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Unlockables Guide by Slateman

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/18/2016

Document:   Street Fighter V: Unlockables Guide
Games:      Street Fighter V
Platform:   Sony Playstation 4
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom

Author:     Slateman (slateman@godflesh.com)
Version:    2.0
Date:       18th August, 2016

Table Of Contents

   Section I:        Color Unlocks	
   Section II:       Costume Unlocks
   Section III:      Fight Money
   Section IV:       Story Mode Unlocks
   Section V:        Survival Mode Unlocks
   Section VI:       Challenge List
   Section VII:      Character Levelling
   Section VIII:     Fighter Profile Levelling
   Section IX:       Title Unlocks
   Section X:        Online Unlocks
   Section XI:       Trophies & Achievements
   Section XII:      Credits
   Section XIII:     Legal Stuff


Revision Notes
1.0    First document
1.1    Titles updates.  
       Survival mode details.  
       Requisite touch-ups.
1.2    More Titles
       More Survival mode details
       Platinum rank revealed (7,500+ LP!)
       I'm totally loving SF5 BTW!!!
1.3    More, More, More.  
       + Formatting Fixes
1.4    So many more Titles (and another new style of title!)
       Character level details
       Costume Unlocks section tweaked
       Fixes, tweaks and waiting for the March Update!  
1.5    More Title fixes.  Minor corrections
       Last main update before the March update!
       Super Platinum rank details
1.6    New classes of Titles.  Doesn't end!!!
1.7    New Titles.  Cleanup
1.8    Colors 14 & 15.  Title verification
1.9    July update out - No More Zenny - So much stuff!
2.0    Neglected this guide for my complete guide.  Updated with all info.


                             Section I
                           Color Unlocks

Patch Version: 01.07
There are 16 total colors for all characters.  Two are unlocked at the outset.  
The remaining are unlocked via defeating Survival Mode on different difficulties
and by purchasing the remainder in the store.  

For colors 12-15, you must be a certain level before they are unlocked for 
purchase.  They're detailed in parentheses.

   Color #          Method
   -------       ------------
   Color 3        Survival Easy
   Color 4        Survival Normal
   Color 5        Survival Normal
   Color 6        Survival Normal
   Color 7        Survival Hard
   Color 8        Survival Hard
   Color 9        Survival Hard
   Color 10       Survival Hard
   Color 11       10,000 FM 
   Color 12        2,000 FM (Level 5)
   Color 13        5,000 FM (Level 10)
   Color 14       10,000 FM (Level 25)
   Color 15       20,000 FM (Level 50)
   EX2 Colors     CPT DLC only (See section 4b above)

Colors 3-10 will be made available at a later date for both regular money as 
well as FM.  They will be sold as a pack.  Pricing is currently unknown.

You will only unlock colors for the costume you're using.  If you used a 
story mode costume to beat Survival Mode, you'll have to go back and beat the
mode again to get the extra colors for the standard outfit.  (Such nonsense)

EX2 colors were made available as part of the CPT DLC only.  This set of colors
is for your default costume only.  

In Japan, special editions of the game came with "Director's Edition" colors
for characters.  Those are just unique combinations that I suppose are not 
available elsewhere.  At least for now.



                             Section II
                           Costume Unlocks

Each character currently has 3 costumes with several female fighters having a

   Standard Costume
   Story Mode Costume
   Battle Costume 1
   Swimsuit Costume (Karen, R. Mika, Chun-Li, Cammy, Ibuki, Laura Only so far)
   CPT Costume (Cammy, Chun-Li Only (thus far)

*  The first is available from the outset.

*  Story Mode costumes are available in Story Mode only.  To use these during 
   normal gameplay, you must purchase them in the Store for 40,000 FM.  You 
   must complete Story Mode for that character first.

*  Premium Costumes are available for $4 USD.  They are not available for 
   purchase with FM.
   They were available, however, for those who pre-ordered.  Four fighters had
   Battle Costume 1 available. Those characters were: Cammy, Chun-Li, Ryu and 
   Vega (D).
    In Japan, these came with the special editions.  Cammy and Vega came with
    the Valuable Edition, Ryu, Cammy, and Chun-Li for the Hot Package, all four 
    for the Volcanic Edition.  

For more information about Fight Money and how to purchase all this 
stuff, see section III below.


                            Section III 
                            Fight Money

Since Street Fighter V employs a different model for unlocking and purchasing 
premium content, let's get to this right out.  

How To Earn Fight Money:

Fight Money (FM) is earned throughout the game.  You can earn this by winning 
matches online for meager advances.  However here is the real meaty way to earn
FM.  You can earn this FM for each character with the exception of the General
Story Mode which can only be completed once for FM.  

   View Each Character's Guide               500 FM 
   View Each Set Of Demonstrations         1,000 FM  
   Complete Each Character's Trials        1,000 FM  
   Raise a Character's Level               1,000 FM  
   Complete Story Mode                     2,000 FM  
   Complete Survival Easy                  2,000 FM 
   Complete Survival Normal                5,000 FM  
   Complete Survival Hard                 10,000 FM  
   Complete Survival Extreme              20,000 FM  
   Complete General Story Mode            30,000 FM (1x only)
   Complete General Story Mode (Extra)    50,000 FM (1x only)
As detailed elsewhere here, you can earn earn 4,000 FM for beating Story Mode
and Survival Easy as well as level up 12x in the process.  That'll net you 
16,000 FM for each character. 

