Mp / Tension?

  1. Anybody can explain the link between Mp and Tension?
    I'm trying to increase my tension gain in combat. Apparently MP has something to do with it.

    User Info: feederx

    feederx - 8 years ago

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  1. The link is this: you have a MP bar.
    this MP bar has a scale(for example 550 MP)
    for reach high tension, you need to make this bar become full, so you will land critical hits
    when you make a hit while on high tension, you will get super tension, and then make super criticals which lands massive damage, however, you get out of high/super tension mode if any of these gets in:
    1 - you get damaged
    2 - you use an attack that costs MP
    3 - you miss attacks

    so plan carefully when use MP attacks because you might end leaving higher tension modes.

    User Info: katsumotto

    katsumotto - 8 years ago 3   0


  1. MP are the tension bar points, if you use MP consuming attacks, you're tension bar will decrease by the same point the attack needed.

    User Info: Daichi_Sumeragi

    Daichi_Sumeragi - 8 years ago 0   0
  2. From my experience, each pilot has their own individual MP level, but the gauges determine their tension level. They all begin with half MP. Not all pilots start off with a green tension, which is considered to be the normal level of tension. While playing through a stage different actions will change your pilots MP.
    For example if the unit gets hit while choosing to dodge or defend the pilot's MP will decrease, where as a successful dodge will raise their MP.
    Just like with dodging, if you fail to land an attack, your tension will decrease. Landing a hit or defeating an enemy will also raise your MP until it reaches max.
    Upon reaching max MP, you will enter a critical state where you will always land critical hits. If you defeat an enemy while in that state, you will go into an even more stronger form, allowing you to do super critical damage which I believe is 2.5x your normal damage.
    If you get hit while in this state, you will turn back to normal and your MP will reset back to half on the tension gauge.
    Units with MP below half of their max will recover over time as long as they do not get hit or if they rest in the base ship.
    Just remember that tension is the state that the pilot is in. Accumulating MP points during battles will raise tension to higher levels. The tension bar calculates how much MP your character has.
    I must also mention that certain pilots, lets say Setsuna, have a skill which allows them to accumulate more tension during battles. Setsuna's ability that allows him to do this for example is called Vigor. Vigor can be bought once Setsuna reaches level 10.

    User Info: AhGwee

    AhGwee - 8 years ago 0   0
  3. Pilot's Tension mainly affects how much damage your Unit will inflict and how much damage your Unit will receive. Tension goes up or down depending on the Characters's MP Gauge, and each Character has a different MP Gauge in terms of value, change, and Tension range.
    Tension goes up when: Attacks hit the enemy, destroy the enemy, evade enemy attacks.
    Tension goes down when: Consuming more MP than gained when attacking an enemy with weapons that uses MP, use MAP weapons that consumes MP, attack misses the target, getting hit.

    Also, Range for all Awaken weapons differs with different tension levels.
    for more info find go to

    User Info: FeoCreo

    FeoCreo - 8 years ago 0   0

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