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by AlxCj

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Guide and Walkthrough by AlxCj

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/01/2016

Version 1.0


Hello everyone, and welcome to my Just Cause 3 FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide is divided in four parts:

  1. [Spoiler-Free] Main Story Walkthrough: Here I'll explain to you how to complete all 25 story missions, describe the requisites to unlock each mission as well as the rewards for completing them, give you some advice on how to save you some trouble and time while completing them, and show you a video of how I completed them my first time.
  2. Side-Activities Guide: In this part I'll be talking about the three types of side-activities in Just Cause 3: Liberation, Challenges and Random Encounters.
  3. Collectibles Guide: This part focuses on how to find collectibles and the rewards for doing so, providing you with coordinates on how to find each one of them.
  4. Trophy Guide: Here you'll find a list of all trophies and how you can earn them.

If you spotted some grammar mistakes or have any advice on how I could make this guide better, please contact me by either sending me a PM here on GameFAQs or sending me an email at alxcj.blt@gmail.com. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I'd like this guide to be as good as you need it to be.

I think that's it, so let's get started with the guide...


Welcome Home

  • Protect the plane

After all the cutscenes play out, you'll find yourself at the top of a flying plane, protect it by destroying the three SAMs using your rocket launcher before they destroy the plane.

  • Land in the cave

Open the parachute when prompted and land inside the cave. Then grapple your way to a small warehouse a few feet in front of you, where you'll be able to retrieve your rocket launcher (though It'll only have a few rockets left).

  • Reach and protect Mario

Use your grapple and parachute to reach Mario's location (as marked on the screen with a yellow circle) and easily kill the soldiers using your rocket launcher.

  • Get in the car and reach the Rebels

Get in the car with Mario and follow the yellow arrows marked on the road, be careful though, the driving in this game takes a little bit to get used to and you don't want to end at the bottom of the ocean. When you reach the roadblock, drive through the middle of the military vehicles and keep going, they will start to follow you, so try to avoid crashing into them.

  • Defeat the soldiers to clear heat

Get in the damaged tank and kill all the enemies with its cannon. Be wary of your surroundings, as soldiers will being to appear from both sides. Continue killing enemies with the tank until the next cutscene starts.

  • Reach Dimah's hideout. And Clear Heat

Get in the helicopter and fly to the marked location on the map. Once you get there, use the chopper as a weapon by flying straight into the enemy and holding X to open your parachute and bail out of it. Then use Rico's arsenal to kill the remaining enemies. If you run out of ammo, reach the weapon crate besides the house to collect some more weapons. When you're asked to use the mounted gun, use your grapple to reach the top of the tower and use the mounted gun to easily kill the incoming enemies. Once you clear heat, a cutscene will play and you will have completed the mission.

Once you complete this mission, you are given freedom to explore around Medici, BUT I highly recommend that you start the next mission right away, as the following set of missions will unlock most of Rico's basic abilities (like Fast travel, the Wingsuit and the Rebel Drops). So before you start your own adventures in the massive world of Just Cause 3, you should at least finish the next four missions: "Time for an upgrade", "Mario's Rebel Drops", "A Terrible Reaction" and "Friends Like These...". It may sound like a lot to do, but these tutorial missions are pretty short, so don't worry about having to wait too long before you can go out and explore on your own.

Time for an upgrade

  • Meet Dimah

Follow the instructions in the tutorial to learn how to move around with the parachute and reach Dimah's location.

  • Destroy all chaos objects in the outpost

Use your grapple's new ability to tether things and the oil drums to destroy the fuel tanks, the sphere tank and the transformers in the outpost. And head over to Dimah's location once you're done.

  • Place explosives on the bridge

Use your wingsuit to reach the bridge and plant some of your new GE-64 explosives on it, you're aiming to blow the whole thing, so don't place them all in one spot, put one on each side of the bridge. Now, head over to the "Vantage Point" marked on the screen. Once you're there, wait for the convoy to reach the part of the bridge where you planted the explosives and detonate them to send them falling into the water.

  • Hack the SAM sites

Reach one of the two locations marked on the screen and kill the soldier guarding the missile battery, then "hack" the SAM by approaching the panel and pressing triangle. Repeat the process with the other SAM site. Now, wait for the SAMs to destroy the incoming helicopters, no need to waste your ammo. Finally, head over to Mario's location to complete the mission, it's a bit far, so it's a very good opportunity for you to practice with the wingsuit.

Completion Rewards: The Wingusit, GE-64 explosives and an improved grapple hook.

Mario's Rebel Drops

Requisites to unlock: Liberate the town of Manaea, found in the Baia Province.

