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by AzMuch

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by AzMuch

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/27/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay
  3. Main Menu
  4. Tips
  5. Walkthrough Part 1
    1. Prologue
    2. Zelwinds City
    3. Sol Plains
    4. Kravisse Cave
    5. Yatagan Lava Flows
    6. Katticus Ice Cave
    7. Kidanar
    8. Shukesoo's Tower (Story)
    9. Solaru Village
    10. Bui Valley
    11. Zawaza Plains
    12. Subterranean Tower
    13. Cavare Desert
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary
  6. Walkthrough Part 2 (Goddess Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Goddess)
    2. Kravisse Cave (Goddess)
    3. Yatagan Lava Flows (Goddess)
    4. Katticus Ice Cave (Goddess)
    5. Zawaza Plains (Goddess)
    6. Rudohke Blast Furnace (Goddess)
    7. Solaru Village (Goddess)
    8. Bui Valley (Goddess)
    9. Subterranean Tower (Goddess)
    10. Cavare Desert (Goddess)
    11. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Goddess)
    12. Inverted Tower (Goddess)
    13. Zeppelia Valley (Goddess)
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Goddess)
    15. Stairway to Heaven (Goddess)
  7. Walkthrough Part 2 (Vile God Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Vile God)
    2. Yatagan Lava Flows (Vile God)
    3. Bui Valley (Vile God)
    4. Kravisse Cave (Vile God)
    5. Kidanar (Vile God)
    6. Dorfa Human Ranch (Vile God)
    7. Katticus Ice Cave (Vile God)
    8. Stairway to Heaven (Vile God)
    9. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Vile God)
    10. Dasuhiro Plains (Vile God)
    11. Cavare Desert (Vile God)
    12. Subterranean Tower (Vile God)
    13. Vile God's Innards (Vile God)
    14. Dansklight Ruins (Vile God)
  8. Walkthrough Part 2 (Evil Goddess Path)
    1. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Evil Goddess)
    2. Sol Plains (Evil Goddess)
    3. Zawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)
    4. Justice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)
    5. Bui Valley (Evil Goddess)
    6. Katticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)
    7. Dasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)
    8. Dorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)
    9. Sedipua Den (Evil Goddess)
    10. Dorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)
    11. Cavare Desert (Evil Goddess)
    12. Kidanar (Evil Goddess)
    13. Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)
  9. New Game Plus
  10. Godly Revival
  11. World Shaping
  12. Quests
    1. Pub Quests
    2. Lola's Quests
  13. Shukesoo's Tower
  14. Challenges
  15. Weapon Boost
    1. Fang
    2. Tiara
    3. Harley
    4. Galdo
    5. Sherman
    6. Pippin
    7. Apollonius
    8. Ethel
    9. Lola
    10. Marianna
    11. Noie
  16. Fairies
    1. Rank C Fairies
    2. Rank B Fairies
    3. Rank A Fairies
    4. Rank S Fairies
  17. Synthesis
  18. Enemy List
    1. Enemy List Part 1
    2. Enemy List Part 2 (Goddess)
    3. Enemy List Part 2 (Vile God)
    4. Enemy List Part 2 (Evil Goddess)
  19. Items
    1. Consumables
    2. Armor
    3. Jewelry
    4. Costumes
    5. Accessories
    6. Materials
    7. Key Items
  20. Trophy List
  21. Legal

Walkthrough Part 2 (Goddess Path)

Stairway to Heaven (Goddess)


  • Halphas
  • Lava Mantis
  • Anklet Warg
  • Dark Shark
  • Machine Launcher
  • Yellow Spa
  • Herba

With CHANGE ENEMIES in effect

  • Halphas
  • Lava Mantis
  • Anklet Warg
  • Dark Shark
  • Machine Launcher
  • Yellow Spa
  • Herba
  • Bit α
  • Ryoku Dragon

