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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough HTML 04/20/20 codebreak1337 15.1 515K
FAQ/Walkthrough HTML 04/03/20 Lost_Nemo10 1317K

In-Depth FAQs

Achievement Guide (XONE) 01/23/17 Bombdirt 1.0 18K
Arena Farming Guide (XONE) HTML 10/10/17 Niali 1.0 14K
Carnival Guide HTML 02/12/17 elduende05 1.06 39K
Collectible Guide HTML 02/05/17 elduende05 0.95 14K
Cooking Guide HTML 03/02/17 elduende05 0.9 40K
Elemancy Guide HTML 04/15/17 elduende05 0.95 31K
Enemy Guide HTML 04/15/17 elduende05 0.97 52K
Fishing Guide HTML 01/23/17 elduende05 0.91 35K
Japanese/English Game Script (PC) HTML 11/10/18 yu_eriyama 0.7 412K
Pitioss Ruins Guide HTML 02/27/17 elduende05 0.9 61K
Recipe/Fish List 01/15/17 Ziggyzoozoo 1.0 48K
Shop Guide HTML 01/22/17 elduende05 0.9 61K
Totomostro Guide HTML 01/20/17 elduende05 0.8 18K

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