This Mission is quite simple, you just have to reach Dracona's house (as marked on the screen), steal her scooter, and drive it all the way back to the Mission starting point, where one of Mario's Garages is located. You'll then unlock the "Rebel Drops" and will be tasked with obtaining a beacon, which can be found on a black box besides the garage. Get the beacon and follow Mario's instructions to make your very first Rebel Drop. You have to order any two-handed weapon, any dual-wield weapon and the "Eubus Eagle" Helicopter. Finally, throw the beacon to get the items delivered to you and complete the Mission.

Completion Rewards: You can now order Rebel Drops, provided you have a beacon.

A Terrible Reaction

Requisites to unlock: liberate the province of Baia

Before starting this mission, I highly recommend that you arm yourself up with the strongest weapons you can possibly find, so order a rebel drop with your favorite dual weapons and two handed weapon to ensure you have max ammo, and get yourself a new rocket[/grenade] launcher from the weapon crate in Manaea's police station. Once you're fully loaded, get yourself ready for the worst.

  • Destroy the enemy tanks

Don't waste your ammo on the tanks, you'll need it later. So hijack the middle tank and use it to destroy the other two tanks, then destroy the one you used with some of your infinite GE-64.

  • Reach and protect Mario

Approach Mario's location (as marked on the screen) and kill the enemy soldiers, they'll be coming from every direction, so be careful not to let Mario die. Remember to make good use of your grappling hook to get the advantage. Once they stop coming, use your grapple to open the blue door and let a rebel come in to pick up Mario. If needed, reload your weapons on the nearby weapon crate.

  • Protect Mario's Truck

This is where it gets a little tough, you have to protect Mario from the incoming helicopters and cars. I recommend you don't hijack the helicopters, and just blow them up, you're better off on the back of Mario's truck right now. Make good use of all of your weapons and prioritize taking the choppers out first, as they can make the most damage to Mario's truck. For a cheap kill, tether the helicopter to the ground and retract, just be careful that the chopper doesn't crash next to the truck though. As for the cars, aim for the tires and use the grapple to slow them down. Once you are past the truck on the bridge, shoot it with your rocket launcher to destroy the bridge and leave your enemies behind. You are now very close to the safehouse, so keep destroying the incoming cars for just a little longer to complete the mission.

Friends Like These...

Head over to the base at Soros to start this Mission. After the first cutscene plays out, walk towards Mario to trigger another cutscene. Then, complete the Random Encounter "Grounded Boat" nearby to get a flare. Finally, open the Commlink and use the flare to fast travel to Manaea and complete the Mission.

Completion Rewards: Fast Travel becomes available.

Conflicting Interests

Requisites to unlock: complete "Mario's Rebel Drops"

  • Reach Vigilator Nord

Use the boat to reach the big base in front of you.

  • Search the shipping containers

Head over to the container at N 42.22 E 44.96 and blow its door open with some GE-64. Grab the scanner inside and leave the base.

  • Reach the Grate at Cima Leon

Use your wingsuit to reach the location marked on the map, then tether yourself to the grate to trigger a cutscene.

  • Reach Sheldon

Simply fly to the marked location on the screen to watch another cutscene and complete the mission.

The Secret of Vis Electra

Requisites to unlock: Liberate 2 more provinces in Insula Fonte.

  • Follow the pipes

Follow the glowing pipes, another great chance for you to practice with the wingsuit. Once you reach the entrance, easily destroy the enemy boats with your rocket launcher. Once you're done, dive underwater and wait for Dimah to open the gate, then continue following the glowing pipes.

  • Destroy the command nodes

Plant some GE-64 on the command nodes marked with a red triangle and blow them up. Don't worry about the enemies, once you've destroyed the command nodes, wait for Dimah to open the exit and leave the base to complete the mission.

Completion Rewards: Cima Leon: CentCom's FOW is now disabled.


Another escort mission, so like the last time, you'll want to have as much rockets and grenades as possible. Unlocking the "Double Special Ammo" mod is recommended before starting this mission.

  • Bring Mario a Military Vehicle

Look around town for any military vehicle and kill the soldiers guarding it, then clear heat and drive the car to Mario's location to pick him up.

  • Reach the defector

Carefully drive the military vehicle to the marked location, you want the car to be in the best state possible for the next part of the mission. Once you're there, kill the enemy soldiers to trigger a cutscene.

  • Escort your allies to the safe house

Just like the last time, make good use of your grapple to slow down and even destroy the incoming vehicles. Aim for the tires with your bullet-based weapons to disable the enemy vehicles and use the rocket launcher to easily destroy the rest.

When you reach the first SAM site, make sure there are not anymore vehicles following you, because if you don't get rid of them, they'll keep damaging Mario and Zeno while you're away. Don't worry too much about the enemies guarding the SAM, kill only the ones in your way of hacking the SAM ...or simply blow the Missile Battery with some GE-64. Then, continue protecting Mario and Zeno until you reach the safe house.

