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  1. Im a big fan of gundam but although i dont know any japanese but this wont stop me from playing. But
    Can someone translate...

    1- How to trigger the war break in every mission
    2- How to trigger the secret character mission

    User Info: littlenobunaga

    littlenobunaga - 8 years ago

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    User Info: AhGwee

    AhGwee - 8 years ago 2   0


  1. Uhm well, I also don't know much japanese but I learned a few tricks on how to get some of the stages break trigger and secret characters. I finished stages A thru B getting all triggers and i'm finally starting on C. Anyway, usually each break trigger or secret trigger has to do with the guest master(s) they give you. Like the stage A 01 Amaro has to take down Char for the break trigger and for the Challenge mission you have to take Char down in one turn. How I learned it is that I compared the characters of their names to the characters of the triggers and i realized Amaro and Char has something to do with it. So then I tried that trick out for other stages too.

    It usualy works for every break triggers but not for most Challege missions. Some Challege missions you have to do a super critical hit with a certain guest master to a certain enemy(Like A 03), take out an enemy before a certain amount of phases(A EX), or having to defend something for a certain amount of phases(B07). It's pretty much trail and error. Well Idk if this'll help out or what not, its kinda a big head ache but anyway that's how I "deal" with Japanese text just wanted to share this.

    User Info: OrangeIsDope

    OrangeIsDope - 8 years ago 0   0

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