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by IceQueenZer0

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Move List and Guide by IceQueenZer0

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/13/2016
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Game: Street Fighter 5

System(s): Playstation 4, PC

Author: Andrea Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria

Introduction (Author Ramblings)

2015 went nowhere with me as I only did 3 FAQs total that year: Madden 15, Pure Pool and Yellow Lemon although my baby sister, Dragon Princess Yushira, did most of the work on the latter. This will be my first major FAQ since Pure Pool and the rest of 2016 should be a good year with this game (Street Fighter 5), King of Fighters 14, Mighty no. 9, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, and Mortal Kombat XL I got plenty of games to keep me going this year but as with 2015, I'll let life decide what I do with this year. Family life was a higher priority in 2015 as it should be any given year especially with the newest ice princess starting school that year.


Street Fighter 5 and all of its characters are trademarks of Capcom. This is FAQ is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero and cannot be published on other sites without given permission.


I'll flesh out this story at a later update but to make a long story short, this game is supposed to bridge the gap between Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3 which Capcom seems to be doing the right thing in this series. If only they would do the same to another certain series: *looks at Megaman~Megaman X*

Version History

v1.2: After further review, made an edit on Nash's Hide move (V-Trigger). Added move descriptions for Cammy, Birdie, Ken & Necalli.

v1.15: I decided to do a massive update of sorts and take care of all damage values for all current characters and there is a lot to be done still. I also fixed up a few mistakes I made in the movelist and also readjusted the color schemes for attacks. Added Alex and Guile's movelists and damage values. Also added info on online fighting. Didn't put up any new gameplay pictures but that's coming.

v1.1: Added an Alex section but the movelist for him will come next update
Added in Trials for Ryu, Chun Li, Charlie Nash, and M. Bison and the vids from Persona Entertainment to go with them.
Also added the other vids to the other characters as placeholders. As of v1.1, Persona hasn't done the trials for the new guys yet.

v1.05: Changed Medium Attack colors from Yellow to Amber. Finished up the descriptions for the first four characters

v1.0: All you see here.

What's Next for Version 1.25

I know I said I do the rest of the trials but had no time.

System and Controls

Next update I will explain the system and controls but in the meantime I'll explain the terminology.

The controller looks like this and assumes you are facing right. Reverse if facing left

ub u uf
b N f
db d df

f = forward (in direction of opponent)
b = backward (away from the opponent)
d = down
u = up
uf, df, db, ub = combinations
N = neutral
360 = circle motion (you are actually doing f, df, d, db, b, ub)
720 = 2 circles
P = Punch
K = Kick
EX? = EX available
VT? = Move changes properties when certain characters are in changed state from a V-Trigger

As I describe each what each move does. The majority of them each have properties that vary by the strength of button pressed so I went and color coded them to describe the differences in buttons pressed and those that are affected by V-Trigger Activation.

Any Punch or Kick

V-Trigger Light
V-Trigger Medium
V-Trigger Heavy
V-Trigger EX


Each character has a set of moves that can help aid and/or hinder you during the fight. It all depends on how you use them. I'm still working on the extra stuff but here is a complete movelist of each character and each update will add on more data. I also plan to add notes about some characters normal attacks. For those who are returning characters, I will also list the changes next time around.

v1.05: Changed Medium color to Amber to make it more readable. Finished Ryu's move descriptions that I forgot to mention the first time. Also added move descriptions for Nash and M.Bison

v1.0: Completed Ryu and Chun Li core data and images descriptions of moves. All data on Nash and M.Bison (Dictator), most images, no descriptions. Everyone else has their movelist up and will go through the same process as the others.


Ryu has been kicking ass since the very beginning of the Street Fighter franchise. He is always looking for strong challengers as he travels the world.

