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by AzMuch

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by AzMuch

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/27/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay
  3. Main Menu
  4. Tips
  5. Walkthrough Part 1
    1. Prologue
    2. Zelwinds City
    3. Sol Plains
    4. Kravisse Cave
    5. Yatagan Lava Flows
    6. Katticus Ice Cave
    7. Kidanar
    8. Shukesoo's Tower (Story)
    9. Solaru Village
    10. Bui Valley
    11. Zawaza Plains
    12. Subterranean Tower
    13. Cavare Desert
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary
  6. Walkthrough Part 2 (Goddess Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Goddess)
    2. Kravisse Cave (Goddess)
    3. Yatagan Lava Flows (Goddess)
    4. Katticus Ice Cave (Goddess)
    5. Zawaza Plains (Goddess)
    6. Rudohke Blast Furnace (Goddess)
    7. Solaru Village (Goddess)
    8. Bui Valley (Goddess)
    9. Subterranean Tower (Goddess)
    10. Cavare Desert (Goddess)
    11. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Goddess)
    12. Inverted Tower (Goddess)
    13. Zeppelia Valley (Goddess)
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Goddess)
    15. Stairway to Heaven (Goddess)
  7. Walkthrough Part 2 (Vile God Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Vile God)
    2. Yatagan Lava Flows (Vile God)
    3. Bui Valley (Vile God)
    4. Kravisse Cave (Vile God)
    5. Kidanar (Vile God)
    6. Dorfa Human Ranch (Vile God)
    7. Katticus Ice Cave (Vile God)
    8. Stairway to Heaven (Vile God)
    9. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Vile God)
    10. Dasuhiro Plains (Vile God)
    11. Cavare Desert (Vile God)
    12. Subterranean Tower (Vile God)
    13. Vile God's Innards (Vile God)
    14. Dansklight Ruins (Vile God)
  8. Walkthrough Part 2 (Evil Goddess Path)
    1. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Evil Goddess)
    2. Sol Plains (Evil Goddess)
    3. Zawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)
    4. Justice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)
    5. Bui Valley (Evil Goddess)
    6. Katticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)
    7. Dasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)
    8. Dorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)
    9. Sedipua Den (Evil Goddess)
    10. Dorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)
    11. Cavare Desert (Evil Goddess)
    12. Kidanar (Evil Goddess)
    13. Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)
  9. New Game Plus
  10. Godly Revival
  11. World Shaping
  12. Quests
    1. Pub Quests
    2. Lola's Quests
  13. Shukesoo's Tower
  14. Challenges
  15. Weapon Boost
    1. Fang
    2. Tiara
    3. Harley
    4. Galdo
    5. Sherman
    6. Pippin
    7. Apollonius
    8. Ethel
    9. Lola
    10. Marianna
    11. Noie
  16. Fairies
    1. Rank C Fairies
    2. Rank B Fairies
    3. Rank A Fairies
    4. Rank S Fairies
  17. Synthesis
  18. Enemy List
    1. Enemy List Part 1
    2. Enemy List Part 2 (Goddess)
    3. Enemy List Part 2 (Vile God)
    4. Enemy List Part 2 (Evil Goddess)
  19. Items
    1. Consumables
    2. Armor
    3. Jewelry
    4. Costumes
    5. Accessories
    6. Materials
    7. Key Items
  20. Trophy List
  21. Legal

Enemy List

Enemy List Part 2 (Evil Goddess)

This list shows enemies in the order they are encountered while playing this game path. An enemy with a "Location" entry followed by an asterisk (*) indicates the enemy is found at that location when the Change Enemies World Shaping effect is active.

With but few exceptions, an enemy will be "Weak" against attacks from all of the weapons in one of the following specific categories:

  • Pierce - Bow, Greatsword, Gun and Spear
  • Slash - Axe, Glaive, Greatsword, Scythe, Spear and Sword
  • Strike - Axe, Glaive, Gun and Knuckle

For example, if an enemy is weak against Bow attacks, it is also weak against attacks using Greatsword, Gun and Spear. Virtually every enemy is weak against Launcher attacks.