  • Clear Heat

Kill all the remaining enemies to complete the Mission.

Missile Cowboy

Requisites to unlock: Complete "The Secret of Vis Electra" and liberate Cima Leon: CentCom.

  • Reach, hack and destroy the transmitter

Reach the base marked on the screen, hack the panel next to the transmitter and then place some GE-64 on the transmitter to destroy it.

  • Assist Babica

Use the wingsuit to get to Babica. Once you're there, destroy the vehicles inside the cargo boats.

  • Reach the Battlefield and desttroy the military tanks

No need to kill the remaining enemy soldiers in Babica, just make your way to the next location and destroy the tanks. Remember you can hijack one of the [enemy] tanks and use it to destroy the rest.

  • Reach the Battlefield and destroy the military helicopters

Once you're done with the tanks, use the wingsuit to get to the next location. Just like the previous part, hijack one of the enemy helicopters and use it to destroy the rest.

  • Reach the Missile

Grapple to Sheldon's helicopter to trigger a cutscene. Then, use the wingsuit to approach the missile and grapple onto it to finish the mission.

Completion Rewards: "DIONYSUS PLDS H" (weapon) is now available on your rebel drop list.

Of Cows and Wine

  • Reach the Vineyard

Use the Wingsuit to quickly reach Mario's location.

  • Reach the rebels with as many casks as possible

Drive the truck to the marked location. Now, it can be quite easy to drop some barrels, so drive carefully and stay on the road. As you approach the delivery point, you'll come across three "obstacles": (1) As you drive through the dirt road, a car will appear out of a rose field. (2) There will be several cars on fire nearby the gas station, do not approach them, as two of them will explode as you get closer. (3) A flaming truck will appear after you pass the police station. Avoid these obstacles and successfully deliver the barrels to complete the mission.

Connect the Dots

  • Destroy the Reinforcements

Get in the chopper and fly to the enemy boats (they're marked with red triangles on the screen), then use the helicopter's weapons to destroy them. Be wary of the missile batteries, and try to destroy them before they notice you (see the video to know exactly where each SAM is).

  • Protect Mario and Dimah

Use your chopper to destroy the incoming enemy boats and helicopters. If your helicopter is destroyed, hijack another one and use it to destroy the remaining enemies.

  • Get in the Gunboat and reach the first informant

Get in the boat and drive it to the marked location. There's going to be red mines everywhere, so move carefully and make good use of the jump and nitrous to avoid them.

  • Reach the next informant

Get in the boat again and reach the next destination. There's going to be more mines, so be careful.

  • Reach the final informant

Use the boat to get to the final destination. Try to stay away from the mines, the boat can only handle one or two of them.

  • Protect the rebels

Destroy the first two incoming boats with Rico's weapons. Then a chopper will spawn, hijack it and use it to easily defeat the rest of the incoming enemies. Enemies will spawn from every direction: land (vehicles and snipers), air (more helicopters) and sea (boats and a battleship), so make good use of the helicopter to protect your allies. Once you defeat them all, the mission will be complete.

An Act of Piracy

  • Reach Ponere

Use the plane on the airstrip to reach the town of Ponere (it's marked on your screen with a yellow circle).

  • Hijack the tank and deliver it to the drop point

Wait for the tank's shield to be down, then quickly grapple yourself to the tank and hijack it. Then follow the yellow arrows on the street to reach your destination.

As you make your way to the drop point, several enemies will begin to appear, activate the tank's shield with L3 to protect yourself from enemy fire and use the cannon to annihilate the enemy. The shield will have to reload occasionally, so check the bar besides the speedometer to know the shield's current status (gray= reloading; green = charged; light green = active). With such a tank, it should be quite simple to reach the end goal unharmed, just be careful not to accidentally blow up a bridge or go through an oil drum barricade.

Three's Company

Make sure you have full ammo on your rocket launcher plus a pair of CS Spectre Mark Vs (available from rebel drop list) before starting this mission, you'll need it.

  • Reach the overlook

Get to the airstrip and order a rebel drop helicopter or plane and use it to reach the marked location.

  • Defeat the reinforcements

Do NOT pick up the sniper rifle, it's completely useless in this scenario. Instead, use the rocket launcher you got before starting the mission to destroy the enemy vehicles. Once the enemy helicopter appears, hijack it to destroy the remaining vehicles and save yourself some ammo.

  • Reach the overlook (2)

Get to the next location and wait for Annika and Teo to arrive, then open the gate to let them into the base.

  • Protect Annika and Teo

Yes, another one of these...

