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Game Script by AndyKusanagi

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/11/2016

             ##################           #################        
             #@;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;@+         ++;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;@       
             #.,,::,,::,,,,,,,,.@        #@.,,,,:::::;;;:::,,#      
             #.::++++'++++++++:,##       +',:+++++++++++++::.#      
             #.::##@@;@@@@@#@@;;.@       @.:'@@@+@@@@@@@@@;;,#      
             #.;;@@@@@#@@@@@@@@':++     +::;@@@@+@@@@@@@@@';,#      
             #.'';@@@@'@@@@@@@@'+.@    #@,'+@@@;@@@@@@@@@;'',#      
             #@,;';@@@@+@@@@@@@@+';+   #,+'@@@@#@@@@@@@@'+:,@#      
              ##;;#+@@@+@@@@@@@@+#,@# #@:##@@@;@@@@@@@@'#;'#        
                #:+#@@#@'@@@@@@@#+#:# #,@'@@@@@@@@@@@@#@''#         
                  +'+###;:,,.```    :######+;` `,'+######:::;+@@@#  
                   ###::,,;##``:####';+:      ``,;::,:::;;'@@@@@@   
                 @@#::::;#@@;#+:`.,,;   .:++###,,;',,;#+'#@@@@@#    
                @@';;::;###',:`#.` ;+ ` ``#.,,::#',,###@@@@@##      
            #@  #@''''''@@@@@@@@@@@@##@@@@@#@@@@@@@@''''#'''''#@@   
               #@@@@@@@@@@@+@+#@@#@##@@@@#@@#@@+ #@@@@''''@@@#      
                @@@@@@@@@@  @@##@@@#@@@@@@@##@#    #@@#'@@@#        
                 #@@## #    #@##@@@@@@@@@@@;@@#     #@@@@@          
                  #          ##:;##@;@#@#@;;##       #@@#           
                             #@+;#########;#@#        ##            

        	  |          by Andy Kusanagi          |
        	  |        Version 1.0 07/08/16	       |
        	  |       ken.kusanagi@gmail.com       |

                  /////=====TABLE OF CONTENTS=====/////
                  ///				    ///
                  ///  1. Revision Notes	    ///
                  ///  2. Legal Yada-Yada	    ///
		  ///  3. Foreword		    ///
                  ///  4. About the Game	    ///
                  ///  5. Full Story Script	    ///
                  ///  6. Closing Comments	    ///
                  ///  7. Special Thanks	    ///
                  ///				    ///
                  /////=====TABLE OF CONTENTS=====/////


:.. 1.0   First document. Wanted to make sure everything was here before
          submitting to GameFAQs. 78-character width.
:.. 1.1   Narrowed the document down to 75 characters wide to fit the
          GameFAQs page. Also took the time to change a few things in
          other sections.


This FAQ is property of GameFAQs.
(c) 2016 Andy Kusanagi (ken.kusanagi@gmail.com)
Street Fighter V and all information pertinent to it is (c) 2016 Capcom.
Street Fighter (c) 1987-2016 Capcom.

Please do NOT publish this elsewhere without permission.
Please do NOT profit off this. I'm not making any money writing this, so
 don't make me look like a sucker.
Please do NOT change the contents without the author's express permission.
Additions or corrections may be suggested via e-mail.


Well, everyone, this is my first FAQ for GameFAQs, although I've been
making good use of the site ever since I played my N64. It was quite
helpful in getting all 120 Stars on Super Mario 64. But I digress (I tend
to do that a lot, in fact, as you will see).

My name is Andy, I am Brazilian, 29 years old (as of this writing), and
I've been playing video games since I was about 5 or 6, when I loved to go
to the arcades and spend some tokens on OutRun, Konami's Simpsons and...
Street Fighter II. But I became a true video game nerd when I got my Super
NES in the Christmas of '94. To this day I have the fondest memories of
that console. Generations may come and go, and I may play new and different
things with the times, but this console is the one that I will always hold
closest to my heart. I experienced many an unforgettable memory thanks to
that little gray and purple box that could.

In '99, I switched to a Nintendo 64, which I sold in late 2004, around
which time I started to play more PC games. Then I got a PlayStation 2 in
2006, and I have owned an Xbox 360 since 2009. I could switch to new-gen,
but I don't feel like just yet, as I still have a lot of games to beat with
this one. Plus, I keep up through Steam.

As for fighting games, I've loved them since I was a kid, because I always
felt the characters were unique and full of personality, not to mention the
multinational aspect. Yes, SFII did color my perception of them at the
time. It only grew stronger after my sister and I pulled an all-nighter
fighting some rounds of SFII on the SNES, after we beat the game of course
(we did it with Chun-Li IIRC).

Anyway, fact is, I've become a huge fan of Street Fighter for real once the
Super SFII expansion came out with its new challengers, around which time I
had started reading and collecting video game magazines, which helped me
get a grasp on how fighting games in general work and opened up a new world
for me, with many colorful and different fighters and games. In every work
of fiction I got my hands on, I always cared for the characters, because
they shape the story inside. And fighting games always had a wide range of
them, especially Street Fighter, which built an entire mythology over the
years on the force of its characters. Even though my name comes from the
hero of SNK's The King of Fighters, Street Fighter is, and will always be,
my favorite fighting game series. Because, let's face it, where would the
genre be without it?

Sooo... yep. I lose myself in my jabbering. Thing is, I'm Brazilian, near
30, Sagittarius, fan of games, comics, manga and rock music. Drop me a line
if you want to know me better or add me on Steam: andrey_la


So we finally came to Street Fighter V, just in time for the series' 30th
anniversary. The fifth episode in the series, both in release and in the
story's chronology which, for the uninitiated, goes like this:

 I > Alpha series > II and updates > IV and updates > V > III and updates

So you see, Street Fighter V is what comes right before the III games where
everything but Ryu and Ken (and later Akuma and Chun-Li) changed. As such, it 
enlightens us on the final fate of Shadaloo, as we will see in this FAQ.

In technical terms, the game holds up well. It has the same trademark SF
gameplay, although it's more on the pick-up-and-play side of things. It's not 
as utterly technical as 3rd Strike, but not as simple as it was until
SF Alpha 2, mostly thanks to the new V-System. It works like this: every
character has a V-Gauge. Some have two levels in this gauge, some have
three. The important thing is, it allows you to use three different sets of
new or improved skills:

* V-Skill, a special move that gives your character some sort of advantage
while filling up the V-Gauge (done by pressing Medium Punch + Medium Kick);
* V-Reversal, a guard cancel move (as you're defending, hold forward and
press the three punches or kicks - varies from character to character); and
* V-Trigger, a move that concedes special abilities to your character for a
short period of time (done by pressing Hard Punch + Hard Kick).

This may sound complicated in theory, but once you start applying it to the
fights, it pretty much becomes second nature. Another thing that helps make
gameplay easy is a clearer distinction between types of characters. Beginners 
may learn the new characters from trial and error on Training
Mode, as most of them have moves performed either with quarter circles, or
with charge inputs. Personally, I'm not knowledgeable for the more
technical stuff, such as hitbox overlaps and such, nor do I honestly care.
Thinking too much about the game ends up ruining its fun factor.

Speaking of which, many people have complained that Street Fighter V is
lacking in terms of game modes. I'm inclined to agree. Before Story Mode
came out, all we had was the Character Stories, Tutorials and Survival. Not
even an Arcade Mode or a Versus CPU for when we grew tired of all the
slayers online.
While Survival is engaging thanks to its tried-and-true formula (go as far
as you can on a single health bar), it's also the only thing that will keep
you playing until Capcom decides to release more play modes.

Graphically, it's not much of a step up from the IV series. Sure, the art
style is different, the redesigned characters don't look half bad (except
for the odd downloadable alternate costume) and there is a greater level of
detail (especially in the Full Story, with scenes in parts of the stages
that we normally can't see), but otherwise the characters that returned
from IV look much the same. Although there are some glaring clipping
problems with flowing elements (one scene of Vega in Story Mode had his braid 
clip into his FACE as I was playing - not to mention how Rashid's
beard keeps disappearing into his chest). But, technicalities, which for
the most part don't detract from the overall experience. Plus, the new 
backgrounds look stunning. I only wish there was more stage interaction,
it seemed a fine little touch on the initial trailers, but which had its
potential wasted with them happening in only one stage.

As for the backstory... Well, let's just see for ourselves, shall we?


And now, AT LAST, the part you've all been waiting for! THE SCRIPT!!!

...Anyone? Tough crowd.

Just kidding. I swear I tried to do this as seriously as possible, but you
may see it is peppered with my comments on a few scenes. And yes, I took on
a hatred of F.A.N.G, no matter how funny he is in gameplay, ever since I
saw his lack of compunction about picking on people who can't even fight
him back. But hey, villain.

Also, one more thing. Many times, I may mention a new character's name in
dialogue tags, but I don't mention their names in narrative breaks until
they are mentioned in the story (for example, I don't use Rashid's name in
narration until he introduces himself to Chun-Li, but I still write
"RASHID: [says this and that]). The only exception is F.A.N.G, who appears
too often in the story to keep being referred to by epithets.

So, enough with the yammering. Let's get started.

[A dark place. Nothing can be seen, except for one single lit spot in which
a blonde, stitched-up man stands. Suddenly he feels something. He turns and
sees a lamb. Unexpectedly, the lamb speaks.]

LAMB: Devour!

[A dark liquid forms around the lamb, eventually consuming it and changing
it into the form of a long-tressed warrior, who continues to speak.]

NECALLI: The soul wanders... I must devour.

NASH: What in the hell are you?

[The warrior quickly advances and pins Nash to the ground, without giving
him a chance to react.]

NASH: U..ugh!?

NECALLI: Devour!

NASH: Damn it!

[Nash struggles as the warrior forcefully keeps him pinned, and a red
energy forms around him intent on consuming him, when a glowing blue
butterfly flutters close by and apparently distracts the mysterious

NECALLI: Nuh...!

[The butterfly comes between his and Nash's faces and radiates a strong
blue glow. That is when Nash jolts himself awake. He is now lying inside a
tomb, when he hears a voice talking to him.]

WOMAN: You have regained consciousness. It's a miracle!

[Nash turns the direction of the voice. A woman, dressed in typical Russian
garb, slowly approaches him. She appears to be preoccupied with Nash.]

HELEN: My name is Helen. I have been asked to take care of you. Your nurse,
so to speak. You had broken bones everywhere. At first, we thought you were
already dead. Do you remember what happened to you?

NASH: I remember...

[Nash then has a flashback of when a helicopter from the USAF shot him in
the back and sent him hurtling down a waterfall. The last thing he recalls
is seeing Bison standing on the overlooking cliff as he falls. At this, he
snaps back to the present, appearing terrified.]

NASH: Bison...!

[He then turns around and sees an image of Bison made of purplish energy.
Still traumatized, but now focused on getting even, Nash climbs out of the
tomb to go after his murderer.]

HELEN: You shouldn't push yourself yet. You must save your strength.

[Nash shoves her aside and keeps limping towards the image of Bison as it
floats backwards outside the cave where the tomb is located. Once Nash
walks out into the rocky path beneath the waterfalls next to the cave
entrance, he cannot see Bison, but he appears right behind him. Nash turns
around and enters a new fighting stance.]

NASH: No escape!

[They fight. Although it may seem futile to battle an illusion, this image
of Bison is shown to hit as hard as the real thing, so Nash is forced to
use his skills to fight back. His post-traumatic stress spurs him on,
however, and he is able to win handily.]

NASH: I'll finish you!

[Nash fires a double Sonic Boom at the image of Bison. He seems to feel the
blow, but disappears soon after, with a wicked grin, as Nash collapses to
one knee, extenuated. Helen comes out of the cave, applauding Nash's

HELEN: That was most impressive! It seems you haven't forgotten your Air
Force training.

NASH: How do you know so much?

HELEN: I already told you. I've been asked to take care of you. Not only
that, I have valuable information for you.

[Helen delivers a picture to Nash.]

HELEN: You must find this man and take the "piece" he has. You are going to
need it...

[Nash takes the picture and, once he sees it, he gets shocked.]

HELEN: ...If you want to defeat Bison. You do want that?

[It is revealed to be a picture of Guile. When Nash turns, Helen is no
longer there, although he can hear the echoes of her voice.]

HELEN: Nice to meet you. Charlie Nash.

[Nash is left staring at the picture of Guile.]

[In India, Dhalsim is talking to a local policeman, when Ryu approaches
them, getting Dhalsim's attention.]


RYU: I need your help.

[He then enters his fighting stance. Dhalsim takes his cue and enters his
own stance as well, as the policeman politely steps aside.]

DHALSIM: I will help you.

[They fight. As much as it is a friendly spar, none of the two seasoned
street fighters hold back on one another. Dhalsim does sense how Ryu seems
more determined to keep his focus than to win at all costs, but even so,
Ryu's skill prevails over the yoga master's mystical techniques.]

[After the battle, Ryu looks at his fist in contemplation. Dhalsim, quickly
recovered, approaches him by floating in the air.]

DHALSIM: Your mind is completely calm in battle. But, if you continue to
suppress the Hado, you will be consumed by it. Once again, you need to face
the Hado that you are hiding inside of you.

RYU: Face it?

[Ryu pauses, considering the meaning of Dhalsim's words, as he stares at
his fist again. Suddenly, a long-haired warrior - the same from Nash's
nightmare - jumps off the top of a nearby building, right next to the
policeman, who steps back in fright.]

NECALLI: Urrraaaah!

[The warrior has an angry, threatening look, and a dark liquid seeps out
from him into the ground. He then advances towards the policeman, who
stumbles and falls in his fright while backing away.]

RYU [astonished]: ...! What's that?

DHALSIM [fearful]: That's the...!

[The warrior menacingly keeps advancing towards the policeman, who simply
scurries backwards in fear.]

NECALLI: Consume your soul! Ooorrrrraaah!

DHALSIM: Look out!

[Dhalsim quickly takes action, teleporting between the two. Ryu also gets
ready to fight, something which does not escape the warrior's notice.]

NECALLI: I am the jaws of death. The souls of warriors must return to me!

[With a shout, he liberates his power, as his hair grows wild and floats
while emitting a red glow. He then fights Ryu. Clearly, this power is
something Ryu was not ready for, and the unknown warrior soon claims
victory using raw power and primal instincts, even though Ryu puts up as
best a fight as he can.]

[Ryu is thrown rolling to the ground after his defeat, but is still not
ready to give up, even as the warrior menacingly paces around him, the
puddle of dark goop following. The karateka stands up, ready to continue,
but that only opens him up to the Satsui no Hado, and the dark power inside
of him bursts forth. Dhalsim, who was tending to the police officer,
quickly takes notice and, just as a power-addled Ryu and the warrior are
about to clash with one final blow, Dhalsim teleports between them and
takes Ryu's punch while blocking the warrior's.]

RYU: Dhalsim!

DHALSIM: Do not let the Satsui no Hado take you over!

[He pushes the warrior back and goes into a fighting stance to fight the
warrior in Ryu's stead. While it is clear that this warrior has powers
beyond human imagination, Dhalsim's own mastery over yoga allows him to
better neutralize such threat, which he does.]

[The force of the clash pushes both warriors back, as Ryu, hobbling,
notices something in the sky, covering the sun as in an eclipse. However,
upon closer inspection, it is not the moon, but what appears to be a
spherical satellite.]

RYU: What's that?!

[The warrior then shouts an ancient word skywards as the satellite moves to
completely block out the sun.]

NECALLI: Getepe!

[He stares back at Ryu and soon twisted images appear in his mind, of seven
such objects flying to the sky and the visage of Bison turning around and
grinning. Ryu comes out of the experience gravely distressed, as the
warrior dissolves into the dark liquid, leaving his and Dhalsim's

DHALSIM: Long ago, I was told about an ancient being who consumes warriors'
souls. This ancient being... only appears at a time when many warriors are
needed. That is, when the world is in a time of great crisis.

RYU: The world is in crisis...

[He looks up again to the eclipsed sun.]

[Far from there, a jet-powered aircraft lands on a Shadaloo base. Voices
can be heard.]

CELL PHONE: You have new messages.

KEN [over the phone]: Hello, Miss Kanzuki. Did you watch the news about the
Black Moons? Can you please watch over Eliza and Mel?

MALE VOICE: Status report: infiltration successful. Regarding the serial
disappearance of the hackers...

[The phone is shown to belong to a young man clad in white, with marked
Arabic features. He puts it away as it is revealed that he is perched on
one of the wings of the aircraft. He then pulls out a small object, which
looks like a chess pawn with a sun effigy at the top, when he sees a couple
of Shadaloo officers, wearing pointed cloaks and skull masks, escorting a
little Chinese girl into the base. The girl looks frightened as she
clutches a datapad in her arms.]

RASHID: Ahhhh, crap!

[The young man acrobatically jumps down from the plane and confronts the
guards, knocking one of them down with a kick.]

RASHID: I just can't ignore someone in distress.

[He and the remaining guard fight. Although trained to carry out dangerous
missions in the name of Shadaloo, the guard is no match for this intruder's
fighting skill and control over wind, and soon he is down for the count.]

[The Arab man then walks towards the girl and crouches right before her, in
an attempt to reassure her everything's alright.]

RASHID: It's OK, you're free now. We will get out of here right after I
take care of some business... young lady.

[The girl simply steps back in fright, to his confusion.]

LI-FEN: ...You think you just saved me?

RASHID: What? Weren't you captured by those soldiers?

LI-FEN: Did it look like I was?

RASHID: This seems complicated. Hey little girl... have you seen this

[He shows his smartphone to her, who reacts in fright.]

RASHID: Bingo! Do you perhaps know where they are?

[Still fearful, the girl points towards the base entrance. There is a long
silence as the man tries to understand why she is so scared.]

RASHID: Thank you. I don't get your situation, but let's escape together
after this.

[He then dashes toward the base.]

[Inside, an afraid-looking redhead female scientist is running from a tall,
slender Chinese man, who simply trots behind her in apparent calm, while
waving the long sleeves that conceal his arms and hands. The scientist
hides behind a shelf of crates at the end of the corridor, but she knows
that is not much of a hideout as she does not feel any safe when the man
stops right next to her. In fact, the scientist basically got herself

F.A.N.G: The smell isn't bad at all. But anyone who betrays Lord Bison is
my enemy...!

