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by AzMuch

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by AzMuch

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/27/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay
  3. Main Menu
  4. Tips
  5. Walkthrough Part 1
    1. Prologue
    2. Zelwinds City
    3. Sol Plains
    4. Kravisse Cave
    5. Yatagan Lava Flows
    6. Katticus Ice Cave
    7. Kidanar
    8. Shukesoo's Tower (Story)
    9. Solaru Village
    10. Bui Valley
    11. Zawaza Plains
    12. Subterranean Tower
    13. Cavare Desert
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary
  6. Walkthrough Part 2 (Goddess Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Goddess)
    2. Kravisse Cave (Goddess)
    3. Yatagan Lava Flows (Goddess)
    4. Katticus Ice Cave (Goddess)
    5. Zawaza Plains (Goddess)
    6. Rudohke Blast Furnace (Goddess)
    7. Solaru Village (Goddess)
    8. Bui Valley (Goddess)
    9. Subterranean Tower (Goddess)
    10. Cavare Desert (Goddess)
    11. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Goddess)
    12. Inverted Tower (Goddess)
    13. Zeppelia Valley (Goddess)
    14. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Goddess)
    15. Stairway to Heaven (Goddess)
  7. Walkthrough Part 2 (Vile God Path)
    1. Sol Plains (Vile God)
    2. Yatagan Lava Flows (Vile God)
    3. Bui Valley (Vile God)
    4. Kravisse Cave (Vile God)
    5. Kidanar (Vile God)
    6. Dorfa Human Ranch (Vile God)
    7. Katticus Ice Cave (Vile God)
    8. Stairway to Heaven (Vile God)
    9. Lusamundo Ice Cave (Vile God)
    10. Dasuhiro Plains (Vile God)
    11. Cavare Desert (Vile God)
    12. Subterranean Tower (Vile God)
    13. Vile God's Innards (Vile God)
    14. Dansklight Ruins (Vile God)
  8. Walkthrough Part 2 (Evil Goddess Path)
    1. Cavare Desert - Sanctuary (Evil Goddess)
    2. Sol Plains (Evil Goddess)
    3. Zawaza Plains (Evil Goddess)
    4. Justice Society Camp (Evil Goddess)
    5. Bui Valley (Evil Goddess)
    6. Katticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess)
    7. Dasuhiro Plains (Evil Goddess)
    8. Dorall Wine Factory (Evil Goddess)
    9. Sedipua Den (Evil Goddess)
    10. Dorall Central Factory (Evil Goddess)
    11. Cavare Desert (Evil Goddess)
    12. Kidanar (Evil Goddess)
    13. Rey=A=Rimus Ruins (Evil Goddess)
  9. New Game Plus
  10. Godly Revival
  11. World Shaping
  12. Quests
    1. Pub Quests
    2. Lola's Quests
  13. Shukesoo's Tower
  14. Challenges
  15. Weapon Boost
    1. Fang
    2. Tiara
    3. Harley
    4. Galdo
    5. Sherman
    6. Pippin
    7. Apollonius
    8. Ethel
    9. Lola
    10. Marianna
    11. Noie
  16. Fairies
    1. Rank C Fairies
    2. Rank B Fairies
    3. Rank A Fairies
    4. Rank S Fairies
  17. Synthesis
  18. Enemy List
    1. Enemy List Part 1
    2. Enemy List Part 2 (Goddess)
    3. Enemy List Part 2 (Vile God)
    4. Enemy List Part 2 (Evil Goddess)
  19. Items
    1. Consumables
    2. Armor
    3. Jewelry
    4. Costumes
    5. Accessories
    6. Materials
    7. Key Items
  20. Trophy List
  21. Legal

Walkthrough Part 1

Cavare Desert - Sanctuary


  • Gukyo
  • Somnia
  • Silver SPA
  • Nyx
  • Guardian Riser
  • Desert Mantis
  • Sand Dragon

With CHANGE ENEMIES in effect

  • Phoenix
  • Venti
  • Silver SPA
  • Nyx
  • Guardian Riser Mk. 2
  • Killer Mantis
  • Sand Dragon