Use the CS Spectre Mark V to easily one-shot every enemy, and the rocket launcher to destroy vehicles and big groups of enemies. Note that Teo and Annika will be moving around the base, so don't forget to remain by their side and protect them. Once they're done, Teo and Annika will try to escape on a helicopter, grapple onto it and protect it until they reach their final destination. As soon as the other helicopters start to spawn, hijack one of them and use it to destroy the rest of the enemy choppers, and if yours breaks, get another one, as you'll probably be low on ammo by now. after successfully escorting Annika and Teo, the mission will be complete.

A Long and Dangerous Road

Hope you like escort missions, because not just is this another escort mission, but its also the longest one in the game! So prepare your best rocket launcher and the CS Spectre Mark V (or the U-24 Zabijak, if you have it) for this mission. Hopefully by now you have several grenade upgrades and the "Double Special Ammo" mod, as these will be quite useful.

  • Protect the EMP and your allies

At the start of the mission, there will be a weapon drop with a machine gun, grab that one and the grenade launcher (if your rocket launcher is worse than that) and grapple onto one of the vehicles.

As you approach the cave, a cutscene will play and you'll find yourself surrounded by enemies, use the grapple and your weapons to get rid of them. Once you're done, grapple onto one of the rebel vehicles to continue.

You'll be ambushed again when passing some ruins by the road, so stay focused. Kill some of the enemies until the helicopter arrives, then hijack it and use it to finish off any remaining enemies. Once you're clear, leave the helicopter and grapple onto Teo's vehicle.

Vehicles will start to approach the EMP truck from behind, use the grapple to get rid of motorcyclists and shoot the tires of the cars to quickly disable them. Once you leave the cave, open the gate to continue. Enemies will continue to chase after the EMP truck, so get rid of them.

You'll be ambushed a third time by some ruins after passing the bridge, defeat the enemies there to continue. Keep protecting the EMP truck and your allies from incoming enemies as you reach the final destination. When you reach the second bridge, blow it up from a safe distance to prevent any more vehicles to keep coming your way.

Just a little longer now... Destroy the incoming helicopter and the one inside the cave, after that you should have reached the Bavarium Tanks, defeat the enemies guarding them and activate the EMP and complete the mission.

Abandon Ship

Before starting this mission, liberate Porto Cocler in Val De Mar to get yourself the Urga Hrom D Helicopter. And rebel it drop it by the beach besides the mission starting point [before you start the mission].

  • Protect Mario and the EMP

Use that fancy chopper to effortlessly destroy the incoming boats and cars, and make sure to destroy the cargo boats before they reach the beach to prevent them from damaging the EMP. Continue to utterly wreck anything coming your way until Mario says "Rico -- They're coming from everywhere!". At that point, leave the chopper (no need to land it, the EMP will destroy it anyway) and get in position to activate the EMP as soon as Dimah tells you to.

You'll be given a very short break now, head over to the base and grab the Fire Leech Rocket Launcher that's in the weapon crate besides the base's entrance.

The DRM will strike once again, so take down the paratroopers and use your rocket launcher to destroy the incoming battleships and helicopters. Use the EMP whenever possible. After you've defeated the final wave, the mission will be compete.

Electromagnetic Pulse

Requisites to unlock: liberate 3 provinces in Insula Dracon.

  • Follow the pipes

Just like in The Secret of Vis Electra, follow the glowing pipes, destroy the boats guarding the entrance and dive underwater to access the base. The door leading to the command nodes will be locked, so use the tunnel to your right (facing the locked gate) to take an alternate route. Once you reach the command nodes, use your GE-64 to destroy them. Don't worry about the enemies guarding the [now destroyed] command nodes, just wait for Dimah to open the exit and grapple your way out to complete the mission.

Completion Rewards: Corda Dracon's FOW is now disabled.

Tangled up in Blue

Requisites to unlock: Complete "Electromagnetic Pulse" and liberate Corda Dracon: CentCom.

  • Reach the battlefield and protect the rebel plane

By now, you shouldn't have much trouble getting to the destination with your wingsuit, so quickly fly to the marked airstrip. Defeat the enemies surrounding the plane and make sure that the plane takes off in one piece.

  • Reach the battlefield and deliver the rebel boat

Make your way to the next destination and drive the rebel battleship to the shore (as marked on the screen). There's not a lot of enemies here, so you shouldn't have much trouble getting the boat to the destination without damaging it.

  • Reach the base entrance and destroy the cooling generator

Fly to the marked location and get the boat awaiting for you at the entrance. use it to quickly reach the base inside the cave. Destroy the turbine marked with a red triangle to continue.

  • Reach the generator room; open and destroy the generators.

Dive into the marked tunnel to make your way to the final destination. It's quite a long underwater tunnel, so make haste and don't waste any opportunities you may have to reach the surface and get some air. Once you're in the base, reveal the generators by interacting with the marked panels and destroy all three of them. Finally, reach the exit to complete the mission.

Completion Rewards: "The Thunderbird" (weapon) is now available in the Rebel Drop List.

