Can you only see the ghosts of other players deaths if they had humanity when they died?

  1. If you're Hollowed can other people not see your deaths? Also is there a certain trigger that determines if others can see you blood stain ghost? Is this different in the remake?

    User Info: Jader7777

    Jader7777 - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Nothing is required for you to leave a bloodstain in a location for others to see, other than perhaps being online when it happened. Soul or Body form both will leave them. As for what determines it? I believe that is just randomly drawn up by the game for players, probably with a limit on how many are drawn up each time and for each area... And probably discarding the oldest 'recorded' death stain or those that aren't viewed as much as others.

    Far as I've ever seen, nobody has really actively dug into the game--remake or original--on the exact mechanics of it so I don't know if anyone would be able to answer what the specific triggers for it are. Bluepoint has made a point of saying that the remake is largely built upon the older code to preserve various quirks and behavior and I'd guess that would apply for Bloodstains as well.

    User Info: CursedSeishi

    CursedSeishi - 1 month ago 2   0

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