PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File04/03/11Joey_Reid375K
Bishop lv 108, Reid lv 171, Stahn lv 87, Kyle lv 99, Gald 6M
Save Game File04/06/11Amami_Shuu375K
Character max level, Max grade, 80M+ gald, unlocked all Uniques & Radiants, Post game save.
Save Game File03/31/11ultr4fire375K
Final boss save point, Dual Fencer lv75 w/ Meredy, Acrhe, Kanonno, 2M+ money, unlocked arena battles, all radiants, unlocked all master types, equipped gear for max exp, 200+ game hours.
Save Game File06/28/17hikari_kiiro375K
Hard mode. Party: Ninja Lv 164 (equipped with 2nd radiant set), Kanonno Lv 173, Rita Lv 120, Iria Lv 113. saved before final boss
Save Game File05/11/14Kairoku27375K
Name: Sinon Lvl. 250 Job Class: Hunter
Save Game File03/30/11makmon11507K
saved before final boss,swordsman lvl 69,more than 200,000 money,unlocked secret arena battles,full radiants, unlocked duel swordsman
Save Game File12/03/16Prime43375K
Thief Lv. 74 + Radiant Gear, Dual Swordman Lv 65 + Radiant Gear, Kanonno (RM3) Lv 81, Chloe Lv 81 (-20% TP cost), Estelle Lv 81 (-50% cast time and -30% TP cost, a life saver), FinalBoss Defeated Save

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