Better gamers can continue on with Survival Normal for an additional 5,000 FM
each, but that's a harder challenge for some. 

By beating Story Mode & Survival Easy for all 16 base characters (not a 
difficult task) you will net 256,000 FM which is a good starting point for 
purchasing new characters, outfits or stages.  More on those specifics below.

What Was Zenny?

Zenny was Capcom's original vision for purchasing premium DLC content.  It was
however abandoned in the July update.  So...let's just forget about it entirely
shall we?

Instead you can use actual cash to purchase items as detailed above.

What To Buy With FM & Cash

So what is all this for?  Ah, the store, of course!  Check out section 4b above
for more.

   For Purchase             FM Cost           $$$ Cost (In USD)
   ------------             -------           --------
   DLC Characters           100,000           $6
   Story Mode Costumes      40,000            $2          
   Premium Costumes         n/a               $4
   Colors                   -varies-          n/a (see section I above)
   Stages                   70,000            $4
   Stage Variations         40,000            $2
   Titles                   5,000             n/a
   Profile Designs          5,000             n/a   

*  Premium Costumes are not available for purchase with FM.  


                            Section IV
                         Story Mode Unlocks

Patch Version: 01.07

Ensure you are online when doing this.  If you don't, you might not unlock 
trophies and you will not receive the Fight Money you earned (Experience may 
count).  Completing one of these offline means you'll likely have to do it all 
over again for the FM.

There are two story modes.  The full one, A Shadow Falls, last several hours 
and will give 30,000 FM the first time through.  You can then play again at a
higher difficulty for another 50,000 FM.  You will not receive more FM for 
subsequent playthroughs.

The normal Story Mode is a very brief and outrageously-simple single-player 
mode that will yield Experience, Fight Money and the ability to change your 
costume settings (in Story Mode only).  Certain characters have two fights 
(three animated sequences) while others have three (four sequences).  Each 
will result in the same total Experience gained.  

   Complete                        EXP Gained       FM Gained        Etc.
   ------                          ----------       ---------        ----
   General Story Mode                     n/a       30,000 FM        n/a
   General Story Mode (Extra)             n/a       50,000 FM        n/a
   Each Char's Story Mode           5,000 EXP        2,000 FM        Char Theme

Story Mode Bonuses

     Complete Story Mode       5,000 EXP    2,000 FM

                     Experience Gained
                     Fight 1    Fight 2    Fight 3       Total
                     -------    -------    -------       -----
     Two Fights      2,000      3,000      n/a           5,000
     Three Fights    1,500      1,500      2,000         5,000

   If you are playing this before leveling up your character, you will reach 
   level 8 with that character, thus also adding an additional 8,000 FM.  
   That's an easy 10,000 FM right there!

Story Mode Trophies:

You can obtain the following trophies/achievements in this mode.  Trophy type
does not apply to PC users.

   Method                      Title                        Trophy Type
   ------                      -----                        -----------
   Clear Story Mode 1x         Your Story Starts Here       Bronze
   Clear Story Mode 5x         Lucky We Met                 Bronze
   Clear Story Mode 16x        The 16 Trials                Bronze


                               Section V      
                         Survival Mode Unlocks

Patch Version: 01.07

Causing ire amongst many SF fans, additional character colors are locked behind
Survival Mode and its very long and unrewarding gameplay model.  I suspect these
might be available for purchase in the March update when the store goes online.

Let's get to it.  People hate this mode as unlocking colors can be incredibly
challenging.  Win 29 matches and lose on #30 and you gain absolutely nothing.

The Bad:   It can be crazy unfair & difficult.
-------    This mode is a lesson in utter patience.
           Unlocking colors only works for your current outfit.

The Good:  Owning a color shows how skilled you are, as few have colors 7-10!

Unlocks go as follows:

   Difficulty   Fights     Color            Exp         Fight Money     Titles
   ----------   -------    -----            ---         -----------     -----
   Easy         10         3                5,000       2,000           no
   Normal       30         4, 5, 6          10,000      5,000           no
   Hard         50         7, 8, 9, 10      20,000      10,000          no
   Extreme      100        n/a              40,000      20,000          yes

Important & Noteworthy Stuff:

   You will *NEED* to be online in order to receive Fight Money for this mode.  
   If you don't, you'll receive the other perks, but will have to play it 
   again to get the fight money.
   If you've completed Story Mode, you may unlock a new title upon completing
   Survival (on any difficulty).  This is due to reaching level 10, and not 
   for completing Survival.  

   You will receive colors ONLY for the outfit you're using.  If you want color
   #3 for Ryu's normal outfit, his story mode outfit and his premium costume, 
   good luck beating survival mode *AGAIN* for each one.

   You only receive experience and FM the first time you complete Survival.

   Extreme difficulty used to be called Hell.  Completing this will unlock the
   title [Veteran Among Veterans].  More on titles in section 3d below.

Survival Mode Trophies:

You can obtain the following trophies/achievements in this mode.  Trophy type
does not apply to PC users.

   Method                          Title                            Trophy Type
   ------                          -----                            -----------
   Beat Normal Difficulty          Win Or Die Tryin'                Bronze
   Beat Hard Difficulty            A True Warrior's Spirit          Silver
   Beat Extreme Difficulty         Back From Hell                   Gold


                              Section VI
                            Challenge List


You will receive 1,000 FM for viewing each set of Demonstrations.  

You will receive 500 FM and 1,000 EXP for viewing each character's Guide.