[The man moves toward the terrified scientist.]

F.A.N.G: I must erase you! Leaving nothing behind!

[He then goes in for the kill. All that is heard are the sounds of
something dissolving. When the image comes back, there is a purple dust at
the assassin's feet, and no trace of the girl who once was there. The man
mixes the dust with his squalid, long-nailed hands and scoops some in his
right hand, smelling it.]

F.A.N.G: You know, this smells even better.

[He then licks the dust off his hand. Then he appears to notice something
behind him.]

F.A.N.G: Oh, you arrived sooner than I expected.

[The assassin stands up and walks out. Meanwhile, the man outside is
running to the entrance of the base, when the assassin comes out, stopping
him on his tracks. The intruder steps back, nervous.]

RASHID: Hello, good sir. I just came by to pick up a dear friend of mine.
Can we discuss terms?

F.A.N.G: You are just a tiny bit late. Ehehehahahaha!

[The assassin hysterically spins around, flapping his arms, confusing the
Arab man. That is when he notices the piece in the intruder's hand.]

F.A.N.G: Ooh! That's it!

RASHID: Do you want this? Well, why don't we make a trade of this piece for
my friend?

F.A.N.G [impatient]: You talk too much! Just hand the piece over to yours
truly, or I will destroy you!

[They fight. The Arab man clearly intended to walk this out peacefully,
but he does not seem to know he is dealing with an organization that is not
known for making bargains, which is shown when the assassin shows him no
quarter and outclasses him with his dominion over poison.]

[Soon, the young Arab is on one knee, struggling to stand.]

RASHID: Damn it!

[He tries to get up, only to fall back to the ground. The assassin
approaches and picks up the dropped piece, then surveys the intruder's
unconscious form for others. However, his search proves futile.]

F.A.N.G: Rats! He had only one of them!

[He, however, counts himself satisfied and returns into the base, flanked
by the cloaked guards.]

F.A.N.G: Now, we can let the festivities begin!

[Far from there, in a fighting arena, a strong young man, who is quickly
revealed to be Alex, handily defeats his opponent, a bald black man with
sunglasses, to the cheers of the crowd as the New Yorker raises his fist in

[In the meantime, in a large, Japanese-styled mansion, its hostess is
entertaining her guests with business talk.]

KARIN: Four hours ago, the object nicknamed The Black Moon was spotted
above Tokyo. It hasn't taken any action. But of course, our family's
satellite, Red Spider-Lily is constantly monitoring it.

[Nearby, a young Japanese girl, whose unique hairstyle identifies her as
Ibuki, sits at a table, bored, watching the fight in America through a
widescreen TV as a noticeably fatter Birdie is pigging out right next to
her. She looks at him and lets out an annoyed sigh as she turns her gaze
back to the screen.]

[In the ring, Alex is leaning against the ring's ropes, a World Champion
trophy in his hand. The announcer, a man in a sequined yellow suit wearing
a top hat and talking through a bullhorn, heats up the crowd.]

DON SAUVAGE: Now we have an Exhibitioooooooon match!!

[He turns to the opposite side of the ring, where Zangief jumps inside,
wearing a single-sleeved, single-legged red unitard. He flexes to the crowd
as the announcer continues speaking.]

DON SAUVAGE: A big name opponent has showed up! Let's welcome the famous
"Red Cyclone", Zangief! And with him...! An up-and-coming star of
professional wrestling, Rainbow Mika!

[Mika, wearing a similar unitard in sky-blue - except with ruffled edges
and a heart-shaped hole between the breasts and the navel - , somersaults
in from the turnbuckle. She and Zangief strike an introduction pose
together. Alex just watches, while a young woman with well-toned legs walks
towards the ring.]

DON SAUVAGE: It'll be a thrilling handicap match...

[The outsider - a raven-haired, scantily-clad, very attractive young lady -
suddenly jumps into the ring and takes the bullhorn from the announcer's
hand to address the crowd.]

LAURA: Hey, that doesn't sound thrilling at all! Let's make this a tag team
match for real!

[The crowd goes wild and Zangief and Rainbow Mika enjoy the idea. Alex, on
the other hand, appears to be a little bothered with this development.]

[Back at the Shadaloo base, the Chinese assassin comes into a laboratory to
inspect one of the Black Moons. He inserts the piece retrieved from the
Arab man into a machine nearby and the spherical satellite starts powering

TECHNICIAN: Psycho Power is increasing. 120%. 135. 150. 180. 210. 250...

[The man watches with ever-growing glee, letting out a chuckle.]

[On the Earth's orbit, one of the Black Moons is activated, reconfiguring
itself and releasing a massive shockwave which engulfs a nearby satellite
and can be seen from New York City, knocking out the power in the entire

[The effects are sensed even in faraway places, as a handheld console in
Brazil is disconnected from its server.]

SEAN: No way! The server's down!

[Miffed, he looks up to the sky as the scene pans up to it. In space, the
satellite caught in the shockwave has been destroyed as the Black Moon
continues to reconfigure.]

[In the Kanzuki Mansion, the live feed from the wrestling match goes off
the air.]

IBUKI: Huh? What...?

[Karin just stares at the screen as it goes into static.]

KARIN: Shibasaki!

[Her aide promptly shows up when summoned.]

SHIBASAKI: Yes. According to a report from our data processing department,
a strong, high-altitude electromagnetic pulse has apparently gone off above
New York.

[Karin turns and walks out into the front porch to stare into the sky.]

KARIN: I'd venture to guess that is the cause.

[Next to the moon, another of Shadaloo's Black Moons floats in the night 

SHIBASAKI: It seems as though one of the seven has been detonated.
Unfortunately, Red Spider-Lily was affected and has shut down.

[Karin walks back inside, followed by Shibasaki, and heads down a hallway.
Ibuki stands up and runs to follow after them, leaving Birdie alone at the

KARIN: I want a report tomorrow morning. Whoever did this better prepare.

[Determined, Karin punches her palm to make her point clear.]

[In an US Army base, comms officers are analysing the situation, supervised
by a high-ranking officer, a black, rugged-looking man. The screen the
officers are working on shows a map with spikes of activity in plenty of
places, most of them close together.]

COMMS OFFICER 1: No estimate on recovering power!

COMMS OFFICER 2: The Black Moon went off over a wide area, damaging these
seven parts of the city. As a result, we've lost all communications in those 

GEN. TAYLOR: This is a magnetic pulse caused by a high-altitude
explosion... But who would have such advanced technology to cover this wide
of a range?

[A man with an Old Glory tattoo on his biceps walks into the room.]

GUILE: Maybe it's related to the missing hackers incident. But we would
need to verify.

GEN. TAYLOR: Heh. You always show up with such perfect timing. It's almost
scary. [turns to Guile] Your mission is to go to New York and determine if
there is any connection to the missing hackers.

FEMALE VOICE: I'm coming with you, Guile. Alright?

COMMS OFFICER 1: Generators coming on!

[As if on cue, the owner of the voice steps out of the shadows, and Guile
recognizes her as a familiar face.]

GUILE: Much appreciated. Chun-Li.

CHUN-LI: Hm. It's my pleasure.

[Later, in New York City, Shadaloo officers survey the damage: a huge
traffic accident resulted of the sudden shutdown of electricity - which, of
course, includes traffic lights - , with some casualties such as police
officers. At the lobby of a nearby bank, the Chinese assassin, who calls
himself F.A.N.G (although his name is never mentioned in the story) can be
seen dancing around happily. Next to him are to Vega and Balrog, who stand
by an open vault.]

F.A.N.G: Niihahahahaha!! The "AS" demonstration was a complete success!

[Tapping his foot in impatience, Balrog suddenly turns to the Chinese man.]

BALROG: So? What happened to the other places? Why the hell haven't other
Moons gone off?

[F.A.N.G stops, looking dejected at Balrog's comment.]

F.A.N.G: Did I ever tell you that you have the attention span of a five-
year-old? I already told you that the other control keys were stolen by
that programmer! But since I took quick actions to recover one of the keys,
I've destroyed all this city's electrical finctions! Quite an
accomplishment, I might say. Speaking of which, [accusingly, to Vega and
Balrog] what were you two doing all this time I was working so hard?

VEGA: Hah! Look who's talking. Did you forget that you were in charge of
this plan? And it was you who let a programmer steal the control keys. I
would say that's a huge disgrace!

[F.A.N.G looks very offended as Vega talks.]

VEGA: It's obvious who should be taking the blame for this. Besides...

[The Chinese assassin assumes a fighting position, angry.]

F.A.N.G: Tread cautiously when you dare say such insolent things to me! I
successfully enacted "Operation C.H.A.I.N.S".! And the fact that the
programmer escaped so easily is all because you two are incompetent!

[His words strike a nerve with the two Shadaloo lieutenants, who prepare to
attack him, when a sort of portal, swirling with purple energy, appears.
From it, Bison emerges, radiating Psycho Power from his body.]

BISON: My generals are all killing each other. This is delicious

[I see what you did there, Capcom. Anyway, back to the script. F.A.N.G is
absolutely ecstatic at the sight of the overlord of Shadaloo, and gives him
a quick reverence.]

F.A.N.G: Oh! It seems Lord Bison's Psycho Power has become even more
powerful! This proves the power of my PSA weapon. If Operation C.H.A.I.N.S.
succeeds, Lord Bison will be all powerful and invincible!

BISON: No need to discuss the obvious. Now tell me the current status of
the other device.

F.A.N.G: Yes, Lord! Over here!

[Two Shadaloo soldiers step forward as F.A.N.G demonstrates.]

F.A.N.G: These two soldiers... have been able to gain strength from your
Psycho Power, Lord Bison! Until we get all the control keys back, we will
spread more fear and despair, so that we can add more strength to you, My

BALROG [scoffs dismissively]: Just a couple of puppets.

[There is a long silence as F.A.N.G lets Balrog's words sink in. He then
quickly whips around to attack Balrog, who dodges just in time.]

BALROG: What the hell are you doing?

F.A.N.G: Oh, please don't be like that. Both of you, why don't you test
them out at least once? Certainly two powerful fighters like yourselves are
not frightened by "puppets" like them?

VEGA: How silly! Do you think you can fool me?

[The Chinese man quickly spins about and then takes some steps back, behind
the enhanced Shadaloo soldiers, as Vega and Balrog enter fighting stances.]

F.A.N.G: You are already fools!

BALROG: Bastard!

[They fight. In the game, this means that first Balrog faces the skinny
soldier, then Vega fights the more portly one, but the story treats both
these fights as happening at the same time. Anyway, even enhanced by
Bison's Psycho Power, this does not change the fact that these Shadaloo
soldiers still have only basic combat training, and although they go so far
as to try timid versions of their master's more powerful moves, they are no
match for the more seasoned and skillful Kings of Shadaloo. Soon they are
down for the count.]

BALROG: You piece of crap! Now it's your turn!

[He and Vega assume offensive positions to take on F.A.N.G, but stop
themselves upon hearing footsteps of someone approaching in the distance.
It is Guile and Chun-Li. Bison smirks evilly.]

GUILE: Must be here.

[Guile takes notice of the dead policemen on the ground, their trail
leading to the bank, where the Four Kings stand watching them.]

CHUN-LI: Bison!

[Blinded by her thirst for revenge, she tries to charge forward, and even
though Guile tries to stop her, it is useless, as she runs toward the
bad guys.]

GUILE: No, wait!

CHUN-LI: It had to be you guys.

[F.A.N.G steps forward to deal with the Interpol agent, but Bison, knowing
it is him she wants, drops down before his lieutenant and lets out a burst
of Psycho Power, which makes Chun-Li and Guile cautious enough to assume
fighting stances.]

BISON: You were foolish to come here, girl.

[He and Chun-Li fight. While she is a formidable fighter in her own right
and her desire to avenge her father's death keeps her going, her judgement
is clearly clouded and this affects her, obviously discounting the fact
that Bison seems more powerful than ever before - possibly even more than
when he was empowered by the Psycho Drive. With this, Bison dominates the
fight easily and defeats her, launching her away with a burst of Psycho

GUILE: Chun-Li!

[Guile runs to her aid, but Vega jumps in between them.]

VEGA: I will be your opponent.

[They fight. It is an evenly matched battle, as Guile is an experienced
fighter in and out of the ring, but his precise, calculated attacks are
unable to faze Vega, who uses his agility and claw techniques to great
effect, turning the battle in his favor. The battle, however, ends in a
stalemate as Bison suddenly comes between Vega and Guile to take out
Chun-Li, who is reeling nearby.]

BISON: Now it is time to finish you!

[He charges Psycho Power in his hand, holding it right up to Chun-Li's face
as she is trying to stand up. She simply looks on, terrified beyond her
imagination, as this next move might spell her certain death.]

CAMMY: I think not!

[Unexpectedly rushing into the scene, Cammy pushes Chun-Li out of the way
of Bison's attack in the nick of time.]

CHUN-LI: Cammy...

CAMMY: Let's go, Guile!

[The Delta Red agent picks Chun-Li up off the floor and, together with
Guile, they beat a hasty retreat.]

F.A.N.G [indignant]: I'll never let you leave!

[Bison holds his hand out to stop his new right-hand man from following
them. He watches in apparent satisfaction; he has dealt enough damage to
them for today.]

[Later, the three heroes reconvene at another devastated part of the city,
with some cars on fire. Chun-Li is resting against a pick-up truck,

GUILE: Thanks for the help. You after Shadaloo?

CAMMY: Yes. I've followed them since the Black Moons appeared. Shadaloo is
involved with the destruction of New York.

[She turns to address Chun-Li.]

CAMMY: Chun-Li, you completely lost your head in that fight.

CHUN-LI: I'm sorry. I'll never act like that again. What about the Black
Moons? How do we stop them from going off?

CAMMY: I'm not sure yet, but it seems Shadaloo doesn't have the ability to
completely control all of them at this time.

GUILE: What do you mean by that?

CAMMY: I've heard that the Black Moon's control keys were stolen. I don't
know by whom. Perhaps someone betrayed Bison, or a spy infiltrated

GUILE: It might have a connection with the hackers incident.

CAMMY: Incident?

CHUN-LI: There's a group of computer hackers who've gone missing. Their
ages, genders, nationalities all vary. Including some very young ones.

GUILE: We'd been investigating this from all angles, such as a criminal
organization was behind it. Then the Moons appeared.

[He turns to look at the Black Moon over the city.]

CAMMY: Do you mean the hackers were coerced to build the Black Moons?

CHUN-LI: Yes. Now we must stop the Moons from exploding in the other six

[She tries to stand up, but is too weak to do so.]

CAMMY: Take it easy. Oh yes, I need to ask something.

[Cammy takes out a parcel and hands it to Chun-Li.]

CAMMY: This package. An Interpol agent was trying to deliver it to you
before the Black Moons appeared. Shadaloo attacked him. Whoever sent it is
unknown. Why the agent was attacked is also not clear. Though I can guess.

[Chun-Li unwraps the parcel. Once she finishes, Guile perks up at its

GUILE: It's the same...

[He takes from his pocket one of the control keys - the objects similar to
chess pieces - with a crescent moon shape on it, as Chun-Li holds another
one with an eight-pointed star on it. Suddenly they hear footsteps. They
turn their direction as a man walks slowly toward the group.]

GUILE: It can't be...!

[It is Nash. Chun-Li tries to walk toward him, but Guile puts his hand out
to stop her.]

GUILE: Wait.

[With an awful grasp of timing, the Arab man from before happily skips
toward the group, accompanied by an older, larger man.]

RASHID: Hello my friends! So sorry to interrupt you, but I...

GUILE: Stay back. This might be a trick.

RASHID: I'm being ignored?

[Yes, you totally are. You're making yourself inconvenient.]

AZAM: Master...

[Anyway, back to the story, Guile enters his fighting stance as Nash stops,
fits his glasses and enters his own stance as well. Guile is clearly
nervous at facing his best friend, whom he thought dead for so long.]

[They fight. Despite them using the same techniques and having a similar
level of power, Guile is clearly affected with the return of his old friend
from the land of the dead - plus the apparent fact that Nash picked up a
trick or two in his time in the other world. Defeated, Guile falls to his

GUILE: Who are you... You're not...!

[He fires a Sonic Boom, which Nash stops with one hand, absorbing its power
until he completely neutralizes it. This effort, however, seems to sap out
his own strength. Guile watches, bewildered. Nash watches the power
dissipate in his hand, not less appalled.]

NASH: What's happening to my body?

[Sitting on the bed of a nearby truck, the young Arab man looks somewhat

RASHID: Fine, you can keep ignoring me if you want. It actually makes it
easier to take care of this.

[As he talks, he catches Chun-Li's attention, before jumping to his feet.
He presents himself in a rather overblown way before taking on an offensive

RASHID: I am Rashid of the Turbulent Wind! I came here to take that piece.
Just hand it to me quietly!

AZAM: Master.

[In response, Chun-Li assumes a defensive stance, in which she is joined by
Cammy. Rashid's aide tries to stand between them and his master, but the
young man is intent on taking matters into his hands.]

RASHID: Please understand that the piece is important to me! I must have it
no matter what.

[He spins around, kicking up a small gust around him.]

RASHID: I hope you won't hate me for this!

[He and Chun-Li fight. Being worn out from her battle against Bison
earlier, she is unable to cut through Rashid's wind, and he unexpectedly
has her defeated. The star-shaped key flies off her as she is kicked away,
and Rashid catches it in mid-air.]

RASHID: Humble apologies!

[He then turns to see Nash fishing the crescent key out of Guile's pocket,
as he lies unconscious.]

RASHID: Huh? Hey, why are you...?

[He starts for Nash, but his aide stops him.]

AZAM: Master.

RASHID: Damn. We can only take this one back for now.

[Rashid spins around, conjuring a large pillar of wind around him and his
aide, into which they disappear.]

[Inside a bar in a snowbound village, Rashid is sitting by the counter,
bored, listening to his voicemail as he fidgets with the key he took from
Chun-Li earlier.]

VOICE OVER THE PHONE [likely Shibasaki]: Well, I would like to talk about
the article for the World Butler Alliance Journal. The deadline is...

[Rashid cuts off the message and sprawls over the counter, pretty much
bored to tears.]