AT TypeMove NameCommandEX?VT?DamageStunAT Level
ThrowsSeoi Nage (Shoulder Throw)f or N + P + K 132170Throw
Tomoe Nage (Somersault Throw)b + P + K 154200Throw

Unique Attacks

Sakotsu Kiri (Collarbone Breaker)f + P 66100Mid
Mizuochi Saiki (Solar Plexus Strike)f + P 98100High
Kakato Otoshi (Axe Kick)b + K 88150High
Jodan NirengekiP, K 99,69150,72High x2
Jodan SanrengekiP, P, K 66,59,62100,63,64High x3
Special Moves

Hadouken/Raiko (Fireball)d, df, f + P (hold button to charge)YY066/176/77-132100/150/150-300High
Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)f, d, df + PYY110/132/154/176/132-198150/200/200-250High
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Hurricane Kick)d, db, b + KY 88/110/132/155200High
Kuuchuu (Airborne) Tatsumaki Senpukyakud, db, b + K during forward jumpY 110/176200High
V-SystemDenjin RenkiP + K
Shingan (Mind's Eye)P + K
Hashogekif + P + P + P during block 660High
Critical ArtShinku Hadouken(d, df, f)x2 + P Y352 High
Denjin Hadouken(d, df, f)x2 + P during V-Trigger 385300High

Seoi Nagi (Shoulder Throw) - Ryu tosses the opponent to the ground like a bad habit. This is an actual move that can be done for real.

Tomoe Nage (Somersault Throw) - Ryu falls back with opponent in tow and monkey flips them over his head. This is another move done for real.

Sakotsu Kiri (Collarbone Breaker) - Ryu will perform a 2-hit overhead punch that will hit crouchers blocking low.

Mizuochi Saiki (Solar Plexus Strike) - A sliding punch to the gut that hits twice. If the opponent has about 50% life left and you have a full super meter. Hit your opponent with this followed by a Shoryuken and cancel it into a Shinkuu or Denjin(?) Hadouken and the fight is over.

Kakato Otoshi (Axe Kick) - A good old classic 2-hit all the way from the first Street Fighter 2 that is still effective today from close up.

Jodan Nirengeki - A 2-hit target combo.

Jodan Sanrengeki - A 3-ht target combo

Hadouken - Ryu thrusts his fists forward and creates a blue fireball that travels at speeds depending on button strength. Note: Minus the fireball part, it is a real move done more as a melee hit to the torso. All the damage is done with the base of you palm like that shot to the nose to kill someone.

EX Hadouken - The EX version hits twice and knocks down on impact.

Hadouken (V-Trigger) - The V-Trigger version adds electric properties and added stun damage. You can charge it up for extra damage and stun damage.

Shoryuken - The iconic anti-air uppercut meant to punish people jumping in blindly. Invincible on the way up but vulnerable on the way down. Knockdown on impact. Damage and height of ascent is determined by button strength.

EX Shoryuken - Does two hits if done in close proximity.

Shoryuken (V-Trigger) - Adds electric properties and does more damage and stun damage.

Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku - This spinning kick has changed properties. Now button strength determines how far he travels and how many words he gets to say. The Light version is humanely possible. Ryu stops at Tatsumaki. Medium version stops at Senpuu. Heavy version spins all the way across the screen and can go through some projectiles.

EX Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku - The EX version spins in place and can hit multiple times with a good old vacuum effect.

Denjin Renki - Gives Ryu the power to execute electrically charged special moves which causes extra stun damage.

Shingan (Mind's Eye) - Ryu will parry high attacks and take no damage. His V-Gauge gets filled up a little bit too with each successful parry.

Hashogeki - Ryu thrusts his palms into the opponent. Remember when I said you can do a real-life Hadouken minus, the fireball part? This is a pure example.

Shinku Hadouken - Ryu gathers up his chi to let loose a large multi-hit Hadouken.

Denjin Hadouken - This electrified Shinku Hadouken adds more damage and also causes stun damage too. You may remember this move from SF3 series.