That's a total of 11,500 FM and if you level up any characters in the process,
that total increases.  


Combo trials for all 18 characters.  There are only 10 trials per character so 
the difficulty ramps up.  I may write up about each character's trials soon but
you can view a demonstration of each if you need assistance with the timing.

You will earn 5,000 EXP and 1,000 FM for completing ALL of each character's 
trials.  Complete 9 out of 10 and you will gain nothing.  


For now here is a list of the challenges that can be read about in the Fighter 
Profile.  It looks like you will receive bonuses for completing these challenges
for each character.  I don't know if there are different levels (i.e. challenge 
07 asks you to perform five reversals.  Is there a second tier which asks you 
to perform 25?  Then 50?  We'll see soon enough!  

Challenge List

#    Title                Requirement
--   -----                -----------
01:  Combos               Perform a combo with 4 or more moves at least 3x
02:  Cancels              V-Trigger cancel at least twice
03:  Cancels              Cancel a move into Critical Arts at least once
04:  Counters             Perform a counter hit 3x
05:  Knockdown            Knock down an opponent 5x
06:  Jumping In           Hit a grounded opponent with a forward jump 3x
07:  Reversals            Perform a reversal 5x
08:  Recoveries           Perform a recovery at least 3x
09:  Standing Attacks     Hit a grounded opponent with a standing normal 10x
10:  Crouching Attacks    Hit a grounded opponent with a crouching normal 10x
11:  Ground Vs. Air       Hit an airborne opponent with a ground normal 5x
12:  Air Vs. Air          Hit an airborne opponent with a jumping normal 5x
13:  Throws               Perform a normal throw at least 5x
14:  Cancels              Perform a special move cancel at least 10x
15:  Cancels              Perform an EX Special Move cancel at least 5x
16:  Special Moves        Hit an opponent with a Special Move at least 7x
17:  EX Special Moves     Hit an opponent with an EX Special at least 5x
18:  KO Time              Defeat an opponent within the time limit (45 seconds)
19:  Stuns                Stun an opponent
20:  Stun Recovery        Recover from a stun before getting hit
21:  First Attack         Land the first attack
22:  V-Reversals          Use a V-Reversal at least 3x
23:  V-Skills             Use a V-Skill at least 7x
24:  Using Techniques     Use at least 10 different techniques
25:  Landing Techniques   Hit an opponent with at least 7 different techniques
26:  Cross-Ups            Hit an opponent with a cross-up at least 3x
27:  Cross-Guarding       CG at least once


                             Section VII
                         Character Levelling

(This is for each individual fighter, not your Fighter Profile)

By gaining experience, you will level up your character.  This level has no
bearing on your character's skill or power.  It is merely to keep track of your
usage and dedication!

There is a pair of trophies/achievements for raising your character's levels 
detailed below.

How To Earn Experience

Fighting matches earns you EXP but that is a slow build.  Completing the game's
single-player modes will net you plenty of experience.  Building levels will 
then earn FM (more in section 4c below)

   Method                           EXP Gained
   ------                           ----------
   View Character's Demonstration   500 
   Story Mode                       5,000
   Complete Character Trials        5,000
   Survival Easy                    5,000
   Survival Normal                  10,000
   Survival Hard                    20,000
   Survival Extreme                 40,000
   Online Victory                   [varies greatly]

Levels & Experience

This is a bit excessive but it chronicles levelling information.  

   Reach Lvl    Total Exp    Till Next Level     Color Perks
   ---------    ---------    ---------------     -----------

   Level 0      ---          300
   Level 1      300          350      +50
   Level 2      650          400      +50
   Level 3      1,050        500      +100
   Level 4      1,550        600      +100
   Level 5      2,150        700      +100       Can purchase color 12
   Level 6      2,850        800      +100
   Level 7      3,650        900      +100
   Level 8      4,500        1,000    +100
   Level 9      5,550        1,100    +100
   Level 10     6,650        1,200    +100       Can purchase color 13

   Level 11     7,850        1,400    +200
   Level 12     9,250        1,600    +200
   Level 13     10,850       1,800    +200
   Level 14     12,650       2,000    +200
   Level 15     14,650       2,200    +200
   Level 16     16,850       2,400    +200
   Level 17     19,250       2,700    +300
   Level 18     21,950       3,000    +300
   Level 19     24,950       3,300    +300
   Level 20     28,250       3,700    +300
   Level 21     31,950       4,100    +400
   Level 22     36,050       4,500    +400
   Level 23     40,550       5,000    +500
   Level 24     45,550       5,500    +500
   Level 25     51,050       6,100    +600       Can purchase color 14
   Level 26     57,150       6,700    +600
   Level 27     63,850       7,400    +700
   Level 28     71,250       8,100    +700
   Level 29     79,350       8,900    +800
   Level 30     88,250       9,700    +800
   Level 31     97,950       10,700   +1,000
   Level 32     108,650      11,700   +1,000
   Level 36     162,450      16,800   
   Level 37     179,250      
   Level 50                                       Can purchase color 15

Character Trophies/Achievements

You can obtain the following trophies/achievements in this mode.  Trophy type
does not apply to PC users.

