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by Jorep

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jorep

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/10/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2017

Persona 5 Walkthrough
By Jorep - version 1
With brilliant contributions by users Alex, MarbyIsBack, Davydoesit, Dr_Overdrive, IshidaZero, B, Kyle, ActingJester, HanbeiKliesen, mvuydk1e8s9, Sarah, and Liarden.

Preface - What Should I Expect From This Walkthrough?
This guide is meant to be used alongside your playthrough of Persona 5, and will not only allow you to see and max out every confidant through the game with an optimized daily schedule, but includes comprehensive dungeon and battle strategies that will ensure you can safely navigate the Metaverse and complete the game on the Normal difficulty.
This guide contains minimal spoilers which include the names of characters, boss battles, and locations, but does not include spoilers for the storyline or plot twists. This guide is designed to help you maximize your daily progress without ruining the story of the game.

Update Log:
Version 1 now covers the story walkthrough from beginning to end. Feel free to catch me on the message board or email me directly at channeljorp@gmail.com with questions, comments, or to contribute your own strategies (with gratitude) for certain events or battles.


Intro – Casino:

This segment is essentially on rails. Follow the path and use the X button to move across obstacles. You really can't mess this up.

Boss: Sacrificial Pyrekeeper - Difficulty Non-existent - The battle serves more as a brief introduction to the mechanics themselves, rather than an official boss fight. Even if you just spam attack, you've got more than enough leeway to make this guy cry, so feel free to play around with the different abilities available to your character.

Afterwards, head out through the nearby door. Continue down the path until another cutscene plays. You'll be introduced to the “Hide” function, which is activated with the X button near the shadowed areas. Move between the bins and avoid detection until the guard leaves. Afterward, escape up the stairs.
A note on cutscenes. You can press the Square button at any time during these scenes to pause and reveal a text log dialogue that's already played out. This can be very useful if you're like me and constantly find yourself distracted.
Don't worry too much about the dialogue options here.
During the next scene you'll be asked to choose the game's difficulty. This guide is optimized for people playing on the Normal difficulty, but no matter which you choose, this guide should help you out. Afterwards, you'll be able to enter your name. I can't help you there.


Subway Station – You can explore the station and see what passersby have to say, but as there's really nothing important to do, go ahead and exit to the back streets. There's quite a bit of bustle and potentially interesting locations around, but for now you're kept on rails until you reach Sojiro's house. After a short scene you'll need to head for the cafe, which you can locate down an alley back near the subway station you initially emerged from. Another cutscene – don't worry about the dialogue choices. Clean your room and go to sleep.

The next segment is also on rails. Just follow the path to the next cutscene and pick whatever for the prompts.

Again, don't fret over any dialogue choices today. Make sure to save your game once you're back in the bedroom, then head downstairs, answer the phone, and head outside. There's really nothing to do out here, so flip the sign, head back in, and go to bed.

Head downstairs and eat breakfast. Take your preferred path to the train station, and ride to school. The onscreen instructions in the upper right will let you know which platforms to take. While it's easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the large station, the game will keep you moving along the right path with dialogue prompts that prevent you from moving in a direction counter to your goal. Just relax and enjoy the trip. You'll soon arrive at more cutscenes, and more fluffy dialogue choices. Don't fret.

Once you regain control, walk around the cell and examine your surroundings for a bit until the next cutscene starts. After some more fluffy dialogue choices, you'll end up in a battle with two Pyromaniacs. This fight is pretty much on rails, so follow the prompts and bring them down. I don't think you could lose if you were trying. Choose whatever dialogue option you please afterward, and once you've regained control, follow the path through the dungeon. The game won't allow you to get lost. Your reward is more cutscenes with inconsequential choices to make.
Pull the jaw on the statue nearby to lower the drawbridge and continue down the path to reach another battle. Your partner will take point and introduce some new battle concepts, so provide backup and finish off the foes.

After the battle, you'll be introduced to the Auto-Recover feature. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend using it. Ever. SP is very valuable in this game and especially early on your options to restore it are limited. Keep careful track of your SP and only expend it when necessary.

Continue down the path, and choose “Let's fight!” at the dialogue prompt to take on the two Beguiling Girls. They're weak to Curse, so use your Eija skill to finish the battle quickly. There will be another series of scenes afterward, with more inconsequential dialogue choices.

School: You can explore a little if you'd like, but there's not much to see right now. Head upstairs and toward the faculty office. Your minimap can help guide the way. Once inside, choose whichever dialogue options you like during the cutscenes. When you finally regain control you'll be able to save your game, and I suggest doing so. Afterwards you're given the freedom, once again, to walk about the school. You can talk to the other students and get a feel for the school, but with little of consequence to accomplish, you should head for the rooftop once you've gotten your bearings.
Say whatever you like to Ryuji, then head home to do the same with Sojiro before going to bed, and continue not to fret over the next choices.

Follow the path to school. In class, answer “Logic” (+Knowledge). Don't fret over any other dialogue choices.

Old Castle: Follow Morgana until you come upon a guard. Check out the tutorial, then approach the opponent – ideally without being scene – and press the X button to launch an ambush. The Pyromaniac is weak to wind. Morgana's AI should take advantage of that, but if you'd prefer a more direct control over your party's actions, hit the L2 button and opt to change their tactics. Choose Morgana and instead of “Act Freely,” click on “Direct Commands.” You'll now be able to control them in battle in addition to your protagonist.

In any case, this battle shouldn't give you any trouble. If you took much damage, pop into the menu and use Morgana's Dia skill to heal up. Just be careful and don't over-expend yourself. SP at this point can be difficult to come by, so you'll want to save it for when you really need it.
Follow the path to the safe room and save your game.

It should be noted that on the Playstation store, as of the current version of this guide, you can download a free healing item set that includes 1 Soul Food, 1 Soma, and 3 Revival Beads. These can definitely come in handy but are by no means required. I'll remove this tidbit if the offer is removed.

Once you're ready, head back out and you'll be given a bit more freedom to explore. You can go back the way you came and practice your ambushing skills again if you like on the opponent who's now respawned. When you want to proceed, head past the safe room and downstairs.

If you're spotted by enemies, the security level in the dungeon will rise. You can lower it by ambushing and defeating enemies. Always be vigilant and keep your security level low – if it reaches 100%, you'll be kicked out of the dungeon, and that can cause all sorts of new problems for your schedule.

