How to transfer accessory skills?

  1. The game says "Once you strengthen an accessory and activate new skills for it, you can even transfer those skills to a different accessory altogether."

    How do I transfer skills to a different accessory? Is that something that unlock later in game? (I'm about to fight second lord)

    User Info: Gangeki

    Gangeki - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It's unlocked shortly after getting the five master cores. As far as precisely when, I'm not sure, as the option just showed up at an engraver without any notification. In the story, I am unable to access any of the earlier areas, and I'm working my way towards getting back to those areas. That should give you a rough idea where I am in the story once you get there.

    It's weird that the game even mentions the option to transfer skills early on when it is not available for quite some time.

    User Info: SilverClock

    SilverClock - 1 week ago 2   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. Transferring skills on your accessories may be further in story than you are. I cannot remember exactly when I was able to do it. However, it is also locked behind having the accessory you are trying to transfer the skill off of be at its max level. Also, while the donor accessories and receiving accessory can be any level it's recommended that you have the accessory receiving the skill be rank 5 to have the max slots. This requires you to craft it with the rank 5 version of w/e ore is used.

    User Info: kurarara

    kurarara - 1 week ago 1   0

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