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by AzMuch

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by AzMuch

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/27/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay
  3. Main Menu
  4. Tips
  5. Walkthrough Part 1
    1. Prologue
    2. Zelwinds City
    3. Sol Plains
    4. Kravisse Cave
    5. Yatagan Lava Flows
    6. Katticus Ice Cave
    7. Kidanar
    8. Shukesoo's Tower (Story)
    9. Solaru Village
    10. Bui Valley
    11. Zawaza Plains
    12. Subterranean Tower
    13. Cavare Desert
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary
  6. Walkthrough Part 2 (Goddess Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Goddess)
    2. Kravisse Cave (Goddess)
    3. Yatagan Lava Flows (Goddess)
    4. Katticus Ice Cave (Goddess)
    5. Zawaza Plains (Goddess)
    6. Rudohke Blast Furnace (Goddess)
    7. Solaru Village (Goddess)
    8. Bui Valley (Goddess)
    9. Subterranean Tower (Goddess)
    10. Cavare Desert (Goddess)
    11. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Goddess)
    12. Inverted Tower (Goddess)
    13. Zeppelia Valley (Goddess)
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Goddess)
    15. Stairway to Heaven (Goddess)
  7. Walkthrough Part 2 (Vile God Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Vile God)
    2. Yatagan Lava Flows (Vile God)
    3. Bui Valley (Vile God)
    4. Kravisse Cave (Vile God)
    5. Kidanar (Vile God)
    6. Dorfa Human Ranch (Vile God)
    7. Katticus Ice Cave (Vile God)
    8. Stairway to Heaven (Vile God)
    9. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Vile God)
    10. Dasuhiro Plains (Vile God)
    11. Cavare Desert (Vile God)
    12. Subterranean Tower (Vile God)
    13. Vile God's Innards (Vile God)
    14. Dansklight Ruins (Vile God)
  8. Walkthrough Part 2 (Evil Goddess Path)
    1. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Evil Goddess)
    2. Sol Plains (Evil Goddess)
    3. Zawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)
    4. Justice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)
    5. Bui Valley (Evil Goddess)
    6. Katticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)
    7. Dasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)
    8. Dorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)
    9. Sedipua Den (Evil Goddess)
    10. Dorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)
    11. Cavare Desert (Evil Goddess)
    12. Kidanar (Evil Goddess)
    13. Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)
  9. New Game Plus
  10. Godly Revival
  11. World Shaping
  12. Quests
    1. Pub Quests
    2. Lola's Quests
  13. Shukesoo's Tower
  14. Challenges
  15. Weapon Boost
    1. Fang
    2. Tiara
    3. Harley
    4. Galdo
    5. Sherman
    6. Pippin
    7. Apollonius
    8. Ethel
    9. Lola
    10. Marianna
    11. Noie
  16. Fairies
    1. Rank C Fairies
    2. Rank B Fairies
    3. Rank A Fairies
    4. Rank S Fairies
  17. Synthesis
  18. Enemy List
    1. Enemy List Part 1
    2. Enemy List Part 2 (Goddess)
    3. Enemy List Part 2 (Vile God)
    4. Enemy List Part 2 (Evil Goddess)
  19. Items
    1. Consumables
    2. Armor
    3. Jewelry
    4. Costumes
    5. Accessories
    6. Materials
    7. Key Items
  20. Trophy List
  21. Legal

Walkthrough Part 1

Zawaza Plains


  • Stingle
  • Aquairius
  • Ammon
  • SPA
  • Sparna
  • Thunder Bird
  • Majin Gunner
  • Killer Mantis

With CHANGE ENEMIES in effect

  • Stingle
  • Ammon
  • SPA
  • Sparna
  • Thunder Bird
  • Majin Gunner
  • Killer Mantis
  • Pixie
  • Summer Pixie
  • Spring Pixie

Zawaza Plains

Zawaza Plains - East

Zawaza Plains - Far East

Treasure CrystalsHidden Treasure (H)Destructible Objects
1Stimulant x2Beautiful FlowerNone
2Energy Shard x2Copper Ore
3Enthusiastic Cap, Lightning StoneEnthusiastic Cap
4Mid Potion x2, White RobeHerb
5Athena's Armor, Mid Potion, ~7,000 GoldHerb Sprout
Ice Stone
Lightning Stone
Night Blossom
Panacea Sprout
Wind Stone

During the event at the Plains entrance, there is a scripted battle against Assassin x3. There also is an event as you enter the second area, Zawaza Plains - East. You will view another event when you enter the third area, Zawaza Plains - Far East. The southwest path in this third zone has an area that cannot be accessed yet, so you will have to wait until later to retrieve Treasure Crystal 5. In the far northeast of this section, you will find a Save Point and a way marker. Approach the way marker to prompt a new event and a Boss battle.

Boss: Apollonius
HP: 10,270
Weakness: Bow, Greatsword, Gun, Spear
Drop: Masquerade, Archangel's Feathers
Steal: Dewdrop of Salvation

After Apollonius takes his first turn, Sherman intervenes and joins your battle party. Eryn provides a primer on Sherman's Special Command Ability, Justice, which is Fang's Serious Face with a different name. You also receive the Fury containing the Rank B Fairy, Kunes. The Main Menu automatically opens, but only Battle Options are available. You can use this opportunity to select Weapon Boost and upgrade Sherman's Combo hits and techniques. You can also change the Formation of your battle party.

When you exit the Menu, the battle resumes. Apollonius is in Fury Form now. His attacks target only Fang. He will use Flight Slash, Attack Slash, and Flight Shot, which deal Moderate damage. His Double Shot hits twice for Moderate damage. Later in the fight, he will use his Fury Form Special Skill, Penitence. This multi-hit attack damages all characters in the area of effect and may KO those affected. Revive them with Magic or Items, if needed, and continue to pound away at Apollonius until you defeat him.

When the battle ends, you will still be in the northeast corner of Zawaza Plains - Far East. Head back through the other two zones to the Plains entrance. As you leave the Zawaza Plains, there is an event and Sherman officially joins the party. You also obtain the Fury containing the Rank C Fairy, Lif.

You will be treated to more events and you will acquire the Wild Bath Towel, Lovely Bath Towel, Refreshing Bath Towel, Women's Hand Towel, and Men's Hand Towel x2. Another event follows and Pippin joins the party. Eryn explains Pippin's Special Command Ability, Persuade. Pippin can use this ability to try to convince an enemy to leave the battle. If successful, the enemy runs away but you forfeit the EXP, WP and Gold you would have earned for defeating it.


Return to The Sunflower Inn for some automatic events. There is no need to look for Lola because she comes to you at the Inn this time. Pay her fee and learn that a Fury is at the Subterranean Tower. After the event, Sherman leaves the party. While at the Inn you can see sub-events with Tiara, Harley, Bahus, Galdo, Marissa and Soji. Then there are two sub-events with Pippin and two with Eryn. Before leaving the Inn you can choose Godly Revival and put those two new Fairies to use.

There is a new entry on the Zelwinds City location list. Visit the Diner for a sub-event.

Stop by Guillermo's Pub and report the Pub Quests you have completed. He has three new Rank D Pub Quests for you. If you complete the Rank C Pub Quest, The Collector [Important], he will give you a Rank C Quest too.

When you are ready to continue, exit to the World Map.