Chun Li

AT Type Move Name Command EX? VT? Damage Stun AT Level
Throws Koshutoclose, f or N + P + K 120 170 Throw
Tenshin Shushu close, b or P + K 140 200 Throw
Ryuuseiraku close, P + K in air 130 200 Throw
Unique Moves Tsuitotsuken b or f + P 60 100 High
Hakkei b + P 90 150 High
Senenshu df + K 70 100 Mid
Tenkukyaku b + K 70 150 High
Yokusenkyaku f + K 80 150 High
Kakuyakuraku df + K 80 150 Mid
Yosokyakud + K in air (3x) 40, 50, 60 60 Mid
Sankaku Tobi (Wall Jump)jump to wall, uf 60 100
Special MovesKikoukenb~f + PYY 060/100/60-120 100High
Spinning Bird Kickd~u + KY ~120/~140/~160/~170 200High
Hyakuretsukyakud, df, f + KY ~80/~100/~120/~140 ~80/~100/~120/~150High
Kuuchuu Hyakuretsukyakud, df, f + K in airY ~80/~100/~120/~140 ~80/~100/~120/~150High
V-SystemRankyakuP + K 40 50High
RenkikouP + K
Souhakkeiblock, f + P + P + P 13 0 High
Critical ArtHoyokusen(d, df, f)x2 + K 340 0 High

Koshuto - Chun Li flips the opponent and slams them forward.

Tenshin Shushu - Flips over the opponent and kicks them away when halfway down.

Ryuusei Ougi - Catches opponent in mid-air and drives them smack into the ground.

Tsuitosuken - This is meant to be more of a poke move.

Hakkei - Another poke move only with more damage.

Senenshu - An overhead kick that will hit people blocking low.

Tenkukyaku - Functions like an anti-air kick.

Yokusenkyaku - Best way to describe this is that it's meant to punish mainly the sweep attacks (d + K)

Kakukyakuraku - Chun Li attempts to hit the opponent with a cross up move similar to the move Iori Yagami has from King of Fighters series.

Yosokyaku - Chun Li's iconic heel stomp that's been with her as a unique attack since her debut. You can hit the opponent up to three times while still airborne.

Sankaku Tobi - Chun Li will do a Triangle Jump for more height on the jump.

Kikouken - Chun Li throws a projectile that seems to lose effectiveness the higher the strength. Kikouken travels almost the entire screen before it dissipates. Kikouken dissipates after a little more than half screen. Kikouken dissipates after a half screen.

EX Kikouken - Looks just like her SSF2 Kikouken's incarnation. Travels full screen.

Kikouken (V-Trigger Activated) - Similar to the regular Kikouken except it travels full screen regardless of strength and the EX version does more damage that non-VT EX version.

Spinning Bird Kick - Chun Li spins across the screen upside down and hits multiple times depending on button strength. SBK does 5 hits max. SBK does 7 hits max. SBK does 9 hits max.

EX Spinning Bird Kick - Spins in place and has a vacuum effect like the EX Hurricane Kick. It takes longer to charge up according to a Capcom rep.

Hyakuretsu Kyaku - No cheap ass button mashing here folks. Now Chun Li kicks the opponent a set number of times. Hyakuretsu Kyaku hits 4 times max. Hyakuretsu Kyaku hits 5 times max. Hyakuretsu Kyaku hits 6 times max.

EX Hyakuretsu Kyaku - Chun Li starts off kicking with one leg then switches to the other and starts kicking.

Kuuchuu Hyakuretsu Kyaku - All details are the same as the one on the ground even the EX.

Rankyaku - Chun Li lunges upward into the air and can hit opponents on the way up. It's also a good anti-air. If you whiff it and the opponent is in the air, you can air throw them.

Renkikou - Chun Li's bracelets power up. In addition to adding a boost to her Kikouken, her Medium attacks hit 1 extra time and her Heavy attacks hit 2 extra times.

Souhakkei - Countermove that is the same as her Hakkei but less damage.

Hoyokusen - Chun Li attacks the opponent with a series of kicks that will beat them into submission. Must connect with the first kick to see the 3-D animation otherwise, you will see the 2-D version from any connected subsequent kicks.