Ambush and defeat your foe, then open the nearby door. Continue down the path and follow the gun tutorial during the next battle. Keep in mind that your bullets are very limited, so don't waste them all in one place. Due to their quantity, you'll generally find it's better to use them for downing opponents with Gun weaknesses, then following up with other attacks as opposed to using them as a form of offense.
The path ahead is pretty straightforward. Ambush the enemy and take it down – just be careful to watch your HP. Afterward you'll be introduced to All-Out Attacks, which can be used when each of your opponents is downed. Head into the training hall.
After the scene, examine each of the cells before heading back toward the exit. You can't win the next battle, so don't bother wasting any consumables. Just fight back until the next scene starts.

Boss: Guard Captain – Difficulty Low – He'll come along with a pair of Two-Horned Beasts. They're weak to electricity, so make use of Ryuji's new Persona and zap them with Zio. The Guard Captain resists both Gun and Curse abilities, so pound on him with anything else after you've made quick work of the Beasts. They can all hit pretty hard, but as long as you're exploiting weaknesses you'll outlast them in a slugfest.

Answer all the dialogue prompts however you please, and eventually you'll end up back in your room. Head to bed, rinse and repeat.

Once you regain control, press R1 and fast travel to Classroom Building 2F. Head to classroom 2D and talk to the student near the chalkboard. No matter what you answer, you'll end up back in the hall. Go downstairs to the first floor and locate classroom 3C. Rather than using your minimap, check the yellow-ish signs above the classroom doors. Once you locate 3C, talk to the students in the hall near the doors. Now go to the third floor and find classroom 1B. Talk to the first-year volleyball player standing outside the classroom. No matter how you answer, you'll come to the same conclusion.
During the next cutscene, answer “Mishima.”
EVENING: Once you're back in your room, head to bed.

There's a lot of cutscenes and none of the dialogue choices today are important, so relax and soak in the plot. You'll gain control at the school gate. Head for the subway station and ride the train, then follow the path until the next scene starts. Head to the underground walkway and follow after Ann and speak to her. Don't worry, the game won't allow you to get off track. Once you're back in your room, head to sleep.

Follow the instructions and head for the courtyard. After the scene, head to the second floor and find the PE faculty office at the end of the hallway. After the barrage of cutscenes – pick whatever dialogue options you please – save your game.

Old Castle: Sneak back into the palace and follow the path. After the scene, turn back and open the nearby door. Knock down the enemy – save your SP and expend a bullet – then choose whatever you want for the dialogue choices. The Two-Horned Beasts in the next battle are weak to Zio, so switch over to Pixie and knock them both down. You can choose now whether to kill them or attempt to negotiate.
In general, you should work to collect as many different Persona as possible - so it's always beneficial to try and sway them to join your cause.

Open the door and head down the path, which opens into a large hall. Sneak up on the enemies here and take them out however you feel comfortable. Once they're gone, you should find a Silver Dagger in the nearby chest. Save in the safe room, and head back through the large hall. The enemies have respawned, so handle that however you please.
Since you've just saved your game, try to ensure you persuade at least one other demon to your side as you take down the enemies here. It's an easy reload if things don't go your way, and you'll want to bolster your arsenal of Persona early. If possible, try and recruit a Jack O Lantern, as the upcoming boss is weak to its Agi ability.
User Davydoesit adds that you may consider hanging around to grind a little extra money while you're here, before moving on. Resources are very skint at this point of the game and it never hurts to have a little extra, especially if you want to purchase more than the bare minimum before tackling the next dungeon. Whether or not you stick around, what the game provides you will be enough to purchase the necessities listed in this guide before returning to the palace so long as you don't deviate, but providing a little monetary buffer (especially for extra armor) never hurts.

Once you're done messing about, follow the path toward the next cutscene.

Boss: Guard Captain – Difficulty Low: This guy's weak to fire, so use Carmen's new abilities to make him crap himself. If you managed to befriend a Jack O Lantern, that's even better. Keep the pressure on and bear in mind that he resists both physical attacks and wind abilities. When he does get a turn, he's got a pretty vicious attack that'll hit your whole party, and score the weak spot on Ann. Just keep lighting him up and use Morgana to heal if necessary.

After the barrage of cutscenes – don't worry about the dialogue choices – save your game and head to bed.

Once you regain control, head down the backstreet and find the clinic, across from the movie theater. It's got a heart symbol on the minimap. No matter which options you choose, you'll end up opening the item shop.
There's not much to buy at the moment, and you'll have better (and cheaper) options in the future, so unless you really think you'll need some extra medicine or revival items, save your cash for the future. It can be scarce in the early game, and there will be better uses for it.
Save your game and go to bed.


Take note of your surroundings and follow Ryuji to the gun store. Purchase the Hell Slugger for Ryuji and the Heat Whip for Ann, and make sure to equip them.
Save your game. After cleaning off the desk you'll be introduced to the crafting system. Using items picked up in dungeons and shops, you can craft tools that will come in handy during your adventure. Morgana will guide you through the first step and make a lockpick, so follow along with the tutorial. For your trouble, you'll gain Proficiency +2.

Because of the random nature of crafting, it's possible to do a “better job,” and receive two Lockpicks and Proficiency +3. Since you've just saved your game and there's no long scenes in-between that and the result, you might consider it worthwhile to save-scum until the RNG favors you. That's not entirely necessary at this juncture, but if it happens then you can consider yourself ahead of the curve.

From this point onward, the game starts to open up. You'll have a lot more freedom in deciding how to spend your days. If you're looking to max every Confidant in the game then I'd recommend following this guide's scheduling to a T, though there is a little wiggle room for slight deviation in the schedule. If you'd rather take the social aspects of this game at a more relaxed pace, then you're welcome to skip ahead to the dungeon sections of the guide for detailed strategies on how to conquer them.

Anyway, your teammates will bombard you about heading for the palace, but we're gonna hold off for a minute. Instead, head for the school library (you can fast travel there with R1). You can check out books to read which will increase different stats, and your first choice should be Pirate Legend.
Before leaving the school, head out to the Courtyard and check out the vending machines. There will be two SP restoring items available, Arginade and Water of Rebirth, and you definitely want to purchase them. SP can be very difficult to come by at this stage of the game, and keeping these on hand will bolster the amount of time you can safely spend in dungeons. After you purchase these drinks they'll be sold out until the next Monday, so keep watch for their replenishment.

