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by codebreak1337

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FAQ/Walkthrough by codebreak1337

Version: 0.103 | Updated: 02/08/19


Always Final Fantasy to me...

Americanhardcoregames@gmail.com (Andrew Turelli)

FFXV Track of the Day -Final Fantasy XIV - Garuda Theme (Fallen Angel) -

  • Added in Classic Final Fantasy Section - Current Game - FFVII
  • Adding in Original Sound Tracks, these will not be on autoplay. They will be youtube videos, leaving you the option to listen to game music as you relax and enjoy the strategy guide. They will generally be headlined at the top of a section and changed sometimes.
  • Updates to Story Analysis and Summons Section + More

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  • Thank you all for the recent comments and views especially " Amazing work! "
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  • Episode Gladiolus + Prompto
  • Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades

Donations: I never thought I would be saying this, but gaming is an expensive hobby! It sounds cliche, but it is very true. If you have been a writer in this industry and eventually started to make more pay, I hope you understand. If you enjoy my work at all, or understand how difficult it is to make it writing in this industry, please send a donation. The yellow donate button at the top of the page links to my personal paypal account.

I hate asking this and I don't want to sound like a beggar, but it is tough and times are tougher. It takes a long time to make a guide and the games as well as consoles are expensive. I also run a youtube channel and that takes time, as well as the equipment. It may seem fun and I promise you it is! That I can not lie, but if content is enjoyed and watched, I feel karma can return in a bit of appreciative generousness. Thank you for reading again, and thanks for just being here, it means the world to me - codebreak.

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