Which game should I buy? Just Cause 3 or Infamous Second Son

  1. So I have been looking to get some new games for my PS4 lately, and these 2 games caught my eye. I'll probably end up getting both but for now I can only buy one. Both games look similar from what I've seen, with being able to fly across the map, a lot of descruction (although I think JC3 has more), open world map, ect. But I want to know which one is more worth my time and money, which is more fun? I know it's pretty opinion based but I've heard both are great.

    I'm kinda leaning to JC3 because I heard it's like GTA but better because of the destruction. Infamous SS has an actual story, I like that but how open world is it compared to JC3? Which one has more longevity and replayablity? Keep in mind I have never played any of the games in these 2 series, so I'm a complete newcomer. Thanks for your answers I hope my question was detailed enough

    User Info: LordRubix

    LordRubix - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Just cause 3! It's so much better than Infamous Second Son. AND Just cause 3 really does have a story.

    User Info: Rexcoric

    Rexcoric - 3 years ago 0   0

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