AT Type Move Name Command EX? VT? Damage Stun AT Level
Throw Dragon Suplex close, f or N + P + K 120 170 Throw
Target Down close, b + P + K 140 200 Throw
Air Jack close, P + K in air 130 200 Throw
Unique Attacks Knee Bazooka f + K 60 70 High
Jumping Sobat f + K 60 100 High
Chopping Assault f + P 60 100 Mid
Step Kick f + K 90 150 High
Spinning Back Knuckle f + P 90 150 High
Side Knee Attack b + K 60 100 High
Rapid Punch P, P 30, 45 70, 72 High x2
Rapid Kick K, K 30, 54 70, 72 High x2
Wind Shear P, K, P 60, 36, 48 100, 45, 64 High x2, Mid
Down Burst d + P, f + P 60, 54 100, 90 High, Mid
Raptor Combination K, K, K 60, 63, 56 100, 72, 80 High x3
Special Moves Sonic Boom d, df, f + P (extra P if EX used)Y 50/60,54 100, 90 High, High
Sonic Scythe d, db, b + KY 60/80/120/150 100, 200 High
Moonsault Slash d, df, f + KY 70/130 100/150 High
Tragic Assault f, d, df + PY 100/120/150/80-120 100 High
V-System Bullet Clear P + K 60 100
Sonic Move: Hide P + K
Sonic Move: Blitz AIr f + P + K
Sonic Move: Steel Air b + P + K
Sonic Move: Avoid block, f + P + P + P
Critical Art Judgement Saber (d, db, b)x2 + P 339 High

Dragon Suplex - Nash goes the opponent as does a Dragon Suplex

Target Down - Nash puts the opponent into a Rear Naked Chokehold before tossing them away.

Air Jack - Catches opponent in midair and knees them in the gut.

Knee Bazooka - Adopted from his comrade Guile, Nash lunges forward with his knee extended.

Jumping Sobat - A standing spin kick that can avoid sweeps.

Chopping Assault - An overhead punch that can't be blocked low.

Step Kick - A poking kick attack.

Spinning Back Knuckle - Another move adopted from Guile, Nash will hit the opponent will hard hitting backfist.

Side Knee Attack - A quick hitting knee attack.

Rapid Punch - Quick two punch combo

Image coming Soon

Rapid Kick - Quick two kick combo. Here he follows his Kick with a Side Knee Attack

Image coming Soon

Wind Shear - 3 hit combo that has Nash follow his Punch with a Knee Bazooka and an air backhand.

Image coming Soon

Down Burst - Crouching Punch followed by his Chopping Assault

Image coming Soon

Raptor Combination - Two hit kick combo followed by a Jumping Sobat.

Image coming Soon

Sonic Boom - Nash throws a spiraling projectile that travels the same speed no matter the button strength.

EX Sonic Boom - The EX version is pretty much the same except you can press another button to throw another Sonic Boom

Sonic Scythe - A slashing kick with different properties depending on the button used. Sonic Scythe does a downward slash kick. Sonic Scythe does a straight slash kick as seen in the picture below. Sonic Scythe does upward slash kick similar to Elena's Rhino Horn.

EX Sonic Scythe - Looks eerily similar to Rugal's Genocide Cutter from King of Fighters. He does two Sonic Scythe versions.

Moonsault Slash - Another borrowed KOF move somewhat. This is similar to Leona's Strike Arch (f + B) move with Slash and front flip effects added to it. The strength of the button determines the height and arc of the move. Unfortunately this move will not hit an opponent up close in your face unless...

EX Moonsault Slash - Does two Moonsault Slashes in a row. He can attack people up close unlike the regular Moonsault Slash.

Tragedy Assault - From the looks of the picture below, you probably think he stole this from Iori but he jumps at the opponent. Button strength determines how far he jumps to catch the opponent.

EX Tragedy Assault - Nash can attack the opponent from anywhere on the screen regardless of distance. He will start off with a damaging shoulder charge before he executes the move.