Once you've done that, head for the station and ride the train to Shibuya. You'll want to end up at the Underground Walkway – again, fast travel with R1 can really save you some time and frustration from getting lost around here. Downstairs you'll find a rack of Part-Time Job Magazines. These can be a great way to earn money, so go ahead and apply for the Convenience Store position.Afterwards, travel to the Underground Mall. There's a lot of neat shops here, but for now you're looking for the plant store, marked by a flower on the minimap. Purchase a Bio Nutrients.
Leave now for Yongen-Ja and head to the Backstreets. Near Cafe Leblanc, where the bathhouse and laundry are found is another vending machine that will sell the Arginade and Water of Rebirth. Buy as much as you're allowed, then head to the Clinic. If you don't remember how to get there, it's the heart icon on the minimap. Pick up some healing items if you want, then ask Takemi about the “rumored medicine.” Answer her questions however you want to open up the Death Confidant, as well as an increase to your Guts. As you increase this arcana, you'll open up new options at Takemi's shop.
Once you're back home, head upstairs and clean your room.

Class answer: “C.” Knowledge +1
AFTERNOON: Ryuji will bug you again about heading into the palace. Turn him down and he'll invite you to hang out. Accept this second invitation (not the palace one).
CHARIOT PROMPTS: Choose the first answer for the first prompt, then either for the others.
EVENING: Use that Bio Nutrients you picked up earlier on the plant. +Kindness. Then head downstairs and talk to the customer until he leaves. When he does, examine the Bookshelf at the bar and choose to read “Pirate Legend.”

MORNING: Finish reading “Pirate Legend” on the train. +Guts
AFTERNOON: Head back to the Library and return “Pirate Legend,” then check out “Zorro, The Outlaw.” Head now to the Hideout on the Rooftop. We're going to the Palace.You'll be taken next to the Velvet Room and introduced to demon fusion, one of the core facets of Persona titles. Move through the tutorial and fuse a new Persona to increase the rank of your Fool arcana.
Fusing Personae will become very important over the course of the game, and is your primary means of growing stronger. Try to negotiate with as many demons in battle as you can, then bring them to the Velvet Room to register in the compendium.

Kamoshida's Palace

Fast travel back to the Safe Room on West Building 1F. When you're ready, head out into the hall and ambush the guard. You can backtrack to the large, open room nearby to fight more enemies, and that's exactly what you're going to do.

A note on Kamoshida's Palace: Finishing this palace in a single day can be a very difficult process, and the game works in many ways to discourage you from attempting it. That said, it's exactly what we're going to do. This is probably the most difficult section of the game due to the sheer lack of resources available to your character and you'll probably have to reload a few times if certain encounters don't go your way, but it's absolutely possible to finish this palace tonight.
If you do find that you want to reload your game because an encounter went poorly, the quickest way is to enter the menu, go to "System", and load your last saved game. This is much faster than resetting the entire game, and can save on a lot of time and stress.

Head back to the Safe Room, save your game (you should do this VERY often), and take the door you've not yet gone through. Watch out for enemies in this dining area, and use your Third Eye to find some items. You should be ambushing the mobs here and ending the battle in a single round of physical attacks, with the exception of those pesky Incubi. If you run into some, the best strategy is to focus your attacks on a single one until it's dead, then use a gun attack (preferably Ann's, if the turn order works out) to down it and run a hold up. If you already have an Incubus on your team, ask for an item. They don't give enough money for the ask to be worth your trouble.

Basically, you want to train your entire party up to level 7 in this first area without spending any SP or losing any HP. Yes, that's a lot to ask, but that's why we picked up those stylish new weapons for Ryuji and Ann. I absolutely understand that this is a grind and it can be very tedious, but that's the price you pay for wanting to finish this dungeon in one night. Of course, if you're not trying to finish this dungeon in a single night, feel free to skip ahead.
Are you familiar with save scumming? Essentially you want to save your game in the Safe Room, head outside, defeat the four nearby enemies (one in the hall, three in the open room), return to the Safe Room, save, and reload your game to respawn those opponents. With the added strength from your new weapons, you should be able to defeat any of the mobs in a single ambush with the exception of any containing the Bedside Brute, or Incubus. Should you encounter any, just reload your game. It's not worth the time or trouble right now to deal with them. And, of course, if the enemies get any turns and do some damage, reload your game. You want to remain in top shape. Anyway, keep this up until everyone's reached level 7.

For the battles ahead, conserve your SP as much as possible, and only use it when necessary to exploit weaknesses or heal. There's a long way to go, and you'll want to be prepared for the bosses ahead.
Move through the next hall and up the stairs. You'll be re-introduced to the Hide function now, so use it to your advantage and ambush the guard.

A note on hiding: while hidden, Shadows cannot see you, even if they logically should. Moving through the shadows is a great way to prepare ambushes, or even just to avoid battles if you're trying to get back to safety. Just be careful not to accidentally step out of hiding, as the camera can be a bit wonky and the controls are finnicky.

Continue down the hall and into the next room. Use your Third Eye to highlight the correct levers and pull them to open the bars, which will allow you to take the Castle Map. Continue through the next hall to reach the castle's entrance, albeit from the other side. You can climb up onto the rafters, and on the opposite end (across the chandeliers) you'll find a shortcut back to the castle's entrance. Be careful as you cross over them, however, as a guard is waiting to ambush you on the middle chandelier. This might also be a good time to visit the Velvet Room and fuse some new Personae. If you've acquired a Bicorn and Silky by this point, you can fuse them together to make Genbu, a very useful Persona at this point. He comes – as does Silky – with Bufu, the one elemental type your teammates currently lack, but also retains the raw physical strength of Bicorn.

Anyway, return to the Central Hall and continue to the end of the second floor you've not yet explored. In this next area you'll find a locked treasure chest. You can use one of your lockpicks to pop it open and find a Gold Breastplate, but if you brought less than four Lockpicks, ignore it. There's other chests coming up that have much better items inside. Directly across from that is another Safe Room. Save your game before continuing.
Ambush and defeat the demons in this next hall – be wary of the Berith, a demon who's higher leveled and much more powerful than those you've seen before, but weak to Ice - then follow the path until it opens into a larger room. Sneak about the tables and take down the enemies. In the north you can find another chest with a Snuff Soul inside, and an exit over to the east. The door here is locked, so climb up the shelves and crawl through the small opening.

