• Trophies

    There are 36 Bronze Trophies, 11 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy

    *There are 16 secret trophies. show

    Accessory ManiaCollect a large amount of accessoriesBronze
    Accessory MasterCollect all accessoriesSilver
    AlchemaniacCreated accessories with alchemy 100 timesSilver
    Alchemy ChallengerCreate an accessory with alchemyBronze
    Become a LegendObtain all trophiesPlatinum
    Benefactor of Labatour (secret)Rescued the town of Labatour by defeating the monsters in the colosseumBronze
    Blessed by the Spirit Tree (secret)Save the village of origins from the monster attack and obtain the Holy Dew from the Ancient Spirit TreeBronze
    Captain moneybagsTotal amount of gold collected equals 500,000Silver
    Celebrity AlchemistAchieve a huge success when creating an accessory with alchemyBronze
    Challenger of Darkenss (secret)Defeat Helmud and repel the legendary monster at the dimensional islandBronze
    Combo MasterHave performed 300 continuous hits on enemiesBronze
    Critical Hit ExpertPerform a total of 100 critical hitsBronze
    Elsaze's Captain of the Guard (secret)Protected the Kingdom of Elsaze's Castle & town by defeating the dragonBronze
    Emerging From the Darkness (secret)Defeated the monster onslaught protecting YggdrasilBronze
    Equipment CollectorMax out your equipment bagBronze
    Equipment ManiaCollect a large amount of weapons and orbsBronze
    Equipment MasterCollect all weapons and orbsSilver
    Expert HealerMaxed out the stock of Hoime StonesBronze
    Friend to MonstersMeet and befriend many monstersBronze
    Hagure Metal HunterDefeat a Hagure MetalBronze
    Liberator of Dowadokia (secret)Saved the dwarven town of Dowdokia by defeating the monster that appeared in the large churchBronze
    Material CollectorMaxed out your material bagBronze
    Material ManiaCollect a large amount of materialsBronze
    Material MasterCollected all material typesSilver
    Medal ManiaTotal amount of small medals collected equals 200Silver
    Messiah of Coutruda (secret)Rescued the magical town of Coutruda by defeating GigantesBronze
    Metal King HunterDefeat a Metal KingBronze
    Metal Slime HunterDefeat a Metal SlimeBronze
    Monster CollectorMet and befriended every monster typeSilver
    Monster ExterminatorFight and defeat a large number of monstersBronze
    Monster HunterFought and defeated every monster typeSilver
    Monster KillerDefeat over 10,000 monstersBronze
    Monster TamerMax out monster ally slotsBronze
    Novice Captain of the Guard (secret)Mastered all basic combat techniquesBronze
    Protector of the World (secret)Defeated Shamda and brought peace back to the worldGold
    Puff-Puff Master (secret)All characters received a puff-puffSilver
    Quest ManiaComplete a large amount of questsBronze
    Quest MasterCompleted all questsSilver
    Receiver of Strength (secret)Pass the trial at the shrine at the bottom of the sea and obtain the True Power of LightBronze
    Revelation of the Goddess (secret)Met with the goddess on the top floor of the Tower of LightBronze
    Rura MasterHave found over 40 locations for use with RuraBronze
    Savior of Shera (secret)Saved the elf village of Shera by defeating the monster invasionBronze
    Savior of Yggdrasil (secret)Save Yggdrasil from the engulfing darkness with the Holy DewBronze
    Seeker of StrengthReach lvl 50 for all ally charactersGold
    Seeker of the ShrineFought and won 50 times in treasure map shrinesBronze
    Special Attack MasterPerform all ally special attacksBronze
    Special Skill/Spell ExpertPerform a total of 1000 special skills/spellsBronze
    Strongest of the Strong (secret)Challenged and won against all the strongest enemiesSilver
    Tension Charger (secret)Charged tension and reached super high tension (100)Bronze
    Veteran WarriorSave data playtime is 30 hoursBronze

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