Rico and the Rose

  • Reach Rosa's Plane

Get in the Jet and fly to the marked location to trigger a cutscene. After that, you'll have to protect Rosa's plane from incoming enemy jets. Your plane is armed with homing missiles, so it shouldn't be too much trouble, just aim at the enemy and when a red square appears over them, shoot the missiles to destroy it.

  • Enter and land Rosa's Plane

Approach Rosa's plane with your jet, and grapple yourself to it. Get in the plane and fly it to Refugio Umbra, where you'll have to land it. To do so, just line up with the airstrip and hold L2 to lose altitude, as you approach the ground, hold the left thumbstick downwards (while still holding L2) to carefully land the plane and complete the mission.

Derailed Extraction

  • Hang from Teo's helicopter and board the train

Grapple onto Teo's helicopter and wait for him to fly you to the nearby train tracks. Once the train gets out of the tunnel, drop from Teo's helicopter and grapple onto the train.

  • Protect the train

Head over to one of the wagons on the middle of the train (not too far back nor too close to the front) and use your rocket launcher and grapple to protect the train from the incoming helicopters. As you enter another tunnel, reach the back of the train and shoot the coupling mechanism between cars to prevent the incoming train from crashing into your train. Continue destroying the incoming helicopters with your grapple and rocket launcher to protect the train.

As you enter the third tunnel, let go of some more cars to make them crash into the incoming train.

  • Destroy the oncoming train engine

Derail the train marked with a red triangle using your explosives to complete the mission.

The Great Escape

  • Reach the underground prison

Fly to the prison entrance and get inside.

  • Find and activate the switches; and hack the door console

You'll have to repeat this process twice. Simply approach the switches and interact with them, then hack the panel nearby the gate and move into the next part of the prison. In the first room, the switches are on the left and right wall of the cells beside the tower in the middle, they're marked with a bright yellow light. As you enter the second room, go around the cellblock in front of you to find the first switch between the next two cells, and the other switch is behind the tower to your left.

  • Move deeper into the prison and destroy the generators

Once you reach the third room, you have to activate the switches to reveal the generators, the first switch is on the tower and the other one is on the left wall besides the tower (facing where you came from). Activate them and destroy the generators.

  • Reach the surface and defeat the soldiers

Get out of the prison through the tunnel on the roof of the third room and head back to the prison entrance. Protect Annika and Teo from the enemy soldiers surrounding the entrance to complete the mission.

Bavarium on a Plane

Before starting this mission, rebel drop yourself a machine gun and "The Thunderbird" FOW weapon.

  • Reach the airport and drive onto the plane

Drive the car through the dirt road to enter the airport. Avoid the barricades and incoming vehicles and get the car inside the plane's cargobay.

  • Reach the roof of the plan and protect the plane

Defeat the enemy soldiers on the cargo bay and go through the marked door to reach the plane's roof. From there, use the machine gun and the FOW weapon to destroy the incoming enemy planes.

  • Enter the plane and drive the rigged truck out of the plane

Enter through the cargo bay hatch and get into the truck. Finally, drive it off of the plane to complete the mission.

The Watcher on the Wall

Rebel drop a Urga Hroch D helicopter and a rocket launcher near the mission starting point [before starting the mission].

  • Protect the rebel cargo

Use your helicopter to destroy the incoming waves of cars, tanks, helicopters and planes. They should all be pretty easy to take down with your helicopter, except for the jets -- don't go following them, instead, stay by the wall and wait for them to come back, then shower them with bullets and missiles as they approach the wall.

  • Destroy the helicopter

Use the bike (or not...) to reach the fleeing enemy helicopter, try to tether yourself to it and place several GE-64 explosives on it to blow it up and complete the mission.

Bavarium Blackout

Requisites to unlock: Liberate 3 provinces in Insula Striate

  • Follow the pipes

Follow the glowing pipes to find the base's entrance. Jump down once Dimah opens the entrance and defeat all the enemy soldiers. Once you're done, interact with the hatch controls beside the gate.

  • Destroy the command node

Use some GE-64 to destroy the command nodes marked with a red triangle. Then escape through the giant gate with red lights to complete the mission

Completion Rewards: Falco Maxime: CentCom's FOW is now disabled.

The Shatterer of Worlds

Requisites to unlock: Complete "Bavarium Blackout" and liberate Falco Maxime:CentCom.

  • Reach the battlefield and defeat the snipers

Reach Citate Di Ravello and protect the rebel troops by killing the enemy snipers marked with a red triangle.

  • Reach the battlefield and defeat the military platoon

Head over to the marked location and defeat all of Di Ravello's soldiers. A few enemy tanks will arrive after you've defeated some enemies, hijack one of them and use it to kill the remaining troops and destroy the other tanks.

