Will my tv be able to take full advantage of the next gen consoles?

  1. I purchased a sony xbr55x900e for my Xbox one X about 2 years back, will this TV be able to take FULL advantage of both of the next gen consoles or will I need to upgrade TVs to be able to get the full experience?

    User Info: PlumpAssistant0

    PlumpAssistant0 - 3 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I was looking around for monitors with 4k 120fps and hdmi 2.1, which is rare (especially 2.1hdmi), but then I started looking deeper into the topic, and it seems quite unlikely that we will see much of 4k 120fps during this generation.

    We might see alot of 1080p 120fps as an option, but I personally think games will target 60fps at 4k with raytracing or 120fps at 1080p with raytracing. The option for 120fps with 4k seems to be without raytracing and lower graphical "fidelity", and I seriously doubt that is what game developers will target.

    They will probably target high quality graphics using 4K, which will not be possible at more than 60fps, possibly also lower than 60fps at 4K, even the dreaded option of 30fps might be possible for 4K. For 1080p I think we will never see 30fps again.

    It's difficult to say really, because nobody has been clear about what the graphical targets for the Playstation 5 would be, so it seems up to developers to decide. Any 120fps games at 4k will see a massive hit to graphical quality, compared to say 60fps 4k or even 120fps 1080p. It's simple mathematics really.

    Things such as Fortnite could do 120fps at 4k, but the animations and graphics is not really impressive in any way. Other games could target less realistic graphics at higher framerates and resolution, while some games may want more realistic graphics and lower framerate and/or lower resolution would be the cost of that.

    So, getting that 4k 120fps hdmi2.1 monitor is perhaps a bit premature, but it would also probably depend on what kind of games you want to play. Some games with faster pace have already announced they will target 120fps at 4k.

    But personally, the way I play and the games I play, I think 4k at 60fps would be quite sufficient, even for games that could deliver 120fps. Or even 1080p with at least 60fps (possibly 120fps), and the best possible graphics.

    Your TV is basically 4k with 60fps HDR, which should be good enough for most PS5 games.. But Sony has released an HDMI2.1 TV with 120hz (fps) and 4k, but in my opinion, unless you just want to spend money, hold it for a bit and stick with what you have, until you see strong reasons that you need to upgrade and potentially more/better alternatives showing up at better prices (if you care about price).

    User Info: zeebra

    zeebra - 3 months ago 2   0
  2. Thanks a lot man!! Yea that's what I was thinking too for the most part 4K 60fps with ray tracing is going to be what I'm looking for I just didn't know if my tv would support the 120fps even at 1080p. Like you said I'm sticking with this tv until they lower the prices on these damn oled TVs lol

    User Info: PlumpAssistant0

    PlumpAssistant0 - 3 months ago
  3. Nah, 60fps (hz) is the max of that tv, regardless of the resolution (excpept that "fake" 120hz mode).

    Even when the time comes that such TV's and monitors as mentioned become generally available, it will still be a matter of priority. Do you prefer high fidelity graphics at 60fps in 4k or lower quality graphics at 120fps?

    And I think more importantly for me is the HDR.. There is alot of fake HDR, and I think a bigger difference to gaming will come at NITS 1000+ HDR than would ever come from 120FPS. So If I have to choose, I think 4k will be a pretty solid choice, HDR10-proper, then HDMI 2.1 and then 120FPS if possible, in that order of priority.

    So I would probably choose a high quality HDR over 120FPS. And I'm a bit sceptical if 4K, HDR at 60FPS will work properly with HDMI 2.0, so I'm pretty sure HDMI 2.1 would be a priority for me, just to be on the safe side.

    User Info: zeebra

    zeebra - 3 months ago
  4. Great question, with an even greater answer. Thanks ya'll.

    User Info: Rasputin77

    Rasputin77 - 3 months ago
  5. For the most part I completely agree, but it also depends on the game. For a game like For Honor or smash bros (I know Nintendo will never be 120fps lol) I would rather have the 120 fps with lower quality graphics. But yea most games don't need the high frame rate so 4K hdr with ray tracing at 60fps will be just fine

    User Info: PlumpAssistant0

    PlumpAssistant0 - 3 months ago

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  1. I think the only thing that TV will not be able to do is use 120hz refresh rate based on the official specification pages for the TV. Outside of that I do believe that TV will be able to get pretty much every other advanced feature in terms of 4K, and HDR out of the new consoles.

    User Info: Error1355

    Error1355 - 3 months ago 1   0
  2. Well damn cause that's one of the biggest selling point of these new consoles is the 120fps here and there, I know I should be fine with the 4K 60fps but I did want to be able to hit the 120fps with certain games that allow it lol

    User Info: PlumpAssistant0

    PlumpAssistant0 - 3 months ago

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