Stuck at hunter rank 8?

  1. Im stuck at hr 8 27/30. The only mission available is adamantoise, everone else is sruck on hr9. I feel like I missing something but I dont know. I have all 13 king weapons and did both rounds of altisa hunts. Any1 no what im doing wrong/missing? maxshlong - 5 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Figured it out you have to beat the game then lestallum has new hunts, dumb maxshlong - 5 years ago - report 5   7

Top Voted Answer

  1. You may just need to do the rounds again and check every new spot, some hunts only show up once you'v completed the others at that tipster, some only show up after you progress past a specific chapter. Start in hammerhead and make your way to each spot and check the tipsters there. There are a couple that don't look like they have a diner icon and can be overlooked fairly easy. Go to the icon option and turn off all icons other than the one for the tipster/diner and make the rounds until you find which ones you're missing. Xsase (Expert) - 5 years ago - report 4   1

Other Answers

  1. Sometimes you have to complete every available hunt before the next rank is unlocked. Try checking all available tipsters for hunts. Remember to check Altissia and both of the Lestallum ones. Benjifer (Expert) - 5 years ago - report 5   3
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