focus on slashing the pink bitters, if you do the wasp
fire wont hit.
-Next stage, red disks. Use fire at will. and keep in mind, with most disks you
HAVE to avoid them in the
very last moment since sometimes they move lanes by surprise, if you see a disk
changing lines too close
wait until you see the small yellow danger label and not before, so you slash
it, if not you will be hit!
Fire your guns when possible.
-Next stage, purple disk lines. THIS  WILL SAVE YO LIFE! Avoid using the next
pattern, right lane, left lane,
left lane and finally all of the remaining ones using center lane ( trust me,
they will look close, but they will
all miss :P ) and finally go all right or left when indicated to ride the wall.
-Next stage. wave of pink bitters, avoid changing left/right lanes i quick
succetion, if possible save gun fire.
-Red disk section: THere is a part here which is (IMO) impossible without using
your guns to open path.
ater avoiding 4 series of left and right red disk (8 total) open fire and keep
-Finally a series of yellow disk, left and right in quick succestion, quite

Reward: Heat Free skill (skill reduces heat levels to zero once, its not a "no
heat forever" skill)

3: Red watcher: Find out who the mistery man is.
Story Related. Cannot be missed. Defeat Mazuma.
Reward: Free Hunting Mission unlocked.

4: Cube Destruction: Destroy 20 Cubes
Reward: Vulcannon Skill

5: Bootscat Destruction: Destroy 10 Boots cats.
Reward: ATK Bonus

6: Warrior Destruction: Destroy 10 Warriors.
Reward: DEF Bonus:

7:Hand Destruction: Destroy 10 Hands.
Reward: Skill Boost.

Free Hunting Only Challenges:

8:Gold Disk A: Destroy 4 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Art piece

9:Gold Disk B: Destroy 8 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Sound piece

10: Gold Disk C: Destroy 12 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Art piece

11: Crimson Lotus' Revenge: Defeat MZMA again during the Free Hunting Mission.
Reward: Movie Gallery Piece.

EXTRA only Challenges:

12: Strike Master: Destroy 5 Zaha Symbols with War Hammer.
Tips: Zaha symbols are better farmed during the mission "Zaha: Final battle"
which is unlocked once you
complete the first 3 extra missions related to Zaha's rematch. There are 2 Zaha
symbols each time you do the mission, they
are the white colored tower generators in the map.
Reward: War Hammer upgrades to Steel cutter.

13: Safe Driving 2: Complete 2 EX Driving Missions with no damage.

Tips: Another though one, as before in the normal bike mission challenge,
memorizing and using your slashes
as well as saving your gun bursts is vital. I will go in more detail here:

EX Bike mission 1: A man's dream. In this one the most valuable tip is this,
first, make sure you destroy
5 of the first yellow hammerheads and save this gun's burst for later, you will
only need one.
Second: The hardest part in the stage to avoid damage is in the red/purple
disks zone, BUT there is a route you can
use to avoid getting hit EVERY SINGLE TIME.
When you get to the red disk zone : Right lane, left lane, left lane, right
When you get to the purple disk zone : Right lane x4. Esay right :P
Once you get  pass the red disk zone and yellow disk zones (both quite easy,
use the left lane mostly to avoid
the yellow disks) you will reach 300km/h. just avoid the final pink bitters
(try to use the left lane
before reaching them since the first one appears in the middle lane) and use
that gun fire you were saving
to eliminate the last enemy (a sickle wielding enemy) to reach 360 km/h. Great

EX Bike mission 2: Trailing red runner: NOt as hard, you need to slash Mazuma
when he is trying to use his sword
to accumulate gun fire, and once you got 5 you fire your guns at him stunning
him and allowing you to do a REAL
slash at him, 4 real slashes and he is gone. You need to memorize how his
character looks when he is going to use
his sword (1 stage he will use only slashes, then in stages 2 & 3 he will first
fire his gun 3 time before doing a
a series of slashes again) the hardest part is to avoid his charged shots
(stage 3 & 4) stay in the same lane
he is and keep an eye on the size of the energy ball, once its the correct size
change lanes quickly.
Also make sure to get all 5 hits you need to activate the guns before he
switches to firing guns again, since you
would likely lose your combo. Good luck!

Reward: Overlimit Skill (No heat on normal fire/dodging for a long time period)

14: Countdown: Defeat all armaments after time has expired.
Mission: Countdown battle!
Simply Wait until Mii's count down reaches 0. 2 times (2 min). Then destroy all
the red big mouth enemies
Tip: you can avoid the first wave of enemies touching you by just staying in
the starting zone, once the
second wave starts you are teleported to the middle so quickly move to an enemy
free area before one touches you!
Reward: Agressor+.

