Unable to level up?

  1. So apparently you are supposed to go to sleep to level up but I can't be able to level up no matter how many times I camp to go to a motel. I am at chapter 2 and I am not sure if this is normal. Any ideas? I'm already a few hours in and I don't feel like restarting i.imgur.com/hi6h3zh.jpg

    What it looks like.
    TheBrightCube - 5 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. It sounds like you probably have the nixperience band accessory equipped. This prevents experience from tallying when you sleep. Check your equipment and remove this if it is equipped. shadowgendo (Expert) - 5 years ago - report 36   10
  2. Shadow is light then I am it's only work if you want to get more exp without going throughout the game guess what I'm doing on one of the files I always think of the head for example money get more click the items you get from the monsters until you max out and so on if you Hubnnick - 2 years ago - report
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