AZAM: Master...

[Someone opens the door and walks in, getting Rashid and his aide's
attention. The camera cuts to the entering person, who is Nash.]

RASHID: You... Ah, now I understand. You were also receiving similar

[Rather than answering, Nash just looks to the side...]

RASHID: Why do they keep ignoring me?!

[...and spots Helen, who was reading a book. She gets up from the couch
where she sat and approaches him, addressing Rashid as well.]

HELEN: I guess you two have already met each other. This is Nash, one of
our associates who's tracking pieces.

RASHID [jumps to his feet]: You're tracking pieces? But why would you want

[Very quickly, Nash throws the crescent key for Rashid to catch.]

HELEN: He has no interest in the pieces themselves. He plans to fight
against Bison, so he doesn't want them to get into Shadaloo's hands.

[Suddenly, the door is thrown open. The first thing that can be seen
through it is a woman's foot, whose owner is soon revealed to be none other
than Juri Han, who is now wearing a full-body skintight suit and has an
eyepatch covering her Feng Shui Engine. Obviously, she had kicked the door

HELEN: You're surprisingly on time, Juri.

[She saunters into the hall, undaunted, as if the place belonged to her.]

JURI: So those are your personal toy soldiers. They look kinda dim to be

HELEN: Oh my, so you don't trust my keen eye for talent?

JURI: If you're that confident, then let me try them out. Let's see...

[She whips around to face Rashid.]

JURI: How about you?

[Rashid is taken aback at the sudden challenge.]

RASHID [indignant]: Azam, why does nobody ever listen to me?

AZAM: Master...

JURI: Time to play!

[She strikes in Rashid's general direction with a windmill kick, then
proceeds to assume a stance.]

RASHID: Azam, stay back!

[He enters his own stance and then they fight. As skillful and inventive as
Rashid may be, Juri's sheer brutality proves to be more than a match for
him and she manages to take him down pretty much without breaking a sweat.
Knowing when he is out of depth, Rashid pulls back out of her reach before
he can be knocked out cold.]

RASHID: Er... Ugh! C'mon! Enough already!

[This attitude, however, only bothers Juri.]

JURI: If you're not gonna fight me seriously, then you can just die!

AZAM: Master!

[Reacting to this implied threat, Azam quickly takes on a fighting position
next to Rashid. Juri is more than happy to oblige, when Helen claps her
hands to stop them.]

HELEN: Enough already. Now, let me explain why I gathered all of you here.

JURI: I haven't been satisfied! [crouches to the floor, pouting] Why don't
you also fight...

HELEN: The Black Moons.

[Rashid and Azam gasp at the mention of the new superweapons of Shadaloo.
After some silence, Helen continues.]

HELEN: One Moon turned all of New York into chaos. [she brushes her hand on
Rashid's shoulder as she passes by him.] What if we could stop them with

[She shows the two control keys in her hand, leaving Rashid simply stunned
as she took them from him without him noticing.]

RASHID: What? How did...!?

[After rifling through his pockets in confusion, he points at Helen
demanding her to return the pieces to him, which she does.]

JURI: Hmm? Are you saying a little piece like that can control those Moons?

HELEN: That's not the whole story. [she starts to pace about the room as
she delivers a passionate exposition] Sadness. Chaos. Fear. Hatred.
Despair. The Moons can bring out extreme negative emotions. And negative
emotions are what Psycho Power feeds upon to grow stronger. From the chaos
unleashed by the Moons, Psycho Power would grow immensely. It would become
the ultimate power! That is the goal of Shadaloo... and Bison. [she turns
to face the people assembled in the bar] So now it's up to us to destroy
Shadaloo's beautiful plan!

[Juri licks her lips in wicked anticipation.]

JURI: Doesn't sound half bad.

[Helen smirks at her in response.]

NASH: My only goal is to kill that man... kill Bison!

HELEN: If they obtain all the remaining pieces, Psycho Power will become
unbeatable. If you want to defeat Bison, you must stop that.
Additionally... [she turns toward Rashid] We have found evidence linking
those missing hackers to the development of the Black Moons. The one who
you seek is among them, am I correct?

[Rashid pauses to consider, looking at the keys in his hand.]

HELEN: If so, isn't it more efficient to all work together?

[Once he is done musing, Rashid paces around, appearing more relaxed.]

RASHID: That makes sense.

AZAM: Master!

RASHID: But, if I'm going to risk my life for you... [turns and points at
Helen] Why don't you tell me who you really are?

[Helen appears to hesitate for a fraction of a second, but is unfazed.]

HELEN: Fine then. I am really...

[Before she can finish her sentence, she senses someone standing right
behind her. She turns around in awe, to see it is Urien.]

URIEN: So you're putting together secret plans in a place like this? You

HELEN: Lord Urien!

[Helen gives Urien a reverence as he steps into the middle of the room,
eyeing Nash.]

URIEN: So this is your precious clay doll.

HELEN: I truly appreciate the support you gave...

[Urien makes a gesture for her to quiet down.]

URIEN: Since I helped in its creation, I came here to see the fruits of my
effort. I hope my tech didn't make an average puppet.

[Nash readies himself for combat in response.]

HELEN: I'm sorry to say...

URIEN: Not one more word!

[He and Nash fight. While Nash is a well-trained soldier, he is not yet
used to his new condition; furthermore, Urien is clearly the apex of human
development, and thus he is able to handily best the former USAF
lieutenant, who sinks to his knees. Just as Urien moves in for the killing
blow, however, Rashid stops him by grabbing his arm.]

RASHID: Stop acting so violent to him! Aren't you satisfied?

URIEN: Don't touch me!


[Since Rashid fails to get the hint, Urien practically spells out what he

URIEN: Commoner! Get that filthy hand off of me before I make you regret it!

[He pushes Rashid away and sends an Aegis Reflector at him, who cartwheels
backwards to evade the move. The Reflector dissipates in time for Helen to
step in and appeal to her master.]

HELEN: Lord Urien, I beg you to please calm yourself down.

[She bows to him in reverence again. Urien concedes and takes his leave.]

URIEN: Fine then... I will be watching you all with great amusement.

[Once he is gone, Helen walks up to Nash to tend to him.]

HELEN: I'm very sorry. I didn't realize that you still haven't mastered how
to use your body. But that's not your fault. Because sadly... You are
already dead.

[Rashid and Azam are quite literally thrown off with the reveal.]

RASHID: What? That's a joke, right?!

[The brief silence reveals it to be quite the opposite.]

RASHID: ...Huh? Are you serious?

[Nash struggles to get up, but Helen sets him down, crouching before him.]

HELEN: Close your eyes. Unfortunately I can't touch your soul. But that
doesn't mean I can't give you a little bit of help. Here...

[She gently touches the stone embedded on Nash's forehead with a finger, as
he closes his eyes. Suddenly, a mysterious energy starts radiating from the
stone, drawing Rashid's attention.]

RASHID: Wha...? What? What you just said was the truth? He's really dead?

[Once the energy flow stops, Helen removes her finger from Nash's forehead.]

HELEN: How's that? You should be feeling better.

[As she stands up, Nash opens his eyes and indeed feels recovered, enough
to get up on his feet. As soon as he is stood to full height, Rashid winces
for a moment, fearing an attack out of the blue. Helen then draws the
attention of all the ones present to her again.]

HELEN: I didn't quite explain myself before. Let me just say... that I
utterly despise Bison... but there's another man more suitable to lead this
world. That's why I want to destroy Shadaloo. Is that satisfactory?

[Rashid gives an indifferent sigh in response.]

HELEN: Now let me ask everyone once again... Do we all share the same
common goal? To stop Shadaloo's deadly plan, and to destroy Bison.

[The others remain silent.]

HELEN: So now, we are all "comrades-in-arms". For at least as long as Bison
still lives.

[Some time later, at the Kanzuki Estate, Shibasaki is giving reports to
Karin as they walk by the front deck.]

SHIBASAKI: That is all to report from the family ninjas. We also received a

[Just then, Rashid runs down from the roof over the front gate and leaps
right down on the front porch, followed by Azam. It should be more than
clear by now that tact or subtlety aren't his strongest suits. He seems to
recognize Karin upon spotting her.]

RASHID: You are... Ahh! You are exactly as Helen described to me.

[Karin makes a gesture for Shibasaki to step back.]

KARIN: And you are a guest who lacks any manners.

RASHID [mimes the shape of a chess piece]: Do you know about a piece that
has this shape? I need you to kindly give it to me.

KARIN: All right. [she enters her fighting stance] You can fight for it!

RASHID [taken aback]: Uh, can't we settle this peacefully?

KARIN: You must get what you want on your own merit. [Shibasaki nods in
approval] That is the Kanzuki family motto!

[Seeing as there is no other way, they fight. Relying on his tricks over
wind, Rashid tries to have an edge over Karin; however, the sheer
efficiency of the  Kanzuki fighting style, known for its unique blend of a
wide variety of styles, gets the better of him. Soon she has him in an

KARIN: Now, let's have a little chat. Why are you trying to take that piece
from me? I'd like to guess. It has something to do with the appearance of
the Black Moons? [the one hovering over Tokyo can be seen behind her as she
says this.]

RASHID: OK! I give up! You have great fighting strength and great wisdom.
I'll talk!

[Rashid manages to break free from Karin's hold and flips over her. Once he
is back on his feet, he displays the pieces in his possession.]

RASHID: I'm sorry, but I'll never use them for evil purposes. You have my
word. I don't know if you believe me or not, but please, believe me. I
wouldn't lie to a Kanzuki.

[He gives her a salute and leaves the way he came: by jumping over the gate
roof, shortly followed by Azam. And, most gravely, without saying what
Karin really wanted to hear from him. She is understandably upset.]

KARIN: Shibasaki, contact all the top rank fighters on the list.

[Shibasaki bows in obedience, as Karin stares out the way Rashid left.]

[Next to a waterfall in the wild, Ryu is meditating. Ken approaches him.]

KEN: Hey!

[Ryu stands up to address his old friend.]

KEN: How's special training? ...Well, if you ask me, I think we both prefer
this a lot more!

[He then enters his fighting stance. With a small smile, Ryu does the same.
Ken warms up a bit more as he gets ready.]

KEN: Heh heh! Bring it on!

[They fight. As usual, the battle between Ryu and Ken is an evenly matched
one, with each of them attempting to best the other with their own take on
Gouken's teachings. However, Ryu's mind is still in turmoil, both due to
attempting to resist the Satsui no Hado and from the legend of the
mysterious warrior Dhalsim had told him of. This allows Ken to gain the
upper hand and prevail, but even then he feels that his friend is a bit off
his game.]

[Regardless, Ryu stands up solemnly after his defeat.]

RYU: Nice offense there.

KEN: Phew! That was real close.

[As Ken warms up for another go, a red-clad kunoichi drops down behind him.
Ken turns around to address her.]

KEN: You're one of Kanzuki's ninjas. What do you want?

KUNOICHI: Shadaloo is using the Black Moons to drive the world into chaos.
The Kanzuki Family is requesting help from the world's best fighters to
prevent this from happening.

[Ryu comes closer, as the female ninja's words ring a bell from his
experiences in India days before.]

KUNOICHI: We hope that you both will join our cause.

[As Ken turns to look at Ryu, he notices his friend looks distressed. Thus
he makes up his mind.]

KEN: Understood. I alone will join their fight for now. Please tell them

[The kunoichi acknowledges Ken's response and departs.]

RYU: Ken?

KEN: You need to continue your special training.

RYU: But I...

KEN: What I'm trying to say is... that I'll cover for you this time. But in
exchange...When you complete your training, you must show me the result of
all your effort.

[He then holds out his fist. Ryu responds in kind, with their old fist-bump

RYU: Sure!

[After a brief moment of exchanging glances, Ken turns to leave.]

KEN: See ya! I look forward to hearing about... "the answer that lies

[Ryu watches his friend leave, then looks at his fist in contemplation.]

[Over at the Kanzuki Estate, Rainbow Mika and Ibuki are bickering loudly.]

R.MIKA: What did you say? Don't act so arrogant! You pickin' a fight with

IBUKI: Arrogant!? I've been working here longer than you have! And then you
come in acting all bossy!

[They glare and growl at each other, even as they leave the main hall.]

R.MIKA: I'd beat you to a pulp!

IBUKI: I'm the one who'd beat you to a pulp!

[Indifferent to this, Karin walks out into the front porch, another of the
pieces in her hand - this one, topped with the shape of a scimitar.]

KARIN: Thank you for waiting.

[The scene pans to show Cammy waiting just outside.]

CAMMY: Your resources... find any information?

[Karin gestures to Shibasaki to let him talk.]

SHIBASAKI: As of now, we were able to acquire a master list. The list of
all people that pieces were sent to. Additionally, we are currently
investigating who else might have accessed that list.

KARIN: And what have you found out?

CAMMY: The Black Moons were created by Shadaloo using the hackers they
supposedly kidnapped. These pieces were likely made by the hackers. [points
to the sword-shaped piece in Karin's hand] Additionally, Guile is
contacting our colleague who infiltrated Shadaloo. We hope he has more
information to share.

KARIN: Working undercover. That sounds interesting. If that's the case,
then Shadaloo wants these pieces, and we must not let them have it. We'll
begin our operation when we hear from Guile.

[They are suddenly alerted by movement at the front gate. Shadaloo
operatives have made their way to the Kanzuki household. On the gate roof
stand two soldiers, plus two of the Dolls: the bespectacled, blue-haired
März and...]

CAMMY: Decapre...?

[The four intruders jump in onto the front porch. Cammy looks on, static,
as Karin takes a stand to drive them out.]

KARIN: Looks like I have to teach our uninvited guests a lesson in manners.

[She assumes an offensive position and takes März as her opponent. As one
of the Dolls, März is a cut above the average Shadaloo grunt in fighting
power and skill; however, Karin is quite the adaptive fighter, and is thus
able to quickly find workarounds to her opponent's strategies. Sure enough,
soon she has the battle in her favor.]

[Frightened and with her co-workers defeated by Cammy in the meantime, März
attempts to escape, only to be cornered by Karin as she jumps over the
Shadaloo operative and they trade a few more blows, ending with Karin
holding the Doll in an armlock. Ibuki and Mika are still at each other's
throats as all this is going on.]

IBUKI: Hey... you... take your hands off... Huh?

[Karin's signature laughter draws their attention away from each other.]

KARIN: Oohohohoho! I'll never let you escape!

[The kunoichi and the wrestler pause as their employer turns her gaze to

KARIN: If the two of you are not satisfied fighting each other, then I can
join in to give the satisfaction you deserve.

[Knowing what she means with this, the two straighten out.]

IBUKI [apologetically]: Uh, well, no, thank you!

R.MIKA [in the same tone]: I'll pass! I... I'm very satisfied!

[The scene then pans to Decapre, who has also been defeated by Cammy and is
on one knee, reeling. She stands to face her "source material" again.]

CAMMY: Decapre...

[However, the battle appears to have taken its toll on her.]

DECAPRE: Argh! Ugh... uh... err...

[Clutching her head in pain, the Russian doll turns around and escapes the
estate the same way she came, before a worried Cammy can give chase. Once
Decapre is gone, Cammy silently laments for her "twin".]

[Later, in the dining hall of the mansion, Guile comes in to meet with
Karin. Knowing why he is here for and the gravity of the situation, he cuts
straight to the chase.]

GUILE: The pieces are keys to control the Black Moons. When the control
device recognized the piece, its program can be activated. But more
importantly, the same pieces can be used to activate their shutdown

KARIN: I'd bet that the control device is in the Shadaloo base. Anything
else to report?

GUILE: Shadaloo has the same list. They'll be going after them.

[He takes out a small piece of paper from his back pocket and gives it to
Karin. She then looks aside to see more arriving fighters: Ken, Chun-Li,
Dhalsim and Zangief.]

KARIN: Now everybody has finally gathered. With the exception of Ryu.

[She glances at Ken as if expecting him to explain his partner's absence.
Ken gives an embarrassed smile in response. She then surveys the list.]

KARIN: Oh my! According to the list, [turns to Zangief] one of the pieces
should have been sent to you.

ZANGIEF: Da! I remember! I received some little thing in package. I was
busy on wrestling tour, so I left with friend.

KARIN: Can you say where your friend is now?

ZANGIEF: I think... he's in India. I will go and get it!

GUILE: I'm going with you.

CHUN-LI: Then who else has one?

KARIN: One was sent to a wrestler in New York, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

DHALSIM: New York transportation and communication systems are all
inoperative. So, I will go.

KEN: I guess I'm going to Brazil.

CHUN-LI: I'll go with you. Cammy can come along, too. [then, to Karin] What
about you?

KARIN: I'll take Ibuki and Mika to the Shadaloo base. We'll take the
initiative by scouting the area.

[Still at the dining hall, Ken's son shows up.]

MEL: Daddy!!

[The boy runs up to his father, who catches him and carries him up in his

KEN: Hey!! What's wrong, Mel? Weren't you supposed to be with your Mommy?

MEL: I wanna go with you! I wanna go too!

[Ken sets him down.]

KEN: Ehahahaha. All right, I promise that when you can do a Hadoken, we'll
go together.

[Mel steps back and mimes the move to his father.]

MEL: Hajoken!!

KEN [amused]: Ahaha! Awesome! [he crouches to talk to his son closely] Now,
while Daddy is away, you'll have to protect your Mommy.

MEL: Yes! Hojoken!

[The kid goes on to "practice" more of his father's moves as Chun-Li,
feeling downcast as she remembers her father, walks away to talk to Cammy.]

CHUN-LI: It's nice to watch them play.

CAMMY: I think... Ken shouldn't have to come with us. [Chun-Li reacts to
this] He has a family. He should stay here and protect them.

[Chun-Li gives a saddened sigh, as they watch Ken attempting to teach the
Shoryuken to Mel.]

CHUN-LI: There are some battles he can't avoid, especially when he has
someone to protect. My father was the same way.

[Cammy turns away, feeling guilty for bringing up the topic in the first

CAMMY: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to remind you of bitter things. It's

CHUN-LI: Just what?

CAMMY: Families... confuse me... I don't have one.

[They decide to leave the topic aside as Karin comes back in.]

KARIN: Guile and the others have already left. I'll be leaving shortly with
Ibuki and Mika.