15: Rematch! Nafe: Defeat the A Class alien Nafe.
Reward: One alien's Day: #5 (movie clip)

16: Rematch! Zaha: Defeat the A Class alien Zaha.
Reward: One alien's Day: #6 (movie clip)

<<<                   [03]  Third Stage: Moscow                            <<<

Regular Challenges:

1: Mankind's last woman: Look for the world's last woman
Story related. Can not be missed.
Reward: HP Bonus

2:End of humanity: ...
Cannot be missed.
Reward: Lost All Outfit.

3:Yellow Blizzard: A mysterious dou seems to be waiting
Cannot be missed.
Reward: Free Hunting mission unlocked.

4:Biter Havoc: Destroy 30 Biters.
Reward: ATK Bonus

5:Heavy Gear Havoc: Destroy 5 Heavy Gears.
Reward: DEF Bonus

6: Smoker Havoc: Use the Charge Shot to destroy 5 Smokers
Reward: Charge shot upgrades to Burst Shot

7: Green Pea Havoc: Destroy 10 Green Peas.
Reward: Stun Snipe skill (Blade skills such as "Blade kill" or it's upgrades
greatly increase their damage
if you perform the move after the target is paralysed by the Stun snipe)

8: John Doe Havoc: Destroy 5 John Doe.
Reward: Blade Kill Skill.

Free Hunting Only Challenges:

9: Gold Disk A: Destroy 3 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Art piece

10 :Gold Disk B: Destroy 6 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Sound piece

11: Gold Disk C: Destroy 9 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Art piece

12: Golden Avenger: Beat Shizu and Karli again during the Free Hunting Mission.
Reward: Movie Gallery Piece.

EXTRA only Challenges:

13: Damage Threshold: Cause a max damge of 99,999 during Nana's test.
Tips: There is no need to hurry doing this one, I recommend you to do this once
you have adquired very powerful skills
like Photon shower, BB genocide, Vortex and Ignition so you deal more damage
Reward: School Girl Costume

14: Rare Enemy: Destroy lucky dice
Mission: Dig Here Ugoh Ugah
Tips: During this mission you must find and destroy a rare enemy called "Lucky
dice" its located in
the first area where you spawn for the mission, its hidden in a small path to
your right. is a path that
looks sort of like a spiral path that branches from the main circle looking
area at the start.
Reward: Skill Burst upgrade to Skill Burst+ (very useful for upgrading damage
on a skill)

15: Whiteout: Destroy White Wall
Mission: Manual maniac
The white wall enemy should be in the center of the central path area (the only
area with 4 different paths),
 hard to miss since it's huge.
Reward: Absolute 0 upgraded to Absolute 00.

16: Rematch! Lilio.
Defeat class-A alien Lilio (extra mode)
Reward: One alien's Day: #4 (movie clip)

<<<                   [04]  Forth Stage: Fuji Jukai                        <<<

Regular Challenges:

1: Escort Nana: Follow Nana wherever she goes.
Tip: Decisions actually don't matter despise the description. Cannot be missed.
Reward: HP Bonus

2:Hurry Up!: Meet Nana in 5 minutes.
Mission: Escort Nana ( duh! :P )
Tips: You must go from the start of the counter to the "stage clear screen"
within the 5 minutes.
Simply reaching Nana does not count. There is two ways to do this, the hard way
is to manouver and skip as many
enemies in your path as possible to quickly reach the end. The easy way is to
wait until you get the skill "Stealth"
which prevents enemies in the map (not battle phase) from moving towards you or
chase you,
unfortunately it's one of the last (if not the last) skill(s) you obtain in the
game. Your call.

Reward: Normal Suit.

3: Green Chaser: Someone seems to be in pursuit.
Story related. Cannot be missed.
Reward: Free Hunting mission Unlocked.

4:Vesp Havoc: Destroy 12 Vesps.
Reward: Tracer Gun skill.

5:Vampire Havoc: Destroy 15 Vampires.
Reward: War Hammer

6:Shot Man Hvoc: Destroy 10 Shot man
Reward: Aggressor skill

7:Cone Head Havoc: Destroy 15 Cone Heads
Reward: ATK Bonus

8:Spider Havoc: Destroy 5 Spiders using Vulcannon
Tips: THe gree spiders in the map are your target.
You can find one doring the mission "Mama, Lies, Dangerous traps"
Reward: Vulcannon upgraded to Volcane

Free Hunting Only Challenges:

9: Gold Disk A: Destroy 4 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Art piece

10 :Gold Disk B: Destroy 8 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Sound piece

11: Gold Disk C: Destroy 12 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Art piece

12: Viridian Avenger: Defeat Lilio again during the Free Hunting Mission.
Reward: Movie Gallery Piece.