Sonic Move - Hide - Nash does a dash move that gets behind opponents and avoids attacks. It can also be used to add to combos or better yet surprise an opponent after throwing a Sonic Boom as a distraction.

Sonic Move - Blitz Air & Sonic Move - Steel Air - Similar to the Hide except Nash will end up in the air for a surprise attack. He can appear in the air in front or behind the opponent.

Bullet Clear - Nullifies projectiles as the name implies but also does damage to the opponent if done up close to them. Adds to V-Guage if a projectile is nullified.

Sonic Avoid - Used to get out of a corner. Even though it also does no damage, it's more useful than the V-Trigger.

Judgement Saber - Nash dashes behind the opponent and does a vertical Sonic Hurricane that in my opinion would make a good idea for a Mortal Kombat slicer-type fatality.

M. Bison (Vega) - Dictator

AT TypeMove NameCommandEX?VT?DamageStunAT Level
ThrowPsycho Impactf or N + P + K 130170Throw
Psycho Fallb + P + K 140200Throw
Unique Attacks

Hell AttackP, P in air 50, 63100, 45 Mid x2
Psycho Axedf + P 80100 High
Shadow AxeP, df + P 60, 60100, 60 High x2
Special Moves

Psycho Blastb~f + P Y Y70/100100/150/100 High
Double Knee Pressb~f + K Y Y~70/~80/~90/150/~110/170100/200/100 High
Head Pressd~u + K Y Y100/160/120/180200 Mid
Somersault Skull DiverHead Press, P 80 Mid
Devil ReverseHead Press, P before it connects Y* Y70/140/100100/200/150 Mid
Psycho Infernod, db, b + P Y Y90/100/110/140/130/160100/150/100/150
V-SystemPsycho ReflectP + K (tap to absorb, hold to reflect) 4050High
Psycho PowerP + K
Psycho BurstBlock, f + P + P + P 600
Critical ArtUltimate Psycho Crusher(d, df, f)x2 + P (also in air) 3400High

Psycho Impact - Spins the opponent around and sends them on their merry way.

Psycho Fall - Fills the opponent with Psycho Power and tosses them aside.

Hell Attack - 2 hit air combo

Image coming Soon

Psycho Axe - A psycho powered downward slash punch

Shadow Axe - a Punch followed by a Psycho Axe

Image coming Soon

Psycho Blast - Bison will blast the opponent with a burst of energy, good for ending combos. The V-Triggered version does extra damage.

EX Psycho Blast - The Psycho Blast becomes a projectile. It can juggle the opponent if they land on it.

Double Knee Press - Best known as the Scissor Knee when it appeared in the SF2 series. Bison will hit the opponent up to two times depending on where you hit the opponent. Button strength determines the distance traveled. V-Trigger version will have Bison vanish temporarily before impact.

EX Double Knee Press - Bison will tap dance all over the opponent. Just like the regular DKP, the V-Trigger version will have Bison vanish temporarily before impact.

Head Press - Another oldie but goodie. Bison will stomp on the opponents head. From here he has three options depending on before or after the attack connects or gets blocked.

EX Head Press - There won't be any follow ups if the EX Head Press connects. He will stomp the opponent onto the ground and stomp them again.

Somersault Skull Diver - If the Head Press connects or gets blocked, you can press any Punch button to attack with a follow up punch or fly away to safety.

Devil Reverse - If you haven't connected with the Head Press yet, you can opt to press a Punch button beforehand to hit the opponent with a surprise falling chop. The V-Triggered version has him vanish temporarily before impact.

EX Devil Reverse
- A more powerful Devil Reverse. The V-Triggered version has him vanish temporarily before impact.

Psycho Inferno - A wall of Psycho fire is erupted.

EX Psycho Inferno - An arch of fire instead of a fire column.

Psycho Reflect - Bison will absorb any projectile that comes his way. If the buttons are held down, he will toss a projectile back at the opponent.

Other Image coming Soon

Psycho Power - Psycho Flames surround Bison's body. Enhances his special moves.

Psycho Burst - A burst of energy that will knock away opponents.