[The Interpol agent and the Delta Red operative nod in acknowledgement.]

KARIN: I'll see you all again... next time at the base.

[Some time later, the mansion is empty. The only people left in the
premises are in the dojo: März, whose hands are chained together at the
wrists, and Birdie, who is guarding her. Between them, a tray of
sandwiches. Notably, the punk is restless at all the silence.]

BIRDIE: It's gotten too quiet now.

[We see there was another sandwich tray in the place, but Birdie has eaten
them all. This, naturally, is another thing that gets him miffed, as he
lets out a defeated sigh. März starts to twitch in the place where she is,
but a glare from the Briton is enough to make her cower. Panicking, she
pushes her own sandwich tray to him, who suddenly becomes overjoyed.]

BIRDIE: Huh? ...Are you sure about that?

[He crawls over to the dish, ready to gorge in the sandwiches, while
ignoring März's growing fright, until...]

BIRDIE: Dohaaaaah!!

[...he gets kicked away by another of Shadaloo's Dolls, the rose-haired,
eyepatch-wearing Aprile. She hastily comes to tend to März.]

APRILE: Are you hurt? You look all right. Can you stand up?

MÄRZ: Uh, huh.

[With the chain around her wrists removed by Aprile, März gets back to her

APRILE: Good. Let's escape.

[Birdie, however, gets back up just as the Dolls start walking out of the

BIRDIE: You're not going anywhere!

[He launches himself out of the room, over the Dolls' heads, and lands just
far enough to block their path. He then picks himself up, sounding

BIRDIE: If I let you get away from me... If you escape...!!

[März quickly enters a defensive stance, while Aprile just steps forward,

APRILE: Back off.

BIRDIE: If you escape... [shouts to the sky, loud enough to spit saliva
out] They won't feed me anymore!!

[They fight. Having special combat training in addition to her field medic
capacities, Aprile should net herself an easy victory against an opponent
who is far more brawn than brains. However, she is in for a rude awakening,
as not only is Birdie a vicious fighter in his own right; when there is
food on the line, he becomes nigh-unstoppable. Eventually, he manages to
bring her down to her knees.]

APRILE: Agh, ugh...

BIRDIE: Yes! I've earned my meal!

[Birdie's joy is short-lived as a third Doll, the Native American Noembelu,
subtly approaches him from behind and knocks him down with a kick to the
back of the knee. She then takes him out by kneeing him in the face.]

APRILE: Noembelu. You saved me.

NOEMBELU: Enero is angry.

MÄRZ: I'm sorry.

[On the floor, Birdie struggles in pain as the Dolls escape.]

[Far from there, in Rio de Janeiro, a teenage boy is walking down the
staircase in a favela while playing Megaman in his handheld console. In his
distraction, as soon as he comes to the end of the steps, he bumps into
someone standing in his way, dropping the handheld.]

SEAN: Ouch! Hey you! Why don't you look where... you're... wal... king...

[He has difficulty speaking as he gazes upon the person's strange figure: a
very tall, rail-thin man with East Asian features, wearing a Chinese robe
with sleeves long enough to cover his hands, followed by a Shadaloo grunt.
He bends down to pick up the dropped console, then stares at the boy.]

F.A.N.G: I have something that I want to ask you. And you'd better answer
my question truthfully... if you don't want to end up like this.

[He holds up the console in front of the kid, making it melt in his poison
covered hand just by touching it. As he drops the console into the
teenager's hands, he throws it away in fright. F.A.N.G then shows the sun-
topped piece to the kid.]

F.A.N.G: Have you seen this piece before?

SEAN [frightened, taking a close look]: My sister has it!

F.A.N.G: You are correct!

[Just as Sean picks himself up, the assassin seizes him by the throat and
hoists him up.]

SEAN: Urg... Can't... breathe...

F.A.N.G: Now, why don't you tell me where the control key is? Or... door
number two, where I take you hostage and threaten your sister with your life?

[Before this prick can do anything, Ken suddenly drop-kicks him, sending
him and the Shadaloo trooper accompanying him to the ground, and causing him 
to release Sean.]

KEN: Phew! I made it just in time. Are you all right?

SEAN: Uh, yes!

[F.A.N.G picks himself up and stops to take a look at himself. What he sees
shocks him.]

F.A.N.G: You got mud on my beautiful clothes! Daaaah!! I'll never forgive

[He gets angry enough to enter his fighting stance. Ken simply responds by
provoking him with his usual "come on" taunt.]

[They fight. F.A.N.G's techniques, allied to his absurd attacking range,
are nothing to be trifled with, to say nothing of his deadly poison. On the
other hand, Ken is an all-around skillful fighter, who has already taken on
plenty of opponents throughout the course of his life, and so he has little
to no problem with this new weirdo of an adversary, who is sent rolling on
the cobblestone-paved ground once defeated.]

[He looks up to see Ken picking Sean up off the ground, and despondently
darts to his feet.]

F.A.N.G: You fool! I'll never forgive you!

[He prepares to fight again, but stops himself upon hearing a few chimes.
He taps around in his outfit until he finds a skull-shaped communicating
device, the source of the sound, and listens into it, getting alarmed at
the news.]

F.A.N.G: What? Intruders? I understand. I'll get back there right now!!

KEN: Hey, wait!

[He tries to give chase as F.A.N.G starts to run, but he unleashes a poison
gas curtain that buys him time to escape while Ken and Sean shield
themselves. Sure enough, he is gone once the cloud dissipates. Chun-Li and
Cammy then come running.]

CHUN-LI: Are you all right?

[Sean nods affirmatively.]

CHUN-LI: Wait, I think I know you... you're part of the Matsuda family?

SEAN: Yes, I am.

CHUN-LI: Can I ask you, was this sent to your house?

[She shows Sean a drawing of the dagger-shaped piece.]

SEAN: Those guys were asking me about this just before. So... [he suddenly
panics] Ahhh! My sister! I think she caused trouble again!

[Ken chuckles at the kid's nervousness.]

KEN: Look, could you possibly give the piece to us?

[Sean pauses to consider it, then answers with a more confident smile.]

SEAN: OK! You guys saved my life. But, it's my sister's. I happen to have
it here.

CAMMY: Watch out!!

[Just as Sean is rifling through his pockets, one of the Shadaloo soldiers
flies back into the scene. Chun-Li and Ken save the boy from being hit by
kicking the soldier away, over his head. They all turn the direction where
this guy comes from and see an attractive young lady - the same who broke
into the three-way match between Zangief, Rainbow Mika and Alex in New York
City days before - , carrying another of the Shadaloo officers,
unconscious, on her shoulder.]

SEAN: La... L-L-L-L-Laura?!

[She comes into full view of the group, stepping out of the shadows, decked
in green and yellow adapted fighting attire.]

LAURA: Hi! Were you guys talking about me?

[Sean barely has time to react as his elder sister latches herself onto
him, trapping him in a headlock while mercilessly teasing him. Chun-Li, Ken
and Cammy just watch, completely dumbfounded.]

LAURA: What have you been doing around here?! And look at your hair! I know
what it is! You must have found a girlfriend!

SEAN: No I didn't! Don't touch me! Hey! Can't breathe!

LAURA: But you still look so thin as a rail! You must eat more meat,
otherwise your girlfriend won't like you!

SEAN: I said I don't have a girlfriend! I give, give, give...! I give up!

[He tries to tap out, to no avail.]

CHUN-LI [confused]: Do you think we should stop them? Before...

[Laura is now holding Sean in a figure-four leglock.]

LAURA: Let's make things burn with one more head rub! How's this?!

CAMMY: Is this considered... a typical brother-sister relationship?

[Chun-Li sighs in defeat. It is pretty clear she wouldn't want Cammy to get
any wrong ideas. When Laura finally lets up, Sean is on the verge of losing
consciousness, so she sends him rolling away and finally takes the time to
address the street fighters gathered there.]

LAURA: OK, now that I've said hello to my dear little brother... Ken
Masters! I recognize who you are. Why would a famous person like you be

KEN: Well, I was looking for a package that had been sent to you.

LAURA: You told Sean to give you something. I don't like the sound of that.
If you're trying to steal from my brother, I'll make you regret it!

[Ken is understandably stunned by the girl's abrasive reaction, and tries
to pacify things.]

KEN: Wait! You're wrong!

[Laura, very obviously not trying to listen, enters her fighting stance.]

LAURA: You'll pay for this! And now I'm here to collect!

[Seeing no other alternative, Ken enters his stance as well and they fight.
Ken feels it wouldn't be right to deny a challenge, despite such
accrimonious circumstances, but even then, it is clear that he doesn't want
to waste time fighting pointlessly. Not having the same thing in mind, and
knowing only she is facing the American Martial Arts Champion, Laura uses
the best of her abilities and manages to come out on top.]

[Ken still has some fight in him, though, and soon he is back to his feet.]

LAURA: So, the US Martial Arts Champion... still has the ability to fight
even after all that!

[Just as she prepares for another round, Sean tackles her.]

SEAN: Both of you, stop it! Hey, sis! Listen to me! These people saved my


[She stops struggling to break free once Sean manages to get through to

SEAN: They saved me from them!! Those guys!

[He indicates the Shadaloo troopers fallen nearby. Laura stares at them and
starts to realize things.]

LAURA: Hmmmm... Oh! Is that the case? Hahaha, I see. Then why didn't you
tell me that earlier?

[Before Sean can say "because you didn't let me!", she shoves him aside.]

LAURA: Sorry about that.

SEAN: In return for saving me, can I give them this?

[The piece he has in his hand is in the shape of a coffee pot.]

LAURA: OK! But in exchange, can I go along with you guys? My name's Laura
Matsuda. You just saw my skill. So, if my skill can be of help, can you let
me promote Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu by using your online Karate class? Deal?

CHUN-LI [stunned]: What?

KEN: Deal! For giving us the piece. Besides, I think you already decided to
come along.

LAURA: All right! I'm going to make Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu world-famous! [she
then mugs Sean again, energetically] What do you want as a souvenir? You
want medicine that makes you taller, or popular with girls?

SEAN: I don't need that! And just so you know, your fighting style is no
longer Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu!

LAURA: What are you talking about? I've been using Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu all my

[The siblings' argument makes them unaware that they are being watched for
a while, until they turn toward the staircase and see Decapre standing on
it, giving off Psycho Power for some reason. Sean decides to take matters
into his hands for a change.]

SEAN: Are you a friend of those stupid jerks? Unfortunately you're a little
too... Baaaah!

[Laura throws Sean out of her way, clearly sensing the danger.]

LAURA: Just stay back. This monster is too much for you to handle!

[Decapre does nothing. She just stands still, head hung low, as Laura and
Ken prepare to fight. Naturally, Cammy is worried about the Doll.]

CAMMY: Decapre...

[In India, Zangief and Guile have already retrieved their piece, which
looks like a chess knight.]

ZANGIEF: A little thing like this could really cause...

[Guile quietly agrees, even though he knows that the importance of the
pieces is not to be downplayed. Suddenly, a pair of Shadaloo enforcers
surround them, but Guile takes one out by blocking his attacks and Flash
Kicking him, while Zangief only needs a Spinning Clothesline to knock out
the other. As he does, Balrog comes out, with a young boy in a white hoodie
following him.]

BALROG: Is their strength really being enhanced? They still look pretty
damn weak!

[Zangief gets ready to fight, as Guile makes a taunting gesture. At this
moment, another of the Dolls, this one a dark-skinned girl wielding a spear
and with tribal paint on her face, jumps down to attack Guile.]

[They fight. In addition to Shadaloo training, the Vietnamese Santamu is
also versed in jungle survival, and the weapon she carries gives her an
edge. Guile, on his part, uses his own fighting techniques to good effect,
and he uses his superior strength to push Santamu to her limit. Soon, she
is on the ground.]

[She tries to force herself up as her pet monkey comes to perch itself upon
her and growls at Guile to back off. With one last attack, she throws her
spear, narrowly missing Guile, and runs off after it. The focus then shifts
to Balrog and Zangief staring down each other.]

BALROG: You big meathead. Why don't you just drop dead!!

[He throws a punch square at the center of Zangief's chest, but the Russian
wrestler does not even flinch.]

ZANGIEF: Hmmm... Mmm... Muscle!

[Zangief simply uses the power of his pecs to push Balrog back.]

ZANGIEF: It was nice try! Now it's my turn to strike back!

[Under the watch of the kid in white, they fight. It is a battle of pure
brawn, as fists and muscles collide with tremendous force. While Balrog is
a formidable fist-fighter and has the strength to back it up, Zangief,
despite slightly less agile, is far more versatile, and he manages to gain
the upper hand over the American boxer, who is pushed back further. The boy
approaches Balrog.]

ED: I think this chump might have it.

BALROG: Huh? Is that your intuition again?

ED: Since you first found me, has my intuition ever been wrong even once?

BALROG: You better be right about this.

[He moves in for another punch, which Zangief again takes to his chest.]

ZANGIEF: Hrnnn... Muscle!

[Just as he is about to repel Balrog, the boy holds out his hand, on which
the Shadaloo sigil glows with what appears to be Psycho Power. As the power
surges, the piece comes out of hiding, from inside Zangief's chest hair.]

ZANGIEF: What the...?!

[Capitalizing on Zangief's distraction, Balrog decks him with a left hook
as the piece floats straight into the boy's hand.]

BALROG: That ain't bad, kid.

ED: Hehe.

[He hands the piece over to Balrog, as Zangief recovers from the last
punch. He and Guile try to charge after the two, but Santamu and a Shadaloo
soldier block their way, allowing Balrog and his protégé to calmly leave.
Needless to say, Guile is not happy at this turn of events.]

[New York City is still in a state of chaos and disarray. There are still
cars abandoned in traffic pileups throughout the streets. One of these, a
trailer car, is being seen to by Alex, who has just finished repairing the
suspension and walks over to close the hood. Just as he does, Dhalsim
unexpectedly appears over it, scaring the American out of his wits.]

ALEX: Nuagh!

DHALSIM: I have something I need to ask you.

[Recovered from the initial shock, Alex scoffs at this polite request, the
way a hot-blooded Manhattanite would do.]

ALEX: You a mugger? I heard it's happening a lot around the neighborhood


[He notices Alex has entered his fighting stance.]

DHALSIM: Wait. Listen to me.

ALEX: You picked on the wrong guy.

[They fight. The powers that come form Dhalsim's mastery over yoga are
clearly something new for a down-to-earth fighter like Alex, and he finds
himself outmatched. However, if there is one thing that Alex is not known
for, is giving up a fight. And so, in spite of the difficulty, he manages
to use his raw power to trump the master of mystical arts.]

[With Dhalsim down for the count, Alex relaxes from his stance as he tries
to continue what he was doing before, when the Indian mystic teleports
before him, much to his astonishment before he resumes his fighting

ALEX: You still want to do this...!?

DHALSIM: Calm yourself down. I am truly not a mugger.

ALEX: What are ya?

DHALSIM: My apologies, but I would like to ask you to give that piece to

[Dhalsim looks over to the piece, visible through a window of Alex's
trailer next to his fighting trophies. It is topped with a four-pronged

ALEX: Ah, that thing's not a big deal to me. You take it.

[He hands the piece to Dhalsim, after retrieving it from his trailer.]

DHALSIM: My thanks.

[Alex turns to leave, but Dhalsim stops him.]

DHALSIM: One last thing... Sometime in the future you might feel that you
want to seek answers. When the time comes, you must turn your eyes to the

[He floats higher and teleports away, leaving a confused Alex behind.]

[Back in Brazil, a seriously pained Decapre is hobbling downstairs towards
the group of fighters gathered there, clutching her head as Psycho Power
continues leaking from her.]

KEN: Isn't that woman...?

CHUN-LI: One of Bison's bodyguards. But something's wrong with her. Cammy,
any idea?

[Cammy stares at her clone, trying to figure out the problem. She has
mental images of Decapre in immense pain, as one of the Black Moons hovers
ominously over her, draining her from her power. She is suddenly snapped
out of this when Laura pipes up.]

LAURA: Well, isn't she an enemy? Then let me take care of her...

[Cammy runs to intercept Laura before she can do anything.]

CAMMY: No, don't! I'll fight her to be certain!

[They fight. While they share a genetic template and abilities, Decapre is
a far more lethal fighter with her forearm blade. However, the
physiological breakdown she is going through allows Cammy to subdue her
without much trouble.]

[After a little while, Decapre faints. Cammy catches her and sets her down
gently. Suddenly, a couple of police officers arrive in Sean's company,
pointing their guns toward Decapre.]

POLICE OFFICER: Nobody move!

SEAN: Laura! I brought some backup!

POLICE OFFICER: She's the agent working for Shadaloo! We have the authority
to arrest her!

[Cammy does not respond to the police's demands. She feels herself
responsible for the Dolls, who like her were victims of Bison's dark
powers, and so should have a second chance like Cammy herself had. As the
cops are still at attention and ready to shoot at any false move, Ken tries
to ease the tension.]

KEN: Take it easy! She's no longer a danger!

CHUN-LI: You don't have to worry, Cammy. We should turn her over to them
for now.

[Cammy's gaze is still fixed on Decapre. She has a flashback of Decapre, as
a child.]

CHILD CAMMY'S VOICE: Your big sister... Will help you...

[The image of the little girl is followed by the Black Moon closing in.]

DECAPRE: Help... you...

[Cammy snaps out of her daze upon hearing Decapre repeating the words she
was told long ago.]

DECAPRE: Will help you... Big sister will...

[One of the officers grows impatient and approaches Cammy, cautiously.]

POLICE OFFICER: What are you doing? Give the girl to us, now!

[Unwilling to hand her "sister" over to a stranger, Cammy instinctively
kicks the policeman, causing the other to fire in reaction.]

KEN: Don't do it!

[Luckily, no one is hit; Cammy had dodged fast enough to set Decapre down
somewhere safe. She then stands up to face the officer in a fight.]

CAMMY: I am...!

[They fight. It is common knowledge that police officers receive basic
combat training to survive in the streets, but Cammy, having spec ops
training from both Shadaloo and Delta Red, is several levels above the
common street ruffian, which shows when she completely outclasses the
policeman and knocks him out with just a few strikes.]

