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Boys Just Wanna Have Fun 01/03/17 TheDarkn1ght
Squandered Potential: The Game 01/03/17 theofficefan99
A decent game, but not one for Final Fantasy fans. 12/14/16 YanDaMan263
So much potential squandered 01/17/17 hunnymoney1701
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Final Fantasy Style 12/08/16 KarnRX78
Despite a terrible final act, FF15 proves to be a great open world game, if not quite a true Final Fantasy one. 01/05/17 nintendosega
A Thoroughly Miserable Experience 01/30/17 Raganork
Final Fantasy XV - Was it Worth the Wait? 12/14/16 Renzokukenexe
After three years, Final Fantasy XV is bandaged up in DLC and patches. Is it finally the game we wanted it to be? 09/25/19 Archmonk Iga
Good game with some flaws (which will be fixed in 2018) 11/03/17 clarkymark
The long sleep has come to an end. 01/03/17 DarknessXSeeker
Entertaining Road Trip Simulator 12/09/16 Fenriradramelk
From start to finish, a complete and utter failure. 12/09/16 Hsacwdtkdtktlfo
Final Fantasy XV: Like A Last-Minute Roadtrip, Exciting But Rushed 01/03/17 Jollibeats
Walk Tall 12/08/16 Mythgar
Lots of potential but rushed and cut 07/14/17 NM_hunter
It finally returns... kinda. 09/05/19 RageBot
More like a FRACTURED Fantasy 11/15/17 Riddler1000
A whole that is greater than sum of its part; a beautiful synergy! 12/08/16 Sin_Harvester
A sum greater than its parts 12/09/16 TrueAnarchist
I like the game, but I do feel cheated somehow 01/03/17 TrueBURP
After a long wait, Final Fantasy finally travels west. It's about time. 02/27/17 UltimaterializerX
Unpolished Gold 04/13/17 Xtopher85
Unprecedented Content and Attention to Detail, but the Game is Too Easy 01/31/17 Yami_no_Geimu
New Yet Familiar 04/07/17 zachbeast53190

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