Treasure CrystalsHidden Treasure (H)Destructible Objects
1Fox Mask, Mid PotionAmazoniteNone
2Angel's Feathers x2, High TonicCopper Ore
3Aged Afro, LozengeHerb
4Hi-Tech Propulsion Engine, Stimulant x2Herb Sprout
5Panacea x2Lightning Stone
6Potion x3Mandragora
7Athena's Armor, Dewdrop of SalvationMoon Blossom
Night Blossom
Panacea Sprout
Wind Stone

To reach the way marker, you need to circle around by going south, then east, then north, and finally west. There is treasure along the way, but you will have to use the Warp Points to reach some of it. There is another Warp Point in the large eastern area, but you cannot reach it yet. There is a Save Point before you enter the central area and you should use it.

This is the point of no return in the story line. If you are choosing your ending, it must be done by now. To follow the Goddess Path (the default path), you need to have removed no more than 6 Fury seals from the Vile God. If you are going for the Vile God Path, you need 7 or more of the Vile God's Fury seals. You can't follow the Evil Goddess Path on a first playthrough.

If you have Fairies that you have not used yet in Godly Revival and you want to get on the Vile God's Path, go back to Zelwinds City now and pull a total of at least 7 Furies from the Vile God.

You also want to make sure you have at least 5 Flying Stones and a Spring's Feather. You will need them soon for Synthesis and if you don't get them now, they won't be available for a while. Flying Stones are dropped by Red Oni in Bui Valley and by Caladrius or Land Sharks at Bui Valley with Change Enemies in effect. Spring's Feather can be stolen from Spring Pixies at Zawaza Plains with Change Enemies in effect.

You will want to complete Lola's Quest #5 before continuing, because you won't be able to return to Cavare Desert.

If you feel you are under-leveled, you are in a pretty good spot to do a little grinding for EXP. When the Change Enemies World Shaping Effect is active here, an enemy appears called the Guardian Riser Mk. 2. When you engage one, it will be accompanied by 2-4 Silver SPAs. Even with no bonuses you can earn more than 1,000 EXP per fight, which is very good for this stage of the game. There are two that appear near the Save Point--one to the west and one to the east. You can go back and forth between them as they re-spawn and gain quite a bit of EXP in a short time.

Approaching the way marker, you will see a scene and then be forced into a boss battle.

The Beautiful Blue Jewel is a required material to synthesize a [Key Item] that you are going to need. It can be dropped by or stolen from Marianna during the following battle. It appears to be a 100% drop, but make sure you get one before you continue.

Boss: Marianna
HP: 41,652
Weakness: Fire, Ice, Axe, Glaive, Greatsword, Scythe, Spear, Sword
Drop: Beautiful Blue Jewel
Steal: Beautiful Blue Jewel

Boss: Zagi
HP: 4,680
Weakness: Axe, Glaive, Greatsword, Scythe, Spear, Sword
Drop: None
Steal: Photo of Marianna

Zagi uses a familiar attack pattern that includes Punch, Slash Assault and Cut Down. None of his attacks prove worrisome.

Marianna begins the battle in Fury Form. She will attack with Iron Gavel, which strikes for Moderate damage. Beating hits a single target 4 times for Moderate damage. No Holds Barred hits multiple targets twice for Moderate damage. Light of Conviction strikes one target for Heavy damage. Quick Slash will cause Heavy damage to multiple targets and result in "Knock Back".

When Marianna gets low on health, the battle will pause and she will speak to the party. This warning is similar to what you saw in the battle with Bernard. On her next turn, Marianna will unleash Gospel Bell, a wide-reaching attack that strikes all party members 9 times for Moderate damage. Though not as brutal as Bernard's special attack, this is one you should watch out for.

No special strategy is required here. You know the drill by now. Just keep your health up you should be fine. Remember to get that Beautiful Blue Jewel.

After the battle ends, there will be an event. When you regain control, you will be in the first area of Walkthrough Part 2 for the path your game will follow. If you continue through the Guide, the Walkthrough follows the Goddess Path. If your game is on a different path, you can use one of the links below to continue:

Click this link if you are following the Vile God path.

Click this link if you are following the Evil Goddess path.