[The other one raises his gun at Cammy, when suddenly he gets trampled by
an ATV coming from an upper street at high speed. Its rider lets out a
shrill, noticeably female, laugh, as the vehicle skids to a halt. Cammy
soon recognizes the rider.]

CAMMY: What are you...!? Juri!!

JURI: Ahaha, looks like you're having fun. Get on board. You can pay me for
this with that.

[Juri kicks the unconscious Decapre in the face, knocking her mask off.]

CAMMY: What are you...?!

CHUN-LI: Huh?!

JURI: Ehahaha! How sweet! The love between sisters turns them both into

[Cammy has been put in a box, and she knows it. She doesn't like the idea
of having to ally with a certified maniac and leave her friends behind. But
the safety of her "sisters" is also a priority to her. Although she is sure
she will kick herself over this later, she picks up Decapre and rides along
with Juri. With a giggle, the madwoman speeds off.]

CHUN-LI: Cammy!

KEN: Damn it!

LAURA: Are you trying to follow them on foot? It's foolish to do that. The
road is straight line from here. Besides...

[She turns towards the upper street, from which three more Shadaloo
soldiers drop down.]

KEN: Again?! How do they keep coming?

[Chun-Li decides not to waste any more time.]

CHUN-LI: I have to... I have to head to the base now. Please hold them off.

KEN: Sure! Leave it to me!

[Ken quickly solves the matter, with a single Shinryuken that knocks out
all three soldiers at once, giving Chun-Li enough time to run for it. From
the roof of a house nearby, Vega stands watching them.]

VEGA: Humph. A flower trifling in the wind is so beautiful.

[He holds out a rose and, with a sleight of hand, sends its petals
scattering in the wind.]

VEGA: I want to cut it down by my own hand.

[At the Shadaloo base - suggestively laid out in the shape of the winged
skull sigil - Rashid, Azam and Nash are walking through a storage room just
past the entrance.]

RASHID: I don't believe that I came back.

[As they come to an open hallway, Nash pauses briefly at the doorway, then
heads the direction opposite to Rashid and Azam, into a nearby corridor.
Rashid notices and follows after him.]

RASHID: Hey, wait, you! That's not the right way. We have to stop the
Moons, so we have to find the control room!

NASH [not stopping]: I know that Bison must be in here. I will find him and
kill him.

[Rashid decides to force Nash to stop and listen by blocking his way.]

RASHID: Come on, wait wait wait wait wait! I just learned Kanzuki and some
other people are coming here soon. We all share the same goal to stop the
Black Moons. If we all worked together, our chances would be even better.
Right? If we could stop the Moons, Bison's power would also weaken. And you
would be able to defeat him easier.

[Nash concedes that Rashid makes a compelling point, but is determined.]

NASH: I can't afford to waste time.

[He resumes walking, leaving Rashid behind.]

RASHID: Hey, don't just rush off! You could get killed... Oh...

[He realizes he said something he shouldn't as Nash stops, apparently with
a nerve struck. Rashid then tries to get his foot off his mouth, knowing he
would not want to be on Nash's bad side.]

RASHID: Look, I really don't know what happened to you, but if you want to
get to Bison, you shouldn't abandon us.

NASH: What you're saying is right. But some things cannot be resolved by
doing right.

[He walks off down the corridor. Rashid just sighs at Nash's stubbornness,
before heading the other way to the control room. Azam gives one last
glance at Nash before following his master.]

[Further into the base, Rashid and Azam come across Karin's entourage,
comprised of her, Shibasaki, Ibuki and Rainbow Mika.]

KARIN: Wonderful to see you again.

RASHID: So, Mr. Butler, did you already find the control room around here?

KARIN: Shibasaki is the head steward of the Kanzuki family. Of course he did.

[Rashid, showing little sense of personal space, comes over and slings his
arm across Shibasaki's shoulder. As a good butler, Shibasaki remains

RASHID: Great! Then I suggest we should work together. And I'll forgive you
for what happened in the past.

KARIN: Please do not touch my head steward. By the way, do you actually
have the piece?

[Before Rashid can answer, a couple of soldiers comes to intercept the

RASHID: Again?! These guys are getting on my nerves.

[Karin steps forward to fight them off. Notably, Rashid hasn't let go of

[Karin fights one of the soldiers. True to Balrog's words of them in India,
these soldiers do not seem all too enhanced, as Karin manages to dispatch
her opponent with relative ease, while Rashid, Rainbow Mika and Ibuki take
care of the remaining ones.]

[Suddenly, an alarm blares throughout the base and blast doors start
closing to trap the groups inside.]


[Noticing Mika and Ibuki distracted - especially as the former is throwing
a victory pose - , Rashid pushes them to the other side of one such door.]

R.MIKA: Whoa!

[While Azam is farther behind holding up another door, Rashid looks at the
two pieces he has and, thinking quickly, throws them to Karin just before
the blast door between her group and him and Azam closes, separating them.]

RASHID [from the other side of the door]: Please keep an eye on them! I'm
supposed to be responsible for their safekeeping! But there's no time! Can
I trust you?

[Karin's group stops to ponder this, but ultimately she gives the final 

KARIN: Understood! I accept your request!

[They then run off to find another way out.]

[At another part of the base, Rainbow Mika and Ibuki are walking by
themselves. Each is mad at the other.]

IBUKI: It's all your fault because you went the wrong way!!

R.MIKA: No, it's all YOUR fault! You're slow, so they decided to leave us

[Ibuki turns around to ream on Rainbow Mika some more and show her who's
boss, but suddenly she spots a Shadaloo soldier coming up behind the

IBUKI: Watch out!!

[The kunoichi jumps and throws a kunai at the soldier, stopping him dead on
his tracks.]

IBUKI: Phew!

[Mika is clearly at a loss, as the ninja just stuck out her neck for her.]

R.MIKA: Uh... Thank you for that...

[Ibuki, too, is quite embarrassed, apparently thinking of how foolish they
were acting with all their arguing. Then Mika spots Balrog passing by
behind Ibuki, accompanied by the kid in white.]

R.MIKA: Hey!

[They now have the boxer's attention to them, and as Ibuki turns around to
see him, she notices the horse-shaped piece in his hand.]

BALROG: Is this what you chumps are looking for? If you want it, come and
get it!

IBUKI: I will!

[They fight. Balrog clearly shows no compunction at taking on a teenage
girl with his full power, and so Ibuki finds herself in a pickle. It is one
thing to fight a generic Shadaloo grunt, but facing one of the Four Kings
is one of her toughest challenges yet. However, the ninjutsu skills she
acquired over the course of her life, in spite of her lack of drive to
train, end up serving her well, and so she manages to outsmart the ex-
boxing champ and defeat him.]

[Still, Balrog isn't ready to go down yet. He quickly gets back up on his
feet, to Ibuki's amazement.]

IBUKI: What? That didn't work?!

[Going on the offensive, Balrog goes in for the kill, and his punch

[...with Rainbow Mika, who used her face to shield Ibuki.]

IBUKI: Mika...!

[She uses her strength to push the American's fist back with only her head,
opening a small gap between them.]

MIKA: Hehehe, don't worry. Compared to my special training, this is
nothing! [flashes a thumbs-up] Now why don't you try me on for size!

[Balrog is more than happy to oblige and they enter fighting stances, as
Ibuki turns around to deal with more Shadaloo soldiers come to corner

[Despite having just been in a fight, Balrog shows no signs of weariness,
and it shows in the agility and lethality he puts behind his punches.
However, he does not seem to know that Rainbow Mika is a force to be
reckoned with in her own right, and after a fierce duel, she has him on the

[This still isn't enough to put Balrog down and out for good. Knowing this,
Mika and Ibuki give each other a sign, and the wrestler rushes to grab the
boxer by the waist.]


ED: Tch!

IBUKI: Too late!

[The boy tries using his power to repel Mika, but Ibuki is faster and
throws a smoke bomb at his feet, allowing her to nab the piece from Balrog
and skeedaddle with her partner. They later manage to find Karin and

IBUKI: Ms. Kanzuki!!

[Outside the base, soldiers run out to confront Chun-Li. Even knowing she
is outnumbered, she prepares to fight them, when Dhalsim teleports in next
to her and knocks them all down with one elastified kick.]

CHUN-LI: Dhalsim!

DHALSIM: Sorry I'm a bit late.

[More soldiers zero in on them.]

DHALSIM: I'll take care of them.

[He hands Chun-Li the piece Alex had given him.]

CHUN-LI: Thank you.

[She then runs into the base, leaving Dhalsim to face off against the wave
of enemies coming to him. He sits in lotus position, focuses his power, and
unleashes a massive Yoga Inferno against the soldiers.]

[Inside the base, Chun-Li is making her way to the control room, when the
voice of a little girl stops her.]

LI-FEN: You are one of the people who has the Merope...

[Chun-Li turns towards the little Chinese girl. She seems to recognize

CHUN-LI: Aren't you...?

[The girl shows her datapad to Chun-Li. The equipment displays information
on herself, along with the star-shaped piece Cammy had delivered to her.
The Interpol agent quickly realizes what this means.]

CHUN-LI: So, Shadaloo was using hackers to track all of the pieces down.
We'll save the conversation for later. We have to get out of here now.

LI-FEN: There's someone... I mean... I still have to look for the usher.

CHUN-LI: The usher?

LI-FEN: I still have something I have to do. So that means I can't escape
from here yet.

[The little girl clutches the datapad against her chest and runs off.]

CHUN-LI: That girl... What is she doing?

[Karin enters the control room by blowing down the door to it. Just as
soon, she sees Chun-Li coming in from another corridor much in the same

KARIN: Oh my!

[They reconvene by the mainframe that controls the Black Moons.]

CHUN-LI: I guess we both made it here with perfect timing.

KARIN: Ahaha, now we have all six of them.

[Chun-Li gives her piece to Karin, who shows the other five in her hands -
even though one of these should be with Chun-Li as it was given by Laura.]

CHUN-LI: After we set up these pieces, we'll be able to stop the Black Moons.

[She heads toward the mainframe to start working on it, but a voice stops
her and Karin in their tracks.]

F.A.N.G: More intruders have broken into my very important control room...!

[They turn to see the Chinese assassin standing by the doorway through
which Karin came.]

F.A.N.G: What are you all doing in heeeere???!

KARIN: I'll take care of this. You must be exhausted after your trip.

[She gives the other pieces to Chun-Li and turns to battle F.A.N.G.]

F.A.N.G: How dare you try to interrupt Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. that I
dedicated to Lord Bison... I won't let either of you leave here alive!

[They fight. While F.A.N.G is a very dangerous man and devoted enough to
Shadaloo's cause to fight for it until his last breath, Karin proves once
again that her style is tailored to battle any kind of adversary, and soon
he is defeated.]

[F.A.N.G tries to get back up and panics as he sees Chun-Li setting the
final piece on the machine.]

CHUN-LI: This is it!

[She hits a key on the keyboard and a light scans the pieces. On the screen
above the terminal, one of the Black Moons is displayed, along with several
other info and schematics on Operation C.H.A.I.N.S., while a PSA meter on
the upper left corner starts filling. Chun-Li steps back, hopeful that this
new WMD will be stopped. A little while after it is full, an error message
pops up on the screen, indicating the operation was aborted.]

CHUN-LI [relieved]: It stopped...

KARIN: We were successful!

[Back on his feet, F.A.N.G is utterly annoyed at this development and
throws toxic fumes in the ladies' direction.]

F.A.N.G: I'll show all of them... One last trick up my sleeve!

[With Chun-Li and Karin having to shield themselves from the fumes, he runs
off, disappearing into the purple mist. As they try to make sense about
where he went, the floor at the center of the room starts opening up.]


[There is an intense heat release as light pours out from the reactor

CHUN-LI: Then this is...

VOICE: Their main headquarters.

[The male voice comes from behind Chun-Li and Karin, who turn and see Abel,
dressed like a Shadaloo shock trooper, except he is wearing his black belt
and shin pads and is barefoot.]

CHUN-LI: You were the one who was operating undercover, Abel? I see.

[Abel gives a curt nod to reassure them. Just then, a screen with rapidly
scrolling command lines pops up in the terminal's monitor. The beeping
sound from the program draws the fighters' attention, as another command
prompt window appears on the screen.]

ABEL: Someone is trying to hack into the control room.

[More windows pop up, one after another, as they watch.]

[In another room, F.A.N.G addresses someone who is sitting on a chair. The
camera does not show the person, but by the voice we can tell it is the
little Chinese girl from before. She seems to be struggling with whatever
she is doing. He walks up to her, threateningly.]

F.A.N.G: Execute that program right now, or else!

LI-FEN: But... But if I...

[He puts up his poison-soaked hand, pointing it at her face, to shut her

F.A.N.G: Do you think I'm a complete fool who didn't realize you were
sniffing around for the ones who had the control keys? Tell me... Do you
want me to melt you down like I did to that other programmer?

[He moves his hand around just to bully her.]

F.A.N.G: Yes... The "Descent Program". With this, nobody will be able to
stop it from happening.

[The camera zooms in on the girl's hands. She is the one who is typing the
program code in her datapad, appearing quite frightened. Indifferent to
this, F.A.N.G starts singing and dancing around the room, in maniacal

F.A.N.G: This is so perfect! This is so perfect! Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. is
indestructible! All the power from fear, despair, and hatred will be given
to Lord Bison! Lord Bison will be the one to rule the world!
[The girl continues typing, growing more and more terrified.]

[A shot of a Black Moon drifting in space is followed by the radar in the
US Army bunker, where one of the blips representing the Black Moons lights
up. The comms officers give their CO an update.]

COMMS OFFICER 1: The Black Moons had stopped, but now they rebooted!

GEN. TAYLOR: What did you say?

COMMS OFFICER 1: "Descent Program"... It must've been activated!

COMMS OFFICER 2: Data's coming in! If the Black Moons drop to the surface,
the resulting explosion will completely destroy everything within 10

[The radar simulates the impact areas, much wider than just 10 kilometers,
all centered in key areas around the world: the general areas of London,
Moscow, Calcutta, Beijing and Tokyo, plus two that were meant to be New
York and Rio, but are off by a few miles (they seem to be centered around
Quebec and Belo Horizonte, respectively). The general looks on with a grim

COMMS OFFICER 2: This monitor shows the time until the Moons drop.

[A timer pops up over the map. It gives a time limit of 24 hours and counting 

GEN. TAYLOR: Contact all departments!

[Back at the Shadaloo base, all the pop-up windows close, and the computer
returns to the Black Moons' status reports. The timer for Descent Program
pops up, also counting down from 24 hours.]

CHUN-LI: What's the Descent Program?

ABEL: They were hiding this as a backup plan!

KARIN: Each moon will directly impact on their city. This isn't good.

[Looking down into the underground control room, Chun-Li walks up to the
edge of the catwalk to take a better look. What she sees stuns her.]

CHUN-LI: It can't be!

[She sees F.A.N.G threatening the little girl into compliance. A grunt from
Abel diverts her attention. He is wincing, reeling in immense pain, as
Psycho Power starts oozing from his body.]

ABEL: My head is...!

CHUN-LI: Is this... Psycho Power?!

[She runs to help him out, but he holds out a hand to stop her, knowing the
danger behind this.]

ABEL: Stay away... from me! This isn't... good!

[Writhing in agony, he lets loose a burst of the purple energy around him.]

[In the underground control room, Bison can be seen floating above the pod
where the Chinese girl is. F.A.N.G is beside himself in joy.]

F.A.N.G: Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. is a complete success! The Black Moons will
fall onto every target city, and the world will become a whirlwind of
chaos! Mankind will tremble with fear and despair, and the world will be in
flames. The negative energy from all around the world will nourish Lord
Bison! Yes!! The entire world will be in Lord Bison's hands!

BISON: Hmph. I'm beyond that.

NASH: Then I'll finish you here.

[From a vantage point high above the room, Nash jumps down to strike Bison
from behind with a Sonic Hurricane, but Bison does not even seem to react,
even being struck in the back at point-blank range. Nash tries to pour out
all his power, but Bison simply swats him away without even turning around,
launching him down to the floor, where Nash manages to land on three
points. Bison deigns himself to float down to ground level and ensure a man
that he had seen die before is turned back to the pearly gates.]

BISON: Well, I've never expected that your lost soul would stumble its way
back to me.

[Nash stands up and turns to face Bison, angry like never before.]

NASH: I will... kill you!

BISON: It looks like you want to die.

[They fight. Wielding a power beyond his comprehension, and driven by his
boundless desire for revenge, Nash throws himself at Bison with all he has.
The evil leader of Shadaloo, however, is also greatly strenghtened by the
influence of the Black Moons and makes it seem quite easy. This, compounded
with the sheer power Nash wasted with his fruitless earlier attack,
contributes to his loss at the dictator's hands.]

NASH: Not yet!

[He launches himself to strike Bison one more time, but Bison simply raises
his force field to repel him.]

BISON: Idiot! Do you think the fist of someone like you, whose life has
already expired, can even reach me?

[With a blast of Psycho Power, Nash is launched away heavily. Meanwhile, a
dark liquid starts to drip near Bison, followed by a primal roar as yet
another intruder drops into the control room. It is the same mysterious
warrior who fought Ryu and Dhalsim in India, who looks up to face Bison as
the goop swirls about his feet.]

NECALLI: That power-er-er!

[As Bison busies himself with this new interloper, Nash takes advantage of
this fortuitous distraction to retreat.]

BISON: Hehehe, I've been waiting for you.

[F.A.N.G presents himself to deal with the intruder, but Bison stops him,
wishing to do this himself again.]

BISON: Everything is going according to plan!

[He fights the warrior. With the supernatural powers he wields and the
relentless ferocity of his attacks, this warrior should be more than a
match for Bison. The villain's power, however, has far transcended any
known limits, as becomes apparent when he is eventually able to gain the
upper hand and narrowly defeat the warrior.]

[The warrior, apparently inert at first, opens up his eyes and gets back on
his feet.]

F.A.N.G: How dare youuuu!!

[The assassin rushes in to attack, but the warrior takes a large leap
backwards and slinks into the shadows. Bison simply observes, amused.]

[Rashid and Azam are running through the corridors in an attempt to make
their way out, when they come across a wounded Nash and stop to help him.]

RASHID: Oh! Good sir! [he approaches Nash] Whoa. That looks painful. Umm,
can you stand?