   Method                          Title                            Trophy Type
   ------                          -----                            -----------
   One Character to Level 5        One Step Forward                 Bronze
   Five Characters to Level 5      Quantity Over Quality            Bronze
   All 16 Characters to Level 5    No Rest For The Wicked           Bronze
   One Character to Level 30       Slow But Steady Wins The Race    Silver


                          Section VIII
                    Fighter Profile Levelling

Experience stacks, so by raising two characters to level 8, your fighter 
profile will now be level 16.  There is a trophy/achievement for reaching 
level 200.  Completing Story Mode and Survival Mode (Easy) will raise you to 
level 12.  Doing this for 16 characters will raise you to level 192.  

Raising levels for characters online is slow and arduous as you only gain 100-
150 EXP for most matches (Ranked or Casual) online.  However, ranking characters
through Story Mode & Survival Mode get this done much more quickly.

I may expand this section.  Perhaps not.  

Fighter Profile Trophies/Achievements

There are a few levelling trophies for your fighter profile.

   Method                          Title                            Trophy Type
   ------                          -----                            -----------
   Raise Profile to Level 50       Vindicated Honor                 Bronze
   Raise Profile to Level 100      Burning Spirit                   Silver
   Raise Profile to Level 200      Number 2 Is The New Number 1     Gold


                           Section IX
                         Title  Unlocks

Titles are earned by leveling up your character and by playing and/or winning
matches online.  You can set your Title in Battle Settings and this reflects
your skill level as the harder-to-reach titles are far more scarce than the 
lower ones.  The huge March update added a number of specific titles for 
purchase.  Scroll down a while for those.

This list was the result of a lot of hard work and keeping track of fighter 
profiles.  In July, rrkappasvoice posted a complete gallery of these titles 
both verifying and fixing the research I had done.  You can find them here:

These are now all verified means of unlocking Titles.

   + Reaching Character Level 10 (per character/not fighter profile)
   + Reaching Character Level 30 
   + Reaching Character Level 50 
   + Reaching Character Level 90
   + Reaching Character Level 99

   + Winning     1 Ranked Match with each character
   + Winning    10 Ranked Match with each character
   + Winning    50 Ranked Match with each character
   + Winning   100 Ranked Match with each character
   + Winning   300 Ranked Match with each character
   + Winning   500 Ranked Match with each character
   + Winning 1,000 Ranked Match with each character
   + Beat Survival: Extreme Difficulty (One Title)
   + Reach a new League or League Level (Super/Ultra)
   + Pre-ordering the Japanese 'Valuable Edition'
   + Season Pass holders get one for each DLC fighter
Title Categories:

I've separated these into my own named categories.  They are not official but 
I needed a name for them so there you have it. 

Category:       Description
--------       -----------
Water:         Blue titles appear to have a watery right edge.
Fire:          Reddish titles have flames towards the right edge.
Plate:         Colored.  Tiny triangle cutouts on upper-left & lower-right. 
EX:            Solid rectangle, minimalistic.  Colorful.
Wedge:         Triangle wedge situated on right edge of title
Master:        Chibi characters on an ovular background.
Yellow:        Bright yellow titles with character's face on left
Tear:          As in torn: like the edges are torn or ripped. Pre-order only.
               (Available when pre-ordering the Japanese 'Valuable Edition')
               (For DLC characters, these are available for Season Pass owners)
               (Event  Hubs Link (http://tinyurl.com/haj62tq))
How To Unlock?

This specifies how each category is unlocked.  There is only one Title for 
category Wedge, Yellow & Tear.

   Type        Title #1 Method                Title #2 Method
   ----        ---------------                ---------------
   Water       Reach Level 10                 Win 1 Ranked Match
   Fire        Win 10 Ranked Matches          100 Ranked Wins
   Plate       50 Ranked Wins                 300 Ranked Wins
   EX          Reach Level 30                 Reach Level 90	
   Wedge       1,000 Ranked Wins              --- 
   Yellow      500 Ranked Wins                ---
   Master      Reach Level 50                 Reach Level 99
   Tear        Pre-order only                 ---
   Bronze      For Reaching Bronze Ranks
   Silver      For Reaching Silver Ranks     
   Gold        For Reaching Gold Ranks   
   Platinum    For Reaching Platinum Ranks
   Diamond     For Reaching Diamond Ranks  
   Master      For Reaching Master Ranks
               (no one has reached this yet)   
   Other       Unique/Specific Requirements

Title List:

Type           Method           Title
-----          ------           -----

Plain         [Unlocked]        Street Fighter Logo

Master         Master Rank      Extreme
Master                          Master Fighter
Master                          Royal Flush
Master                          World Domination
Master                          Vengeful Ghoul

Diamond        Diamond Rank     Annihilator 
Diamond                         The Real Deal 
Diamond                         Purgatory
Diamond                         Soaring
Diamond                         Treasured
Diamond                         Awakened
Diamond                         Record Breaker
Diamond                         National Champion
Diamond                         Golden Generation
Diamond                         Unrelenting
Diamond                         Unfathomable Power

Platinum       Platinum Rank    Unequaled
Platinum                        Aggressive
Platinum                        Ultimate Limit
Platinum                        Stared In The Face Of Death
Platinum                        Supremacy
Platinum                        Transcendent
Platinum                        Tooth And Nail

Gold           Gold Rank        Gold
Gold                            Genius
Gold                            Bent On Victory
Gold                            Cyborg
Gold                            Superhuman
Gold                            Victorious

Silver         Silver Rank      Silver
Silver                          Enormity   
Silver                          Remarkable
Silver                          Brazen Hero
Silver                          Child Prodigy
Silver                          Dazzling

Bronze         Bronze Rank      Bronze
Bronze                          Glorious Comeback
Bronze                          Unmatched Hero

