How many deaths prevent pure white?

  1. I beat the first boss in 1-1, then died by the blue knights before the tower knight (one total human form death). If I keep playing in hollow form the rest of the stage, is it possible to still obtain pure white tendency in this stage? I was wanting to open the gate near the start of the stage.

    User Info: Ryukashi

    Ryukashi - 1 month ago

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  1. Unfortunately, bosses are the only way to progress from Neutral to Pure White tendency.

    Fortunately? World 1, Boletaria, has multiple chances to gain White World tendency simply because it is likely the first archstone people might explore at first--and easiest to be killed in as a newcomer. You likely won't hit Pure White tendency though until you finish off Boletaria properly (meaning near the end of the game), but you'll be able to make up for that death with it.

    It's also been argued back and forth that killing the dragons will also each boost WT up like a boss would, but it isn't something I'd readily recommend as killing even just the Red One can be a pain, whether you try it there or its next spot in 1-2. The first option is something I'd stick to, though once you've progressed far enough to do 1-3 and beat that boss? You can try for the two dragons then rather than continue on through World 1.

    User Info: CursedSeishi

    CursedSeishi - 1 month ago 1   0


  1. In 1-1 the answer is 1 more than the amount of dragons/invaders you have killed.
    For the rest of the game it depends. Without any fancy strategies it is 2 more than the amount of invaders you have killed.
    But, if you want a fancy strategy to get a world from PB to PW, you can kill both the named black phantom (Scirvir, Miralda, Rydell, Satsuki, and Selen) and the Primeval Demon w/out updating you WT (by way of traveling via archstone). This will put your WT at 65% white, which for any normal world will only mean you have to kill 1 more boss for PW, but for Boletaria you need to kill 2 bosses/dragons/invaders. I find this most usefull when trying to get the PW and PB events for every world.

    User Info: SlaveKnightKos

    SlaveKnightKos - 3 weeks ago 0   0

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