  • Reach the Rebel Encampment and destroy the attacking jets

There should be a jet besides a rose field nearby, use it to reach your next destination. Once you get there, use your plane's homing missiles to destroy the enemy jets.

  • Reach the Falco Maxime CentCom Tower

Use your jet to quickly reach the base. Grapple yourself to the tower to trigger a cutscene and complete the mission.

Cmpletion rewards: The M488 (weapon) is now available on your rebel drop list.

Son of Medici

Before starting the final mission, rebel drop an M488 rocket launcher.

  • Reach the Volcano

Use the jet in front of you to reach the marked location. As you approach it, a cutscene will start and you'll find yourself at the top of the island, dive into the volcano to trigger another cutscene and the final boss fight.

  • Defeat Di Ravello

Dodge the incoming attacks with your grapple, parachute and wingsuit while the helicopter's shields are up, and give it your all once the shields are down. You'll only get a few seconds to react, so be ready to drop some Bavarium nukes as soon as the shield is down. Once the shield is back up, keep evading Di Ravello's attacks and position yourself for an attack right before the shield is down, then use all of your arsenal to damage the helicopter as much as you can. Keep repeating this process until you completely deplete Di Ravello's healthbar. A cutscene will start and after Di Ravello says a few words, you'll be given the option to shoot him. The ending is not far too different regardless of whether you shoot him or not, only difference being that you'll get to hear all of what he has to say if you don't shoot him, which isn't much really... Once the cutscene ends, you'll have completed Just Cause 3's story mode.

Completion Rewards: "Sandbox Mode" is now available, which lets you keep playing after the game ends, keeping all of your progress and now being able to "re-oppress" liberated settlements (to do so, select a liberated settlement on the map and pick the "re-oppress and fast travel" option).

Liberating Settlements

Liberation is one of the most important mechanics in Just Cause 3, as It is needed to unlock missions, challenges, re-supply points, garages and equipment. In order to liberate a settlement, you must complete all the "Liberation objectives" displayed at the top left of the screen. Most of these objectives are to blow stuff up, with a few exceptions, for more information on this, go to Liberation Objectives. Once you complete all objectives, the settlement will be "liberated", which means the DRM will be kicked out and the rebels will take over.

Liberation Objectives for Cava Geminos Nord

Regions, Provinces and Settlements

This isn't explained very well in-game and it can be a little bit confusing, so I'll try to be as clear as possible with this. Regions are groups of Provinces; Provinces are groups of Settlements; and then Settlements are divided intro three different categories: Towns, Outposts and Military Bases.

Once you liberate all the settlements in a province, then the province will become blue and be "liberated", you don't have to do anything else to liberate it. And once you liberate all Provinces in a region, then the region will be liberated and you'll get the trophy for liberating it; but in order to make it turn blue, you just have to disable its FOW (Mission-related) and liberate its CentCom.

Province infobox

There's also a very useful list in-game, where you can find information on your current region and province. To access this, simply zoom out while pointing at a Province, and this black infobox should appear at the left of the map:

At the top, you'll find the name of the Region, the amount of provinces you've liberated in that region, and the current state of that Region's FOW and CentCom (where blue means rebel-property and red means DRM-property).

On the middle you can see the Province's name and a very handy list of all settlements in that province. Notice how the military base and one outpost say "Undiscovered settlement", this means they are not marked on the map and have to be "discovered", this is, approached. Remember that to liberate a province, you have to liberate all its settlements, which includes the ones that aren't marked on the map and appear on the list as "undiscovered".

Finally, at the bottom, you'll find a list of all the collectibles found in that Province.

Settlement infobox

There's also an infobox for settlements, which can be accessed by pointing at the settlement icon on the map ().

On the top, there's the name of the settlement and its current state (Liberated/Oppressed).

On the middle, there's a list of all its liberation objectives.

And on the bottom, there's a list of all the rewards for liberating the settlement.

Liberation Objectives

Below you'll find a list of all possible liberation objectives, how to identify them and how to complete them.

ImageNameHow to Complete
Fuel TankDestroy
TransformerRemove cover (not needed if using explosives) and destroy
Monitoring System

Interact with one to reveal the location of the others, then

disable all of them (by approaching it and pressing triangle)

before the timer gets to 0.