[Red]          Streak?          The HOT one!
[Red]          Surv Hell        Veteran Among Veterans

Unique?                         The Star of Asia
Unique?                         Saikyo-ryu Dojo, PIA Branch

CPT DLC                         Capcom Cup 2016
CPT DLC                         Capcom Pro Tour 2016

ALEX            Title #1                        Title #2        
====            --------                        --------
Water           Sleeping Lion                   Infinite Possibility
Fire            Hyper Bomb                      Smoldering
Plate           Fighting For The Future         New Hopeful
EX              Awakened Potential              New Generation
Wedge           What Scratch?                   ---
Master          Nameless Hero                   Alex Master
Yellow          Pick On The Wrong Guy           ---
Tear            The Next Generation             ---

BALROG (C)      Title #1                        Title #2          
==========      --------                        --------         
Water           Blood-Stained Rose              Seeker of Beauty's Depths
Fire            Dance You To Death              Beautiful Last Words
Plate           Pirouetting Silhouette          Adonis
EX              Bloody Bolero                   Anti-Gravity Dancer
Wedge           Twisted Beauty                  ---
Master          Spanish Ninja                   Balrog Master
Yellow          Dazzling Trajectory             ---
Tear            Rondo of Rending                ---

Birdie          Title #1                        Title #2          
======          --------                        --------
Water           No Food, No Fight               Loveable Rogue
Fire            Food First                      Frenzied Chainiac
Plate           Good Food in Large Portions     Stylish Hair
Wedge           Hungry And Fighting             ---
EX              Gastric Bypass                  Forever Chubby
Master          Supermassive                    Birdie Master
Yellow          Eat Sleep Repeat                ---
Tear            Greedy Headbutter               ---

CAMMY           Title #1                        Title #2          
=====           --------                        --------    
Water           Precision Is Key                Flash Kick
Fire            Killer Bee                      Flickering Eyes
Plate           Cat Cafe Regular                Friends And Family
EX              Dancing Marionette              Determined Protector
Wedge           Defend To The End               ---
Master          Mission Complete!               Cammy Master
Yellow          Risking It All                  ---
Tear            Bullet Spike                    ---
CHUN-LI         Title #1                        Title #2          
=======         --------                        --------           
Water           Azure Kicks                      Dancing Phoenix
Fire            Sorry                            Feet of Fury
Plate           Shrewd Detective                 Combo Choreographer
EX              Indomitable Resolve              Cool, Assertive Beauty
Wedge           Inherited Volition               ---
Master          1000 Kicks For Justice           Chun-Li Master
Yellow          This Ends Now!                   ---
Tear            Blue Jade                        ---

DHALSIM         Title #1                        Title #2          
=======         --------                        --------           
Water           Apogee of Mystery               A True Saint
Fire            Yoga Pioneer                    Superhuman Yoga
Plate           Sage On A Fighter's Path        Reaches Any Itch
EX              Clairvoyant Judgement           Curry Addict
Wedge           Yogaaaa!                        ---
Master          Levitator                       Dhalsim Master
Yellow          Teleport Away                   ---
Tear            Flame That Lights The Way       ---

F.A.N.G.        Title #1                        Title #2          
========        --------                        --------   
Water           Apocalyptic Poison              Cataclysmic Poison
Fire            The Whole Package               Worker No. 2
Plate           For Lord Bison!                 Forever 22
EX              Eclectic                        Cold-Hearted Clown
Wedge           Fang of Nguuhao                 ---
Master          Don't Touch Me                  F.A.N.G. Master
Yellow          Nihehehehe!                     ---
Tear            Nefarious Poison Hand           ---
GUILE           Title #1                        Title #2        
=====           --------                        --------
Water           My Fist Do The Talking          Razor Sharp
Fire            Workaholic                      Don't You Have a Family, Too?
Plate           Impenetrable Defense            Sky-Rending Blade
EX              Sonic Slasher                   Battle-Worn Hunter
Wedge           Veteran Warrior                 ---
Master          Cool Hurricane                  Guile Master
Yellow          Bond of Steel                   ---
Tear            Indestructible Fortress         ---

IBUKI           Title #1                        Title #2          
=====           --------                        --------              
Water           Fragrant Breeze                 Young & Beautiful
Fire            Vanish Until Class Ends         Technical Rush!
Plate           Lovin' The Ninjutsu Life        Don-Chan!
EX              Secret Weapon                   Lightning Reflexes
Wedge           So Many Memories                ---
Master          First Chapter of Youth          Ibuki Master
Yellow          Gonna Beat You!                 ---
Tear            Growing Up, Up, Up!      
KARIN           Title #1                        Title #2          
=====           --------                        --------   
Water           Solid Gold Spirit               Look Of Contempt
Fire            The One True Victor             Perfect Hubby
Plate           Proud Heroine                   Beyond Total Victory
EX              Privately Schooled              100 Elegant Battles
Wedge           Uber-Duchess                    ---
Master          Shameless Socialite             Karin Master
Yellow          A-Hahahahahaha!                 ---
Tear            Ultra Princess                  ---

KEN             Title #1                        Title #2          
===             --------                        --------   
Water           Unbreakable Bond                Shippu Jinrai
Fire            Attack Attack Attack!           Self Defense
Plate           Lifelong Rival                  Blazing Fist
EX              Good Vibes                      Sweet!
Wedge           Awaiting Rematch                ---
Master          Bringin' Home The Bacon         Ken Master
Yellow          Pinky Swear                     ---
Tear            Rush 'n' Blaze                  ---