[Nash struggles to his feet.]

RASHID: What happened? Were you able to defeat Bison?

NASH [glumly]: I couldn't kill him.

RASHID: Oh. I see.

[An alarm starts to ring out.]

RASHID: I guess they still haven't finished the job. Damn it! I still
wasn't able to find my friend, yet.

[Nash turns to Rashid out of curiosity. Acknowledging this, Rashid starts
telling his story.]

RASHID: An old friend. This friend was a bit of a bonehead since we were
kids. Also made games, and one became a big hit. After that, a lot of
companies were making job offers. [Nash grows more intrigued as Rashid
continues] My friend was hesitating to make a decision, but then suddenly
decided to work a company that was under Shadaloo! Probably was tricked
into it. After all, how else could anyone ever end up making the Black
Moons. [pause] My friend has been making mistakes for what seems like
forever. And every time I got the same call for help: "My friend Rashid,
please save my life", or something like that. So I helped. But never once
did I get a single "thank you". What a friend. [He sighs in worry] This
time I think it's very serious.

NASH: Then, I assume you will continue looking?

[Taken by surprise at this sudden display of empathy, Rashid is at a loss.]

RASHID: Good sir...

[A low growl nearby, however, alerts all three men. The warrior who had
just fought Bison has found them.]

[Out at the base's main entrance, Rainbow Mika and Ibuki are still mowing
down Shadaloo troopers.]

R.MIKA: Urgh! How many more of them do we have to fight?!

[Chun-Li and Karin then come running out; the latter, wearing a headset.
They both dodge a pile of crates on their way.]

IBUKI: Ms. Chun-Li! Ms. Kanzuki!

[She then notices someone else coming their way.]

IBUKI: Uh, is that...?

[The ominous purple glow gives Abel away as he barrels through the crates
and runs at the women with an angry look in his eyes. It can be safely
inferred that he has been chasing them from the control room. Still, they
remain calm, especially Karin, who smiles as she has her headset on.]

ZANGIEF: Irooooon...!!

[The Red Cyclone comes crashing down like a meteor, quickly flexing his
muscles and sending Abel tumbling off course.]

ZANGIEF: ...Muscle!!!

CHUN-LI: Zangief!

[Rainbow Mika is simply exultant; Ibuki, embarrassed at her enthusiasm.]

R.MIKA: He's just so cool!

IBUKI: Are you ki... Huh? Owaaaah!

[The reason why the kunoichi stops herself is when she spots a large
helicopter landing near them. A closer watch shows the emblem of the
Kanzuki family painted on its side.]

KARIN: Impeccable timing.

[We see that Shibasaki and Guile are the ones piloting the craft as it

KARIN: They are here to pick us up. Everybody get on board. We must leave
this place quickly. Go on, Ibuki, please.

IBUKI: Umm, thank you very much.

ABEL: Ahah...

[The Frenchman has struggled to his feet and is facing Zangief. One more
thing to take care of before they can leave.]

CHUN-LI: He's not in his right mind. We have to snap him out of it!

ZANGIEF: Hmm! Well, then...! Abel! Why don't you throw all your aggressions
at me? I'll take everything that you have with my muscles!

[To make his point, he flexes so hard that his sweat turns to steam.]

R.MIKA: So cool! Master Zangief!!

IBUKI: Iya, iya, iya! [No, no, no!]

[Abel charges at Zangief and tackles him. The Russian soaks up the impact,
without any ill effects.]

ZANGIEF: That was nice charge. [loudly] However, you need to develop a lot
more muscle power!!

[He picks Abel up and Spinning Piledrives him into the ground, getting him
unconscious and causing the Psycho Power around him to dissipate. Zangief
flexes some more in triumph, letting more steam out.]

R.MIKA: Gorgeous! I love it!

[If Ibuki weren't wearing a mask, her jaw would be a few inches below the
ground at this display of raw strength.]

SHIBASAKI [over Karin's headset]: Miss Karin, it's time.

KARIN: I understand. Everyone, hurry!

[Zangief picks up Abel's unconscious form and carries him on his shoulder.]

ZANGIEF: Hmm, understood. We go now!

IBUKI: ...Uh, yes!

R.MIKA: Roger, sir!

[The three of them head into the helicopter as its engines are revved up

IBUKI: Uoh! Hey, don't push me!

[Just as Chun-Li and Karin are about to get inside themselves, they stop.]

KARIN: Something's wrong.

[Of course, there was still the matter of those unaccounted for, and it's
about this time that Rashid, Azam and Nash come running out of the base,
drawing Guile's attention from the cockpit as he starts maneuvering. Coming
after them, the long-haired warrior, roaring furiously and gaining on the
wounded Nash.]

SHIBASAKI [over Karin's headset]: Please, Miss Karin!

[The side door of the helicopter is opened.]

CHUN-LI: Time to go!

[The head of the Kanzuki family, who was watching this development, hurries
into the helicopter as it maneuvers in a position where Rashid is able to
jump in.]

RASHID: Phew! That was a close call.

[Only then he notices he is in an unfortunate position, staring right into
Ibuki's hemline. He quickly stands up to apologize and dodges out of her

RASHID: Oh, please excuse me.

IBUKI: Hey! That's my space!

[Azam then hops aboard. Only Nash is left to escape, and he manages to grab
onto the helicopter's hatch just as it is taking off. Even so, he does not
feel he will make it: if he doesn't lose his grip due to being weakened,
the savage down there might just leap up and catch him. He sees himself
between a rock and a hard place.]

GUILE: Grab on!!

[Nash looks up and sees his old USAF buddy holding out his hand to pick him
up. Nash briefly ponders, looking at his free hand and the grey skin tissue
covering it, but ultimately decides that, for vengeance or otherwise, dying
there wouldn't help. So he takes Guile's hand and gets pulled aboard. The
helicopter then leaves the base, leaving the warrior to angrily howl into
the heavens.]

[A motor-powered vehicle crashes into a train station in London through a
high window. It is Juri's ATV, on which she and Cammy somehow managed to
cross the Atlantic Ocean, which drifts to a halt on a platform.]

JURI: Haaah, I think we finally lost them.

[Cammy looks around the place, still rather uncomfortable at teaming up
with a lunatic. Decapre starts regaining consciousness. The Doll glares at
Cammy and tackles her into the ground, in a fit of psychopathic rage. Cammy
tries her best to keep Decapre at bay, while Juri just watches, mildly

JURI: My oh my. And you're the one who gave up everything to save her.

[Decapre wails as she tries to strangle Cammy.]

CAMMY: Ugh! Just stop it!

[They roll on the ground some more and Decapre starts punching Cammy in the

JURI: Hah! Looks like she'll never be cured. Why don't you just kill her

[Decapre draws out her wrist blade, but Cammy pushes it away and decks her
with a good punch to the face, knocking her lights out. Juri laughs
maniacally at the scene.]

JURI: Ehehehehe! Uhahahaha! Way to go!

[She gives a malevolent smirk, until she notices some movement overhead.
Looking up at the window she broke to get into the station, she sees Vega.
He jumps down, and Cammy enters her fighting position. However, his
attention is turned toward the fallen Decapre. He starts to laugh
sarcastically, as Cammy tries to keep her nerves about her.]

VEGA: She may be an ugly Doll... but she must surely have a role to play.

[He starts attacking Cammy, who dodges his moves to the best of her
ability, without however finding a breach to counterattack. They soon are
back where they began.]

VEGA: Beauty that is born from conflict with past memories... I thought
such things had been lost.

[He licks his claws as Cammy cartwheels away, opening a gap between them.]

VEGA: This new beauty... Show it to me now!

[He puts on his mask, and so they fight. Being on par in speed and
swiftness, the battle is a tough one, but Cammy is too preoccupied with
Decapre to properly concentrate, allowing Vega to find openings and prevail
over her.]

[Cammy struggles to get up, but cannot even get to her knees before she
falls on her face.]

VEGA: That's it! I want to see everything!

[He approaches her still form and picks up one of her braids with his
claws. Before he can do anything to Cammy, the Spaniard has to dodge a kick
from Juri.]

JURI: Eh ha ha! This pervert is giving off a real good vibe! Hey, perv... I
was the one who picked her up first, so that makes her mine. Why don't you
go play somewhere else?

VEGA [picking himself up]: You lack delicacy.

JURI: Eh ha ha! You're the one who lacks delicacy. [mockingly] So go back
home and then cry in your pillow... [threateningly] Time for fun.

[They fight. Now there are two opponents matched in both speed and
brutality, who could settle for no less than the other's death. Being the
more rested of the two, though, Juri is able to work around Vega's range -
enhanced by his claws - and best him in battle.]

JURI: See ya, perv!

[She tries one final kick, but Vega dodges it just in time, jumping to a
clock and then off it, landing next to Decapre.]

JURI: Crap. I guess I didn't kill him.

[Cammy gets up.]

JURI: You woke up already?

[The Brit notes Decapre lying at Vega's feet. Reacting quickly, she rushes
to Vega and kicks him on the chin, sending the mask flying off his face as
he retreats to a safer position. He eyes Cammy on an offensive position,
and then Decapre just behind her.]

VEGA: Huh. I see.

[He leaps back up to the window he came in through.]

VEGA: I'll leave... for now.

[And so he does. Juri's cell phone then starts ringing, and she takes it
out to see.]

JURI: What now?... Oh. It's her.

[At the Kanzuki household, the parties assembled to raid the Shadaloo base
have reconvened.]

KARIN: We came back here for now to regroup, but we will be going back to
the Shadaloo base as soon as we rethink our strategy. We must stop them
from dropping the Moons.

RASHID: We're going back to our own hideout now. It seems Helen already has
new information.

[Just then they hear Abel roaring in rage, followed by Nash and Guile being
pushed into the dining hall through the thrown open doors. As Abel steps
out, still giving off Psycho Power, the two USAF officers tackle him. The
mercenary, however, uses his sheer brute force to throw them flat on their
backs. He advances slowly and menacingly, when Guile stands up for another

GUILE: No more!

[He throws a powerful Sonic Boom at Abel, who just tanks it. Guile then
goes in for a tackle.]

GUILE: Charlie!

[Taking the cue, Nash gets up and starts concentrating his mysterious
power, as the others watch apprehensively. The gemstone on his forehead 
starts glowing in blue, and when he feels he has accumulated enough power,
he dashes toward Abel.]

NASH: Here!

[He puts his hand on Abel's head, and starts to use his power to drain the
Psycho Power from him. As Abel struggles, Nash realizes there is too much
of this power within the French fighter.]

NASH: Not yet!

[He uses both hands and starts draining the purple energy from Abel at a
faster, more intense rate. Overwhelmed by the torrent of power washing his
mind clean, Abel stops resisting and eventually falls to all fours, while
Nash sinks to one knee, exhausted. Chun-Li comes to tend to Abel.]

CHUN-LI: You OK? Do you know who I am?

ABEL: Uggggckkk... uggckkk. Oui.

[Nash stands up, having caught his breath.]

ABEL [turns to Nash]: You're the one... who stopped my madness. Merci

[Not being one for many words anymore, Nash turns to leave. He is only
stopped by Guile's voice.]

GUILE: Charlie...

[He takes something out and throws to him.]

GUILE: You forgot this.

[Nash looks and sees it is his dogtag, which Guile had kept with him all
this time. He silently acknowledges this and leaves, followed by Rashid and
Azam. Abel the realizes something as he is going.]

ABEL: Nash?... Huh?

[He appears to wonder, isn't that the man who saved his life years ago?]

RASHID: I really understand how you feel, but Helen might have some new
information to share with us.

[He opens the door to the Russian pub and he, Azam and Nash enter. Juri is
already there, as is Cammy. Helen then comes in.]

HELEN: I see everybody's here.

JURI: So, you said there's a way to stop the Moons.

HELEN [perky]: Yes, that is true! I have found a solution!

RASHID: So there is a way.

HELEN: Yes... but it depends on you.

[She holds up Rashid's cell phone to him, and a voice message starts

LI-FEN'S VOICE: To the friend of that person. The usher. I found a
command... "Light up the pathway for those who stray. I call... thy name".
[Rashid gets more and more serious as the message continues.] If we
decipher this, we can stop the Moons. I have skills... like, I know how to
read and write programs... but I can't read hearts. But you... who are the
friend of that person... you can.

[The message ends. Rashid looks uncharacteristically grim.]

RASHID: A command.

HELEN: It seems like a code. I assume you can decipher it?

RASHID: ...Yes. [takes his cell phone back.]

HELEN: I'm impressed with Rashid of the Turbulent Wind! I thank the
developer of the Black Moons... and your friendship with her. It's kismet!
If the command is activated, Shadaloo's plan will come to naught. Eheh. I'm
very excited!! [she turns to Nash] Of course, you will finally get to kill

[Nash shakes his head glumly.]

NASH: I can only do what is in my ability to do. But I'm afraid that I
won't be able to end Bison's life.

HELEN: Tsk. Don't say things like that.

NASH: I don't have the strength to do that. However, maybe they do...

[This is obviously not what Helen wants to hear, as she angrily barks at

HELEN: DON'T SAY THAT! Don't you know how much I had to sacrifice just to
bring you back to life!? What do you mean you can't win!? You ARE supposed
to win! If you win, with the power given from my Lord, then the prophecy...

NASH [interrupting]: But I'm already dead. For dead men time will stand
still... but Bison's Psycho Power keeps growing and evolving. Whereas I

HELEN [quietly]: Did you get frightened and decide to chicken out? [back to
normal, but still upset] All right, I'll tell you something. Your time is
short, just for a limited period by the grace of my Lord. Hah! Don't tell
me you actually thought you would live forever? Before too long your body
will fall into decay. There is no next time for a filthy dead man like you!

NASH: I know that already.

HELEN [completely stunned]: What did you say?

NASH: I know I don't have much time, so I have to do what I have to.

[He turns and leaves the bar. Helen feels confused and outraged, while
Rashid runs to catch up with him.]

RASHID: Hey, wait up!

[She throws one last scoff at Nash as Rashid and Azam follow him outside.]

[At the Kanzuki estate, butterflies of light flutter about, while the black
liquid starts dripping on the roof of the house, heralding the coming of
the warrior of legend, who lands with a crash as usual. Opposite him is

RYU: I have waited... and you have come.

NECALLI: Grrrraarrrerrrrwerrrr!

RYU: Finally...!

[As Ryu assumes a defensive stance, the warrior charges him with a leap,
crushing the roof tiles where Ryu was standing before he leapt out of the
way. They trade blows in mid-air, until the warrior counters one of Ryu's
moves and sends him to the deck below. They then ready themselves to face
off one another.]

[They fight. This mysterious warrior unleashes his full power to take on
Ryu, fully intent on feasting on his soul, made more powerful thanks to the
influence of the Satsui no Hado. The karateka, however, rises to the
challenge with a more cleansed mind and, while he intends to fight to his
full force, he is resolute in not relying on the destructive desires hidden
in the darkest corners of his mind. It is a long, tough battle, with
neither the legendary warrior nor the everlasting vagabond being able to
gain an edge over one another, but ultimately, Ryu's skill and
determination allow him to best the ancient fighter's raw battle

[The warrior falls to his face, but picks himself up for another attack.
With a sound mind, Ryu effortlessly dodges. He then enters the Ansatsuken
meditation stance and, as the warrior watches, a calming power starts
swirling about him, bringing out the Satsui no Hado. Nevertheless, Ryu
keeps his wits about him, not breaking his concentration for even one
moment, as small electric bolts start sparking around him. Amidst the
slow-falling sakura petals of spring, Ryu's own power slowly overcomes the
darkness in his fists, eventually purging out the Satsui no Hado

[Impatient, the warrior launches another attack. Just then, Ryu opens his
eyes and concentrates his new-found power on his fist, striking the warrior
of legend before he can make contact with Gouken's pupil. The warrior is
completely astounded when this happens, as one of the mystical butterflies
flutters out from the point where Ryu's fist connected with his torso.
Depowered, the warrior falls to his knees and starts melting into the
puddle of black goo, but he soon stands up again to face Ryu, utterly

NECALLI: Why couldn't I devour his soul like the others...?

[Dhalsim teleports in behind the warrior.]

DHALSIM: You must go. His soul is no longer a sacrifice for you to devour.

[The warrior does that, sinking into his ominous liquid form and seeping
away through the gaps of the wooden floor boards. As Ryu watches him leave,
someone calls out to him.]


[She and Ken run out of the house to talk to him. Ken gives his best friend
a satisfied smile. Ryu replies with a confident nod. Finally, Chun-Li sighs
in relief.]

KARIN [coming out of the house]: Now everybody is here. Well then, we're
going back to the Shadaloo base.

CHUN-LI: Nash and Rashid?

KARIN: I just received a report. They believe they found a way to stop the

KEN: That's amazing. Then let's leave it to them to stop the Moons. We'll
go there to defeat Bison!

[Chun-Li nods in approval.]

RYU: I'm going with you.

KARIN: You certainly made us wait for a long time.

KEN: Then I'm sure you'll work twice as hard, right?

[Ryu smiles to his friend in agreement.]

CHUN-LI: We'll all work hard!

[She holds out her hand to shake Ryu's, in which she is retributed in kind.
Ken then places his hand over theirs, followed by Dhalsim and Karin, in a
sign of union.]

[At the US Army base, the radar shows one of the Black Moons passing over
the US East Coast, with five jet fighters set to intercept it over central
Massachusetts. The general watches in attention as the jets converge on the
point of impact and vanish from the radar all at once along with the Black
Moon. However, the Moon's blip comes back onscreen and continues its
southwest-bound course, implying that it obliterated the jets sent to
destroy it.]

COMMS OFFICER 1: The Black Moon... It's still intact!

COMMS OFFICER 2: All our attempts have been ineffective.

GEN. TAYLOR: What's the current evacuation status?

COMMS OFFICER 1: People in all the cities are panicking. Not even 50% have

[The general sits on his chair, grimly watching the situation.]

[Half a world away, Moscow is burning. Its people scream in despair over
the imminent end of things. Watching the destruction at the outskirts of
the city, Helen opens a book and reads a passage from it.]

HELEN: "After 130 days of silence, a blond-haired child appeared who was
equally filled with fire and water. That child listened to the wishes of
those people, who had true compassion."