Stairway to Heaven - 1F

Stairway to Heaven - 2F

Stairway to Heaven - 3F

Treasure CrystalsHidden Treasure (H)Destructible Objects
1Rose Hairclip, Iron OreAmazoniteIron Ore
2Mid Tonic x2, ~10,000 GoldEarth StonePotent Herb
3Chosen One's Ring, High Ether x3Gold OreSilver Ore
4Gold Ore x2, OrichalcumHerbWeakened Special Fiber
5Polka Dot Ribbon Tail, Dragon RingMithril StoneWild Strawberry
6Brave Armor, High Ether x3Orichalcum
7Snorkel, Mid Tonic x2Potent Herb
8Valkyrie's Armor, Elixir x2, ~8,000 GoldSilver Ore

Head east from the entrance and then north to find the first Treasure Crystal. Your objective is farther north, but you will have to take a roundabout route to get there. Go back west, past the entrance, and head north to a doorway leading to a north-south passage. There are two more Treasures in a room at the north end of this passage. Just south of this room is a doorway to the east. It leads to a U-shaped path that takes you south, above the area with the entrance, and then back north on the east side of the area. You will have to do some platform jumping to get to the east side. If you miss, you drop back into the room with the entrance and will have to try again. Without the Flight Stone [Key Item], these jumps are difficult to make. Once you've cleared the platforms, exit to the north and then go east into another north-south passage. Approach the way marker to the north for an event and a battle.

Boss: Marianna
HP: 60,840
Weakness: Fire, Ice, Bow, Greatsword, Gun, Spear
Drop: None
Steal: None

Boss: Attack Squad B
HP: 7,800
Weakness: Axe, Glaive, Gun, Knuckle
Drop: None
Steal: None

Boss: Attack Squad C
HP: 7,800
Weakness: Axe, Glaive, Greatsword, Scythe, Spear, Sword
Drop: None
Steal: None

The Attack Squad members use a familiar attack pattern that includes Punch, Slash Assault and Cut Down.

Marianna will attack with Iron Gavel, which strikes a character for Moderate damage. Beating hits a single target 4 times for Moderate damage with each attack. No Holds Barred hits multiple targets twice for Moderate damage. Light of Conviction strikes one target for Heavy damage. Quick Slash will cause Heavy damage to multiple targets and results in "Knock Back". She likes to attack with Demon's Gaze, which hits multiple characters 3 times, dealing moderate damage and possibly inflicting "Confusion".

When Marianna's HP are reduced to half, there will be an Event. Tiara, Ethel and Galdo leave the party. If any of these characters were in your battle party at the beginning of the fight, you will have to continue the battle with fewer combatants.

After the encounter with Marianna, there is another Event. Ethel and Galdo rejoin the party. On the other side of the northeast room where the boss battle took place is an exit to the Second Floor. Follow the clockwise path to the northeast room, where there is an exit leading to the Third Floor. On Floor Three, make your way north to a Treasure Crystal and then follow the outer passage counter-clockwise until you can re-enter the inner tower on the east side. There are treasures at the north and south ends of this room. Approach the way marker to trigger an event.

Boss: Bernard
HP: 112,320
Weakness: Axe, Glaive, Greatsword, Scythe, Spear, Sword
Drop: Broken Fury - Blade [Key Item]
Steal: Potion

Bernard will attack with Power Blade, which strikes a character for Moderate damage and causes "Knock Back". His Combination Edge hits a character twice for Heavy damage each time. Spirit Laser targets multiple characters and causes Heavy damage. Cross Blade strikes multiple targets with 2 hits, each causing Heavy damage. After you reduce his HP by half, Bernard may use Ashen Killing Cut. This special attack has a large area of effect and strikes everyone within range 5 times for Major damage with each hit.

The battle is followed by an event. Rather than continuing to climb the Stairway, there are some important things to take care of. Exit to the World Map and go to Zelwinds City.


If you go to The Sunflower Inn and enter Godly Revival, there is a sub-event. Then it's time to head for Tomoe's Shop for some important Synthesis.