LAURA           Title #1                        Title #2          
=====           --------                        --------              
Water           Charming Jiu-Jitsu Lady         Matsuda White Belt
Fire            Family Values                   Thunder Lady       
Plate           Ms. Throw Down                  Sparring Partners Wanted
EX              Beautifully Tingly              BAM! One Shot!
Wedge           Sunny Disposition               ---
Master          Delightful Overkill             Laura Master
Yellow          Shameless Troublemaker          ---
Tear            Just Gotta Dance                ---

M. BISON (B)    Title #1                        Title #2          
=====           --------                        --------              
Water           Freight Train                   Bottomless Greed     
Fire            Destructive Instinct            Unstoppable Pummeler
Plate           Heh Heh Heh                     Not Your Average Ox
EX              Temporary Contract              ---
Wedge           Touch And Go                    Handle With Care (*)
Master          Rule Destroyer                  M. Bison Master
Yellow          You're Next                     ---
Tear            Avaricious Pugilist     

(*) Capcom may have messed up by giving M. Bison (B) two Wedge titles yet only
    one EX.  I assume this was just an error on their part.

NASH            Title #1                        Title #2          
====            --------                        --------               
Water           Souvenir From Hell              Ice Cold Justice
Fire            Living Dead                     Breakneck Assassin
Plate           Easy Operation                  An Old Friend
EX              Self-Sacrificial                Vengeful Dead
Wedge           Chilled Inferno                 ---
Master          Concealed Killer                Nash Master
Yellow          Game Over Man                   ---
Tear            Paradoxical Avenger             ---

NECALLI         Title #1                        Title #2          
=======         --------                        --------            
Water           Inhuman                         Violence Consumes All
Fire            Almighty Roar                   Nemesis Of Mankind
Plate           Bad Omen                        A Howl To Shake The Earth
EX              All-Consuming Darkness          Living Nightmare 
Wedge           Inescapable Disaster            ---
Master          Twilight Creature               Necalli Master
Yellow          Getepe!                         ---
Tear            Soul Slaughterer                ---

R. MIKA         Title #1                        Title #2          
=======         --------                        --------            
Water           The Face Of Wrestling           Flying Peach
Fire            Girly Girl                      Full Throttle Girl
Plate           Zangief Fan Club President      Fan Favorite
EX              Sweat-bows                      Shining Rainbow Star
Wedge           Fighting Spirit                 ---
Master          Captivating Muscle              R. Mika Master
Yellow          The Heat-Up Duo                 ---
Tear            Rainbow Bomber                  ---

RASHID          Title #1                        Title #2          
======          --------                        --------             
Water           Rashid Of The Turbulent Wind    Street Corner Whirlwind 
Fire            World Savvy Youth               Radiant Nice Guy
Plate           Smart Style                     Silly, Sometimes Serious
EX              Pitiful Stud                    Poetic Dandy
Wedge           Cyber Sleuth                    ---
Master          At The Cutting Edge             Rashid Master
Yellow          Mentor                          ---
Tear            In Search of a Friend           ---

RYU             Title #1                        Title #2          
===             --------                        --------               
Water           The Answer Lies In Battle       Everything Starts Here
Fire            Unending Journey                Living Legend
Plate           The Path of Hado                A New Beginning
EX              Fighter 4 Life                  Modern Samurai
Wedge           Talk To The Fist                ---
Master          Eternal Traveler                Ryu Master
Yellow          The Power To Fight Further      ---
Tear            Unshakable Fist                 ---

VEGA (D)        Title #1                        Title #2          
========        --------                        --------           
Water           Supreme Ruler                   Hell On Earth
Fire            Shadaloo's Leader               The Fight to End All
Plate           I Shall Grant You Death         The Air of a Last Boss
EX              Mwahaha!                        Psycho Power Is Eternal
Wedge           Body Counter                    ---
Master          Ultimate Nightmare              Vega Master
Yellow          Power's Ultimate Destination    ---
Tear            The Epitome of Evil             ---
ZANGIEF         Title #1                        Title #2          
=======         --------                        --------            
Water           Vacuum Hands                    Unstoppable
Fire            Beauty of Muscles               I Am The Weapon
Plate           Horosho!                        Physical Supremist
EX              Muscles Take Time               Rock Hard Body      
Wedge           Spiritual Successor             ---
Master          Bursting From My Shirt          Zangief Master
Yellow          Stronger Than Steel             ---
Tear            Iron Cyclone                    ---

Purchasable Titles

With the March Store update, more than 100 titles were made available for 
purchase for 5,000 FM each.

Now, it turns out that each caracter unlocks some of these by leveling up.  I 
believe that starts once you hit level 10.  Seeing as how all my characters 
were that level before these became available, I'm not sure whose is whose 
(with the exception, noted below).  Therefore two things:

**   If you cannot access one of these, it's likely due to that title not yet 
     being unlocked.

**   I'm certainly missing dozens of these.  Feel free to submit some but this
     section of the site is not quite so important IMO.