[She closes the book, which has the word "Testament" written on its spine,
and wipes two melting snowflakes off its back cover. She clutches it to her
chest in prayer.]

HELEN: Almost there... We are almost there...

[Urien approaches her, surveying the damage to the city below. Helen turns,
startled at first, to address him.]

HELEN: Welcome, Lord Urien.

URIEN: I heard about a fool who was bitten by her own dog.

[Helen knows what he means by this and, in spite of her worries, keeps her

HELEN: It is... not done yet, my Lord.

URIEN: Humph! I'll be waiting for your good news.

[He leaves. Helen takes a deep breath, as the scene pans behind her to show
the ruined capital of Russia, lit with fire and obscured with smoke under
the vigil of St. Basil's Cathedral.]

[At the Shadaloo control room, the Chinese girl keeps working against her
will as F.A.N.G paces about singing and dancing, while at the same time
keeping an eye on her. Vega is also there, witnessing Bison siphon more and
more Psycho Power and growing more powerful by the minute.]

[At the Shadaloo base, Rashid and Nash are hiding from the searchlights in
a dark corner as they formulate a plan.]

RASHID: You're gonna wait until I stop the Moons. OK?

[Nash does not seem to answer, confusing Rashid.]

[Three Kanzuki choppers approach the base, dodging anti-air fire. In one of
them, Ibuki opens the side door and looks out to the ground below.]

IBUKI: Hey! Are we gonna jump from way up here?!

[Birdie comes out to take a look, and panics like the kunoichi.]

BIRDIE: What?! Are you guys serious?!

[The helicopters keep strafing to avoid the base's anti-air battery.]

LAURA: Well, we better prepare to die.

ZANGIEF: But if you have muscle, is no problem.

R.MIKA: You are right, sir!

LAURA: Eh... haha!

[The fighters, then, jump off the helicopter one by one: first Karin, then
Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, Rainbow Mika, Laura and Guile. There are still
those too frightened to jump out, however.]

IBUKI [still in the helicopter]: Hey! How could you guys just leave me?!

BIRDIE [to someone inside the chopper]: Wait! Wait! Don't push me!

[Ibuki decides to damn self-preservation to hell and jumps out with a yell.
As Birdie is still making up his mind, Dhalsim's elastified arm shoots out
from inside the aircraft to literally give him a little push. The yoga
master is the last one to leave; being able to float and teleport, he takes
the less painful way down.]

[On the ground, the Shadaloo troopers guarding the base are fighting
poorly-textured ninjas, while the fighters start making short work of them
as well, such as Zangief, who takes two of them down with a single Spinning
Clothesline. A third one races to tackle him, but Rainbow Mika smacks him
down butt-first. She then assumes an offensive position.]

ZANGIEF: Hmmm! I see that your skills have improved very much!!

[In spite of the moment, hearing this is all Rainbow Mika wants.]

R.MIKA: Thanks!

[Ibuki watches them, still befuddled at her partner's borderline crush on
the husky wrestler.]

[In the meantime, Karin and Chun-Li are fighting more soldiers.]

KARIN: My team will handle this!

CHUN-LI: Thank you!

[The Chinese Interpol agent starts towards the base, when she notices all
the Dolls - sans Juni, who had been healed of her brainwashing, and
Decapre, who is under Cammy's care - assembled at the roof, as well as the
negative energy they give off.]

CHUN-LI: Again... Psycho Power!

[They leap down to attack the intruders.]

ENERO: Take this!

[Karin blocks the Spanish doll's attack and repels her, entering her combat

KARIN [to Chun-Li]: Best of luck.

CHUN-LI: Same to all of you!

[She kicks down a Shadaloo grunt and races toward the base's entrance.
Noticing this, Enero tries to give chase, but Karin gets in her way again.]

KARIN: It's been decided that I shall be your opponent today. You should
feel honored!

[In response, Enero enters her combat stance as well.]

[Guile and Ryu are taking care of some more grunts, when Chun-Li meets up
with them and gives them the go ahead to enter the base. Guile still has
time to backhand one soldier before following her.]

[Nearby, the kunoichi of the Dolls, Satsuki, brandishes her ninjato toward
Zangief, who simply analyzes her.]

ZANGIEF: Oh! You guard with great stance!


[She rushes to cut Zangief down, to which the girls nearby alert him.]

IBUKI: Watch out!

R.MIKA: Master Zangief!

[Satsuki leaps up and brings her blade down on the wrestler, who takes it
with his guard wide open. The girls wince, but Satsuki's blade is blocked
somehow. To her disbelief, she was unable to even dent Zangief's flesh. He
accumulates power in his pecs and hardens them enough to break the ninjato.
And the crowd goes wild.]

IBUKI: Whaaaat?!

R.MIKA: That's incredible! Totally awesome!

SATSUKI: Murasame...

[Insulted that her blade has been broken, the ninja Doll angrily plants it
on the floor next to her as Zangief gloats and flexes.]

ZANGIEF: Eeeyaaahaha! Muscle is stronger than blade!

[She enters a combat stance, grabbing her other ninjato.]

ZANGIEF: Hmmmhmmmhmmm. Now is my turn!

[He steps forward threateningly and they fight. Personally, I think Ibuki
should be fighting her - kunoichi vs. kunoichi, you know - but OK. Let us
continue. Satsuki is a nimble and precise fighter, but seeing as using
weapons would be useless against this man, she decides to face him bare-
handed, only occasionally using her other blade. Which proves not to be a
smart decision, as Zangief's steely musculature allows him to tank
everything she throws at him and then some. When he takes the initiative,
he simply tosses her around like a rag doll - no pun intended. In a few
moments, the duel is over.]

[He makes victory poses as Mika fawns over him, to Ibuki's continued


FÉVRIER: Now die, you fat pig!

[She angrily starts shooting her gun at Birdie, who simply uses the chains
around his wrists to black the bullets. He is unscathed, but still feels
the stinging pain on his forearms.]

BIRDIE: Heh heh!... Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow... It's cheating, to use a weapon!
Hey, why don't you fight fair?!!

FÉVRIER: Hmph! Then what's that chain, you big fat sack of merde?!!

[She points her gun at Birdie again and they fight. Obviously, bringing a
gun to a fist-fight is major-grade cheating, but this is Shadaloo we're
talking about. Plus, Février is so offended at Birdie's repulsive figure -
that, or the fact that he is a defector, we may not know for sure - she may
as well afford to waste as many bullets as she can. But as a streetwise,
tough punk, Birdie should know how to take care of armed opponents. His
chain may be a weapon, too, but it is meant for physical contact, so it's
still fair game to an extent. And so, despite being more than a bit portly
around the edges when faced with the furious French Doll, the efficiency
with which he uses his chains allows him to take the fight to her.]

FÉVRIER: Damn you, pig...

[She collapses into unconsciousness. Birdie takes out a chocolate-topped
doughnut and eats it. That seemed to hit the spot. With his hunger sated,
he takes a clear and heroic decision.]

BIRDIE: I guess the others might be in danger. I guess it's time for me to
get outta here quickly... Huh?

[...Yeah. Anyway, he then notices Karin and Enero still facing down each

ENERO: Do you think you can escape from here?

KARIN: Of course, the only one who can't escape from here is yourself.

[They scoff at each other, then proceed to give that loud, shrill, haughty
laugh. Together. Ken, watching them, has "WTF?" written all over his face.
An awkward pause ensues, when Enero realizes someone else is stealing her
thunder. She then decides to get down to business with Karin.]

ENERO: So, care to say your prayers?

[They fight. If it was not obvious before, Enero and Karin are very
similar, even in terms of their approach to the fight: swift, precise and
focused moves. Due to this, the battle is an even affair, but Karin shows
her what's what by shutting down her opponent's game with her own moves
and, before long, she has Enero down for the count.]

ENERO: How could I lose?

[She faints. Karin, not losing her momentum, swiftly takes down a Shadaloo
soldier coming from behind.]

KARIN: What now... Huh?

[She notices the Psycho Power radiating from Enero is growing more

[From inside a monitor hall, F.A.N.G watches the defeated Enero and gets
royally upset.]

F.A.N.G: These Dolls are utterly useless! What's the point of strengthening
them if they continue to lose?! But at least I can have them destroy our
enemies and themselves.

[He takes out a device, which looks like the Shadaloo skull mounted on a
bagua tablet. He holds the skull and cranks it to the side.]

[Outside, Enero stands up, struggling as more and more Psycho Power oozes
from her. She shouts out, and Karin notices the same thing is happening to
the other Dolls scattered about the place - notably, Février is laughing
maniacally. Karin returns her attention to her opponent, determined to
finish this once and for all.]

[Meanwhile, Cammy makes her way to the base and stops on her tracks,

CAMMY: Oh no...

[Juli is standing before her, giving off Psycho Power and clutching her
head in pain like it happened to Decapre in Brazil. She then glares angrily
at Cammy and rushes to attack.]

[They fight. As one of the top operatives of the Doll program, Juli is more
than a match for Cammy, with whom she shares the same techniques. But she
is attacking in blind rage, while the Delta Red operative is more collected
and able to put analythical thinking behind her every move. Before long,
Cammy comes out on top.]

[As Cammy approaches the unconscious Juli, Vega leaps in from out of
nowhere. She quickly steps away to dodge.]

VEGA: Hmph. You have good eyes. Now let's stain those eyes with despair.
It's time to dance.

CAMMY: Vega!!!

[She tries to attack him with a Spiral Arrow, but he dodges and enters his
offensive stance.]

VEGA: Come, now dance!

[They fight. To say that Cammy is not fond of the idea of letting Vega do
what he pleases with the Dolls is putting it mildly. So she puts all her
strength and rage in her attacks. However, Vega takes sick entertainment in
fighting such a pretty little thing and, much like what happened in
England, toys with her to the best of his skills. He finally sends Cammy
reeling after clawing her at the stomach.]

VEGA: I want more... More!

[He goes in for the kill and Cammy can only shield herself. But the slash
never comes. When she opens up her eyes, she sees...]

CAMMY: Decapre!

[The scarred Doll is blocking Vega's arm, preventing him from using his
talons, much to his bewilderment.]

VEGA: Oh?... Hmm...

[He then gets distracted when he hears an engine roaring in his direction.
They all dodge out of the way of Juri's lime-green ATV, which Vega slashes
and sends crashing in a fiery explosion, as its owner joins the

JURI: Why didn't you invite me? Especially if you guys were having fun like

[Vega is upset at this interruption. Cammy, slightly confused, turns to

CAMMY: Why...?

JURI: Seems like she wants to help you. Well, I'm so jealous!

[Vega takes advantage of her distraction to strike, but Juri kicks him

JURI: Let's have fun with just the two of us together.

VEGA: You will pay for this!

[As Juri and Vega get ready to face each other, Santamu, Jianyu and Xiayu
come to face Cammy and Decapre. With a quick exchange of glances, the
"twins" assume their stances.]

[As most everyone is fighting outside, Rashid has made his way to the
control room. The place is empty, so reaching the console is a simple task.
Or so it seems.]

MÄRZ: Intruder. Exterminate. Exterminate.

[The blue-haired Doll comes out from behind the terminal, prepared to face

RASHID: Uh-oh! Calm down! I'm not going to harm you.

MÄRZ: Exterminate!

[She attacks, and Rashid forces himself to dodge and fight back.]

RASHID: Damn it!

[They fight. As we could see, the amplified Psycho Power can make even the
meekest of the Dolls reach Dalek levels of murderous instinct. Despite not
wanting to fight, Rashid realizes he should defend himself and, if his
opponent is out of control, rock them to sleep. So he does with März.]

[With the way clear for now, Rashid gets to work on the console.]

RASHID: Hmm, the command to stop the Black Moons, huh... This must be it.

[He types a few things on the keyboard and hits (presumably) Enter. At
first, nothing happens (there is less than half an hour until impact, by
the way), but then a Blue Screen of Death pops up. Not really knowing what
to do, Rashid waits. The screen then goes black and the message he received
in his voicemail appears on the screen: "Light up the way for those who
stray. I call thy name." Beneath it, a text entering prompt. Rashid sighs
as he realizes what it means.]

RASHID: You always had a flair for the obvious when it came to puzzles. But
to make the answer to the security question this easy is pretty weak.

[He types the answer: "Rashid of the turbulent wind". He waits for a few
seconds, and a congratulatory screen, with the text "Correct!" and a
chibified Rashid, pops up. It is like she really wanted him to do this,
which begs the question of what would happen if anyone else was entering
the code.]

RASHID: Huh? What? What the...?

COMPUTER: Shutdown. Beginning sequence to stop all functions.

[Self-executing command line programs pop up over the screen, along with a
progress bar adorned by the chibi-Rashid, which fills veeery slowly.]

F.A.N.G: What are you doing?

[Rashid turns to spot the Chinese assassin standing a ways behind him. He
doesn't look any satisfied.]

RASHID: A tiny bit late. [makes a mocking pose]

F.A.N.G: What did...? [only then does he notice the shutdown program
running.] Ahhhhhhh!? What?!! What did you do?! Nobody was supposed to be
able to stop this anymore!

RASHID: You didn't know that, right? The hidden command to stop all the
functions of the Black Moons. My friend's final piece of work.

F.A.N.G: That researcher did it! Not only did that fool steal the control
keys for the Moons, but also did a terrible thing like this?!!

[As Rashid gives a victorious smile, F.A.N.G throws a tantrum.]

F.A.N.G: Gaaaaah! I knew that I should have killed that traitor much

[Rashid's smile suddenly fades.]

RASHID: Again, what did you say?

[Realizing that the victim was a significant person to Rashid, F.A.N.G
cracks a smile of his own and confesses unapologetically.]

F.A.N.G: I poisoned and ended the life of your very, very dear friend.
That's what I said.

[Rashid grimaces. But suddenly he chuckles.]

RASHID: Uhh! Haha! So you did?!

[He then hangs his head and clenches his fists, as the air around him
starts revolting, giving the assassin pause. He then looks up at F.A.N.G
and, in a swift motion, strikes him down with an Eagle Spike. The assassin,
however, manages to hit Rashid in the gut at the same time with his
poisonous hands, and quickly gets back on his feet.]

F.A.N.G: Numbing poison will completely stop you... what?!

[He sees Rashid is unfazed by the poison. More than that, he is PISSED

RASHID: You are evil...

[He decks F.A.N.G on the face, sending him against the railing of the

RASHID: Since that's what you are...

[He uppercuts the assassin, who is now panicking.]

RASHID: I will kill you!

[They fight. F.A.N.G is willing to give no quarter to his assailant, but he
has made the grave mistake of underestimating Rashid's strength and, most
of all, his resolve. With unbridled fury, the turbulent winds assault their
target mercilessly, eventually striking him down.]

[With one last punch, F.A.N.G is sent slamming against the railing, the
Psycho Power controlling dial falls off. Rashid takes a deep breath, as
only now the poison is taking its toll on him. He looks up to the screen
one last time, not noticing that his opponent moving behind him.]

RASHID: I avenged... uhhh... my friend... uhhh... now you can rest...

[F.A.N.G strikes him from behind, at the spine. Rashid is sent stumbling.]

F.A.N.G: Neh heh heh. This last poison will finish you off for sure.

[Severely weakened, Rashid falls to his knee.]

F.A.N.G: You have to die now! Your dear dead friend is waiting for you up

[Consciousness escapes Rashid, and he faints.]

F.A.N.G: As long as Lord Bison lives, this world is destined to become
Hell! Why don't you find peace in the afterlife?

[As he paces around the fallen Rashid, he notices the dial on the floor,


[Outside, the Psycho Power dissipates completely from the Dolls as they lie
defeated around Cammy and Decapre.]

CAMMY: The Psycho Power has disappeared...?

[The two of them observe as the others slowly come to.]

JULI: Where am I?

[One by one, the Dolls stand up. Santamu's pet monkey comes to greet her,
happy. She responds with a genuine giggle of contentment. Just then, a pair
of Shadaloo grunts charge at Cammy and Decapre, but they are struck down,
no questions asked, by Jianyu and Xiayu. Decapre actually smiles at this.
Not far from them, Vega simply observes and, feeling there is nothing left
for him to do there, he leaves.]

[In the control room, F.A.N.G is in despair over the fact that the Psycho
Power controller is broken, and the Descent Program was being stopped.]

F.A.N.G: He did such a really terrible thing to my PSA! It's really
annoying! But still, it's not too late...

[As he attempts to enter commands to stop the shutdown sequence, März
tackles him, now in her right mind, and throws him away from the console.]

MÄRZ: You hurt us!... I'll never forgive you!

[The assassin gets back up, indignant.]

F.A.N.G: A defective Doll like you shouldn't talk to me like that!

[They fight. While März still retains her fighting abilities after the
mental conditioning has been broken, she is clearly nervous to take on one
of the Four Kings of Shadaloo - especially the one who could melt her to
nothing with a sleight of hand. And it shows, as he is able to take her out
without much difficulty, regardless of how much of a fight she puts up.]

[She is on her knees, at F.A.N.G's mercy.]

F.A.N.G: I don't need defective junk anymore. Time to die!

[As he raises his hand for the killing blow, one of the control keys hits
his head, thrown by Rashid, who has managed to pick himself up.]

RASHID [weakly]: Sorry. Unfortunately, I can't see my friend yet.

[F.A.N.G is absolutely annoyed by now, and throws another tantrum.]

F.A.N.G: Wha-wha-wha-wi-will you never give up?!!

[This moment of distraction is all März needs to tackle him again...]

F.A.N.G: What?!

[...and send them hurtling over the railing, down to the reactor shaft.
Fortunately, F.A.N.G hangs on before they go all the way down, while März
holds on to his leg. Or maybe not so fortunately, as the assassin's
poisonous hand is slowly corroding the ledge to which he hangs on for his
life. He then decides to do what anyone would do in this situation:]

F.A.N.G: Ah! You stupid Doll! Stupid Doll!!! Because you... All because of
you fool!

[Blame someone else. He stomps her to make her release him, to no avail.]

MÄRZ: I'm not... a doll! This is... my own... will! Eheh. If I die, no one
will ever...

F.A.N.G: Aahh! N-n-n-not yet! I'm too young! I can't die yet!!