SpeakerDestroy the breaker panel on top
BillboardBring down
Propaganda Van


Water TowerDestroy
CaptainFind and kill
Police Station

When you approach it, a list of tasks will appear besides

the Police Station objective, these are:

1-Wreak Havoc: kill enemies and destroy chaos objects

and vehicles until the bar fills up

2-Call in the Rebels: open the blue doors surrounding the

police station by interacting with the button beside them or

by using your tethers

3-Jail cells: interact with the marked prison cells to

liberate the prisoners

Raise the FlagComplete all other objectives, and then interact with it
Satellite DishDestroy
Doppler RadarDestroy the panels
Antenna TowerDestroy
Sphere TankDestroy
GeneratorRemove cover (not needed if using explosives) and destroy
Substation ControlsRemove cover (not needed if using explosives) and destroy
Circuit BreakerDestroy
Core Electrical UnitDestroy
Long Range RadarDestroy

Heat Exchanger


TurbineDisable the heat exchangers and then destroy the Turbines
Distillation Tower
Radar SpireDestroy
SatCom DishDestroy
Bavarium Dump TrailerDestroy
Bavarium Refinery StationDestroy
ExcavatorDestroy all the parts marked with a red triangle

Wreak havoc until they spawn (you'll be notified when it happens).

Note that sometimes they will run away and you'll have to reset

the area to make the commander spawn again.

As you complete objectives on a settlement, the others will begin to appear on the map. As you complete more objectives, the ones that are left will become more and more visible on the map.

Random Encounters

A Random Encounter

Random encounters are kind of like mini sidequests in Just Cause 3, they're all very short and often have very simple rewards. These don't appear on the map and will spawn at "random" in your vicinity, when this happens, a light-green circle will appear on the screen, and as you approach it, the name of that specific type of random encounter will appear besides the circle.Though they usually don't reward the player with much (a flare, a beacon or a re-supply point), sometimes they will unlock priests. Priests are used to fast-forward time and clear heat, and [once unlocked] they can be found in Monasteries.

Below you can find a list of the different types of Random Encounters you may find across Medici.

Out of Gas

To complete this encounter, tether the stuck vehicle to a functional vehicle and then drive it to the nearest gas station (as marked on the screen). Killing the NPC or damaging the car will result in failure.

Stuck Gate

Tether the gate to the floor and retract. You may need to use several tethers to successfully open the gate depending on the amount of upgrades you have. Breaking the gate or killing the NPC will result in failure.

Grounded Boat

Get the boat back in the water to complete the quest, you can do this by tethering the boat to the sand and retracting. Destroying the boat or killing the NPC will result in failure.

Vehicle Delivery

Get in the vehicle and safely drive it to the marked location, once you arrive, get out of the vehicle to complete the encounter. Killing the NPC or destroying the vehicle will result in failure. Note that this type of random encounter may be named differently (i.e. Buggy Delivery, Juggernaut, Smuggler's Run, etc), but the objective is the same.

Item Delivery

Tether the marked object to a helicopter and take it to the marked location to complete this encounter. The death of the NPC or the destruction of the object will result in failure

Firing Squad

Kill the two guards pointing their guns at the rebels before they kill them, then kill the third guard before he calls for reinforcements to successfully complete the quest. The death of a rebel will result in failure.

Make it look like an accident

Steal the limo and drive it to the green circle on the screen (ignore the yellow arrows that may appear on the road, as they won't always take you to the target) and let the NPC get in the car. Then, to successfully complete this encounter, drive the vehicle off a cliff or crash it to kill the NPC. Taking too long to pick up/kill the NPC will result in failure.

Convoy Rescue

Steal the convoy and lose heat to complete this quest. The destruction of the convoy will result in failure.

Rebel Breakout

Very similar to Convoy Rescue, just steal the vehicle, lose heat and let the rebel out of the vehicle to complete the quest. The death of the rebel will result in failure.

Getaway driver

Get a car and drive to the rebel's location, let him get in the vehicle and drive him to safety to complete this encounter. The death of the rebel will result in failure.

Aerial Assassination

This type of Random Encounter will only spawn if you're driving a Helicopter or plane. Simply kill the enemy marked with a red triangle to complete the encounter.


Challenges are one of the three types of side-activities in Just Cause 3 and they can be unlocked by liberating settlements. Each challenge rewards the player with 1-5 "gears", depending on their score. These gears can be used to unlock new upgrades in the "Gear Mods" tab of the Commlink.

There are 7 different types of challenges, and the gears earned on one type of challenge can only be used to unlock Mods of that same category, so you can't use gears earned on an Air Race to unlock Boat Nitrous, for example.

Air Races

Air races consist of flying a helicopter or plane through a series of rings, and your score is determined by the amount of time it took you to complete the race.

Tips & Tricks
  • Make good use of the rudder control on place races to make more accurate turns
  • Unlock the nitrous mod before making any serious attempt at earning 5 gears on an air race.
  • The timer begins once you've crossed the first ring, so if possible, make sure to cross the first ring at max speed to save some time.
  • Some races will give you very slow planes or helicopters. You can just rebel drop another [faster] plane or helicopter nearby before starting the race to gain some advantage.
List of Air Races

Below you can find a list of all air races and how to unlock them.

