Anyone else have Noctis suddenly stop getting EXP?

  1. So using ‘Garuda’ to farm exp and get some adamintin to sell for gil. Got enough stupid AP to ‘Break Limit’ on Prompto but now I fight Garuda and everyone except Noctis gets like 20,000 exp. He’s only getting 3,000.
    The set up is this:
    Noctis - Gaze Vortex, Ultima Blade, Shield of Just, Black Prince, Moogle Charm, Diamond Bracelet, Magitek Suit, Fatigues No Jacket

    Is this another glitch and reason I should hate this game?

    User Info: Wabiske

    Wabiske - 2 years ago
  2. What's their current level? Is Noctis' level ahead of the three?

    User Info: lloydknight

    lloydknight - 1 year ago

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