Bernard was kind enough to drop a Key Item. You should now have three Broken Fury Parts: the Broken Fury - Hilt [Key Item] from Lola's Quest #2, the Broken Fury - Edge [Key Item] from Lola's Quest #5 and the Broken Fury - Blade [Key Item] from Bernard.

  • Enter Synthesis and combine these three Fury Parts to make a Cracked Fury [Key Item].
  • Then switch to the Materials category and make one Forged Steel using Iron Ore x3 and Silver Ore x1. You should have plenty of these materials from Hidden Treasure and Destructible Objects.
  • Make one Forged Mithril from Mithril Stone x3 and Silver Ore x1. You already should have enough of these materials, too.
  • Switch back to the Key Items category. You can now make a Repaired Fury [Key Item] from the Cracked Fury and the Forged Steel.
  • Create a Polished Fury [Key Item] using the Repaired Fury and the Forged Mithril.

After you repair the Broken Fury, there is an event at The Sunflower Inn. Exit to the World Map and a new Sub-Event icon has appeared at Cavare Desert - Sanctuary. Go there and head for the way marker in the center. There will be an event and you will obtain the Fury containing the Rank S Fairy, Rita.

Now you can return to Stairway to Heaven and continue the events there. Make your way back to the third floor where you fought Bernard. Take the ramp up to the exit and continue to the fourth floor.

Stairway to Heaven - 4F

Stairway to Heaven - 5F

The Fourth Floor, like the Second Floor, has little of interest. Follow the clockwise path around the tower to the northeast room where you can exit to the Fifth Floor. Go left first to pick up the last two treasures here and then circle around to the northwest exit. Save your game here and prepare for the final battles.

Boss: Sherman
HP: 42,120
Weakness: Axe, Glaive, Gun, Knuckle
Drop: Energy Crystal
Steal: Energy Crystal

Sherman may use the Greatsword techniques, Side Slash, Attack Slash and Flight Slash, all of which deal Heavy damage to a single target. He can also use Sword techniques, Side Edge, Flight Edge and Thrust Edge for Heavy damage to one character. He may cast his Magic spell, Convergence, dealing Heavy damage to one target and causing "Knock Back". When his HP are below half, he may use his Skyfall Fury Form skill that strikes multiple targets many times resulting in critical damage if not KO.

When you defeat Sherman there will be an event. Tiara rejoins the party. The Main Menu opens, but only Battle Options are available. You can put Tiara in the battle party and change characters' equipment if you like. Exiting the Menu will prompt another event and another battle.

Boss: Vile God Sherman
HP: 216,216
Weakness: Light, Wind, Axe, Glaive, Greatsword, Scythe, Spear, Sword
Drop: None
Steal: None

There are three incarnations of Vile God Sherman in this battle. The first two stages of the fight are unwinnable. Vile God Sherman will begin the first stage by attacking with Requiem of Ruin, which deals Critical damage to all characters. When his next turn comes around, there is an event, and then the battle moves into the second stage. Again, he will start off with Requiem of Ruin, this time causing Major damage to everyone. An event follows before the battle enters stage three.

Vile God Sherman's weaknesses are different during each stage of the fight. Those shown above are for the third stage, which you must win. He strikes first in stage three with Dark Wave, causing Major damage to one character. He may also use Dark Pulse, to hit a character for Major Damage. Crushing Blow and Smash Kick strike multiple targets and deal Major damage. Dark Slash strikes multiple characters once for Critical damage and then twice for Major damage. You will no doubt need to revive the targeted characters. When his HP are reduced below half, he may attack with Dark Encounter, striking multiple characters for Critical damage and causing "Knock Back".

Your skills and spells will cause much more damage than Combos, or even Avalanche Attacks. Normal attacks serve little purpose here other than to raise Tension and enable characters to Fairize. Keep using your strong skills and you will eventually defeat him.

Congratulations! You have completed Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force. Sit back and watch the ending and credits. After they finish, you will earn the Goddess Story Cleared Trophy. Now you can continue with a New Game Plus.