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by AzMuch

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by AzMuch

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/27/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay
  3. Main Menu
  4. Tips
  5. Walkthrough Part 1
    1. Prologue
    2. Zelwinds City
    3. Sol Plains
    4. Kravisse Cave
    5. Yatagan Lava Flows
    6. Katticus Ice Cave
    7. Kidanar
    8. Shukesoo's Tower (Story)
    9. Solaru Village
    10. Bui Valley
    11. Zawaza Plains
    12. Subterranean Tower
    13. Cavare Desert
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary
  6. Walkthrough Part 2 (Goddess Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Goddess)
    2. Kravisse Cave (Goddess)
    3. Yatagan Lava Flows (Goddess)
    4. Katticus Ice Cave (Goddess)
    5. Zawaza Plains (Goddess)
    6. Rudohke Blast Furnace (Goddess)
    7. Solaru Village (Goddess)
    8. Bui Valley (Goddess)
    9. Subterranean Tower (Goddess)
    10. Cavare Desert (Goddess)
    11. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Goddess)
    12. Inverted Tower (Goddess)
    13. Zeppelia Valley (Goddess)
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Goddess)
    15. Stairway to Heaven (Goddess)
  7. Walkthrough Part 2 (Vile God Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Vile God)
    2. Yatagan Lava Flows (Vile God)
    3. Bui Valley (Vile God)
    4. Kravisse Cave (Vile God)
    5. Kidanar (Vile God)
    6. Dorfa Human Ranch (Vile God)
    7. Katticus Ice Cave (Vile God)
    8. Stairway to Heaven (Vile God)
    9. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Vile God)
    10. Dasuhiro Plains (Vile God)
    11. Cavare Desert (Vile God)
    12. Subterranean Tower (Vile God)
    13. Vile God's Innards (Vile God)
    14. Dansklight Ruins (Vile God)
  8. Walkthrough Part 2 (Evil Goddess Path)
    1. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Evil Goddess)
    2. Sol Plains (Evil Goddess)
    3. Zawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)
    4. Justice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)
    5. Bui Valley (Evil Goddess)
    6. Katticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)
    7. Dasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)
    8. Dorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)
    9. Sedipua Den (Evil Goddess)
    10. Dorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)
    11. Cavare Desert (Evil Goddess)
    12. Kidanar (Evil Goddess)
    13. Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)
  9. New Game Plus
  10. Godly Revival
  11. World Shaping
  12. Quests
    1. Pub Quests
    2. Lola's Quests
  13. Shukesoo's Tower
  14. Challenges
  15. Weapon Boost
    1. Fang
    2. Tiara
    3. Harley
    4. Galdo
    5. Sherman
    6. Pippin
    7. Apollonius
    8. Ethel
    9. Lola
    10. Marianna
    11. Noie
  16. Fairies
    1. Rank C Fairies
    2. Rank B Fairies
    3. Rank A Fairies
    4. Rank S Fairies
  17. Synthesis
  18. Enemy List
    1. Enemy List Part 1
    2. Enemy List Part 2 (Goddess)
    3. Enemy List Part 2 (Vile God)
    4. Enemy List Part 2 (Evil Goddess)
  19. Items
    1. Consumables
    2. Armor
    3. Jewelry
    4. Costumes
    5. Accessories
    6. Materials
    7. Key Items
  20. Trophy List
  21. Legal

Walkthrough Part 2 (Goddess Path)

Inverted Tower (Goddess)


  • Ignis
  • Bit θ
  • Hresvelgr
  • Surendra Jit
  • Signa Riser

With CHANGE ENEMIES in effect

  • Ignis
  • Bit θ
  • Hresvelgr
  • Reptilian
  • Anunnaki
  • Surendra Jit
  • Chitari
  • Signa Riser

Inverted Tower - 1F

Inverted Tower - 2F

Inverted Tower - 3F

Inverted Tower - 4F

Inverted Tower - 5F

Treasure CrystalsHidden Treasure (H)Destructible Objects
1Mid Potion x3AmazoniteEnergy Shard
2Mid Potion x3Earth StoneFire Stone
3Black Armband, High PotionGold OreInsect Stinger
4Summer Hat, Silver Ore, ~4,000 GoldHerbIron Ore
5EtherMid PotionLightning Stone
6Swimmer's Goggles, EtherMithril StoneSparse Moss


Potent Herb
Silver Ore

View the brief opening event and then you can explore. The layout of the Inverted Tower is similar to that of the Subterranean Tower, but you will be climbing rather than descending. There are five levels to the Tower. Floors 1, 3 and 5 have treasures to collect. On Floors 2 and 4 you just circle the Tower to reach the next floor. After picking up the treasure on Floor 5, head for the way marker in the western chamber for an event.

Boss: Eryn Copy - Illusion
HP: 20,000
Weakness: Bow, Greatsword, Gun, Spear
Drop: None
Steal: Orichalcum

Boss: Eryn Copy - Nihil
HP: 20,000
Weakness: Axe, Glaive, Gun, Knuckle
Drop: None
Steal: Chunk of Magic

Boss: Eryn Copy - Dream
HP: 20,000
Weakness: Axe, Glaive, Greatsword, Scythe, Spear, Sword
Drop: Chunk of Magic
Steal: Chunk of Magic

Each Eryn Copy draws from the same stock of attacks. Thunderfire Shot targets a character with 2 Moderate-damage hits. Light of Creation hits one target 5 times for Moderate damage. Earth Wave strikes multiple targets for Moderate damage and causes "Knock Back". Frost Storm hits multiple characters 5 times and causes "Knock Back".

When the battle ends, you acquire the Faith Drop [Key Item]. Watch the series of events that follows and you will regain control in Zelwinds City.


Stop by The Sunflower Inn for a sub-event. Afterward, you can talk to Tiara or Eryn, but not both unless you reload the game. There is another sub-event at the Riverbank. If you go to Fountain Plaza and look for Lola, she will sell you information about Lola's Quest #14. You can drop in at Guillermo's and report any quests you have cleared. He will have 4 new Rank A Pub Quests you can take on.