The demon in this next battle is scripted to beg for his life, so this is an easy recruit if you're looking to bolster your ranks – especially if you've recently been to the Velvet Room. The nearby chest contains a Muscle Anklet, so go ahead and stick that onto one of your party members.
In the next hall you can unlock the nearby door for a shortback back, so you won't have to return through the crawlspace. Continue on to the East Building 3F and ambush the guard in the hallway.

There's a Safe Room right nearby, so go in and save your game. If you've been following this guide precisely, your main character should have reached level 8. If not, train him up until that's the case. Now go to the Velvet Room and fuse a Genbu (Bicorn + Silky if you don't already have it) with an Incubus to make Obariyon. Its strength is much higher than any other Persona currently available, and will come in handy. Also, as it can't inherit Bufu, you'll want to either summon another Genbu (if you feel like expending the money) or recruit another Silky to keep ice spells handy.

Once you're finished, fast travel back to East Building 3F, continue down the hallway, and take the southeastern path at the fork (to the room perpendicular the Safe Room) to find the Slave Book. Be careful moving back through this hall and watch your minimap so the enemies don't sneak up on you. Then follow the path in the other direction until you reach the doorway.
Head for the small room at the end of this hallway. An enemy will appear suddenly inside, so be ready. After you defeat it, take the Queen Book. Move around the hall to the small room on the opposite side and pick up the King Book. At the end of the south hallway nearby is another locked treasure chest. Use a lockpick to open it, claiming a Bead and a Chewing Soul, which will absolutely come in handy.

Head into the nearby Library. Check out the bookshelves and insert the King Book in the History of Kamoshida section, the Queen Book in the section about the schoolgirls, and the Slave book in the section about volleyball players. Once all three are placed, you'll open a new path. Take Kamoshida's Medal and another map in the hidden room.
Backtrack, though not far, to the large hall with the locked door and use the medal to open it. At the end of the next hall is a Safe Room, so save your game – there's a boss fight coming up. Exit and follow the path until you reach a very large chapel.

Boss: Heavenly Punisher – Difficulty Medium - He looks a lot scarier than he is, but by no means a pushover. Have everyone guard when he charges up, and attack the next turn. Obariyon's Lucky Punch and Ryuji's Cleave are great skills to use here. If necessary, use Ann's Dia to heal whoever was targeted. He resists Ice and Fire, but you shouldn't waste your SP. Just beat on this dude with physical attacks until he falls, and try not to let him catch you off guard. It's rare that he'll use Vajra Blast, but if something goes wrong and he does, you may as well restart the fight.

After the battle you'll immediately be accosted by more enemies, so jump right into the menu and heal up if you need. This part can be tricky, so quickly hide and wait until the enemies aren't looking in your direction. Very carefully maneuver the camera move through hiding spots back toward the southwest exit, and return to the Safe Room to save your game. You don't want to repeat that boss fight. Your main character should now be at level 9. If not, train until he is. Return to the Velvet Room and fuse your Arene with a Kelpie to create Mokoi, another physical-oriented Persona who will come in handy. Aside from having a great strength rating, Mokoi will learn Skull Cracker, a skill which will come in handy during some upcoming fights against mobs of Berith if your SP is running low.

Another Persona you may consider fusing is Saki Mitama, who can be built from Succubus and Agathion. Its skill, Growth 1, will allow it to gain EXP even when it's not participating in battle. While Saki Mitama itself is nothing to write home about, this skill can later be inherited onto other, more useful Persona to train them faster.

Return to the Chapel and handle the enemies here however you please, then climb to the upper level. Navigate the walkways on the current side of the room to find a treasure chest containing a Grimy Gear. Now navigate to the other end of the room and hop down. There's another treasure chest containing Wood Clappers, but be careful - an enemy will suddenly appear near the chest to ambush you. Now climb back up and navigate to the door at the northeast end of the room.

Continuing down the next hall, you'll find a room with a chest containing Breath Sash. The room on the opposite end contains nothing but a guard waiting to ambush you. Continue down the hall and head downstairs to find an enemy and a Locked Chest, which you should use your second lockpick on, if you have one, to obtain the Ryozanpaku Sword and a Pearl. On the opposite end of the hall from the staircase you can open up a shortcut back to the chapel and the Safe Room. When you're ready, head upstairs to reach the Old Castle Roof.

The Berith here are incredibly tough, but you can (and should) sneak past them, unless you're a masochist. You can defeat them, but it'll be a huge drain on either your SP or HP that's better spent elsewhere. Carefully maneuver through hiding spots to the other end of the roof, and when you're near the far wall opposite the side you came in, you'll notice a stack of boxes with a cloth over them that looks climbable. This part can be tricky, but wait until the guard is facing away from you, pop out of hiding, and make a beeline over there, mashing the X button to climb up. He'll probably see you, but no matter – once you scurry up those boxes, you're safe.

Now ascend the tower and enter the next room to find a strange, distorted area. Continue along the path near the door and proceed around this winding floor. You'll encounter another locked chest, but unless you brought along more than two lockpicks you'll have to ignore that for now. Ambush the enemy in the next room and proceed to the Safe Room. Save your game.
Now return to the Butt Room (you know the one) and enter the small offshoot room to ride the elevator down. Head further downstairs and examine the “Lower Floor” area to summon an elevator with a guard waiting inside. Start mashing the X button as soon as Ryuji's dialogue box appears to successfully ambush this mob, which contains two Berith. As a reward for your trouble, the chest contains a Bead. Now turn around and examine the giant Kamoshida portrait to open a shortcut to the Central Hall's first floor, with two chests containing a Bead and a Revival Bead. If you really want to, you can head from here to the lower levels of the dungeon that you explored your first time around, but there's really not much point.

Unlock the door leading to the initial safe room, and make your way back there. Don't worry, the enemies down here won't put up much of a fight. By now you should have reached level 10 with your main character, and if not, you know what to do. After you're sufficiently leveled up, return to the Velvet Room to fuse some new Personae.

