GAME BREAKING GLITCH, am i the only one ?

  1. On 4-2, i got invaded and glitched through the map... i found a way out (with the teleport from ps5 UI thing) HOWEVER, the glitch made me unlock 4-3 and 4-4... i can now teleport to those shrines as if i defeated the bosses, BUT I NEVER DID. Problem now is, I CANT ACCESS THE END GAME, i need to beat the 4-4 boss but he doesnt spawn since my shrine is on it. Now if i tp on 4-4, i get shot automatically by the flying stingrays too, but no boss... my character cant go in ng+...

    User Info: AbradolfLintler

    AbradolfLintler - 3 months ago

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  1. I have exactly the same problem. I have tried to access the final part but there is no way. Have you found any way to go to NG +?

    User Info: RedRocK85

    RedRocK85 - 2 months ago 2   0


  1. there shouldnt be a such thing as 4-4 for starters.

    did you access cut content?

    User Info: darkmoonbeam

    darkmoonbeam - 2 months ago 0   2
  2. I think he's talking about how there are 4 stones, not 4 areas.

    User Info: LenDar22

    LenDar22 - 2 months ago
  3. Lendar, what would make you assume that

    User Info: digitalwill2000

    digitalwill2000 - 2 days ago

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