Elden Ring (PlayStation 5)

I have heard that there are POIs hidden within hidden POIs in the game. Is that true?

  1. A friend recently said that he overheard there were optional "dungeons" inside of optional "dungeons," both of which can be missed. I want to explore every meter of the game, so I'd love to verify where those areas are so I do not accidentally skip them. Thanks!
    ZoopSoul - 1 month ago - report

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  1. I don't recall that there are any dungeon entrances inside minor dungeons, but some of them have hidden paths that lead to a different boss, or a back exit to a new area of the overworld, for instance.
    paperwarior - 1 month ago - report
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  1. There is only one example I have found. Sort of. In the Shunning Grounds below the capital is a catacombs.

    There are a couple of tunnels where an illusory wall leads to a second boss. Sealed Tunnel has an illusory wall in the very beginning and another behind a chest that leads to a boss.
    Unit7 - 2 weeks ago - report
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  2. fextralife has a map of all dungeons! I suggest you keep track of your progress there to see if you're missing anything.
    HipsterSora (Expert) - 1 month ago - report
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