Fusing Obariyon and Saki Mitama will net a Slime, a powerful Persona whose endurance and element coverage will have you pretty set for the time being.

When you're ready, head back to the Central Tower and ascend the nearby staircase. Take out the enemies on the lower floor of the next room, then head up the stairs. Be careful to sneak past the glowing red enemy, and maneuver around the room to the treasure chests containing a Relax Gel and Baptismal Water. Now sneak upstairs and escape through the door. Head upstairs and examine the bridge. You'll now have to head back down and locate two Guard Captains. The first is in the room directly before the guillotine chamber. You'll notice he looks different and more regal than the usual guards.

The Captain is weak to electricity, so zap him and take your first key, then head down to the area with the Safe Room. Use your Third Eye to locate the Guard Captain here and take him out like you did the first. Return to the Safe Room and save your game. You should be nearing level 11 and the enemies around here give decent experience, so go ahead and train up all your characters to that point. The owl-like Andras are weak to gunfire and you should have more than enough bullets left over, so feel free to expend some downing these dudes. And, as always, be careful. Even though these mobs aren't exceedingly tough, you still don't want to be caught off guard.

At level 11 you can fuse Jack Frost in the velvet room using Mokoi and a Silky. Jack Frost is a very powerful magician that sports ice magic, rounding out your team's elemental diversity. You'll probably want to re-summon your Mokoi, however, as it's currently your best physical attacker.

Once you're prepared, continue back up the tower to the guillotine room. Insert the eyes into the Kamoshida Statue and continue across the bridge. Halfway across is a treasure chest containing a Soul Drop. Ambush the guard on the other side and do him like you did the others. Claim a Revival Bead in the nearby chest and head upstairs. Prep up before you enter the next room, because there's a boss inside.

Boss: Torn King Of Desire – Difficulty Low – He resists your elemental attacks, so use your strongest physical skills and cast Tarunda when Ann's turn comes around. His own attacks are massively powerful, so you'll want to keep him debuffed. Straight up, though, he's not that tough. Heal Ann if she takes some damage, but honestly this fight should only last about as long as the first Tarunda.

Once that monstrosity is defeated, turn around and head upstairs to the next room. Continue up the winding staircase and you'll come upon another enemy guarding a treasure chest. Defeat it and claim the item inside. Enter the nearby Safe Room and save, then climb the ledges near the throne room door to get inside. Sneak around to the back and enter the Treasure Room to finish the dungeon. You can choose to leave now or explore a little more and leave manually if you want to explore a little more, or grind out some more EXP/money. It can never hurt to have some extra cash. Either way, great job finishing the Palace!

Before you leave Kamoshida's Palace, make sure you have at least 25,000 yen saved up to take care of the upcoming social activities.

When you return to the real world you won't be able to accomplish much of anything besides heading to bed, so do so.

AFTERNOON: Choose to send the Calling Card when you're prompted. After the meeting, select the option again to officially send it out.
EVENING: Go up to your room and hit the Crafting Table to make some new lockpicks and raise your Proficiency.


Kamoshida's Palace (Part 2)

Things are a little different at the palace now. The enemies are on maximum alert, which means they'll detect you from much farther away and respawn when you defeat them, making exploring a living hell. Fortunately, you can still fast travel. If you've been following this guide then you'll have skipped two locked treasure chests in the palace earlier – one of those is worthless, so we'll leave it be, but the other is worth making a small detour.
Fast travel to the Central Tower and creep, very carefully, the long way around this floor to the treasure chest. The enemies can be difficult to sneak past, but if you kill them enough times they'll give you some breathing room. Anyway, however you reach the locked chest, pop it open for a Balm of Life and a Pearl, then creep back to the Safe Room and fast travel to the Throne Room. Heal up if you need to and save your game, then make a beeline for the throne room itself, whose doors are now wide open. Continue to the treasure chamber.

Boss: Suguru Asmodeus Kamoshida – Difficulty Medium: This guy's not too bad, as long as you're careful and keep the pressure on. He's got no glaring weaknesses, so pound Kamoshida with your best attacks, but make absolutely certain Ann casts Tarunda. His attack power isn't overwhelming, but it can absolutely overwhelm you. Keep his attack debuffed, and heal using Morgana's Media when your health starts to dwindle. After a few turns he'll drink from his chalice, which will then become an active target. Focus all your attacks now on the chalice until it breaks, but remember to cast Tarunda on Kamoshida whenever his attack reverts. If he gets the chance he'll try to buff his attack further, and that's the last thing you want.
Once the chalice breaks you'll enter a scripted hold-up, and afterward you'll select a character to steal the crown. Send Morgana and continue the battle as before – pound on Kamoshida, heal when necessary, and keep his attack debuffed. Have everyone guard when he prepares his killshot, just like you did with the Punisher. Once Morgana's got the crown the battle is essentially over, so keep the heat on and finish the job.


CLASS ANSWER: Singing. +Knowledge
AFTER SCHOOL: Your first order of business should be to fast travel to the airsoft shop (or walk there manually if you need to – it's on the Central Street of Shibuya). Outside you'll find an entrance to the Velvet Room, which will open up another fast travel spot. This is insanely useful, because from this point forward as you work on your Confidant ranks, you'll want to bring along Personae of the matching arcana – i.e. if you're going to hang out with Ryuji, make sure you've got a Chariot Persona in your arsenal. For now, either fuse or summon Persona until you've got ones from the Chariot, Death, and Hierophant arcana.
Agathion, Mokoi, Mandrake, and Berith are all fine choices that you should already have access to.
Now respond to Ryuji's text and agree to hang out.
CHARIOT PROMPTS: Select the first answer both times.
EVENING: Choose to spend time with Sojiro, and don't worry about the dialogue choices.

On Sundays you can check out the Home Shopping Channel and pick up some cool stuff. This week they've got four “Party in a Cans” that restore 40 HP to all allies for 1,980 yen. Pick it up if you want – it'll definitely come in handy if you can spare the money.
Your next stop is the drink stand in the middle of the Underground Walkway. For 5,000 yen on Sundays you can purchase a drink to increase one of your stats, and you should absolutely take advantage of this right now to increase your Charm.
Now head to the movie theater at the end of Shibuya's Central Street and pop in to see Tanktop Millionaire, which will cost 1,500 yen and increase your Guts.
EVENING: You'll now be allowed go outside and roam the streets near home, but we're gonna stay in and read Zorro at the bar. +Kindness.

