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by Kazerok

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kazerok

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/30/18


What is the purpose of this guide?

This is a spoiler free guide designed to help players map out their own journey by providing useful information about each day in the game. This guide is meant to assist in smart planning and to minimize the need for guesswork and save scumming, not to dictate your daily activities or ruin the challenge. The actual walkthrough will be focused on the Merciless difficulty.

School/television/confidant answers, a calendar for daily planning, and Merciless difficulty strategies will make up the bulk of this guide. Some miscellaneous information will be peppered in if its important enough, such as missable events/items or obscure activities that are not easily found on your own.

This guide will NOT map out the best way to maximize trophy gain in a single playthrough. However, you should easily max all confidants and social stats on the Merciless difficulty while maintaining your freedom if you use your time wisely. This will allow for an easy cleanup of trophies including the Platinum Trophy on New Game+.

Rules this guide will follow to guarantee the game remains fun and challenging: (All strategies will abide by these rules.)

  1. Never use confuse skills (Pulinpa, Tentarafoo) for the purpose of making money. (Resource management is part of the game's difficulty. This removes it entirely.)
  2. Never use Gallows, Electric Chair, Network Fusion, or Lockdown. (Abuse of these mechanics will remove all challenge from combat.)
  3. Never use DLC items/personas except for costumes. (The DLC personas are so strong that they will trivialize the first half of the game.)
  4. Never use Flu, Makarakarn, or Reverse Ambush on The Reaper. (Doing this removes the difficulty of the encounter.)
  5. Kill The Reaper at least once on your first playthrough while following the rules above. (See The Reaper section.)
  6. Kill the NG+ exclusive secret superboss while following the rules above. (See the Secret Superboss section.)

This guide will assume you are playing on the free DLC Merciless difficulty. The protagonist will be referred to by his code name, Joker. His canon name is Ren Amamiya if you wish to name him that. The calendar will not be cluttered with tips or palace information. It is strictly to help players plan their social activities ahead of time. The Merciless Guide will be in its own section. The Reaper will be fought in his purest form, maximizing the challenge of Merciless.