Image coming Soon

Ultimate Psycho Crusher - You must connect with the initial burst of energy for this attack to work. Successfully doing so will make Bison grab the opponent and Psycho Crusher them into the wall.

Cammy White

AT TypeMove NameCommandEX?VT?DamageStunAT Level
ThrowsGyro Nipper (Gyro Clipper)f or N + P + K 130 200Throw
Delta Throwb + P + K 140200Throw
Unique MovesKnee Barretf + K 80100High
Lift Upperb + P 60100High
Lift Combinationb + P, K 60, 72100, 90High x2
Special Moves

Spiral Arrowd, df, f + KYY80/90/(50 + 50)/(50 + 70)/120150/200 High
Cannon Spikef, d, df + KYY120/121~160/160200High
Cannon Strikeforward jump, d, db, b + KYY60/80100 High
Hooligan Combination, KYY60/80100High
Hooligan Combinationb, db, d, df, f + PY
Razor Edge SlicerHC, no input 100/150150, 200 Low
Fatal Leg TwisterHC, P + K (near ground opponent) 150200 Throw
Cross Scissors PressureHC, P + K (near air opponent) 150200 Throw
V-SystemAxle Spin KnuckleP + K 60100High
Delta DriveP + K
Strike Backblock, f + K + K + K 60 High
Critical ArtCross Stinger Assault(d, df, f)x2 + K 330330 High

Gyro Clipper - Goes behind opponent and does a German suplex.

Delta Throw - Head scissors the opponent and tosses them the opposite direction.

Knee Bullet - She jacked Leona's (KOF) Strike Arch [f + LK] in SF4 series as her Focus Attack and here in SF5, she jacks her double Knee Attack (close HK).

Lift Upper - Lunges forward with a European Uppercut that temporarily knocks the opponent off balance for...

Lift Combination - A follow-up standing Kick

Spiral Arrow - Lunges forward with a spiraling kick. Button strength determines how far she travels and the opening left behind for counterattack. Spiral Arrow and Spiral Arrow hits up to two times. Spiral Arrow hits several times and drains half of the V-Trigger Gauge. All versions knock down on contact but can be comboed into a Cross Stinger Assault or Cannon Spike

Cannon Spike - An anti-air move that catches opponents by surprise and knocks down opponents automatically except when cancelled into a Cross Stinger Assault. Button strength determines the height of the ascent and the distance window to strike the opponent on the ground. Cannon Spike strikes multiple times. Cannon Spike does as much damage as the maximum that Cannon Spike but its more guaranteed and it drains half of the V-Trigger gauge..

Cannon Strike - Usable during a forward jump, Cammy divekicks the opponent at a sharp angle. The sharpness of the angle decreases the higher the strength. Can be used as a follow-up to the Hooligan Combination. Cannon Strike acts faster while Cannon Strike drills right through the opponent and drains half of the V-Trigger guage.

Hooligan Combination - Cammy flips through the air and can follow-up with four attacks, one of which is the previously mentioned Cannon Strike. Another one is done by doing nothing. HC acts faster.

Razor Leg Slicer - Do nothing and Cammy land with a sliding kick to trip the opponent.

Fatal Leg Twister - Cammy catches the opponent and spirals through the air with them before slamming them into the pavement.

Cross Scissors Pressure - Same as the Fatal Leg Twister except it catches air opponents.

Axel Spin Knuckle - Formerly one of Cammy's special moves, it is now her V-Skill and can be used to catch opponents off-guard. It can go through fireballs if not executed too close to you. If done close to the opponent, the move will go behind them and strike.

Delta Drive - Cammy powers up and can soup up her Cannon Strike, Spiral Arrow, and Cannon Spike but can only use two moves total as one use drains the V-Trigger Gauge by 50 points

Strike Back - Dashes behind opponents and kicks them. Does not kill the opponent.

Cross Stinger Assault - Cammy jumps back and the best way to describe this is it being a combination of the first parts of her Killer Bee Assault and Spin Drive Smasher.