You can encounter the same enemy at different locations. When you do, the enemy may have different Stats and different Items. Even enemies found at the same location may have different Stats and Items depending on whether Change Enemies is in effect. Some item drops (especially Jewelry in the "Item Drop 2" column) only appear when playing on Hard difficulty setting.

To search for a specific enemy or item, click Search Guide above or use your browser's Search Page function.

Item Drop 1Item Drop 2Item Steal 1Item Steal 2
Vile God (Boss)Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Evil Goddess)241,268 SlashElixir
Flying DragonSol Plains (Evil Goddess)3,549 SlashDragon FangThief AmuletDragon FangDewdrop Flask
BeeSol Plains (Evil Goddess)1,261 SlashPoison StingerInsect StingerPoison StingerCherub's Feathers
RavenSol Plains (Evil Goddess)2,059 Slash Thief Amulet
OrthocerasSol Plains (Evil Goddess)2,340 Strike Money Talisman
MaritimaSol Plains (Evil Goddess)*803 SlashDecent FurThief AmuletDecent FurDewdrop Flask
EligosSol Plains (Evil Goddess)*803 Slash
Hoodlum Fencer(Boss)Sol Plains (Evil Goddess)63,336 Strike
Stingle LV 60Zawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)9.030 Slash Amulet of Ice
AquairiusZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)17,595 Slash Greed Talisman
Ryoku DragonZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)10,125LightningPierceDragon FangPendant of the ScytheDragon FangDewdrop Bottle
AmmonZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)9.439 Strike Thief Gloves
SPAZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)9,493LightningPierceHigh Quality GearAmulet of EarthScratched ArmorUltra Potion
Majin Gunner LV 64Zawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)9,775LightningStrikeUltra Powered CircuitThief GlovesUltra Powered CircuitUltra Potion
Killer MantisZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)10,020 SlashChunk of MagicGrowth TalismanChunk of MagicUltra Potion
PixieZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)*17,335 Slash Pendant of the Gun
Spring PixieZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)*17,863FireStrikeAqua SapphirePendant of the SpearSpring's FeatherDewdrop Bottle
Summer PixieZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)*17,863WaterSlashFlare RubyPendant of the LauncherSummer's FeatherUltra Potion
Autumn PixieZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)*17,863 StrikeThunder CitrinePendant of the AxeAutumn's FeatherUltra Potion
Winter PixieZawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)*17,863LightningPierceStar OpalPendant of the GreatswordWinter's FeatherUltra Potion
Justice Society Jailer CaptainJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)10,264 StrikeWhite Key
GiantJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)10,504 Slash
Bit αJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)9,631LightningSlash Money Talisman
Justice Society JailerJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)10,024 Strike
Security Mecha SJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)10,161LightningPierce Pendant of the Glaive
Justice Society Corrections DeputyJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)10,264 StrikeGold Key
Justice Society WardenJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)10,264 StrikeOrange Key
Justice Society DirectorJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)10,264 StrikePink Key
Bit αJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)17,863LightningSlash Pendant of the Knuckle
Majin GunnerJustice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)*18,744LightningSlashBurned MuzzleAmulet of FireBurned MuzzleUltra Potion
Paiga (Boss)Justice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)182,558 Strike
Thunder BirdBui Valley (Evil Goddess)10,413IcePiercePiece of Flying StoneAmulet of EarthChunk of MagicLightning Stone
AquairiusBui Valley (Evil Goddess)10,296 Slash Thief Gloves
CockatriceBui Valley (Evil Goddess)10,518 SlashEvil Bird FeatherPendant of the GlaivePretty FeatherUltra Potion
CallistoBui Valley (Evil Goddess)10,325 PierceDecent FurPendant of the GlaiveDecent FurUltra Potion
Red OniBui Valley (Evil Goddess)10,247 StrikePiece of Flying StonePendant of the SpearPiece of Flying StoneDewdrop Bottle
SparnaBui Valley (Evil Goddess)10,366 PierceSharp BeakPretty FeatherSharp BeakEther
Land SharkBui Valley (Evil Goddess)10,638WindSlash Greed Talisman
CaladriusBui Valley (Evil Goddess)*10,400 Pierce Pendant of the Axe
Dark Raven (Boss)Bui Valley (Evil Goddess)133,946 Pierce
Item Drop 1Item Drop 2Item Steal 1Item Steal 2
VentiKatticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)10,296 Slash Pendant of the GunWater StoneAngel's Feathers
EkimuKatticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)11,170 Pierce Amulet of Wind
HippogriffKatticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)10,638 SlashLight FeatherMoney TalismanLight FeatherUltra Potion
Ice SharkKatticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)11,027 Strike Pendant of the Gun
Giant LV 75Katticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)11,388 Slash Amulet of Wind
Black SharkKatticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)*20,295 Strike Amulet of Earth
Blue SharkKatticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)*20,075FireStrikeDemon HideThief GlovesDemon HideEther
Zagi (Boss)Katticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)132,319 Strike Photo of Marianna
Pappin (Boss)Katticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)141,652 Strike
ValafarDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)21,591 Slash Pendant of the Gun
MaritimaDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)11,886 SlashDecent FurAmulet of IceDecent FurAngel's Feathers
GriffonDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)17,121 Slash Amulet of Fire
FunyonDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)16,375 Strike Pendant of the Launcher
ShellwormDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)16,562 Slash Pendant of the Axe
Penpa SorcererDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)16,912LightningSlash Pendant of the Glaive
HresvelgrDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)*17,317 Slash Amulet of Earth
ShadowDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)*11,924LightSlash Amulet of Lightning
EkimuDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)*12,381 Slash Greed Talisman
Center FielderDasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)*11,540 PierceProof of Membership Proof of MembershipDewdrop Bottle
Seaweed Copter (Boss)Dasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)13,580 Strike
Killer Bear (Boss)Dasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)43,787 Strike
Melgria (Boss)Dasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)101,455 StrikeAdamantite [Key Item]
Justice Society SoldierDorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)20,772 StrikeJustice Society Membership Card Justice Society Membership CardUltra Potion
Security Mecha SDorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)20,092LightningPierce Pendant of the Scythe
Mazin-Ger SDorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)21,248LightningSlash Pendant of the Scythe
Silver SPADorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)*21,248LightningSlashAudio Output CircuitAmulet of WindAudio Output CircuitUltra Potion
CHI DragonDorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)*22,403 SlashVideo Output CircuitAmulet of IceVideo Output CircuitAngel's Feathers
Mazin-Ger SDorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)21,725LightningSlash Amulet of Wind
CyclopsSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)22,846 SlashHard EyeballAmulet of EarthHard EyeballAngel's Feathers
AquairiusSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)11,924 SlashScuffed ScaleThief GlovesScuffed ScaleUltra Potion
Killer InsectSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)12,281 PierceDeath SicklePendant of the GunDeath SickleDewdrop Bottle
MurianSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)21,012 Slash Growth Talisman
Valafar LV 82Sedipua Den (Evil Goddess)22,603 Slash Pendant of the Axe
ZombieSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)22,039 Pierce Pendant of the Greatsword
BehemothSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)*23,393 Slash Pendant of the Launcher
Penpa PrinceSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)*21,462LightningSlash Pendant of the Scythe
Penpa KnightSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)*22,181 Slash Pendant of the Gun
Desert MantisSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)*22,846WindSlash Pendant of the Greatsword
ValafarSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)*22,846 Slash Amulet of Earth
NyxSedipua Den (Evil Goddess)*22,441LightSlashEctoplasmPendant of the KnuckleLovely SoulUltra Potion
Bernard (Boss)Sedipua Den (Evil Goddess)281,109 Strike
Item Drop 1Item Drop 2Item Steal 1Item Steal 2
Mazin-Ger SDorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)22,485LightningSlashRare OrichalcumPendant of the ScytheRare OrichalcumUltra Potion
Security Mecha SDorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)21,959LightningPierce Money Talisman
Justice Society SoldierDorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)21,462 StrikeSpecial Glass Plate Special Glass PlateDewdrop Bottle
