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by zanderb23

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Gift Guide by zanderb23

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/16/2017
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Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Confidant Gift Guide


This is a guide for all the gifts that you can buy in the game and give to the Romanceable Confidants.
Most of the information was taken from http://www.spwiki.net/persona5/wikis/416.html . I don't know if this is complete, so if anything is missing or incorrect please let me know.

There are no character spoilers in this guide.

Confidant Gift Guide

  • If you follow a Confidant guide for the correct responses during rank up then the Gifts are not really necessary.
  • Each Gift can only be bought once in a single playthrough.
  • Gifts can only be given when on a non-rankup date.
  • Only Confidants who receive a boost from the Gifts are listed.
  • Confidants in red have unique dialogue for that Gift.
  • Gifts in pink can only be given when in a romantic relationship.
Uji Matcha FlanLoversDevil, StarUnderground Mall (Supermarket)
TV Shopping 6/26 x2
Chocolate TrufflesLovers, Empress, TemperanceDeathUnderground Mall (Supermarket)2,800
CastellaLoversDeath, Temperance, FortuneUnderground Mall (Supermarket)1,500
Mini CactusDeath, Priestess,Empress, DevilUnderground Mall (Flower Shop)1,600
Designer PerfumePriestessLovers, TemperanceUnderground Mall (Cosmetics Store)7,800
Incense SetStarTemperanceUnderground Mall (Cosmetics Store)3,800
Crimson LipstickLovers, Temperance-Underground Mall (Cosmetics Store)6,000
Rakugo CollectionStarTemperance, DevilUnderground Mall (Music Store)3,000
Classical HitsPriestess, Death, DevilFortuneUnderground Mall (Music Store)3,000
Best of KGB49Hermit, TemperanceLoversUnderground Mall (Music Store)3,000
Book CoverPriestess, EmpressStar, FortuneUnderground Mall (Jap. Sundries Shop)3,000
Glass VaseEmpressStar, FortuneUnderground Mall (Jap. Sundries Shop)3,200
Sakura FanStarDevilUnderground Mall (Jap. Sundries Shop)4,800
Heart RingHermit, Temperance, Lovers, Priestess, Empress,-Underground Mall (Jewelry Store)88,000
Heart NecklaceHermit, Temperance, Priestess, Empress,-Underground Mall (Jewelry Store)68,000
Black MugDeath, Priestess, , Devil, Star-Shinjuku (General Store)1,800
Star MirrorFortune, Lovers, Temperance,-Shinjuku (General Store)4,000
Fountain PenDevil, Priestess, Star-Shinjuku (General Store)8,000
Flower BasketEmpress, Priestess, , Fortune-Shinjuku at night (Flower Shop)2,400
Rose BouquetLovers, PriestessEmpressShinjuku at night (Flower Shop)3,200
Motorbike FigurePriestess, Hermit-Akihabara (Otaku Goods Shop)4,800
Local Mascot SetHermit, FortuneEmpressAkihabara (Otaku Goods Shop)3,600
Idol PinsTemperance-Akihabara (Otaku Goods Shop)3,000
Robot VacuumTemperanceHermitAkihabara (Electronics Superstore)44,800
Digital CameraDevil-Akihabara (Electronics Superstore)39,800
Face BeautifierLovers-Akihabara (Electronics Superstore)9,800
Snack PackHermitEmpressShibuya Central Street (Rocinante)5,800
Gift nameConfidants +3 boostConfidants +2 boostBought atPrice

Credits & Changelog

John for providing me with more romance-only gifts.

v1.0 initial release
v1.1 fixed typos and added some more romance-only gifts