MORNING: Finish reading Zorro on the train.
CLASS QUESTION: Give the first answer, then the third. +Knowledge.
AFTER SCHOOL: Head for the library to return Zorro and check out The Alluring Dancer. You can hit the vending machines in the courtyard and near home to pick up those SP recovery drinks, then answer Takemi's text to spend time with her. Choose to do a Clinical Trial.
DEATH PROMPTS: Give the first answer both times.
EVENING: If you ordered the Party In A Cans, they'll arrive this evening. Talk about expedited shipping. Anyway, head out from Leblanc and go over to the bathhouse (500 yen). +Charm

Visit the Diner on Shibuya's Central street and order the Nostalgic Steak for 1,100 yen to increase your Kindness and Knowledge.
EVENING: Spend time with Sojiro.
HIEORPHANT PROMPTS: First answer, then second, then first again.

CLASS ANSWER: Four. +Knowledge
AFTER SCHOOL: Answer Ryuji's text and spend some time with him. Your Chariot rank won't increase, but you're working your way there.
EVENING: Approach the Coffee Siphon and make some coffee. You'll get some coffee, obviously, which will restore your SP, but also some points toward improving your Heirophant rank.

AFTERNOON: Answer Ryuji's text and spend time with him. This will open up the ramen shop in Ogikubo.
CHARIOT PROMPTS: Second answer, then first answer.
EVENING: Head to the bathhouse once again and pay 500 yen to increase your Charm.

AFTERNOON: Answer Ryuji's text to head over and hang out with him, tell him you want to go “Somewhere Fun,” and take him to Ogikubo. It'll end up costing you 260 yen. Answer “I'm in love” for the next prompt. For your trouble, you'll get a Ramen Bowl.
EVENING: Approach the Coffee Siphon to make coffee again.

MORNING: Read “The Alluring Dancer” on the train.
CLASS ANSWER: The answers are “Wonder,” “Child,” and “A Prodigy.” +Knowledge
AFTER SCHOOL: Head to the clinic to spend time with Takemi.
DEATH PROMPTS: Answer whatever you want for the first two, then “I don't mind” for the third.
EVENING: Choose to spend time with Sojiro. Since you've been making those coffees, Hierophant should be ready to rank up.
HIEROPHANT PROMPTS: First answer, then second.


Head to the drink shop in Shibuya's Underground Walkway and purchase your weekly drink (5,000 yen) to increase Proficiency this time. Then head to the Underground Mall and purchase 3 Bio Nutrients (3,600 yen). Finally, head to the Diner on Central Street and order a Hot Coffee to improve your Knowledge and Guts (700 yen).

EVENING: Go to the bathhouse again and pay 500 yen to increase your Charm.

Head to the bathhouse again to improve your Charm. (500 yen)

5/3 – 5/4:
When you regain control, head to the weapon shop in Shibuya and sell the medal.

Wander about the buffet area and listen to various conversations at the food stands until another cutscene starts. Here you'll have an opportunity to choose your team name.
EVENING: Use the Bio Nutrients on your plant to improve Kindness (+2). Also, now that you've received that Ramen Bowl from Ryuji, you can begin decorating your room. It's really just for aesthetics, so place it on the shelf if you'd like, and head to bed.
After tonight your Persona stock will raise to 8 slots, which is awesome.

The Moon arcana will begin today, but won't take up any time. Don't fret over the dialogue choices
AFTER SCHOOL: You can hit the vending machines at the school courtyard and near home to pick up more SP recovery drinks. They may only restore 5 SP a pop, but every little bit counts, and two drinks means three Dia casts, greatly improving the time you can safely spend in dungeons. Never underestimate the power of arginine.
Afterward, head to the Velvet Room and acquire a Persona of the Lovers arcana if you're not already carrying one.

You should definitely be able to summon Pixie for a low price from the Compendium, but if not, Saki Mitama is very easy to fuse at this point, and can be made by combining a Succubus and Agathion.

With a Lovers Persona in hand, return to your classroom at school and speak with Ann.
LOVERS PROMPTS: Choose the first answer, then second, second again, then either.

EVENING: You'll be granted the freedom to leave Yongen-Jaya at night. Don't forget to save your game, then head to Shibuya's Underground Walkway. Check out the part-time job magazine, and take the other two jobs available – Flower Shop and Beef Bowl Shop, then head over to the weapon shop on Central Street. Sell your treasure, as there's not much other use for it, and consider picking up some new weapons or armor. I'll leave the choices up to you and your budget, but would recommend prioritizing some new armor, as you're probably still wearing the stuff you started with. If you purchase any guns, I'd recommend a new gun for Ann over anyone else, as her starting Replica SMG is garbage.
After you're finished, find the Beef Bowl Shop nearby to go to work and raise your Proficiency.
There's another vending machine in the nearby Arcade that will stock SP recovery items as well, so it may be worth stopping by. Note, however, that it's a bit more expensive than the others – so only prioritize it if you've got the money to blow.

CLASS ANSWER: “A femme fatale.”


Today will be your first foray into the Mementos dungeon, which function a bit differently from Palaces. For now, though, let's roll through Qimranut. Drive Morgana down the path and pick up treasure, but be careful, as there's shadows wandering around here. Use your Third Eye and set up ambushes.
This subway area is randomly generated, so I won't be able to help guide you down a specific path. Even so, keep your map handy and watch out for shadows, and you shouldn't really get lost.
The Slimes in here can be a little annoying because they resist physical attacks, but they shouldn't pose too much of a threat. Once you're done exploring and finding treasure, head to the red exclamation point on the minimap. Heal up before you enter, though, as there's a boss fight coming.

Boss: Shadow Nakanohara – Difficulty Very Low – Honestly, this barely counts as a boss fight. Nakanohara's weak to Zio, so light him up and smack him with your All-Out Attacks. When Ann's turn comes around, cast Tarunda and chances are you'll lock him into re-casting Tarukaja for his turn. If you're around level 11 or 12, you probably won't even take any damage before he's finished.

After the battle, navigate through this area and find the escalator to the next floor down.