EXTRA only Challenges:

13: Wild Turkey Havoc: Destroy Wild Turkey
Mission:  I'll wait five minutes
Location: This challenge was a cheap shot, since the mission gives you 5
minutes to complete you wouldn't think
into wondering on far off areas, which is where the "Wild Turkey" enemy lies.
The area where you find it is the
eastern-est area of the map. From the spawining area you would need to go eat,
north, north, and finally east. It's a
pink colored bipedal enemy.
Reward: Ignition (reloads every other skill immediatly except itself)

14: Meteor Impact: Destroy a Pain Carrier using Star Comet
Mission: Prelude: B-Machine
Tpi: Pain carriers are the green spider enemies, they also drop bombs in front
of you just like "Star comet" skill does
Reward; Star Comet upraded to Star Comet G.

15: Survivor: Clear with at least 50% HP left.
Mission:"Survival limit"
Clear mission with over 50% HP.
Tips: Absolute 0 (or even better absolute 00) skill as well as skill that
affect all the enemies  on the screen
(such as war hammer, photon shower, etc) Help a lot in making sure you
eliminate all enemies before taking damage.
Reward: Regenerate+

16: Rematch: Mii. Defeat class-A alien Mii.
Reward: One alien's Day: #1 (movie clip)

<<<                   [05]  Fifth Stage: Tokyo                             <<<

Regular Challenges:

1: To Nana.... Go deeper in order to save Nana
Story related. Cannot be missed
Reward: HP Bonus

2: Dancing Pink Rabbit: Defeat Nafe
Story related. Cannot be missed
Reward:Free Hunting mission unlocked.

3:Bull Biter Havoc: Destroy 15 Bull Biters
Reward: ATK Bonus

4:Crawler Havoc: Destroy 15 Crawlers (Color doesn't matter)
Reward: Star Comet Skill

5: Gunner Havoc: Destroy 5 Gunners.
Reward: Stun Snipe becomes G1-Sniper

6: Mini Rabbit Havoc: Destroy 20 Mini Rabbits.
Reward: Absolute 0 skill (invulnerable for a shot time)

7:Hell Stamp Havoc: Destroy 15 Hell stamps
Reward: DEF Bonus

8:Pink Cradle Havoc: Destroy 5 Pink Cradles with blade kill.
Reward: Blade Kill becomes Iksa Blade.

Free Hunting Only Challenges:

9: Gold Disk A: Destroy 3 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Art piece

10 :Gold Disk B: Destroy 6 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Sound piece

11: Gold Disk C: Destroy 9 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Garllery Art piece

12: Fuchsia Avenger: Defeat the avenger in the final area
Beat Nafe again in Free Hunting Mission.
Reward: Movie Gallery Piece.

EXTRA only Challenges:

13: Dance Barrette: Destroy 5 Zaha's dice with Volcane
Mission: I think all of Zaha's extra missions have them so, there you go.
Reward: Volcane upgraded to Vortex

14: Blast Master: Destroy 5 Kabuto Mashers with Iksa Blade skill.
Mission: Best way to farm this enemy is on mission "Prelude: 3-Part Spar"
Reward: BB Genocide skill Unlocked. (Does not replace Iksa Blade Skill)

Tips: BB genocide is (as far as I know) the single most destructive move in the
game, if you combine G-1 Snipe then
Skill Boost+ and finally use BB genocide you will do an insane amount of damage
to a single target (the one paralysed)
while also doing good damage to the adjacent enemies. Add "Ignition" skill to
the mix and you will be able to do this
move twice quickly, great for bosses. HOWEVER as most final skills, BB genocide
takes a long time to reload on its own.

15: Blast master (yes, there is 2 challenges with the same name): Kill 5 Kabuto
Gunners with Burst Shot
Mission: Best way to farm this enemy is on mission "Prelude: 3-Part Spar"
Reward: Photon Shower Unlocked. (Does not replace Burst Shot Skill).

Tips: Photon shower is one of the final skills of the game, as far as I know,
is the single most powerful multi-enemy
hitter, great for missions that require quick enemy disposal or avoiding damage.

16: Rematch! Mazuma: Defeat class-A alien Mazuma.
Reward: One alien's Day: #2 (movie clip)

<<<                   [06]  Sixth Stage: Moon                              <<<

Regular Challenges:

1: King of the aliens: Defeat class-A Zaha.
Story related, cannont be missed.
Reward:HP Bonus

2: Sing Love:"She is the beginning and the End...."
This is it! Kick the General's pale ass and beat the game... or is it?
Reward:"Open the gateway to a new destiny". (Extra missions and Canon Ending
choice now available)

3: Gold Disk A: Destroy 3 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Gallery Art piece

4 :Gold Disk B: Destroy 6 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Gallery Sound piece

5: Gold Disk C: Destroy 9 Golden Dawns.
Reward: Gallery Art piece

6: Obsidian Avenger: Defeat the avenger in the final area.
Beat Zaha again in the Free hunting mission
Reward: Movie Gallery Piece.

