Ranked System? It's stressful and kinda busted (At least for most of us.)

  1. I'm sure a lot of people go through this, but I think I figured it out: Ranked is so stressful because everyone is stuck in the lower ranks. And, uh, I dunno if you noticed, but the gap between the ranks is like, 500 points as opposed to the big leagues having huge gaps. All that fluctuation and losing what little "rep" you have after hard grinding up to ultra silver or something can be pretty stressful to put on the line, because after only a few matches, you could end up lumped together with the other silvers. I myself am guilty of taking this game too seriously, but I was wondering what advice you guys had as far as the proper Ranked mindset?

    User Info: ThatKinglyKing

    ThatKinglyKing - 4 months ago


  1. You just need to stop thinking about the rank system, if you play fighting games just to be number 1 that's no good. See the rank system more like a tool to measure if you have made progress in game or not. When you lose a match, try to watch the replay and ask yourself "where did I go wrong" instead of caring about your league points. You and I are never going to be number 1 or play in big tournaments, so just enjoy the game and try to become real good by not caring at all for the rank system. Personally I just love to play with talented opponent, if I lose or win is not the question, and remember that points or league don't determine how good you are

    User Info: squareau

    squareau - 3 months ago 0 0

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