How do you kick?

  1. Know kick is flip left trigger and r1 in dark souls but can’t seem to get to work in demon souls is it same buttons or am I just messing up timing?

    User Info: FitSaleswoman67

    FitSaleswoman67 - 3 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. UP+R1 at the same time, though the timing has always been a little finicky in any Souls game. Animations are different for the Remake depending on weapon, and certain weapon types (Curved Sword, Rapier) have an attack unique to themselves rather than the typical kick/shove.

    If you want an easy and quick 'check' to see if you're doing it right? The Unarmed 'kick/shove' attack is a quick headbutt when performed.

    User Info: CursedSeishi

    CursedSeishi - 3 months ago 2   0
  2. Ok cool I was using cured sword thx

    User Info: FitSaleswoman67

    FitSaleswoman67 - 2 months ago

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