What to sell and what to keep?

  1. What junk items should i keep?

    User Info: zeldadarkness14

    zeldadarkness14 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If by junk you mean treasure I keep a couple of every treasure, gil is easy to come by in the game. I sell old accessories I don't use for gil and do hunts. Never had an issue with gil. Some of the treasures are used for upgrading weapons etc so I played it safe and kept a couple of each I've gotten. They can also be added to spells for good effects. The most important ones to keep are Debased and Rare Coins as they add Expircast to your magic which is a easy way to level up. If you don't care about that though selling all of them won't affect much other than not being able to upgrade some weapons etc.

    User Info: Xsase

    Xsase (Expert) - 4 years ago 6   3

Top Voted Answer

  1. Pretty much anything except Oracle Ascension Coins. They are needed for a sidequest later on in the game. I recommend keeping at least one of everything since some of the treasures are needed to upgrade weapons and make spells stronger or add effects to them unless you don't care much about it.

    User Info: hmoobpaladin

    hmoobpaladin - 4 years ago 4   2

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