7: The Hunt Queen: Complete All Hunt Missions
Reward: Obtain the "Dynehalcyon" weapon

8: ??? (Sorry I don't have this one, no idea how its called in the USA version)
Destroy All Golden Dawns
Reward: Moon Rabbit costume. (A playboy bunny suit for BRS)
Tips: Funny coming from a guy who hasn't completed this challenge yet (only one
missing) but try to be systematic.
Search every corner of the map and dont give up!

9: Remember PSS: Finish All PSS "?" missions.
Reward: Unlock "Coda: September 24th" episode.

10: A Better End: THere has to be a different ending.
After clearing the game, return to the first stage and do the mission that now
has a "?" mark on it.
On this mission (stage 1), choose the option to help and save the 2 PSS members.
Then continue to do all missions in other stages that contain a "?" mark. intil
the new ending is unlocked.
Reward: Canon ending. Survive with Nana

11:Nana Always...: Finish all Nana missions.
Reward: Unlock the "Coda: Whimsical Girl" episode.

12: RE: Destroy: Stand victorious in every final battle
Beat every class-A alien again in the extra missions.
Reward: Passive Skill Stealth (enemies no longer pursue you in the map)

13: Alien Rush!: Defeat All 7 Aliens. (during final mission, "The last game").
So yeah basically, you beat every damn boss at least 4 times before the game
gives up.
Reward: Weapon "Hyperion" unlocks

14:White Nightmare: Put an end to her game once and for all.
Show WRS why she should always bet on black! Defeat her on the final mission
"The last game"
Reward: One alien's Day: #7 (movie clip)

15: Level MAX: Reach Lv.50
Reward: Poolside costume (yep, bikini costume)

16: ??? (again, no idea of the USA name): Beat all other challenges
Reward: Special Gallery Image.

<<<                 [07] FAQ and Mission tips                              >>>

Q: What is the correct order for beating the Nafe's space trivia?

A: Beat the enemies in the next order Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Pink and
finally White. Don't worry
about the pink bitters that spawn after beating the single pink eater,
beating them does not count
as a wrong answer since Nafe feels flattered, beat them all to complete the
shy rabbits challenge.

Q: How the heck can I beat the mission "Prelude: Suicide Tv", the final part
specifically ?

A: Oh yeah, I had quite some trouble with this one myself, the best you can do
is save your "Max charge" items
and get the skill "Absolute 0" (or better "Absolute 00"). If you have little of
them and dont want to farm them
(I believe only the extra bosses give them, and not frequently) your best bet
is to obtain "Skill boost +" and
"Photon shower" first as well as "Ignition", that way you can wipe out the
suicide hammer hears before they hit
or become invincible.
Also, be sure to save before entering the mission, so if you fail, load again
sp you dont waste your "Max charge" items.

Q: How the heck can I beat the mission "Shock! Black shirts Exist!" ?

A: Seems like all of NAfe's extra missions are a real pain, mostly because they
have one-hit-kill enemies.
Again Absolute 0 or 00 as well as Photon shower, BB genocide should greatly
relieve you, specially on the
hardest enemy to beat which is the triple "black shirt" enemy mob.
Use "Absolute Zero" only when you have no way to evade and spam your skills to
greatly weaken the enemies so you can take them out before they one-hit-KO you.

Q: Best damage combo?

A: IMO if its a boss, you want to use "G-1 snipe" to paralyse the enemy, then
boost up "BB genocide"
using "Skill boost+" and finally using "Ignition" to reload.

If it's enemy mobs, the best bet is "Photon shower" boosted with "skill
boost+", you can add "Ignition"
for a second go or "Steel cutter" to finish what's left. "G-1 snipe" is also
great for when only one enemy remains
since it reloads pretty fast on it's own and gives you a break when you need to
cool down or blast the last enemy HP.

Q: Why is Nana such a B!7$# to Stella?
A: Daddy issues.

<<<                     [08] THE END                                       >>>

You can send me questions or complimentary info you wish to add to this small
guide to
my e-mail address: yunablade@gmail.com
Just be sure to add "BRS the game" in the title so I can filter them more

Again a complimentary guide of all Golden Dawns would be awesome but its too
much work since it
will definetly require images of each location and I haven't found them all
myself in the first place.
Also I got no idea how to do snapshots in the PSP without an emulator...

Furthermore any challenge info that you think is not detailed enough let me
know so I can expand on it.

Regards and thanks for checking this small guide. :D

Gabriel Shield.

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