B writes: "Instead of heading for the cutscene, you can just go between the two floors and the first level will change up, respawning enemies, items, and chests - making it a great place to grind. While doing this I was able to get plenty of helpful healing items and even weapons/armor, and left with 50,000 extra cash in the pocket - not counting the treasures I got."

When you're ready, proceed forward on the lower floor for a cutscene.
When you get home there's not much you can do, so save your game and head for bed.

MOON PROMPTS: Choose anything you like.
EVENING: Check out the home shopping network on TV. You can get two Calming Masks, which resist Confusion, for 1,980 yen. They're not super important, but if you've got the extra money, why not?
Now head to the Underground Walkway in Shibuya and hit the drink shop for your Sunday beverage (5,000 yen). This one will improve your Guts. After that, head to the Beef Bowl shop. Make sure you SAVE YOUR GAME here, and then go to work. The customers here will ask for specific items, and you'll need to memorize and repeat them back afterward. Get them all right to gain +3 Proficiency and some extra money, and reload your game to try again if you mess up.

AFTER SCHOOL: The game will attempt to railroad you into heading back to Mementos, but don't do that yet. Hit up the usual spots to pick grab SP-restorative vending machine drinks. Once you're through messing about, find Ryuji in the hallway outside your classroom and hang out with him.
CHARIOT PROMPTS: Second answer, first answer, then second again.
EVENING: Head to Shibuya's Station Square and find the politician you met at the Beef Bowl shop. He should be near the entrance, standing on a podium and wearing a green sash. Talk with him, then listen to the speech he gives.

CLASS ANSWER: Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
AFTER SCHOOL: Respond to Ryuji's text and agree to hang out with him.
CHARIOT PROMPTS: Third answer, then either, then the first, then either for the last two.
EVENING: Head over to Station Square in Shibuya and talk with Yoshida.
SUN PROMPTS: No matter what you say, this arcana will rank up. Don't worry if you haven't found or fused any Sun Personas yet. You're fine coming here without one right now.

EXAMS: “An optical illusion.” “Visual Information,” “Brain,” then the first answer again.
EXAMS 2: “Magistrate's Patronage.” “The name of a sum of currency.”
EXAMS 3: “Ignorance.” “Four.”

These days are cutscene heavy. Just relax and remember to save your game before bed each day.

AFTER SCHOOL: You'll be kept on rails as you move through Shibuya, so just head toward Central Street. If you try to get lost, the game will correct you.

Museum: Climb up the nearby truck and over the wall. Follow the path around the museum, picking up treasure along the way until you reach the roof. Walk over and examine the open skylight to head inside.
Examine one of the paintings here, then do the same in the next room before continuing to the next hall. After the cutscene, continue down the hall. Once you reach the reception area, turn around by the stairs to find a chest containing one Protect Mask. Directly across the room is a locked chest containing a Training Whip, Pearl, and Snuff Soul. Whether or not you claim it, check out the pamphlets by the desk to get the map. Move forward to the next room and examine the giant sculpture.
Once you get home, save and go to bed.

Cutscene day. Save your game and go to bed when you regain control.

Once you regain control, head to the Velvet Room. You'll be asked to bring the girls a Jack Frost who knows Mabufu which, if you've been following this guide, you probably already have. If not, you can fuse together a Mokoi and Silky to create one. Either way, showing off that Jack Frost will open up the Strength Arcana, which is improved by bringing them specific Personae. Next they'll ask for a Shiisa that knows Frei.

You probably aren't of a high enough level to fuse Shiisa yet, but if your Persona stock is full, it's worth your time to do some fusion right now and get the highest level Personae you can. We're heading into a palace soon, and not only will they come in handy, but you'll have plenty of opportunities to negotiate with new demons. Coming with an already full roster means you won't have any room for new ones. Make sure you hold onto a Death Persona, however, as we're about to go rank up that arcana, and a Hierophant Persona, as you'll be making coffee tonight.

After you're finished in the Velvet Room, head into the weapon shop to sell your treasures. You may consider picking up some extra weapons or armor if you have the money, but I'll leave that up to your discretion. There's nothing else you'll need to purchase before heading into the next palace, so feel free to get spendy.
After that, travel over to the Clinic and do a clinical trial with Takemi.
DEATH PROMPTS: “Dr. Takemi will help,” then the first answer for the next prompt.
EVENING: Speak with the customers in the coffee shop until they leave, then approach the Coffee Siphon and make coffee.

Respond to Ryuji's text and agree to meet up and go to the palace.

Madarame's Palace:

Save your game, then enter the museum the same way you did before. Be careful once you're inside, though, as these rooms now have guards and infrared lasers. Sneak through the exhibit, ambushing guards and collecting treasure. In the next hall, avoid the lasers and press the button on the locked door to open a shortcut back outside.
Move into the reception area and past the room with the Infinite Spring to a twisting hall that, after a few laser obstacles, leads to a Safe Room. Enter and save your game.
Continue down the hall to reach a treasure chest containing a Straw Doll. This next hall is a little maze-like, but your mimimap will easily guide you through. Just watch out for guards and ambush them appropriately. In the bottom left area of the room you can find a chest containing a Muscle Anklet.

Both the Hua Po and Onmoraki enemies here are weak to gun attacks, so use that to your advantage and conserve your SP.

From the end of the maze-like room, you can go south down another hallway that unlocks a shortcut to the Safe Room. Save your game, then consider returning to the Velvet Room before you move on.

Coming up shortly, you'll reach an enemy called a Regent that resists every element except for psy, which it is weak to. While optional to down and capture, this is a very useful to Persona to have in your roster. Fusing together an Agathion and Berith will make Kodama, which learns a psy attack, but you can also try your luck for a critical attack with either Morgana's Lucky Punch, or a Persona that carries it.

After you're finished, head north to take the stairs to the second floor.
Walk down the hallway until a cutscene takes over. Once you regain control, climb the nearby obstacle to the upper area of the room, and traverse this ceiling area until you can successfully ambush the enemy below. Bring it down, then hit the nearby button to bring down the glass panel. Climb back to the upper area, and you can now move to the opposite side of the room. Jump down and examine the Crooked Painting (use your Third Eye to locate it) to find the next button. Now climb up the nearby boxes to find a crawlspace that you should enter.
Examine the control terminal in this next room, then unlock the nearby door. Head outside and watch the scene, then take down the guard if you're about it. Return to the terminal and enter the password.