     1 Punch Reversal                  Kitten
     A Little Rusty                    Lightweight
     Aggressive Appeal                 Lone Wolf
     Air Guitar Champion               Loves To Charge
     Amateur                           Magician
     Ample Motivation                  Morally Obliged
     Anything Goes                     Nameless Newbie
     Arcade Sticker                    New Graduate
     Awakened Potential                Newborn Baby
     Babysitter                        Nonentity
     Bald Eagle                        Novice
     Born To Fight                     One For The Future
     Bringer Of Fortune                One Hit Wonder
     Button Masher                     Oozing Confidence
     Cat Person                        Out-Of-Towner
     Cherry Blossom Blizzard           Perfect Pitch
     Cocky                             Plucky Adventurer
     Command Training                  Posh
     Competitive Eater                 Pressurizer
     Corrupt Justice                   Pro
     Debut Performance                 Pro Uploader
     Defensive Master                  Professional Wrestler
     Demi-Human                        Professor
     Doberman                          Proud Vocalist
     Dog Person                        Record Breaker
     Drill Instructor From Hell        Recruit
     Eye For An Eye                    RSI Fingers
     Fast And Loose                    Rushdown
     First Steps                       Savage Tiger
     Flambe Chef                       Scholarship
     Flashy                            Sea Horse
     Footloose Nobility                Senator
     Foreign Correspondent             Sherlock Holmes
     Freshman                          Show Off
     Game Padder                       Sloth
     Greenhorn                         Snot-Faced Kid
     Growth Spurt                      Starting Today
     Guard Dog                         Steamer
     Guts Of Steel                     Still Practicing
     Hatchling                         Struggles
     Hawkeye                           Student
     Heavyweight                       Student Council Chair
     Hooligan                          Supporters Group Chairman
     Hot Food Hurts                    Sure Lost Holmes
     Hyena                             Talent Reservoir
     I Can Do It If I Try              Test Driving
     I Wanna Be The Best               Throw Tech-er
     I'm New Here                      Training Mode First
     Impending Danger                  Two Birds One Stone
     Improv                            Ultra-Competitive
     Internet Tough Guy                Ultrasound
     Jumpy Jump Jump                   Undergoing Treatment
     Jus' Lemme Play!                  V-Trigger Addict
     Just For Fun                      Wakeup Guru
     Just Toying With Ya               War Photographer
     Karate Master                     World's Strongest Butler
     Kendo Practice	
     Knock You Down

The following were unlocked by leveling up the corresponding characters.  Some 
are not in the list above

Ibuki:          Pressurizer       Training Mode First     
                Lays The Bait     Look, No Guard!
M. Bison (B):   Flashy            Just For Fun

Titles Trophies/Achievements

You can obtain the following trophies/achievements in this mode.  Trophy type
does not apply to PC users.

   Method                     Title                          Trophy Type
   ------                     -----                          -----------
   Obtain 10 Titles           Make A Name For Yourself       Bronze
   Obtain 30 Titles           Sultan Of Titles               Bronze


                           Section X
                         Online Unlocks

You will earn Experience and Fight Money for all victories.
You will earn Experience but not Fight Money for all losses.

Ranked Matches will earn you EXP and/or FM but also LP (League Points).
Casual Matches do not offer LP.

I *think* the amount of experience earned is dependent on the skill level of 
your opponent.  

                     EXP            FM      LP        Etc.
                     ---            --      --        ----        
Ranked     Win       100/150        50      Depends   Title (1st Win)(more?)
           Loss      Varies         0       -24       n/a

Casual     Win       100/125/150    50      n/a       n/a
           Loss      Varies         0       n/a       n/a

For Ranked wins, it seems you'll get 100 Experience if the opponent is 
in your same class.  If they are higher, you'll get 150.  (Incomplete)

Sadly, I am dreadful at Street Fighter and am relegated to writing stupid 
guides.  I'm going to need help on details such as these.

Checking the leaderboards, the League Ranking appears to be as follows:

   LP Points           League Name
   ---------           ------------
   000    - 499         Rookie

   500    - 999         Bronze 
   1,000  - 1,499       Super Bronze
   1,500  - 1,999       Ultra Bronze

   2,000  - 2,999       Silver 
   3,000  - 3,499       Super Silver
   3,500  - 3,999       Ultra Silver 

   4,000  - 5,499       Gold
   5,500  - 6,499       Super Gold
   6,500  - 7,499       Ultra Gold

   7,500  - 9,999       Platinum
   10,000 - 11,999      Super Platinum
   12,000 - 13,999      Ultra Platinum
   14,000 - 19,999      Diamond
   20,000+              Super Diamond
You will receive a trophy/achievement for moving up to Bronze, Silver or Gold
league.  There is no trophy for platinum.  There may be Super & Ultra Platinum
leagues as well.  

Online trophies/achievements are listed in the section below.  No need for 


                             Section XI
                             Trophies &
                         Steam Achievements

Letters to the left of the Trophy/Achievement are for Playstation users.  

   B  =  Bronze
   S  =  Silver
   G  =  Gold
   P  =  Platinum

These are in categories and are not organized as per the game.

Basic Game Modes
B  Mastering The Basics             Finish tutorial
B  Bodybuilding Is Life             Use Training Mode for 30 minutes

B  Your Story Starts Here           Clear Story Mode Once
B  Lucky We Met                     Clear Story Mode 5x
B  The 16 Trials                    Clear Story Mode 16x

B  Win Or Die Tryin'                Clear Survival Mode on Normal difficulty
S  A True Warrior's Spirit          Clear Survival Mode on Hard difficulty
G  Back From Hell                   Clear Survival mode on Extreme difficulty

Mastering The Basics
   The tutorial can be skipped, but you can go back to obtain this by going 
   into Story Mode.  

