1. Shinichiro Miki Voice: Akira Yuki (Japanese)
  2. Brittney Harvey Voice: Ayane
  3. Wakana Yamazaki Voice: Ayane (Japanese)
  4. Patrick Seitz Voice: Bass Armstrong
  5. Kenta Miyake Voice: Bass Armstrong (Japanese)
  6. Matthew Mercer Voice: Bayman
  7. Banjo Ginga Voice: Bayman (Japanese)
  8. Grant George Voice: Brad Wong
  9. Unsho Ishizuka Voice: Brad Wong (Japanese)
  10. Laura Bailey Voice: Christie
  11. Kotono Mitsuishi Voice: Christie (Japanese)
  12. David Vincent Voice: Eliot
  13. Junko Minagawa Voice: Eliot (Japanese)
  14. Chikao Otsuka Voice: Gen Fu (Japanese)
  15. Kirk Thornton Voice: Gen Fu, Victor Donovan
  16. Yuri Lowenthal Voice: Hayate, Ein
  17. Hikaru Midorikawa Voice: Hayate, Ein (Japanese)
  18. Karen Strassman Voice: Helena Douglas
  19. Yuka Koyama Voice: Helena Douglas (Japanese)
  20. Eden Riegel Voice: Hitomi
  21. Yui Horie Voice: Hitomi (Japanese)
  22. Kira Buckland Voice: Honoka
  23. Ai Nonaka Voice: Honoka (Japanese)
  24. Eric Kelso Voice: Jacky Bryant
  25. Kaiji Tang Voice: Jann Lee
  26. Nobutoshi Canna Voice: Jann Lee (Japanese)
  27. Houko Kuwashima Voice: Kasumi, Alpha-152, Phase-4 (Japanese)
  28. Lauren Landa Voice: Kasumi, Mila, Alpha-152, Phase-4
  29. Heather Hogan Voice: Kokoro
  30. Ayako Kawasumi Voice: Kokoro (Japanese)
  31. Cassandra Morris Voice: Leifang
  32. Yumi Toma Voice: Leifang (Japanese)
  33. Richard Epcar Voice: Leon
  34. Joji Nakata Voice: Leon (Japanese)
  35. Wendee Lee Voice: Lisa Hamilton
  36. Maaya Sakamoto Voice: Lisa Hamilton (Japanese)
  37. Ami Koshimizu Voice: Mai Shiranui (Japanese)
  38. Christine Marie Cabanos Voice: Marie Rose
  39. Mai Aizawa Voice: Marie Rose (Japanese)
  40. Ryoko Shiraishi Voice: Mila (Japanese)
  41. Kate Higgins Voice: Momiji
  42. Yuko Minaguchi Voice: Momiji (Japanese)
  43. Sam Riegel Voice: Muramasa
  44. Bin Shimada Voice: Muramasa (Japanese)
  45. Erica Mendez Voice: Naotora Ii
  46. Yuka Saito Voice: Naotora Ii (Japanese)
  47. Brina Palencia Voice: Nyotengu
  48. Akemi Sato Voice: Nyotengu (Japanese)
  49. Minami Takayama Voice: Pai Chan (Japanese)
  50. Erin Fitzgerald Voice: Rachel
  51. Michie Tomizawa Voice: Rachel (Japanese)
  52. Michael McConnohie Voice: Raidou
  53. Tetsu Inada Voice: Raidou (Japanese)
  54. Liam O'Brien Voice: Rig
  55. Hiroki Tochi Voice: Rig (Japanese)
  56. Troy Baker Voice: Ryu Hayabusa
  57. Hideyuki Hori Voice: Ryu Hayabusa (Japanese)
  58. Lisle Wilkerson Voice: Sarah Bryant
  59. Kate Higgins Voice: Tina Armstrong
  60. Yuko Nagashima Voice: Tina Armstrong (Japanese)
  61. Moriya Endo Voice: Victor Donovan (Japanese)
  62. Keith Silverstein Voice: Zack
  63. Bin Shimada Voice: Zack (Japanese)


Data and credits for this game contributed by Agozer, Blk_Mage_Ctype, BrownDerby, Doumah, Hardkoroff, hijokaiden, Jotamide, oblivion from aoc, oliist, and Rellni944.

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