Head back to the laser room, examine the gold statue, then attack the gemstone.
This is that Regent I was talking about before. If you're not carrying a psy attack or are unable to land a critical, it will eventually run away from the battle. Your goal here, however, should be to down it and negotiate the demon into your party. Assuming you do, you'll notice that while the Regent comes with a ton of very useful skills, it can't be used in battle. That's because this Persona exists as fusion fodder, which you might consider going to take advantage of right now.

Fusing the Regent together with a Hua Po will result in an Inugami, a statistically decent Persona all-around, which you can outfit with whatever elemental skills you're currently lacking.

Once you're finished with any housekeeping, return to the laser room on the second floor and proceed down the hall. The way forward is blocked by lasers, but you can climb the nearby wall to proceed. Don't worry about the hole – it's just art, you can walk on it – and ambush the guard. In the nearby restrooms you can find a treasure chest containing an Ice Ring which would be best served on Ann, as she's weak to the element. Not too far past that you'll find another Safe Room.
Proceed down the hall and up the nearby staircase, then go to the far end of this hall to find a chest containing a Physical Ointment. You can find some random treasure as well up here, then head downstairs and proceed.

After the cutscene, rush to a hiding spot and get your bearings before taking down the enemies. One things are safe, open the chest for an Exorcism Water. Now turn around and use your Third Eye to find the crooked painting and examine it to shut off the lasers. Proceed through the next hall, and the game will railroad you down northern path.
After the scene, turn around and go down the path you didn't take before to find another Safe Room. Save your game. You're essentially done with the palace for right now, but if you want to stick around to train / get some extra money, that's not a bad idea, especially if you've still got a healthy SP reserve.

You're probably at or nearing level 16 in this palace. If you do reach 16, you can fuse a Shiisaa by combining a Makami and Kusi Mitama. The Makami knows Frei, so ensure you inherit that and present it to the girls to improve the Strength Arcana.

EVENING: Walk over and check out the TV. There's a game show going on, and the correct answer is “Using noise to cause distress.” If you answer correctly, you'll improve your Knowledge. After that there's not much else you can do, so head to bed.

When you regain control, proceed forward to the next area and continue until you're launched into a boss fight.

Boss: Security Shadow – Difficulty Low – The biggest trouble in this fight comes from his first attack. If he launches a Skull Cracker and it confuses one of your party members, it can get annoying fast. Otherwise, this thing doesn't have much HP and he'll go down pretty fast if you wail on it with your strongest attacks. Just keep its ice resistance in mind and you'll be all right.

Once you regain control, heal up your party if necessary and pivot left into the nearby security room, then check out the Control Terminal. Afterward, follow the path back through the dungeon.

Boss: Embittered Blacksmith – Difficulty Medium – The Kappa Tengu it comes along with are weak to ice, so take advantage of that to quickly remove them from the battle. The Blacksmith himself hits pretty hard, so have Ann cast Tarunda to nerf his strength before going all in with your best attacks. Be sure to quickly heal when you take damage, but as long as you're careful and keep the pressure on, he shouldn't get the better of you.

EVENING: Save your game, then head up to bed. The game won't let you do anything else.

MORNING: Finish reading “The Alluring Dancer” on the train.
CLASS ANSWER: “The silver ratio.”
AFTER SCHOOL: Head over to the Velvet Room. You're going to want to be carrying Persona of the arcana Lovers, Death, Hierophant, and Chariot. We'll be working on the Sun arcana as well, but it's generally accepted that you don't need to be carrying a Sun Persona to rank that one up with each visit.
Once you're set, travel to the school's library and return The Alluring Dancer, then pick up “The Gallant Rogue.”
Afterward, travel to Shibuya's Underground Mall and find Ann to hang out with her (she'll ask if you're sure and remind you about the mission at hand, but stand firm and tell you've got plenty of time.) This will open up Inokashira Park as a new travel destination.

LOVERS PROMPTS: Choose anything you like for the first four, “Can we stop yet?” for the fifth. There's a lot of choices for this one, but you'll know you've picked the right “Can we stop yet?” when the three notes appear above Ann's head. Choose whatever you want for the next two, then “Has that happened to you?” for the eighth. After that, pick “That freedom sounds nice” for the final one and you're set.
EVENING: Go up to your bedroom and use Bio Nutrients on the plant, then return downstairs to spend some time with Sojiro. You won't rank up tonight, however.

Check out the Home Shopping Channel on TV. Today they're offering 50 Adhesive Bandages (+20 HP to one ally) for 1,980 yen. Regardless of your choice, head for the Underground Walkway in Shibuya for your Sunday drink. This one will increase your Kindness. Then respond to Takemi's text and go see her at the Clinic.
DEATH PROMPTS: Pick anything you want for the first two, then “That's good” for the third.
EVENING: Respond to Yoshida's text to go hang out.
SUN PROMPTS: Second answer, first, then first again.

CLASS ANSWER: “Together and senses.”
AFTERNOON: Head to the Convenience Store on Shibuya's Central Street and choose to put in some work.
EVENING: If you ordered the Adhesive Bandages, they'll arrive tonight. Walk over to the bathhouse and pay the 500 yen to increase your Charm.

MORNING: Read “The Gallant Rogue” on the train.
AFTER SCHOOL: Answer Ann's text to go hang out with her.
LOVERS PROMPTS: First answer, then second, first, first, third.
EVENING: Examine the Coffee Siphon and choose to make coffee.

AFTER SCHOOL: Answer Takemi's text and head over to see her.
DEATH PROMPTS: Pick whatever you want for the first two, then “It suits you” for the third.
EVENING: Respond to Ryuji's text to open up [and head for] Tsukishima.

CLASS ANSWER: “Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar.”
AFTERNOON: Respond to Ann's text and go to hang out with her.
LOVERS PROMPTS: Second answer, second, first, then either for the last two.
EVENING: Check out the TV to take a quiz. Answer “Queen” to improve your Knowledge, then head over to the bathhouse and pay the 500 yen to improve your Charm.

Head to the weapon shop and sell your treasures, then pick up some new equipment for your party members if you'd like. Afterward, meet up at the Hideout and infiltrate Madarame's Palace.