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by Zoelius / Bkstunt_31

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zoelius
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 0.20 | Updated: 08/03/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Prologue: Night on the Gaete Sea
  3. Chapter 1: The Isle of Seiren
    1. Waterdrop Cave (Dungeon)
    2. Nameless Coast
  4. Chapter 2: The Castaway Banquet
    1. White Sand Cape
    2. Nameless Shore (2)
    3. Towering Coral Forest (Dungeon)
    4. Roaring Seashore
    5. Great River Valley
    6. Waterfall Grotto (Dungeon)
    7. Great River Valley (2)
    8. Beast Hills
    9. Eroded Valley (Dungeon)
    10. Sunrise Beach
    11. Towering Coral Forest (Dungeon - Night)
    12. Weathervane Hills
    13. Headwater Falls (Dungeon)
    14. Beast Hills (2)
    15. Longhorn Coast
    16. Schlamm Jungle (Dungeon)
    17. Odd Rock Coast
  5. Chapter 3: Surpassing Gendarme
    1. The Primordial Passage
    2. Mt. Gendarme (Dungeon)
    3. W. Foot of Gendarme
    4. Roaring Seashore Revisited
    5. Cavern of the Ancient King
    6. Mt. Gendarme (Dungeon) - Revisited
  6. Chapter 4: The Lost World
    1. Temple Approach
    2. Beast Hills (3)
    3. Titis Primeval Forest
    4. Primordial Den (Dungeon)
    5. Titis Primeval Forest (2)
    6. Pangaia Plains
    7. Temple of the Great Tree
    8. The Ruins of Eternia
    9. Sanctuary Crypt - Chamber of Braziers (Dungeon)
    10. Temple of the Great Tree (Dungeon)
  7. Chapter 5: Maiden of the Great Tree
    1. Mt. Gendarme (Dungeon - Night)
    2. Water and Wood Hills
    3. Egg Delivery and Quest Clean-Up
    4. Stone Pillar Wind Cave (Dungeon)
    5. Towal Highway
    6. A Day in the Life of a Wandering Maiden
    7. Baja Tower
    8. Sanctuary Crypt - Chamber of Braziers (Dungeon)(2)
    9. Nostalgia Cape
    10. East Coast Cave (Dungeon)
    11. Pirate Ship Eleftheria
    12. Quest Clean Up
    13. "Gloom"
    14. Bolad Monastery (Dungeon)
    15. Archeozoic Chasm (Dungeon)
    16. Dana: The Fated Day
    17. Aquatic Excursions (Side Missions)
    18. Lapis Mineral Vein (Dungeon)
    19. Vista Ridge
    20. Lodinia Marshland
    21. Dana: Beneath the Sullen Clouds
    22. Sanctuary Crypt - Chamber of Frost (Dungeon)
    23. Lodinia Marshland (Re-visited)
    24. Valley of Kings (Dungeon)
  8. Chapter 6: Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea
    1. Exploring the Northern Anomaly
    2. Dana: A Painful Decision
    3. Sanctuary - Hall of Flame (Dungeon)
    4. Eternity Hill & Quest Clean-Up
    5. Silent Tower (Dungeon)
    6. Seren Garden & Side Quests
    7. Pangaia Plains (Night Search)
    8. Octus Overlook (Dungeon)
    9. Path of the Ocean Era
    10. Path of the Frozon Era
    11. Path of the Insectoid Era
    12. Path of the Sky Era
    13. Dana: White Memory
    14. Selection Sphere (Dungeon)
    15. 100% Completion!
    16. The Abyss of Beginnings
  9. Quest List
  10. Enemy List
  11. Castaway List
  12. Weapon List
  13. Armor List (Body)
  14. Armor List (Arm)
  15. Adventure Gear
  16. Accessory List
  17. Recipe List
  18. Skill List
  19. Item List
  20. Resource List
  21. Trophy List
  22. Credits/References


Hello everyone, and welcome to our FAQ/Walkthrough for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. This title is the newest in the long-running Ys series, featuring a brand new adventure for Adol the Red. Zoelius and I are both long-time Ys and Falcom fans in general and are excited to bring you this guide.

Ys VIII may be the, well... ninth game in the series, but it is totally OK to pick up and play as playing other games in the series is definitely not required (helpful, but not required at all). For those following along with the series, Ys VIII takes place between Ys V and Ys VI chronologically. Enough of the history lesson though, Zoel and I are here to help you thoroughly explore the Island of Seiren and leave no stone unturned, so let's get to it!

Enjoy the guide, everyone!

~ Zoelius and BK

  • Bkstunt_31 Contact Email: gregorio31@gmail.com
  • Bkstunt_31 Facebook: http://facebook.com/Bkstunt
  • Zoelius Contact Email: Chaomin@gmail.com
Guide VersionRecent UpdateChanges
0.10January 22, 2018First Draft of Guide. Guide covers the Main Story.
0.20January 31, 2018Updated some of the names of the current translation patch.

  • Note: This guide was written on the PS4 Version in Normal Difficulty. The PS4 Version includes additional content and might feature some discrepancy between the Vita version.
  • Note 2: Maps in this guide is created by Zoelius, these maps are being shared in another Ys 8 guide by Saku. Her amazing work can also be found at (http://www.neoseeker.com/ys-viii-lacrimosa-of-dana/walkthrough)
  • Note: 3: This guide was made before the new localization patch by NISA. Some names and references in this guide might contain discrepancy.