PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File10/13/14darkstar-x97948K
100% with everything.
Save Game File10/29/12absolute_zero99624K
Save Game File10/11/14darkstar-x97948K
Character: female - 100% complete, plot: 1, All materials and equipment maxed and upgraded
Save Game File11/01/11Runkun716K
Character:Male,Story:100,Lieut.,Codename:Quickstep, Has almost all the Items
Save Game File04/08/11the_skilled_one669K
character:male,story:100,scout lieut.,name:ken,codename:killerman,many items almost 100%complete
Save Game File12/12/14XMikaeruX577K
Gender: Female, Name: Kanon, Codename: XYPro24, Rank: Assault Lieut, Money: Up To 2m, Story 77★
Save Game File04/19/11Ikuto14623K
Has almost all Items. Name: Masaki Codename: Kai Sex: Female.
Save Game File07/31/14Shiggito24DCD577K
Name : Johanes Sigit ; Code Name : NOBUNAGA ; Gender : Male ; Difficulty : 8 - Story : 58 ; Rank : Scout Corporal ; Money : 65043FC
Save Game File06/21/15Segawa_Jin669K
Name: Segawa Jin, Codename: JIN, Story: 33, Rank: Scout Seargent, Money: 23K, Has Rank 5&6 Weapons, Completed Difficulty 1,2,3,4,5, Played with other players, Nice Builds.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File10/23/13Riser1410670K
Name: Justin /Codename: Justin /Gender: Male /God Arc: Long Blade; Glacier Katana, Assault Gun; Silent Cry, Buckler; Tear Stone X /Rank: Lieutenant /Story Completion: 79 /Money: 124227
Save Game File10/13/13Lord-Nanashi669K
Story : 100 - Male Character - Name : Nanashi - CODENAME : NANASHI - Rank : Assault Lieutnant
Save Game File04/25/12cadaje10577K
Story: 38 / Male character name: Syfu / Assault Sergeant.

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