Bodybuilding Is Life
   This will unlock when you EXIT the mode.  Just check the clock.  Don't sit 
   in Training waiting!

Story Mode Clears
   In story mode, simply clear each character's story.  They are painfully 
   easy.  Do this 16x for three trophies.

Survival Mode Clears
   Normal difficulty presents a decent challenge (the last few opponents do, 
   at least).  The other two difficulties are quite difficult, thus the silver
   and gold trophies.  Clear each mode without dying to receive these.


Character Levelling
B  One Step Forward                 Raise A Character's Level to 5
B  Quantity Over Quality            Raise five Characters to Level 5
B  No Rest For The Wicked           Raise all 16 characters to Level 5
S  Slow But Steady Wins The Race    Raise one character to level 30

B  Vindicated Honor                 Raise your profile to level 50
S  Burning Spirit                   Raise your profile to level 100
G  Number 2 Is The New Number 1     Raise your profile to level 200

Note the difference between raising a character's level and your profile.  The
first four above are a single character.  The next three are for your 
profile.  The line break helps define this.  Your profile adds together all the 
individual character levels.

Online (* signify Not Including Battle Lounge)
B  Fighting On The Internet (*)     Fight in 10 Network Battles
B  All Going To Plan! (*)           Fight in 50 Network Battles
B  A Fiendish Trap (*)              Fight in 300 Network Battles
B  Waiting Is Half The Fun          Fight in 30 Network Battles (Using Standby)
B  I Know Kung Fu!                  Win 1 Ranked Match
B  Addicted To Winning              Win 10 Ranked Matches
B  Working Up An Appetite           Win 30 Ranked Matches
S  Ceaseless Effort                 Win 100 Ranked Matches
G  Bam, Bam, Win!                   Win 300 Ranked Matches
B  Always Someone Stronger          Defeat 10 stronger opponents (Ranked Match)
B  Savoring The Win Streak          Win 3 consecutive Ranked Matches
B  First Promotion!                 Move up in league
S  Muscles Bring Victory            Make it to Silver League
G  Let's Fight Something Strong     Make it to the Golden League
Always Someone Stronger
   The higher the opponent's LP, the lower their rank will be.  Defeat 10 
   players whose rank is lower than yours.  
League Trophies
   These require you to level up.  See section X above for LP required to reach
   the Bronze, Silver & Gold Leagues.

Miscellaneous Online
B  Failing To Prepare is...         Collect 30 replays
B  See You In My Dreams             Watch 50 replays
B  Not-So-Secret Admirer            Add someone to your favorites
B  Global Network                   Add 30 names to your favorites

See You In My Dreams
   You must watch the entire replay for this to count.  It can be the same 
   repay over and over.  You can skip a round and fast forward.

Favorites Trophies
   In the CFN you can look for fighters and favorite them as well.  Simply add
   30 names to this list for two trophies!

Moves & Finishes
B  Go Out With A Bang               300 EX special finishes
B  Critical Beauty                  300 Critical Art finishes
B  Not Over 'Til It's Over          100 V-Reversal uses
B  Enlightenment                    100 V-Skill uses
B  Sudden Reversal                  100 V-Trigger uses

Moves Trophies
   The last two are easy and should come naturally by consistently using them 
   during gameplay.  I don't use V-Reversals so much.  That will be a grind and 
   doing these in Training mode won't count.  You can do those in Versus mode, 

   The first two require 300 finishes.  Survival Mode counts for this, that 
   is an easy way to rack up repeated EX/CA finishes.  You'll have to save up
   a full bar to get a CA finish, and to get 300 will take you a long time.

B  Playing Favorites                Set a favorite character
B  All In A Name                    Choose a Title
B  Make A Name For Yourself         Collect 10 titles
B  Sultan Of Titles                 Collect 30 titles
B  Priceless                        Obtain 1,000,000 FM
B  The Outfit Is The Highlight...   Gain one new color for your outfit

In order to play online you'll have to set up your details in Battle Settings.

Playing Favorites / All In A Name
   Set a favorite character and a title for two trophies.  

Titles Trophies
   30 titles is a lot and will require a lot of online playing with several 
   characters.  Title unlocks are in section IX above.  
The Outfit Is The Highlight Of Battle   
   You'll gain a new color by completing Survival on Easy, Normal or Hard.  
   Just beat Easy and you'll gain one color.

   1,000,000 FM is a lot.  No one has gotten this yet to know if it's a 
   cumulative thing or an 'on-hand' thing.  (i.e. do you need a million at 
   one time or just to have amassed that much even if you spent it).  

..And Finally...
P  The Never-Ending Path            Obtain all other trophies

Collect every other trophy/achievement for this one!  


                            Section XII

A lot of trial and error was used on this guide and therefore there may be 
problems (with the error portion of my plan).  However, special thanks to:

Leptonic and his excellent Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Playstation Trophies Forums & specific thanks

   As a long-time follower of the SF community, Shoryuken has consistently had 
   great articles and useful dialogues.  

   Some useful dialogues here!  Title information as well  Specific thanks:

Other Assistance
   Vesper's Survival Mode Guide

                           Section XIII

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2016, Trevor Esposito (slateman@godflesh.com)
Street Fighter V is copyright (c) 2016, Capcom
Street Fighter V is a trademark of Capcom.

You may not distribute this for profit.  
You may not edit or alter the contents herein without the permission 
of the author.

The most current version of this FAQ can always be found at the
following address:


Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.

Good luck and have fun!


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