Sherman (Boss)Dorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)220,450 StrikeElixirUltra Ether
SEI DragonDorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)*23,660 SlashPretty ShellAmulet of WaterPretty ShellUltra Potion
Machine LauncherDorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)*22,485LightningSlashRigid JointAmulet of WindRigid JointAngel's Feathers
Bit θDorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)*21,959LightningPierceBeautiful ArmorPendant of the SwordHigh Powered CircuitEther
Junown (Boss)Dorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)126,097 Strike
Noie (Boss)Dorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)97,978 StrikeEnergy CrystalMax Tonic
SomniaCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)21,959 Slash Amulet of Water
Earth GolemCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)24,129WindSlashEvil Earth CoreAmulet of WindEarth StoneDewdrop Bottle
GhoulCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)23,290LightSlashEctoplasmAmulet of FireLovely SoulAngel's Feathers
GriffonCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)23,187 Pierce Pendant of the Knuckle
Guardian RiserCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)22,665 StrikeAudio Output CircuitGreed TalismanAudio Output CircuitUltra Potion
Bit BCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)21,959LightningSlash Amulet of Dark
StingleCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)*22,287 SlashParalysis StingerPendant of the GunParalysis StingerInsect Stinger
K InsectCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)*23,883 SlashPretty ShellThief GlovesPretty ShellDewdrop Bottle
CaladriusCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)*23,426 StrikeDecent FurAmulet of DarkDecent FurUltra Potion
FreebeeCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)*22,723 Pierce Amulet of Ice
Queen BeeCavare Desert (Evil Goddess)*24,599 SlashDeadly Poison NeedleGreed TalismanDeadly Poison NeedleUltra Potion
Noie (Boss)Cavare Desert (Evil Goddess)215,000 StrikeMax TonicArchangel's Feathers
GanadaKidanar (Evil Goddess)22,485LightPierceScuffed ShellGrowth TalismanScuffed ShellUltra Potion
ZombieKidanar (Evil Goddess)24,125LightPierceMysterious SpongeAmulet of LightningMysterious SpongeAngel's Feathers
Bit αKidanar (Evil Goddess)12,753LightningSlashLeather BarrelAmulet of WaterLeather BarrelUltra Potion
Staff GanadaKidanar (Evil Goddess)*12,884LightPierce Pendant of the Scythe
Majin's RemainsKidanar (Evil Goddess)*25,910FireSlash Pendant of the Scythe
Apollonius (Boss)Kidanar (Evil Goddess)227,000 PierceBrocade FlagUltra EtherWinding KeyEnergy Crystal
Pappin (Boss)Kidanar (Evil Goddess)298,841 Strike
GhoulRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)24,346LightSlash Amulet of Dark
AquairiusRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)23,191 Slash Pendant of the Glaive
Justice Society Soldier LV 90Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)23,882 Strike
Silver SPARey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)23,191LightningStrikeHigh-End CPUAmulet of FireHigh-End CPUUltra Potion
BeeRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)22,723 SlashSelf-Propelled StingerAmulet of EarthSelf-Propelled StingerUltra Potion
Ice HawkRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)24,375LightningSlash Pendant of the Knuckle
Majin GunnerRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)24,100LightningSlash Pendant of the Sword
Imperial Blue DragonRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)26,413 SlashImperial Dragon ScalesAmulet of WindImperial Dragon ScalesUltra Potion
AquairiusRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)*24,639 Slash Pendant of the Launcher
Diablo's Remains LV 100Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)*27,115 Slash Amulet of Ice
GriffonRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)*25,429 Slash Greed Talisman
Justice Society SoldierRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)*24,343 Strike
BeeRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)*23,883 Slash Pendant of the Scythe
Ice HawkRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)*24,903LightningSlash Amulet of Lightning
Majin GunnerRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)*25,397LightningSlash Amulet of Dark
Imperial Blue DragonRey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)*28,135 SlashRed Dragon StonePendant of the GunRed Dragon StoneUltra Potion
Zagi (Boss)Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)139,314 StrikeRed Orb [Key Item] Photo of Marianna
Zenke (Boss)Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)146,280 Strike
Evil Goddess Junown (Boss)Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)331,695 Strike