What should I know about this game (avoiding spoilers please)?

  1. Just started on this game, have played 3 and 4G and I'm one of those players who doesn't use main story guides, but more of social link and classroom answer guides. So just wondering what I should know before going into this game.

    What I mean by that is, any social links that require me maxing out a stat? Or any that gives particularly better Personas than others? Lastly is the true ending requirement like P3 (super obvious yes/no question), or P4 (Really confusing for first-timers, multiple questions and random actions) kind of thing? Feel free to straight up tell me how to get the true ending but please be general about it and don't spoil anything too specific.

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    KApA28 - 3 weeks ago
  2. Wish there was an edit button to a question but last thing, what's the most efficient way to max out my player stats (guts, etc.)?

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    KApA28 - 3 weeks ago
  3. only thing you need to know
    kawakami = best girl and anyone who says otherwise is a damn liar

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  1. To answer your first question, yes there are social links that require you to max out a social stat. Completing every social link basically lands you at every social stat maxed. Each confidant gives you legitimate rewards. so it’s worth investing.

    As for the true ending requirements. It depends on whether you’re playing Royal (Persona 4 Golden equivalent of Persona 5) or the original. Since you’re on the original’s board I assume you’re playing the original which in that case it’s really easy. If you ever do play Royal, the true ending in that game requires three specific social links to be maxed by certain dates.

    For your third question. The most efficient way to max out social stats is a bit hard to say. The Big Bang Burger challenge works on multiple stats a time but takes a while. Movies, books, social links and etc usually work on one social stat at a time.

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  2. Most efficient way to max stats - be sure to drink Aojiru for 5k yen every Sunday, use Fortune's level 1 confidant ability to boost a specific stat further for a given day, and max out Temperance and Fortune early since they provide huge time saves. Social Stats are pretty trivial to raise. For confidants, generally try to hang out with the ones ready to level up, and always carry a persona of the matching arcana to boost your gains with them.

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  3. Important things to know that are new: Once stealth is introduced, always be sneaking up on enemies where possible, which it is 95% of the time. While you are "sneaking" (back against a wall, hunched down, etc.), you are actually completely invisible even if logically an enemy should be able to clearly see you. Take your time and make those first strikes. Then use the new Baton Pass system to combo that and go for an All-Out-Attack without ever letting the foe get a move, and you'll barely have any healing outside of boss fights.

    If you're near the goal and you're thinking "Oh crap, there's no way I can take on the end-boss of the dungeon in this shape", don't worry! Just touch the goal, and you'll get it explained why you're coming back tomorrow for story reasons. That will mean a complete HP/SP refill and being fresh for the boss.

    Every stat is used for both intermediate and maxed-out requirements for at least one confidant (social link). However, there's tons of ways to boost them, and you should be able to grow fairly easily.

    Finally, the ending is much more direct, in the P3 style. Just like P4, you get a bad ending if you miss a deadline (and since you unlock more stuff by finishing things earlier, it's better to hit all dungeons in the first week of them being open anyway). There's also a bad ending if, when the story catches up to the interrogation room where you're telling the plot from, you rat out anyone for any reason. EVEN IF YOU THINK THEY DESERVE IT, don't rat out anyone, and you're golden. The last check is a very blatant, obvious one during end game, where the Big Bad makes the standard "work for me instead" offer. Turn it down, and you're guaranteed the best ending. For a bonus, if you make it to the true ending, make sure to talk to all your social links on the last day-- anyone you've reached Rank 10 with, you'll be able to pick up a key item from them that unlocks one/some/all of their abilities in New Game+ as soon as you re-open their link at rank 1. Therefore, if you don't quite think you'll max out everyone, prioritize getting as many maxed as possible at the cost of those that won't make it anyway.

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  4. If you are planning to platinum this game (and it's not Royal), I'd suggest a complete blind first playthrough. There's one trophy in the original that is only achievable on a second playthrough, so just playing blind and making sure to have max social stats for the second playthrough made the game a lot more fun for me.

    Just don't rat out your friends and you'll head to the good ending.

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  5. ALWAYS make sure you have at least 2 extra days when completing a palace. (If you have to finish the palace on the 30th, get to the end on the 28th). There are 2 days of story between getting to the end and actually fighting the boss.

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  6. In a round-a-bout way, the Sun and Strength confidants are worth maxing out for the best personas. Max Sun lets you recruit personas above your level. Max Strength lets you fuse personas above your level (though this does cost money depending on the level difference).

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  7. Top 3 games of all times, seems overwhelming and really unique but it's not nearly as overwhelming as people think and it's unique in the best way. Play it amazing world.

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