NameLocationRequisites to Unlock
Volo BurroneTrioLiberate Ponere
Volo CampoMontanaLiberate Cava Montana
Volo DraconCapite WestLiberate Arco Sperantia
Volo EagleSirocco SudLiberate Cirilla
Volo Infra PontePlagiaLiberate Guardia Plagia II
Volo MartinoMaestraleLiberate Porto Tridente
Volo MaximeProspereLiberate Cava Grande
Volo MetropoleLibeccioLiberate Burgoleto
Volo MontaniaLibeccioLiberate Vista Dracon
Volo RischioCapite WestLiberate Porto Cavo
Volo Stretto Di RavelloMassosLiberate Soliana
Volo VultureUmbraDiscover Refugio Umbra

Crash Bomb Challenges

This type of challenge consists of crashing a car bomb in a specific location, your score will depend on the time it took you to complete it and the amount of damage caused to the target.

Tips & Tricks
  • Place a marker on the map where the target is, so the game will tell you which road to follow and you don't get lost.
  • You don't necessarily have to follow the road though, so if you think you could get there faster by going offroad, then go for it.
  • Once you start the vehicle, a red indicator will appear on the speedometer, if your speed drops below that point, the vehicle will explode and you will fail the challenge.
  • Bail out of the vehicle several meters before the target. The explosion caused by the vehicle is quite big and you don't want to die.
  • Before bailing, make sure your vehicle is lined up in a way that it can make the most damage to your target.
List of Crash Bomb Challenges
NameLocationRequisites to unlock
Celata Seaside BlastLibeccioLiberate Celata
Hayfield BlastFenoLiberate Cima Leon: Transmitter
Incendiario BlastVal De MarLiberate Porto Coclea
Laguna BlastSirocco SudLiberate Laguna Del Sol
Lighthouse BlastBaiaLiberate Vis Electra
Massos Bridge BlastMassosLiberate Soliana
Metro Outskirts BlastPrimaLiberate Agro Nove
Montana Bluff BlastCosta SudLiberate Griphon
Mountain Bend BlastPetraLiberate Olivio Moro
Off-Roader Bomb BlastLacosLiberate Fortalessa
Snowy Peak BlastMontanaLiberate Cava Montana
'Round The Bend BlastLitore TortoLiberate Guardia Litore Torto I

Destruction Frenzies

Destruction Frenzies give you an armed vehicle or weapon and task you with destroying as much chaos objects and vehicles as possible in a given period of time. You may "build up" a multiplier by destroying several items in quick succession. Your score will depend entirely on the total amount of points you accumulated.

Tips & Tricks
  • The timer won't start until you cause an explosion, so put yourself in a good position before exploding anything.
  • Start with vehicles and small objects to get a multiplier of x8 and use it to gain much more points by destroying the big chaos objects.
  • Sometimes you may find other vehicles in the area. Use those if they're any better than what was given to you.
  • Even if the time ends, if you keep your multiplier going, you can still continue to earn points until it drops back to x1.
List of all Destruction Frenzies
NameLocationRequisites to unlock
Boat Frenzy ISirocco NordLiberate Porto Vena
Boat Frenzy IITrioLiberate Porto Darsena
Boat Frenzy IIIMaestraleLiberate Porto Tridente
FOW FrenzyFalcoLiberate Falco Maxime: CetCom
Grapple FrenzyAsperaLiberate Cima Leon: CentCom
Grenade Launcher Frenzy ISirocco SudLiberate Le Galera
Grenade Launcher Frenzy IIPetraLiberate Espia Bassa
Helicopter Frenzy IBaiaLiberate Vis Electra
Helicopter Frenzy IICorda DraconLiberate Corda Dracon: CentCom
Helicopter Frenzy IIIVal De MarLiberate Porto Cocler
Jet Frenzy IMaestraleLiberate Vulture
Jet Frenzy IICosta SudLiberate Griphon
Machine Gun FrenzyLavandaLiberate Porto Le Gratia
Mortar FrenzyPetraLiberate Puncta Sud
RPG Frenzy ISirocco SudLiberate Vigilator Sud
RPG Frenzy IIProspereLiberate Cava Grande

RPG Frenzy III

Rocca BlauLiberate Cava Geminos Nord

Shotgun Frenzy

Sirocco NordLiberate Le Tutor
Sniper Rifle Frenzy IPlagiaLiberate Vigilator Nord
Sniper Rifle Frenzy IICapite EstLiberate Espia Alta
Stunt Hang FrenzyCapite WestLiberate Porto Cavo
Support Vehicle FrenzyLacosLiberate Cima Leon: Silo
Tank Frenzy IFenoLiberate Cima Leon: Transmitter
Tank Frenzy IIGrande PastureLiberate Alte Potentia
Tank Frenzy IIIMontanaLiberate Cava Montana