[His protests are in vain, as his poison causes the ledge to rot away just
enough to remove his grip on it, sending him and März plummetting into the
reactor. Rashid only has time to watch, still weak from F.A.N.G's poisonous
attacks. He then hears footsteps as more soldiers converge to his


[In spite of his weakness, he pulls himself together. He watches the
monitor and sees that there are only five minutes left until the detonation
of the Black Moons, but at the same time, the shutdown program is close to
finish running.]

RASHID: Just a little more.

[He then musters his strength for his final stand.]

RASHID: So don't interfere!!

[At the underground control room, the Chinese girl is still shrunken in her
seat, panicking, as Bison hovers over her pod, enveloped in a bubble of
Psycho Power. He snickers as some of the badly-rendered ninjas surround
him. Bison, however, couldn't be any bothered.]

BISON: Even more dogs...

[They all, in five, attack Bison at the same time, but a single burst of
Psycho Power scatters them away. One of them, who is correcting her
trajectory in the air, is kicked down by the tyrant as he teleports behind
her. As he floats down to the ground, he uses his power to paralyze three
ninjas attacking him, and strikes them down with one Scissor Kick. As the
last one attempts to attack him from a vantage point, he strikes her with a
Psycho Inferno.]

BISON: Not this time...

[To add insult to injury, once she is down, Bison stomps her hard on the
chest with both feet. He then floats up and away from the room. As he does,
he notices people arriving.]

BISON: Here you are.

[It is Chun-Li, Guile and Ryu.]

GUILE: Bison!!

CHUN-LI: I'll end this right here!

[The three street fighters enter their fighting stances, but then Chun-Li
notices the Chinese girl cowering and crying in her seat. This saddens
Chun-Li enough to give her more determination to go after Bison.]

NASH: Wait!

[The voice of the undead fighter stops them, as they notice him standing on
an upper ledge. Bison appears satisfied to see him back.]

BISON: Well...

[From the three down below, Nash turns to stare at Bison. Chun-Li walks up
to Nash as if to ask him what he's up to, but Guile stops her, shaking his

CHUN-LI: Guile...

[In response, the USAF Major looks up at his old friend, who cracks a small
smile in response. Then, turning his gaze back to Bison, Nash darts from
platform to platform at impossibly high speeds until he reaches the room

[...where Bison is already waiting. The large room is adorned by four giant
statues of the Four Kings of Shadaloo, built around a reactor. Looming over
it is the hand of Bison, holding the Earth in its palm. The real Bison
smiles with confidence as Nash steps up to face him.]

BISON: No matter how many times you come back, you'll never win against my
Psycho Power!

[There is a long pause before Nash shoots back.]

NASH: Perhaps... but I will achieve my victory.

BISON: Hah! Then why don't I send you to hell so you can collect... the
victory that you're desperately looking for!

[Nash adjusts his glasses and enters his fighting stance.]

[They fight. It is a grueling battle as Bison's Psycho Power has evolved to
unimaginable levels, making him a foe beyond formidable. While he gives
Nash a run for his money, though, the former USAF lieutenant is no slouch
either. Even if he cannot win, he is still driven by his desire of seeing
Bison defeated, and the power he absorbed from Abel earlier is a big help,
too. Thus, they are more even than they think, and eventually Nash manages
to gain the upper hand.]

[Bison, however, gets back on his feet.]

BISON: Heh! Pathetic attempt.

[As the Psycho Power field expands around him, the base starts to shake.]

BISON: Now what?

[Some equipment in the room starts to malfunction, as Chun-Li and Guile can
observe from below.]

CHUN-LI: The Psycho Power supplying him... has stopped!

GUILE: The Black Moons must have been completely shut down!

[Nash looks up as the room starts crackling with electricity.]

NASH: A bit late.

[He knows what he has to do. He rushes to attack Bison, who steps aside and
palm-strikes Nash in the gut, pouring Psycho Power into it. As Nash feels
the pain, Bison hoists him up in the air.]

BISON: You're a fool! A little hit made you weak... Huh?

[Nash, who Bison thought had gone limp from the attack, concentrates power
in his hand and gives a smirk. He then places his hand upon Bison's chest.]

NASH: Game over, bastard!

SCENE 5.17. 100%
[The main control room is littered with unconscious Shadaloo grunts.
Sitting against a railing is Rashid, severely weakened. The screen shows
that the program written by his friend has finished executing, and the
Black Moons were indeed stopped, 28 seconds away from detonation. With what
little strength he has left, Rashid looks at the screen.]

RASHID: Hehe. Can't believe I actually saved the world.

NASH: Time to play my last card!

[Nash uses his power to siphon Bison's Psycho Power from him.]

BISON: You fool... are you actually trying to die?

NASH: Heh. That's a funny joke.

[He puts more power into draining Bison's Psycho Power from him, eventually
creating a small dome of energy around his adversary.]

GUILE: Charlie!!

[His warnings are fruitless. Charlie is determined to take this to the
bitter end. His reconstructed body starts to come apart as he absorbs more
and more energy and Bison struggles to resist. With one final push, the
entire room is painted blue with the glow of the massive energy orb that
engulfs Nash and Bison above. Guile and Chun-Li can only watch, horrified.]

[In the end, all that remains of Nash is his dogtag, bent out of shape.]

[And from the smoke, Bison emerges, appearing no worse for wear, and still
wielding Psycho Power. He crushes Nash's dogtag under his boot as he walks
forward and laughs.]

[Things look hopeless for the heroes.]

CHUN-LI: His Psycho Power is...

GUILE: Yeah.

[They start to race off in an attempt to take him out, but stop themselves
upon seeing F.A.N.G hobbling out, quite banged up from his little dive into
the reactor, but alive. He angrily looks up at Chun-Li and Guile, who
prepare their fighting stances.]

F.A.N.G: Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn youuuuu!

[He rushes to attack Chun-Li, but she effortlessly parries his attacks and
pushes him away. As he gets up, his gaze finds the little girl in the pod.]

F.A.N.G: It was youuuuu!! You told the bastard about the command code!!

[He jumps toward her and prepares to kill her with one strike. Now who's
the bastard?]

[Chun-Li quickly comes to the rescue, however, by vaulting over F.A.N.G's
shoulders and kicking him away before she touches the ground. She then
turns to comfort the girl, with a soothing caress.]

CHUN-LI: You must have worked very hard to stop this. Here all alone.

[She hugs the girl, who does not feel completely safe as long as F.A.N.G is
still in the room. Knowing this, Chun-Li quickly turns around to face the
assassin as he stands up. Before settling things with him, however, she
issues another command.]

CHUN-LI: Ryu, get him!

[Knowing that, by "him", she means Bison, Ryu runs to the upper level of
the room.]

F.A.N.G: Lord Bison!

[He starts after Ryu to stop him, but Chun-Li quickly blocks his way.]

F.A.N.G: Why you... I'll kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you!!!

CHUN-LI: I've had enough of you!

F.A.N.G: I'll kill all of you!!!

[They fight. Unhinged after his near-death experience, the failure of
Shadaloo's master plan, and that someone is trying to stop him from saving
Bison, F.A.N.G is absolutely berserk, which makes him even more dangerous
as we have seen what his poisons can do to ordinary people. Chun-Li,
however, is not just ordinary people. She is an agent of Interpol and a
street fighter. She has dominion and mastery of her art, as well as an
unshakable sense of justice that will see her fulfill her mission. Besides,
being agile enough to escape F.A.N.G's deadly hands, she manages to
outclass him with the power of her kicks. He falls down, suffering from his
multiple wounds.]

[At the top level, Ryu is facing Bison. He laughs at this happenstance.]

BISON: Hehehehehehehe... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! As I had expected, you are the
one who comes to me in all this chaos! You had the power to actually defeat
that beast! Now show it to me!

[Ryu looks at his hand, contemplative.]

RYU: This power is not to defeat. This is the power to push forward!
[clenches his fist]

BISON: Hmph! Power is just power! The desire for all power leads to
conflict. And that conflict leads to the ultimate battle! [forms a ball of
Psycho Power in his hand, then crushes it] Now is the time!!

[In response, Ryu steps forward and enters his fighting stance.]

[They fight as the base crumbles around them. It is a clash of power that
shakes heavens and earth, as Bison's unfathomable power makes him a fighter
like never before seen in history. Power for the sake of power. Power to
crush under his heel all those who oppose him and rule the world with an
iron fist. Rule it... or destroy it. On the other side, Ryu has finally
found his inner peace. The unbridled desire to win no longer matters.
Cleansed from the darkness of his mind, he can finally devote his focus to
his self-improvement, with the power to push forward. Having attained peace
with himself, he is able to handle whatever Bison throws at him, as his
evil can no longer touch his soul. The battle is long and grueling. No
quarter is asked or given. But eventually, Ryu's power to push forward
prevails over Bison's power to command by force. Bison is forced back and
falls to one knee.]

[Ryu just watches, impassively, as Bison's power starts to falter, even as
he stands up.]

BISON: Hehehe. We're not done!!

[He sends a series of Psycho Power columns rising from the grouns at Ryu,
who does not even dodge. Even as he struggles with slivers of Psycho Power
over him, they are unable to shake him thanks to the Power of Nothingness.
In his turn to attack, the Ansatsuken practitioner rushes and...]


[The projectile, fired point-blank at Bison's chest, comes out with
impressive strength, pushing the dictator back more. He struggles to his
feet, but then he looks at his hand and notices as his body starts to break
down, with cracks of blue light spreading out all over it. Bison, however,
does not seem at all fazed by this.]

BISON: Humph!

[Ryu simply watches, earnestly, as Bison starts to fall apart. Even so, the
dictator is laughing. Either out of insanity, or out of confidence that his
dark soul will still live to be placed in another body, although the base is 
coming apart around him. F.A.N.G stumbles into the room as it happens,
and he feels like a lost child upon seeing the master of evil he so much
revered being destroyed thusly.]

F.A.N.G: Ughhh... Lord Bisonnnn!!!

[He is so desperate, he does not even try to save himself. Ryu just keeps
watching. A fool consumed by his own power. This is what Bison really was,
through and through. At this moment, Guile and Chun-Li, carrying the little
girl in her arms, arrive to snap him out of his daze.]

GUILE: Ryu, this place is about to...!

[Ryu gives a curt nod and the three of them run out of the main control
room. Chun-Li, however, pauses before she can leave. Turning back to where
Bison was, she can only see his cap on the floor. Has she finally received
the closure she so longed for? Who can tell? She finally runs out, as the
scene zooms in on the cap before fading to black.]

[The alarm blares as Ryu, Guile and Chun-Li and the young girl hurriedly
navigate through the corridors of the base. Everything is falling around
them, and the reactors are exploding. Chun-Li, lagging behind, has trouble
dodging the falling debris, but still she presses on, knowing she is
responsible for another life than her own. Just then, a large mass of
debris comes down on her. Ryu and Guile stop, noticing what's happening,
and the Japanese quickly focuses his power on a Denjin Hadoken. He then
fires it in Chun-Li's direction. She braces herself as she runs up against
the beam of chi but, to her surprise, she does not find herself harmed. In
fact, she and the girl feel like they entered a tunnel of light, which
shields them from the base falling apart. With a long flash of white light,
Chun-Li and the little girl traverse the beam unscathed and reunite with
Ryu and Guile.]

CHUN-LI: Thank you.

RYU: Let's go.

[Now out of harm's way, the four continue to make their way out of the
base. Fade to black again.]

[From the outside, there is a spectacular display as the reactors erupt
into flames, making it seem like the winged skull is spewing fire from its
eyes. Everyone outside observes, with distinct feelings as the nightmare of
Shadaloo finally ends. The former Dolls, Cammy included, relieved as they
are finally able to lead normal lives. Juri, satisfied for having had her
parents avenged. Balrog, upset that he had no gain out of the whole deal,
as he leaves with his protégé. Vega, dissatisfied with Shadaloo as a whole,
but deep down glad that the girls who served the organization are now able
to be free, as he tosses his mask out into the flames and leave as well.
And the other street fighters, apprehensive as Ryu, Guile and Chun-Li are
still inside. Karin is the first to notice as they come out, and gives a
warm, relieved smile. The other fighters, all cheering, go over to greet
them, Karin being the last as she hangs behind and relishes on the joy of
helping bring justice to the world. Another fade to black.]

[Far from the inferno, atop the wings of a VTOL, we see Rashid, alive and
well, sitting next to Azam. Having been rescued from the cold embrace of
death somehow, he is just taking his time. Just then his phone rings.]

RASHID: Huh? Who would call now, just when I finally get to relax? Eh.

[He pulls out his phone to answer the call.]

RASHID: Hello, who is it?

VOICE [over the phone]: Good job.

[Rashid is taken completely by surprise as he recognizes the voice: it
belongs to his late friend.]

RASHID'S FRIEND [over the phone]: If you are listening to this message, it
means you have successfully stopped the Moons. Surprised? Heh. I just
wanted to do something cool like this at least once. Please, know I always
believed you would stop it. After all... you are Rashid fo the Turbulent
Wind. [he cracks a smile] ...Thank you.

[He suddenly gets depressed. The one time she gets to thank him for
something, and she has been dead for days now.]

RASHID'S FRIEND: I have to go now, Rashid. One last thing: please enjoy the
rest of your life. Goodbye.

[He slowly hangs his head low, and his lips tremble, as he is on the verge
of tears.]

RASHID: ...Why now? You never said anything like that to me before...

AZAM: Master...

[He sits still for some time, letting reality set in. He then wipes his
tears and stands up, sighing.]

RASHID: Well, time to go!

[Back to his usual chipper demeanor, he cartwheels off the plane, followed
by Azam, as the scene pans out to a runway leading out of the base. Cut to

[As the credits start rolling, a butterfly of light starts fluttering,
entering a dark room where it perches itself on the hand of a man who
sits on a throne. Helen is knelt before him.]

HELEN: Shadaloo has been destroyed. However, the one who defeated Bison...

MAN IN THE SHADOWS: The ending is slightly different... from the text
written in the prophecy. Could it be an inconsequential error, alone in the
endless expanse of time? Perhaps...

HELEN: I am truly sorry.

MAN IN THE SHADOWS: Heh... The world is destined to be ashen and barren.
The balance... between regeneration and destruction... must be restored.

[The scene pans to show his feet, by which we can see who this man is: the
left one is blue, and the right one is red. But I'll keep crediting him as
"Man in the Shadows" until the end just for the sake of the writing.]

HELEN: So... you mean...!

[The butterfly flies away from the man's blue hand.]

MAN IN THE SHADOWS: Now come and follow me... Kolin.

[He holds out his hand to Helen/Kolin, showering her with a fine icy mist
until an icy crystal wall breaks up, reverting her to her usual secretary-
with-asymmetric-'do look.]

[As Kolin opens her eyes, she sees in them the reflected image of Gill.]

[Cut to black, roll full credits.]

[And now, time for POST-CREDITS SCENE!]

[Ken meets Ryu by the same waterfall they used to train, and where they
sparred when Karin had them summoned for the final fight against Shadaloo.
The Japanese karateka is meditating with his eyes closed.]

KEN: Thank you for waiting.

[Ryu opens his eyes and turns to address his old friend.]

RYU: I was spending a good time on focusing my mind.

KEN: Eh, hahaha. You still haven't changed at all. Now, why don't you show
me the answer? The one you've been long searching for?

[Ryu responds by getting into his stance. Ken does the same.]

[They fight. Having finally figured out the meaning to his journey, Ryu
fights with a clear, sound state of mind, free from the doubts and fears
that had long plagued him. While he does not underestimate his friend's
capabilities, he is now able to treat the fight as an enjoyable affair of
self-discovery and purification, rather than one victory after another
until nothing but broken bodies lie in his trail.]

[Soon Ken lies on the ground, defeated. But he doesn't hold it against Ryu.
He just lies there, looking at the sky, bewildered at how strong his best
friend has become. At this point, Ryu's headband comes off and the wind
carries it to where Ken is, as he sits up.]

KEN: Tehe. Now I get it...

[He picks up the headband off the floor.]

KEN: I guess you won't be needing this anymore, huh.

[Ryu comes and takes the headband from Ken's hand.]

RYU: There is no end on the road of fighting. I know... I still need this.

KEN: Heh. I see.

[He stands up and Ryu gives him a nod. They then fist-bump. Cut to black.]


Welp, this is it. My first published FAQ. I'm sorry if my comments on some
scenes came off as snide or inopportune, but not if they were sarcastic,
because I appreciate some sarcasm every now and then. To be fair, though,
I felt like I should lighten up the mood a bit.

About the story itself, personally I thought it was a mixed bag: it's
something that seems out of left field, to have martial artists banding
together to stop doomsday, but then again that's the kind of stuff you see
in Chuck Norris movies, except with less guns and more fists (although it
reminds me of the SF cartoon). Plus, I feel the Necalli plot should've been
better explored, since it is integral to Ryu's development. On the other
hand, the idea of shifting controlled fighters around rather than
constraining a single part of the story to a character is not so bad, since
it allows you to try out all of them (free Juri and Urien preview FTW!) and
helps speed along the pace, like the points where you HAVE to play with the
villain because plot says they should win at those specific points.

Besides, as I said on an YouTube comment, when it comes to Bison (a
megalomaniacal terrorist leader bent on world domination, lest we forget),
it's never just a tournament. Even when it is. Remember Street Fighter
Alpha 3? This is kinda like a retelling of that game, only with one single
plot line rather than one plot for each character.

Either way, I'm not exactly holding my breath for Capcom to do this again,
but it is way better than the cartoon, that's for sure. Less funny, sure,
but a better story overall.

Finally, one thing to notice: since I am Brazilian, the game is only in
Portuguese to me. So I had to watch XusesGB's Story Mode video to get the
dialogue right. I couldn't, however, get the names of scenes and chapters,
which I simply back-translated from Portuguese. Whoever knows, or can help
me with any other things, don't hesitate to contact me. My e-mail is up
there, written twice for good measure.


* GameFAQs for letting me host this guide
* Capcom for creating this series and the characters therein
* XusesGB for his full Story video on YouTube, without which I wouldn't be
  able to transcribe this.
* My RP/Steam buddies for their company
* Everyone else who helped me get where I am now (too many people to list)

                           The measure of a man is what he does with power.
							        - Plato

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