Playboy bunny outfit not unlocking?

  1. Okay so I got all Golden Dawns for the Gold Disk A B and C challenges in every stage. Then I went back and destroyed the rest, and counted the ones after the A B and C challenges so I knew for sure I got them all. Except in stage 2 and 3 but I used a map with the Golden Dawn's locations, and I checked all of those places multiple times but I still haven't unlocked this outfit. I honestly don't have a clue how I could have missed any after searching this thoroughly. Are they maybe in missions other than the Free Run missions? Or do I first need to unlock the challenge (and if so how)? Because right now there is no challenge that tells me to destroy all Golden Dawns... I can't find any more info on this anywhere so if someone ever sees this please help.

    User Info: Hollow_Tim

    Hollow_Tim - 3 years ago

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